Rearranged my super small work area at home.

I’m rocking a HP DV7 laptop and a custom built dual iCore7 behemoth housed in an Antec 900 case.

The laptop is sitting on a Cooler Master’s best fan, the SF 19 which glows in several different colors, I keep it red to stick with my other CM gear.

The two mice in the pictures are also Cooler Master products, two of their best mice in the Storm series. The keyboard is a SteelSeries, which also glows different colors..again I chose red.

I love technology.


I got to review a laptop cooler for

The design is effective, simple and sleek, taking up so little room that it stays with my laptop at all times. I mention in the video below that I planned to use the device while playing League of Legends to test out the limits of its cooling capacity in combination with a throw blanket, increased computing needs and my psychotic rise in temperature from attacking first and thinking later. It worked swimmingly.