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Were both eric and dylans car's automatic? Because manual is a pain in my arse.

Dylan had a manual, or a ‘stick’ as they call it here in the US, and Eric had an automatic. I think guys tend to like to shift gears and rough it with a manual. Makes them some how cooler because they’re master over their cars. Lol. At the very end of the Morning Ritual vid, you can hear Dylan gear it hard into park.

One other cool bit of trivia, Dylan’s car was a rear wheel drive and Eric’s, front wheel. Those boys were such contrasting flip sides of a coin.

New Computer 2017

The very first Power On Self Test was a success!!! YAY!!! :D

Bad news is, I don’t like those red fans now I’ve seen them powered on and compared to the Corsair one. Just to clarify, the red fans are the ones on the Cooler and at the top of the front panel. The Corsair one is at the bottom of the front panel, behind the ‘Cooler Master’ sign.

So, sorry to everyone who preferred the red ones but I’m sticking with Corsair. :p

My old ass AMD fx-6300 is finally reaching the end of its life. So it’s time to upgrade. Only issue is my old ass gigabyte motherboard only supports AM3. Which the newest Ryzen 7 (any Ryzen series) is AM4 socket. So I need a new motherboard and processor. But there is more… My case can only hold a 10" x 9" motherboard. So I need a new case to house the 12" x 9" the new motherboards are.

So I decided fuck it. I’m switching to Intel. I have no reason not to. Going to get the 7th Gen i5 7600k with a cooler master case and Asus z270-A motherboard. Paired with my Raedon R9 380 my rig will be a force to be reckoned with.

Decided to make this since I find just few tv networks personifications out there, and I really wanted to add up. So… how I portrait them:

Cartoon Network: the coolest bro on the block, master of some of the greatest cartoons ever;

Disney Channel: used to be into cartoons, but the dream of becoming a “pop star” spoke louder, now whenever some cartoon comes to her, she gets bored and hands it to her sister, Disney Ecks-Dee;

Disney XD: Dee-Cee’s younger, tomboy and cooler sister. She masters nearly all the awesome cartoons her older sibling withdrew.

Nickelodeon: Just look at this bright orange afro hair, walking aloof by her fellow TV networks. She’s going through a phase in which all she cares about is her little yellow cartoon poriferan, and poor him, btw… She used to be more open though.

Well, that’s pretty much all, I’m not sure how accurate the designs and the descriptions are, but eh, chill. I was going to humanize the greater companies too, like Paramout, DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar, etc, buuut for now that’s what I got, I’m lazy. Enjoy~


New Computer 2017

The build is going well so far. Yay! :D

The Power Supply is in and covered up. I love that PSU cover - it’s one of the main reasons I chose this case. It’s a “Cooler Master MasterBox 5 System Builder Edition MCY–B5S1–KWYN–04″ if anyone wants to know. :-)

The Motherboard is prepared with the processor, memory and NVMe SSD drive. I’ve decided to put the cooler on after the MB is in the case - think it might be easier.

Now for the two fans at the front. I can’t make up my mind which one I like best.

  • The top one is a generic brand and looks a bit tacky with that bright red plastic but I like the fact it lights up all the way around the perimeter of the fan. It’s also a 4-pin PWM fan and it shows up nicely through the front cover mesh even when it’s not powered on.
  • The bottom one is by Corsair which looks a lot classier but it has four separate lights and is only a 3-pin fan. I already have two of these fans in my current PC and don’t really like the way they light up.

Anyway, I’m going to wait until it’s dark, power them up together and see if I can decide but in the meantime, which one do you like best at first glance?

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do you guys watch one punch man i betting ayato does

Ayato: Hell yeah, Saitama is almost as cool as ore-sama.

Yuma: The fuck are you sayin’? Even Tank Top Master is cooler than you.

Ayato: Nobody asked you!

Reiji: If you have time to watch anime spend more of it on your studies.

Ayato: Wait, doesn’t Reiji sound kind of Tank Top Master?

Kou: Hee, is Reiji-san secretly a voice actor? I haven’t heard anything. 

Reiji: Don’t be absurd.

Kanato: Ruki-san also sounds like Zombieman, ne Teddy?

Yuma: Yooo, the brat is right.

Ruki: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Anime is a waste of my time. 

Azusa: Ruki-kun… you watched… Zankyou no Terror…. I saw, you… 

Ruki: Oi Azusa!

Azusa: One Punch Man.. was fun… Saitama was… very, strong. 

Yuma: You want him to punch ya, don’t you?

Azusa: …

Rearranged my super small work area at home.

I’m rocking a HP DV7 laptop and a custom built dual iCore7 behemoth housed in an Antec 900 case.

The laptop is sitting on a Cooler Master’s best fan, the SF 19 which glows in several different colors, I keep it red to stick with my other CM gear.

The two mice in the pictures are also Cooler Master products, two of their best mice in the Storm series. The keyboard is a SteelSeries, which also glows different colors..again I chose red.

I love technology.