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Not a fuck anyone, just kinda silly lol

So today I had to do a no receipt refund of some items that I’m pretty sure were bought way longer than 30 days ago. Oh well, she was nice, and only wanted store credit, and I’m sick as a dog so I don’t even try and argue. She hands me a shirt to return that she says she got the wrong size in. It’s a band t-shirt, one of my favorites, and I tell her how it’s not fair that we have cooler stuff online than in store. She stops me and says she got it in store.

Okay, this was an awesome shirt from my favorite album from that band, pretty sure I would have seen it. We go back and forth for a bit, me telling her I’ve been here for a year and a half and I’ve never seen that shirt, and not only that but shirts are my department. A little more back and forth until I finally look closer at the tag.

It was for the store that’s “all about the music”, while we’re all about the wacky gifts and adult toys in the back. This happens so often, and 99.99999999999% of the time it’s hilarious. She about died of embarrassment and was super apologetic, and she also said she hoped I felt better soon so there’s that.

At least now I know where to get that shirt!


Why does this depict my life……………

rozf  asked:

Using "real" life: the gang write for a website together and well, there are issues and UST.

So Much Cooler Online – 1530 Words, Oliver/Felicity. The Arrow crew work for a TV News & Reporting website, and Felicity may have a crush on her fellow reporter.

“And finally…” Felicity heard the rustling of paper clearly through the terrible probably-bought-at-Wal-Mart-for-ten-bucks microphone on Laurel’s computer as the head editor for Foundry Talk sorted through her things. “One last show to cover. This one’s coming on the BW, so it’ll be cheekbone casting, but it looks promising.”

“What’s it about?” Princess_Queen’s face appeared on the main screen of the Google Hangout video for a blip of a second before she was relegated to one of the boxes below. She was one of the few that wasn’t represented by her Gmail icon. Felicity herself had opted to keep video turned off, so whenever she spoke, a little panda with glasses and pink lipstick filled the main video box.

Laurel looked down at something the others couldn’t see. “Team of young superheroes,” she said, frowning.

“Lame,” MagicMerlyn228 said.

Felicity was glad that her microphone was on mute because she snorted as she took a sip of tea. That was rich coming from the guy who covered all of the reality TV shows for FT. Luckily, he seemed to actually like them.

“There’s a girl archer, a shapeshifter, a couple of different alien princes, some other characters. Looks pretty diverse,” Laurel said.

Da-Black-Canary’s laugh filtered through the chat at the same time as TheManInTheHood’s, causing a tiny war between their different avatars. “Aren’t superheroes kind of over?” Canary asked.

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i get literally the biggest kick about people talking about their social networks in front of me. i just want to jump up on a table and scream about how if only they knew, had any idea. i’m literally so much fucking cooler online. like yeah i’m cool in person, but not very many people can beat the 115k+ i have following me on tumblr. i will never, ever flaunt it because i prefer to keep my blog and my life separate. i don’t want to be associated as “that one girl who’s famous on tumblr.” but i will never not inwardly laugh hysterically every time someone talks about their own social networking profiles in front of me.