‘‘Sarada is cool, so if you want to catch her attention try acting cool, studies do show that girls are attracted to cool guys.’‘

‘‘First of all Inojin, I don’t want to get Sarada’s attention and secondly, I am cool.’‘

‘‘Sure you are.’‘ Shikadai said dryly.

‘‘I had it with you, I’m going home.’‘

‘‘Oh come on Boruto…’‘ Inojin started.

‘‘IT’s okay, I promised Himawari I would train with her.’‘ the blond boy said as he left the burger shop.

Shikadai and Inojin looked ta each other for a moment before shrugging and sipping from their drinks.




He didn’t have a crush on Sarada, no absolutely no way he’ll like that smartass, obnoxious, cocky, pretty…

Boruto skidded to a halt, since when did he think that his female teammate in pretty?

Sure she has really nice eyes and shiny black hair but she’s not pretty and he doesn’t have a crush on her.

He just wants her attention as a rival, yeah that’s it.

And maybe he needs to be cooler to catch her attention, although he was already cool, e needs to up his game, and what better way to be cooler than watching the master of cool himself.




He knew that his aunt Sakura was strong, but he never suspected that she could keep up with Sasuke.

Boruto was honestly amazed by her prowess as he watched his master evade a punch that shattered the rock behind him.

‘‘If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to punch me in the face.’‘ He said a smirk on his face as he wiped his katana at her, to which she blocked with a kunai.

‘‘You should think twice before you pull something like what you did yesterday night.’’

‘’Like it wasn’t your idea to use the opportunity since Sarada was at chou-chou’s’’

‘’Use the opportunity not make me beg for you to put it in already shanaroo!’’

Sakura said as she jumped and launched a barrage of fists and kick at her husband.

Boruto turned red.

‘Did she mean what I thought?’ he thought.

He blinked and suddenly his master is on the ground, Sakura straddling him while holding his only arm behind his head.

‘‘Payback time,’‘ she said as she started leaning down.

just before sakura’s lips met his Sasuke’s  Boruto bolted from his hiding spot towards somewhere far away.




He honestly didn’t plan on stalking Sasuke anymore today, but he ran into his Sarada on his way, who invited him to her house to watch the new movie that she got.

‘‘Damn it, I forgot the movie at chou-chou’s, wait here, I’ll take max ten minutes and there’s that soda you like in the fridge.’‘ she said as she jumped out her window.

Boruto smirked as he remembered the girl that wouldn’t even walk on buildings. ‘She really mellowed out over the two years they were teammates’ he thought

Boruto got up, remembering the soda Sarada talked about and went down to get it.

He thought they were alone in the house, but from the rustling in the kitchen, they weren’t.

He peeked from the hallway corner to see Sasuke sitting across from his wife on the dining table, who had a flurry of scrolls and books surrounding her.

Sasuke was eating a tomato, something he’s weirdly obsessed about.

It used to weird Boruto out, the calmness between Sarada’s parents, and it contrasts with his own parent’s never-ending chatter, but now that he can read between the lines and understand people better, it makes him hope that he will have something like that with his future lover.

The eyes that seemed to always find each other, the subconscious feeling of what the the other is feeling, and maybe the ability to spar with his loved one.

That’s something that his parents can’t do, since he had no doubt that his father would vaporise his mother with one wrong move, but aunt Sakura is the strongest kunoichi in the world, she can keep up with her husband, and she can actually win, maybe by questionable methods, but she still wins.

He would like to love a women that can keep up with him power wise, he wants to make sparring dates a thing, kinda like what he does with Sarada after missions, not that those are dates, for them to be dates he has to like her first, and he doesn’t, so they’re not dates.

Sasuke’s sudden movement tore his attention from his thoughts to watch him take the book his aunt was reading and hold it high in the air.



‘‘Give me my book back you jerk.’‘

‘‘I don’t feel like it.’‘

‘‘Not this again.’‘

‘‘Come and get it.’‘

‘Ughhh, Sasuke pl-’‘ she suddenly jumped, and she touched the book but Sasuke jumped too.

Boruto would have laughed, but that would give him away, and he really wants to see what happens next.

‘‘Alright, I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to you these past few hours, I just have an important surgery tomorrow,’‘

Sasuke smirked as he lowered his hand and reached to give Sakura her book.

‘‘It’s okay.’‘ he said.

‘‘Thank you Sasuke.’‘ she said as she reached for the book, but at the last second, Sasuke pulled his hand back up.

‘‘Asshole!’‘ Sakura screamed as she jumped at Sasuke’s back.

Boruto smiled, he wouldn’t have thought they were this playful in private.

‘‘They’re at it again.’‘ a voice from beside him made him startle.


‘‘They’re always like that when they think no one’s looking.’‘

‘‘It’s funny and weird seeing your dad being playful.’‘

‘‘I got used to it, now come on, watching a hulk and Thor team-up must be more interesting than that,’‘ she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him up to her room.

Boruto blushed at the contact, but a second later he smirked upon noticing Sarada’s red ears.

He realized something today, that if he wanted to know how to be cool, he shouldn’t watch Sasuke when he’s with his wife, cause all he’ll get from that is his master being a dork and a tease.

And in his relationship with Sarada, their rivalry he means, she’s the dork and the jerk.

But, he thought as he spotted a teddy bear he recalled being called bluie on her bed, that maybe they can both be jerks.

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Were both eric and dylans car's automatic? Because manual is a pain in my arse.

Dylan had a manual, or a ‘stick’ as they call it here in the US, and Eric had an automatic. I think guys tend to like to shift gears and rough it with a manual. Makes them some how cooler because they’re master over their cars. Lol. At the very end of the Morning Ritual vid, you can hear Dylan gear it hard into park.

One other cool bit of trivia, Dylan’s car was a rear wheel drive and Eric’s, front wheel. Those boys were such contrasting flip sides of a coin.

The some upgrades ! Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace:

14 x be quiet! 120 mm PWM silent wings 3

-Intel pentium G4560 @3,50 GHZ

32 GB DDR4 HyperX Fury @ 3000 MHZ


Intel Core i7 7700k @ 5,1 GHZ

Custom parts :

Cooler Master Master Keys Pro L RBG

(NAS) Server side:

  • Footrest from aluminium Checkered plate

  • Reservoir mount from aluminium

-1 x Samsung 950 pro 256 GB M.2 (OS) ( Home Server 2011 )

2 x Samsung 950 PRO 256 GB M.2 NVM-E ( raid 0 ) (OS) ( windows 10 )

Cooler Master Master Pulse

be quiet! DARK POWER 11 850W

Custom painted - G710+

  • Fan grilla from aluminium

2 X MSI GTX 1080 Gaming 8G SLI

3 x Phobya PWM 8X Fan Splitter PCB

  • Cables and custom sleeving

-6 x 3 TB Seagate HDD

-MSI Mortar B250

-be quiet! DARK POWER 11 550W

  • Monitor stand

I have finally filched the war table project with the new color scheme and hardware

  • Steel Stands for Studio Monitors

Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface

  • Backplate RAID controller from aluminium painted black

2 x be quiet! 140 mm PWM silent wings 3

And Sennheiser 555

be quiet! Noise Absorber kit universal

1 x Seagate 3TB Sata (Backup Drive)

Gamer side:

ESIO nEar05 eXtreme actieve studiomonitors

Cooler Master Mater Mouse Pro L RGB

  • HDD Clock

-be quiet! Noise Absorber kit universal

  • Temperature screen powered by Arduino Uno

-LSI 9240 8i raid Controller

Custom painted - Desk

Iiyama Prolite X4071UHSU B-1

Cooling fans

MSI Gaming M5 Z270


Specs :

  • Desk from MDF and from aluminium and steel

-HyperX Fury DDR4 16GB @ 2400 MHZ

Msi SLI Bridge

  • lighted Logos

1 x Samsung 750 EVO 1 TB 2,5 inch (Game Drive)

  • Headset stand from aluminium and liquid cooling parts


1 x be quiet! 92 mm PWM silent wings 2

Decided to make this since I find just few tv networks personifications out there, and I really wanted to add up. So… how I portrait them:

Cartoon Network: the coolest bro on the block, master of some of the greatest cartoons ever;

Disney Channel: used to be into cartoons, but the dream of becoming a “pop star” spoke louder, now whenever some cartoon comes to her, she gets bored and hands it to her sister, Disney Ecks-Dee;

Disney XD: Dee-Cee’s younger, tomboy and cooler sister. She masters nearly all the awesome cartoons her older sibling withdrew.

Nickelodeon: Just look at this bright orange afro hair, walking aloof by her fellow TV networks. She’s going through a phase in which all she cares about is her little yellow cartoon poriferan, and poor him, btw… She used to be more open though.

Well, that’s pretty much all, I’m not sure how accurate the designs and the descriptions are, but eh, chill. I was going to humanize the greater companies too, like Paramout, DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar, etc, buuut for now that’s what I got, I’m lazy. Enjoy~

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Without monitor you could have some Pentium kaby lake (4600 for example), some motherboard on 1151 socket (h110m for example), some cheap ddr4 8gb ram (kvr24n17s8/8) , some 1tb HDD (dt01aca100), some Radeon rx 550 gpu (rx550 aero itx 4g) and some case with build in psu (cooler master elite 350 500w) It will cost around 450. If you add cheapest fhd monitor it will add another ~90$. All items in () just examples, so you could replace em with analogues. I can't think anything cheaper.

idk what any of this is but thanks i’ll ask my friends