cooler by the lake

Great Lakes Gothic

Skeletal concrete piers, reaching like broken fingers into the grey water. Eighty years ago they were a crucial figure of the industrial waterfront. Now they are crumbling.

Six hundred gulls in the grocery store parking lot.

“A high of seventy degrees today,” the weatherman says, “cooler by the Lake.” Snowflakes kiss your eyelashes. It is July.

You are barefoot at the edge of a vast beach. The sand is impossibly hot. You run toward the water, but the waves shrink away. You have been running for hours. You never get closer.

A foghorn sounding on a clear night.

Scorched sticks and blackened sand mark the remnants of another campfire. You were here all night. There were no other flames.

The town reeks of rotting fish for days. No one mentions it.

The hottest week of the summer, there is an E. coli outbreak. No lifeguards are posted because, officially, the beaches are closed. Hot bodies press against each other, straining to reach the water.

Large, strange bones flash white in the shallow water, tumbled smooth by rocks and waves.

The lakefront glitters silver and gold. The gold is warm afternoon sunlight, kissing every waves. The silver is hundreds of thousands of tiny dead fish, their scales glinting with every movement of the water.

The lighthouse a few miles away flashes its lantern. Again. Again. You stare into the darkness, counting the seconds between rotations, matching the rhythm with your breath. It takes a little longer each time. You begin to feel faint.

There is no sand. There are only a hundred million zebra mussel shells, cutting at your feet.

Ships of sunken iron ore, a hundred thousand tons of metal rusting at the bottom of a lake.

This beach is popular with joggers. You nod at them as they pass you. Something begins to nag at your mind. Something familiar. His face. Again. Again. There is only one jogger, who runs this leg of beach over, and over, and over.

An ice cream truck on a damp morning, its tinny music muffled by the fog.

You are digging a hole at the beach. The walls begin to crumble, and you dig faster. Water seeps up from the bottom, sloshing thickly about your ankles. It is cold. So cold.

For the lovely anon who asked “can you write jercy when they are secretly dating and decide to come out under ridiculous circumstances” on @pjofluffguard ! Hope this is what you wanted! (hah take that @ ashlee and dan we’re fighting back) 

See, the thing about secretly dating was that you had to be conspicuous. And although Jason and Percy seemed to think conspicuous was their middle name, having gods for fathers really didn’t help their case.

When Percy first asked Jason to be his boyfriend, when they were tangled up in a makeshift fort on Percy’s bed in the middle of the night, a lightning storm appeared. Jason couldn’t stop grinning, and couldn’t stop saying that yes, of course, there was nothing in the world he wanted more (“shut up Jason, you’ve said it five times already, we’re already together”) and just outside the camps weather-protected walls rain pelted the earth relentlessly.

The first time Jason hugged Percy, long before they started dating and just when Percy started to realize that a lip scar was the most beautiful thing in the world, faucets in the bathroom a few yards away started to go haywire. A poor, unsuspecting Hecate kid got a jet of water right between the eyes.

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Pranking for Love

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Pairing: Sirius Black x Hufflepuff!Reader

Words: 1,458

Forever Tag List: @missmotherhen

Request: Hello! The potion partners really needs a second part! I love it! I wanna request an imagine with Sirius Black (i hope you don’t mind) with a Hufflepuff reader and the reader has a crush on Sirius but hide it pretty well, + she’s fun and all but has good grades, and they end together… idk how sorry… if you’re inspired by this request, don’t do it, i don’t mind  have a good day! - @nvmmendes

Author’s Note: Thanks for requesting this and the potions partners part 2! I hope you like this! 

“Evans! Y/L/N!” I heard a voice called from behind me. Lily and I had linked arms on our way to the lake, but it seems like our plans to study we’re going to be interrupted. We turned our heads to see James, Sirius, Remus following us with Peter trailing behind them. 

James cupped his mouth and called for us again. I sighed, “Lily, your boyfriend is stalking us now.”

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Type: One Shot | Imagine about Ethan Dolan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,547

I could hear the wood crackling as the fire started warming everyone up. I sat down next to Ethan pulling my sleeves down slightly. He could tell that I was cold, he wrapped the blanket around me pulling me close to him. I rested my head against his shoulders, his hand rubbing up and down my arm trying to warm me up. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he kept his arm around me. We both saw Grayson come back on the four wheeler and of course Ethan wanted to be next. He moved me off of him as he got up, reaching for my hand. I grabbed his as I followed him over to where Grayson was at. Ethan got onto the four wheel and waited for me to get on. I got on behind him wrapping my arms around his stomach. We started down the path, it started getting darker and darker. I was getting more scared the further we went, I tightened my grip on his stomach. I guess he could feel my tighten grip since he started to slow down. We finally made it to the top of the clift, over looking the water. He rubbed his hand over mine letting me know that I was safe. I finally let go of hm as we got off the four wheeler. The view was beautiful and honestly the ride was totally worth it.

“Are you ok?” he ran his hand through his hair.

“Yeah​ im ok” I nodded.

“Good” he sat down allowing his legs to hang over the edge.

“Its beautiful” I sat down next to him.

“Its possibly one of my favorite spots to come too” he looked out towards the water.

“Can I ask why?” I questioned.

“Because its peaceful” he quickly said.

“Why did you bring me up here?” I looked at him.

“I wanted to talk to you about something” he finally looked towards me.

“And what is that?” I looked down as I started to wonder.

“I know we have been friends for over 5 years now and” his voice started to drift off.

“What E?” I placed my hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t know how to say this” he said.

“Come on Ethan, we are like best friends” I said.

He looked up at me, placing his hand against my cheek. Our eyes meet and something just clicked, I knew exactly what he was going to say. He leaned in towards mine placing his lips against mine slightly. I smiled against his lips before kissing him softly, resting my hand against his chest. He slightly pulled away allowing his lips to barely touch mine. I rested my forehead against his as I opened my eyes. I kept my hand against his chest as his hand was against my neck. He finally pulled away from me looking back towards the water. I gently rested my hand on his knee as I didn’t want him to be nervous.

“You can tell me Ethan” I said.

“I like you, there I said it” he placed his head in his hands.

“And I like you, its ok” I rubbed his back as I moved closer to him.

“Your not mad? Wait you like me too?” He looked at me.

“Yeah​” I smiled gently.

“How long?” he asked.

“For a while but never wanted to ruin our friendship” I looked at him.

“I don’t think it would” he placed his hand against my knee.

“We are stronger then that” I wrapped my hand around his arm.

“True” I could see the smile grow on his face.

“So ask me” I said.

“Will you be my girlfriend” he titled my chin up.

“Yes Ethan” I leaned up slightly peeking his lips softly.

“Good” he smiled as he grabbed my hand.

We stayed up on the clift for a little while just talking about things. We finally got back on the four wheeler and this time he took it slow. I kept my grip on him as we rode back towards the fire. It wasn’t many people left sitting at the fire but there was so much going on. Really it was too much going on to stay sitting in one spot. He got off the four wheel grabbing my hand as he helped me off. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked back to our seat. I cuddled into his chest as he wrapped the blanket around us, keeping me close to him.

“ETHAN, Y/N WE GOT FOOD” Grayson yelled out from the balcony.

“WE WILL BE THERE IN A SECOND” Ethan yelled back.

I pulled myself away from Ethan as I got up. Stretching slightly as I looked back at Ethan waiting for him to get up. He finally got up grabbing my hand, intertwining our fingers together. I smiled as I walked with him to the house, where we found Grayson with the pizza. I fixed my plate and went over to the couch. Ethan wasn’t too far behind as he got his plate, sitting next to me.

“You two are cozy” Grayson said as he sat down in the chair.

“I finally asked her to be my girl” Ethan smiled.

“Finally!” Grayson laughed.

“What you knew?” I looked at Gray.

“Yeah​ I did, he’s my brother” Grayson nodded.

I smiled at Ethan as he started to eat his pizza. I started eating my pizza as we started joking around. I had been around these boys for over 5 years and I didn’t want anything to change between us. Ethan took my plate as we were finished placing them in the sink. He finally made his way back sitting next to me, placing his arm around my shoulders. I moved closer to him, resting my head against his shoulder. “You two are adorable” Gray said.

“Thank you” I started to blush slightly.

“Im just glad she said yes” Ethan responded.

“Why would I say no?” I looked at him.

“I don’t know” he shrugged his shoulders.

I rested my hand against his chest as he held me close to him. Grayson soon left the room going back outside as we stayed cuddled up. I ended up falling asleep against him. He smiled down as he realized that I was asleep, he eased off the couch. He picked me up trying his best to keep me asleep as he took me to my room. Laying me down against the bed as I started to wake up, his kissed my cheek softly.

“Go back to sleep” he said.

“Stay with me” I reached for him.

He didn’t hesitate with his answer as he got into bed. Pulling the covers over us, pulling me close to him. I looked at him as he brushed my hair from my face. I moved slightly closer to him peeking his lips softly. He rubbed my back as we started to fall asleep. We stayed cuddled up in my bed the rest of the night, well until our alarm went off. He groaned as he didn’t want to wake up, I rubbed his chest slightly. I moved his hair from his face kissing his lips softly. He smiled into the kiss as he started to wake up, keeping his arm over me.

“Come on guys!” Grayson said as he walked into the room.

“Stop it Gray!” Ethan said.

“Lake day” Grayson said.

“Come on Ethan” I pulled away from his grip getting out of the bed.

I walked into the bathroom turning the water on in the skin. I started brushing my teeth when Ethan came in, placing his arm around me. I leaned back against him as he rested his head against my shoulder. He finally moved from behind me as he grabbed his tooth brushed. I finished brushing my teeth and I left the bathroom as he started. I went to my suit case grabbing my bikini, I went into the closet to change. I walked out of the closet with my bikini, grabbing my shorts from my bag. I could see Ethan standing at the bathroom door leaning against the doorframe. His smirk grew on his face as his eyes wondered over my body.

“Like what you see?” I asked.

“Yeah​ I do, ” he grabbed his swimming trunks.

I went downstairs as he changed, grabbing something to eat. I watched Grayson lean against the counter as he was eating. I started to pack everyone’s lunch in the cooler since we were going to be on the lake all day. I put the cooler in the van as I walked back into the house I saw Ethan in the kitchen. I got behind him, placing my arm around his waist, kissing his shoulder. He turned around so he was facing me, leaning down to kiss me softly. I kept the kiss between us as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He placed his hand against my sides as the kiss started to get intense, I finally pulled away from him. Ethan and I as well as Grayson decided to take the two four wheelers to get to the lake. The rest of the group decided to take the van, I got on the back of Ethan’s four wheeler.

“I got you, ” he smiled as he placed his hand against mine.

“And I got you” I kissed his cheek.

He started the four wheels as we rode behind Grayson. It wasn’t scary this time because I could actually see where I was going. I still kept my grip on Ethan’s stomach as we rode. The breeze was nice so was the scenery, I loved these little trips that we did on the weekend. We finally got to the lake as we parked the four wheeler next to Gray. I waited for Ethan to get off the four wheeler first, he reached for my hand as he helped me up. We walked hand and hand down to the lake. I took off my shorts as Ethan took off his shirt, of course Ethan ran right off the dock jumping into the lake. I walked to the edge of the dock and sat down, allowing my feet to go into the water.

“Come in, ” Ethan said as he swam towards me.

“It’s cold” I said.

“It’s ok come on, ” he placed his hand on my leg.

I finally gave in and got into the lake with Ethan. We swam out to where Grayson was, as we started to play games. We played water freebie and just other games. They wanted to film a video for Tuesday, of course, so they started the challenge, I stayed out of the way. I got out of the water and sat on the dock as I watched them. I couldn’t stop laughing as they were doing the craziest things. They finally finished Ethan and Grayson got out of the water, wrapping a towel around them. Ethan came onto the dock sitting next to him, wrapping a towel around me.

“That was a good video idea, ” I said.

“Thank you, ” he said.

Ethan got up from the dock and went to the van to get something to eat. I wasn’t hungry, so I stayed on the dock, my feet in the water. I could hear them coming back, Grayson was right behind Ethan. Ethan grabbed Grayson pushes him into the lake, but at the last second Gray grabbed his arm pulling him with him. I laughed as they both crashed into the water. Ethan came out of the lake, picking me up from the dock. I screamed as I held onto him he tried to throw me into the lake. I kept my grip onto him and once again we both went into the water. I made it back to the surface as I gasped for air, Ethan was right behind me. I dunked Ethan back into the water and tried to swim away. Under the water he grabbed my leg pulling me back, making me go back under the water. Grayson grabbed my arm helping me back up the surface. We started to swim further into the lake, I tried to keep up with them both. I started to struggle to swim as I just couldnt seem to catch my breath. I stopped as they kept swimming, I felt something around my feet. I screamed out in pain as I felt as if something stung me. Ethan and Grayson turned their attention back to me. They were far away from me and I was far away from the shore, they started to swim back to me.

“We are coming” Ethan called out.

“OW!” I screamed.

They finally made their way to me, Ethan helped me back to the shore. He sat me on the shore looking at my foot to see what happen. All I knew that there was blood and a lot of pain.

“Call for an ambulance” Ethan called out.

“Its that bad?” I asked.

“Its a lot of blood” Ethan said.

He wrapped his shirt around my foot keeping pressure on it. Soon the ambulance was there Ethan rode to the hospital with me. He even stayed with me in the emergency room. They cleaned my foot, giving me stitches as well as three shots just to make sure that I was ok. I was released soon after but it hurt way too bad to walk. Ethan picked me up taking me out to the waiting room where we found Gray. We went back to the cabin, Ethan carried me everywhere. He waited on me making sure that I was ok. I was ok because I had him, he cuddles was the best medicine in the world. I healed up perfectly fine for our final bonfire of the weekend. I walked out of the fire as I saw Ethan sitting with Grayson, he ran over to me as he saw me.

“I’m ok” I said.

“You’re sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, feeling so much better, thank you” I smiled.

“Anything for you, ” he kissed me softly.

I sat down next to him as he put the marshmallows on the stick. He handed mine to me as he got his ready, I placed mine in the fire. Pulling it out as it caught fire, making sure it was melted before putting it on the gram crackers. Bonfire s'mores was the best, maybe it was because of the people that were around me. Ethan placed his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him, I kissed his cheek softly. Even though I got injured on our weekend get away it was still the best getaway that I had been on. Ethan admitted to me that he liked me, plus I loved spending time with my two best friends. Ethan was still my best friend, now he was just also my lover. I could admit that I did have feelings for Ethan as well, I guess in time everything worked out perfectly. Some how he stole my heart the first day we meet, but it just took a little while to get him to see that. In the light of the fire we found love, crazy as that seems.


What could be cooler than a permanent lava lake surrounded by snow?

Summer symptoms

I love your stories and i was wondering if you could do one where newt sees red welts on the reader and gets worried while the reader tries to tell him its okay and its just a skin condition? Thanks in advance!

Master list

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The sweltering heat hung in the air of the cottage, that the wide open windows simply couldn’t cut through. Newt came sluggishly through to the kitchen, where you were marking a large jug of iced tea, condensation dripping down the glass,  his linen shirt un tucked, the first several buttons undone, exposing more chest than was really appropriate, his hopeless hair an even bigger mess than usual, frizzing with the humidity.

You gave a light giggle as you picked up a tendril of his slightly ridiculous hair, ‘hey, leave my stupid hair alone mischief ’ he joked ‘it might be a bit cooler in the case, by the lake’ he suggested, as you handed him a large glass of the sweet icy liquid, taking a deep swig, followed by a sigh of relief along with his thanks.

“I’d like to check on the bowtruckles anyway, they’re not used to this kind of heat’ you murmured mostly to yourself as you wandered over to the brown leather case, newt following close behind you, jug of iced tea in his hand.

The pair of you made your way to the lake, that the grindylow’s called home, by the little Forrest where the rambunctious bowtruckles were swinging from the branches, enjoying the sun. “are you sure you don’t want to play, Pickett?’ you asked the small leafy creature, giving his tiny cheek a gently stroke, where he stood on newts shoulder, shaking his head vigorously, ‘alright, alright’ newt chuckled as he handed the creature to you, so that he could roll up his trousers, ready to dip his large feet into the delightfully cool water.

Following suit you rolled up your own pant legs, Pickett clearly enjoying himself, swinging on your hair, making yourself and newt chuckle. The cool water was wonderful, as you dipped your toes in. “ wait, what’s that? Has someone bitten you? Are you alright?’ newt asked gently grabbing your ankle so he could get a better look at the angry red welts that lay sprinkled across your legs, the heat only making them worse. “oh it’s just a skin condition, nothing to worry your pretty little head about’ you reassured him ruffling his still frizzy hair, as you settled yourself down on the tuftty grass, nudging his shoulder. “why didn’t you say anything? I could have made you a salve or something.’ He offered, worry clear in his voice, ‘the heat makes them look worse than they are, so long ash don’t scratch at them, they’re usually alright.’ You reassured placing your hand on his knee.

Newts brow was still furrowed in worry, ‘I’m sure that a mix of aloe and which hazel would help with the itching, it might relieve some discomfort’ he wondered aloud , still looking intently at your legs, that you were swishing in the water, letting the grindylows chase your feet. “if it’ll stop you from worrying, you can make the salve.’ You bartered with him, giving him a reassuring smile.


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The Lake and Us

Park Jimin has always had a lot of free time. He works as a freelance photographer. He didn’t need to go to an office and sit at a desk for a designated number of hours for 5 days a week. He was given projects that he accepted online and met with the client either through an online conference or a face to face meeting to get the specifics of his job and he negotiated a deadline. After these were taken care of, he took his sweet time to go out and take pictures for the project. He specialised in landscape and nature photography so it always helped that he lived in the suburbs, on the edge of a forest. Jimin took his own sweet time, he liked moving at his own pace. He was paid more than enough, he always made sure.

His life was filled was filled with simple pleasures that he indulged in while saving up to fulfil bigger dreams. He lived in the present, not worrying about the future but he took the little steps he thought were necessary so he could be as careless in the future as he was now. These small pleasures included playing old vinyl records of Whitney Houston or Frank Sinatra in his small studio apartment. They included waking up in the middle of the night hungry and ordering in burgers because he could. They included strumming the guitar in the middle of the woods, singing out his heart where no one could hear him. They most definitely included making coffee late in the evening and curling up next to his boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook as the younger tried to do his homework.

Jeon Jungkook was a couple of years younger than Jimin but his disposition was as bright as his if not brighter. He was a music major in university and he wanted to be a recording artist or a producer once he graduated. His dream was to make his thoughts heard through his music just like Jimin’s was to show through his pictures. Jungkook was in his last year of college and he already had had a few campus interviews. Knowing his own caliber, he would get into most of these but he knew which opportunity he would choose. He knew that his fate was already written and if he was to make it big, he would make it big no matter where he started. So he would start at a place that let him spend time with Jimin just like he did now.

Jimin and Jungkook met at a bar one night due to mutual friends. Neither of them were gay per se but when they realised they were two people of the same wavelength, their thoughts at the same frequency, they decided to keep hanging out. They got closer naturally and ‘hit it off’ as they say, so when Jimin asked Jungkook out on a date in the forest for a picnic, he agreed immediately. Jungkook pulled along his guitar which he played when they were lying on the grass, staring up at the sky with filled stomachs and warm hearts. Jimin hummed along to the tune Jungkook played, their voices harmonising as they sang countless songs together.

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An Afternoon Swim

Could you do an imagine where reader is out hunting and it’s really hot out so she decides to take a dip in a stream. Not knowing that Daryl is out hunting and he stumbles upon her bathing. Maybe with a little smut. 😊

I know, I know. I’m the worst. It’s taken like, a week for me to post this. But I haven’t been sleeping well and I think I’ve caught YET ANOTHER COLD. My immune system was still compromised from the last one so another one could sneak in. I think I even had a fever the other night which was giving me the weirdest dreams. But anyways, I’m sorry if this isn’t my best work because I’m really not proud of how this one turned out. I owe you another one shot haha

NSFW: smut!

It was early in the morning when you and Rick were looking over the map while everyone else ate their breakfast around the campfire. Rick had the map spread out across the hood of one of their trucks while you studied it carefully. You were going hunting in the next few minutes but the woods were a large space and after Sophia’s disappearance, Rick was doing everything he could to ensure everyone’s safety.

“I think I’ll stick to this little area right here,” you said, circling the small area with your fingertip, “Around this lake and stream here. This way if I don’t find anything, I can always try and catch some fish. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Rick said, “As long as we have an idea where you are. If we’ve gotta send someone after you.”

You laughed, “When have you ever had to send someone after me? I’m a tough girl, Rick. I’ve got this. You won’t need to send anyone after me, alright? Okay?”

“Yeah, got it,” Rick chuckled, patting your shoulder, “Still gonna have Daryl around just in case.”

“He’s gonna be thrilled,” you said, “I’ll see ya.”

You gathered your things and started walking, passing by the campfire and waving good-bye to everyone sitting there. You passed by Daryl’s campsite which he’d set up far away from the others. He must’ve had a soft spot for you because you were the only one he allowed to come over to his camp and talk to him. Although, he was a complicated man because it seemed as though he liked you but he never showed it. He was so difficult to read.

“Hey,” Daryl called out as you walked by, “Where are you goin’?”

“Hunting,” you replied, “Rick and I narrowed it down to a little grid around this lake and stream. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. Rick seems to think that I’ll need back-up.”

Daryl smirked, “Never needed back-up before.”

“That’s what I said,” you replied. After a bit of laughter from the both of you, he gave you a nod and you gave him a small wave in return, “Well, I’ll be back in a little while. Hope I find something good.”

You continued, venturing into the woods. You were extremely lucky this morning. You managed to catch quite a bit of squirrels while only encountering one or two walkers. But, the two walkers left your clothes and body horrendously stained with blood, making you look like you’d just battled a large horde of walkers. And the sun beating down on you wasn’t helping even a little bit. You’d lived in Georgia all of your life but you would never get used to this heat. You could feel how slimy your toes were in your boots, sweat rolled down your back, and your hair clung to your forehead and some other strands stuck to the back of your neck.

Coming upon the lake you told Rick about, you knew it was time to turn around and head back. But the lake was so blue, so clear, and so peaceful. The trees hung over the lake like a canopy, leaving you with tons of shade and just staring at the water made you feel just slightly cooler. A few minutes in the lake wouldn’t hurt, would it?

You unbuttoned your flannel and took of your boots and jeans, leaving you in just your underwear and the tank top you’d put on underneath the flannel. Dipping your toe into the ice cold water, you shivered and grinned as you dove in, sighing in relief as you felt ten times more comfortable. You could never get over how relaxed you were already feeling. Could it get any better?

“Hey, Daryl,” Rick called out as he came towards the campfire. Daryl was sitting with the rest of the group eating lunch of canned beans and eggs that had been left over from breakfast. Rick leaned against the back of Daryl’s chair, “Y/N has been gone a long time. She said not to send anyone after her but…she’s not usually gone for this long. Think you could go and look for her? Make sure she’s alright?”

“Sure,” Daryl said, setting his plate down, “You’re right, she’s never gone this long. But she’s a tough kid, probably just had to take a different way back.”

“Just to be safe.”

“I know, I’m goin’.”

Daryl gathered some supplies, his crossbow and a gun just in case. The thought of something happening to you was actually terrifying to him but he could never let anyone in the group see his fears.

He remembered you mentioning the lake so he headed there. Your footprints were rather easy to find and they were fresh. You had just been through here. He was confident that you were alright and that brought a smile to his face.

Suddenly, he heard splashing coming from a few feet away. He loaded up his crossbow, ready for anything. What if a walker had gotten to you and you were fighting it off in that lake? It could’ve pulled you down under the water and could be devouring you while Daryl was coming to help. He could already be too late.

Daryl had never been so happy about being wrong. When he reached the clearing, he realized you were fine, just swimming leisurely. You had the most stunning smile he’d ever seen. And when you stood up, revealing a now see through shirt which clung to your curves and made his heart pound. He knew it was wrong to be watching you but he’d frozen, entranced by how lovely you were. He never really had a chance to take you all in as he knew you’d ask why he was staring.

Still, it was wrong to be watching you like this when you had no idea. He wouldn’t want to come across as creepy and make you feel uncomfortable. He walked out of the clearing, his boot snapping a twig as he approached the lake. You whipped your body around but quickly relaxed when you realized it was just Daryl.

“What’re you doing out here?” you asked.

“You were gone for a long time,” Daryl explained, leaning his crossbow against a tree next to your clothes, “Rick had me come out here and find you, make sure you weren’t dead.”

“Shit, I hadn’t realized how long I was out here,” you said. Daryl sat down by the lake, hugging his knees to his chest as he watched you swim around. You stopped, floating there in the middle of the lake staring at Daryl, “Wanna join me?”

“I dunno,” Daryl mumbled, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh come on,” you persisted. You sent a small wave of water his way which splashed onto his shoes. He kicked his shoes off and peeled off his now wet socks. Giggling, you slicked back your hair, “Sorry. Just come in with me, Daryl. Have a little fun.”

“If you’re gonna get me all wet, might as well,” Daryl grumbled, sliding his vest off his shoulders. You paused as he unbuttoned his shirt, swallowing hard as he opened his opened his shirt and tossed it aside, revealing a firm, tanned torso. You took a deep breath, knowing you had to control yourself despite how difficult it would be. Daryl barely tolerated a simple touch on the shoulder.

Once Daryl was down to his boxers, he slid into the water but he made no move towards you. He just floated there, splashing some water onto his face. You smiled and slowly swam towards him, “See? Feels nice doesn’t it?”

“Guess you’re right,” Daryl said.

“Well come on,” you said, grabbing his wrists and pulling him further out into the lake, “We’re fine. You can swim, can’t you?”

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, “I know how to swim.”

“Then swim with me,” you said, spinning the two of you around in circles. Daryl was tense and his eyes were darting around uncomfortably but he allowed you to continue anyways. A part of him was enjoying the lighthearted moment between you two but he couldn’t bring himself to show it.

Over the next hour or so, Daryl started loosening up and you finally got a smile out of him as you swam around together, splashing around and laughing, probably making more noise than you should have. But for a moment, you both forgot that it was the end of the world and that there were walkers crawling around like cockroaches all over the place. And it was nice to forget even if it was just for a little while.

“This has been such a nice afternoon,” you said, “I hope we’re not worrying the others.”

“Nah,” Daryl said, “Haven’t been gone long enough. We’re fine.”

Daryl climbed out of the lake but kept his feet in the water, the sun warming his cold, shivering body. You swam to the edge, climbing halfway out of the water, leaning on your elbows. It gave Daryl a clear view down your tank top, which wasn’t hard to begin with since it was a white tank top and it was still wet.

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t totally aware of your position in front of Daryl. You knew the tank top was see through and you knew that leaning over would show more than you normally would have. But seeing him like this, the sunlight making his wet body glisten and the way water dripped from the ends of his short hair made it even harder to keep it together. You just wanted him to ache as much as you did.

“What’re we doin’?” Daryl finally asked after several minutes of silence.

“Was I that obvious?” you chuckled.

“Ya ain’t exactly subtle,” Daryl replied.

You sighed, hanging your head, “It’s just been a while. But you make me so crazy, Daryl.”

“What’d I do?”

“Absolutely nothing,” you retorted, lifting your head. You reached out and touched his hand, “You’re not even trying. You make me go insane and you’re not even trying. And I’m over here trying my very hardest.”

“Well,” Daryl muttered, clearing his throat as he looked up at the sky, “It’s working.”

“Huh?” you frowned, “It’s working?”

Daryl nodded, “I didn’t wanna say anything but…you said it first.”

“You ache as badly as I do right now?”

He nodded again. You slowly lifted yourself out of the water and sat on your knees next to him. Daryl still wouldn’t look out you, but his chest was rising and falling a little quicker. His heart was racing and warmth spread through his body.

“Well, we’re all alone out here,” you cooed, running your hands up his chest. Leaning in, you placed a kiss on his cheek, “Before we have to go back.”

Daryl finally turned to look at you, his eyelids heavy and his blue eyes darkening with lust you’d never seen before. He was never one to initiate any kind of contact so needless to say, it was a shock when he slammed his lips down on yours. You struggled to keep up with him as his hands explored your body. He groaned as your own hands wandered, reaching the waistband of his boxers.

“Y/N,” he grunted, cupping your breasts in his large hands. You kissed him harder as your hand slipped underneath his boxers. He buried his face in your neck as you took him in your hand, sliding up and down his shaft. A few whimpers escaped his lips, his hands freezing in place, too lost in the pleasure to remember what he was doing, “Y/N.”

You loved the way your name sounded from his mouth. He was so vulnerable under your touch, trembling a little. You picked up a little speed and his breathing became heavier. He grabbed your wrist to stop you as his other hand pushed you until you were laying on your back, “Keep goin’ like that and this’ll be over before we can even start.”

You giggled as you pushed his boxers down off his hips while he peeled your soaked tank top off your body, throwing it away without looking where it landed. As he pulled your underwear down, he kissed down your stomach, making your heart race with anticipation. You felt his warm tongue on your skin and you gasped, arching your back a little. Daryl pushed your hips back down as he spread your legs. You propped yourself up onto your elbows, watching as he kissed your inner thighs. He moved to your core agonizingly slow. Once he finally reached it, your elbows weakened and you fell back onto the ground as his tongue swirled around your clit, his thick fingers suddenly sliding inside of you. Rolling your hips, you moaned and groaned and dug your nails into the dirt.

His expert tongue and fingers filled you with intense pleasure and it was everything in you not to get loud. Daryl groaned against you, the vibrations sending you into a frenzy. He progressively sped up and just as you were about to reach your climax, he stopped and pulled away. It was almost painful to be cut short like that and you whined and moaned.

“Daryl!” you panted, “What the hell are you doing?!”

Daryl scooted closer to you, running his hands up and down your thighs and swiftly wrapping your legs around his waist, “Relax, we ain’t done yet.”

A sigh of relief fell from your lips as he thrust into you, filling you completely. His brow crinkled in concentration, licking his lips as he slowly thrust in and out. He held tightly onto your hips, his fingers pressed into your flesh while you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your nails raking down his back.

The pleasure was intense and everything surrounding the two of you was hazy. You were so lost in the moment, a horde of walkers could come crashing through and you probably wouldn’t have noticed. You loved Daryl and you loved the way he made you feel, the way he stared into your eyes, the way he kissed you. It was all so perfect.

The pressure built up in your body once more and this time Daryl didn’t stop it. The way your walls squeezed him, he knew you were close and he sped up, your core on fire as you exploded. You brought Daryl’s body down onto yours, his chest pressed against you as you curled your toes and whimpered into his shoulder. You refused to let go of him as you rode out your high, allowing him to finish too.

“Shit,” he panted. He looked around, most likely expecting walkers to start popping up with all the noise he realized the two of you had been making. It seemed he was oblivious to his surroundings as you had been.

“You’re amazing,” you said, kissing his cheek, “Think we’ve worried the group enough?”

“Probably,” Daryl grunted. He rolled off of you but grabbed your hand when you attempted to sit up, “Wait, we don’t gotta go back yet. Let them worry.”

You laughed, “What if someone comes looking for us?”

“They won’t,” Daryl said, wrapping his arm around your waist, “I just don’t wanna go back yet. Just a little while longer?”

You nodded and rested your head on Daryl’s chest, soothed by the sound of his heart beating in your ear and the water rushing through the stream nearby. Leaves, grass, and mud stuck to the two of you but you didn’t care. It was still possible that Rick could send someone to look for the two of you but you didn’t care about that either. You were content lying with this man forever.

Familial Relations

 Summary: He’s a temptation she wasn’t even aware of—not until he’s back under her roof, sharing her space, sleeping in her bed. Written for Prompts in Panem, Dreams, Day 7: Thorns.

Rated: M+

A/N: Thank you to thegirlonpeetamellark for reading and coaching. This week was a whirlwind of crap in my real life, and I sometimes doubted I’d get this done. All mistakes are mine, because I really did not have time to re-read this more than once. Thanks to misshoneywell for organizing PiP and being such a champion of Everlark.

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anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure that Vassa is bound to Koschei (the 3rd death-god), then the whole Russian name and firebird scenario make a lot more sense. And if I may point Vassa sounds awfully similar to Vasilisa Prekrasnaya/ Premudraya. So my guess that Lucien might play Ivan in the whole thing. Or Maas could go Stravinsky's way with the ballet Firebird.

Yeah. As soon as they said he was bound to a lake and that Vassa was bound to a lake it was pretty obvious. And yeah, in the Russian fairytales I’ve read (I went through a bunch of Russian tales for a research project), Vasilisa is like a stock russia character who shows up in multiple fairytales and she is like the princess or the fair maiden etc. From what I’ve read, the shortened version of her name is often written as Vassa. So if could be a Vasilisa the Beautiful retelling, but Vassa shows up in so many fairytales it could be anything. I honestly got Swan Lake vibes off of it. Cuz she said there were others like her at the lake. And a firebird queen is way cooler than a swan queen in my opinion.

Koschei is also a stock Russian fairytale character. He shows up in a lot of stories as the villain. He has one story that came to mind when reading ACOWAR which is translated as Koschei the Deathless. And in the story (if I remember correctly/not missing them up), this prince marries off his sister’s to wizard tzars. One is a raven the other is a falcon (there is a third and eagle. I can’t remember. Lol). Then he meets and marries his wife. Koschei steals the wife and the husband goes to get her. It ends with the wizard Tzars finding him and saving his life and with Baba Yaga (another stock character) giving him instructions on how to best Koschei and kill him. And he wins (I think because he gets a really fast horse/he out runs death) and he lives happily ever after with his wife. But I thought of that story because we got that RANDOM mention of the “ravens” in the library scene. And then we got the Day Court falcon legion. And the Raven and falcon (while they show up all over the place in Russian fairytales) were important to that particular story because they brought back the hero from death. But idk. It could go so many ways.

I’m rooting for swan lake tho. We know Maas likes it. Koschei could be Von Rothbart, Vassa the Swan Queen/Odette, Lucien could be Siegfried, and Elain and the mating bond could sub in as Odile/a way to break Vassa’s curse if Lucien chose to Vassa over the bond. But idk. That also seems pretty obvious. But also I could be into it.

Hallowrite Part Three- Cape Breton

I grew up in a place that’s full of notoriously haunted places. Almost everyone I know had their own personal ghost story, or there’s one in the family. Nothing super creepy happened to me outside of the stuff at St FX and a few odd dreams. I did get creeped out at a few places though. Like I hated driving over Kelly’s Mountain at night because of the ghost of Kelly – he’d walk in front of cars, causing them to swerve and crash and he liked to target 18-wheeler trucks for some reason. Or when I’d drive past certain graveyards, the temperature would be 10 degrees cooler there.

One place I never felt comfortable at was Blackett’s Lake, especially at night. The Blackett family was supposedly cursed. When they moved there and built their home, neighbouring farms reported the start of weird lights over the lake, weird animal deaths, things disappearing/reappearing. There were also intense screams and odd fog patches. I had friends who lived around the lake and whenever I stayed at their places overnight, it was always unsettling and always too quiet and too calm.
A road was built in the 1920s(ish) to connect Coxheath to Sydney River (don’t quote me on that year I forget my history). Before that it wasn’t easy to get across the lake before then, unless the lake was frozen. There are a few reports of people walking across the lake at night and turning back halfway because of weird noises, crashes in the woods and growling. One story I heard was about a guy who was heading for a ceilidh but halfway across, he heard something. It wasn’t a crash, but a wail. It didn’t start out low like an old-fashioned siren though.  This started out at top volume screeching and gradually dropped until it was a growl or a moan. Maybe the Blackett family has a banshee?
Most creepy stuff I heard about first-hand was centered around the bridge. My friend Rob was out for a drive one night and decided to go for a rip around the lake. He got around most of the lake with no issues but when he got to the bridge, everything around him was suddenly enveloped in a cloud of white. He stopped on the middle of the bridge, confused then scared. The white thing wasn’t moving like fog or clouds and while it’s a bit chilly in May sometimes, this sure as hell wasn’t snow. His headlights didn’t cut through it at all. Curiosity almost got the better of him – he almost rolled down his window to touch it, but decided against it. As he inched his car forward a few feet, his tires left the bridge and the cloud disappeared.
The bridge was also the site of a fatal car crash in the 70s. Every February my high school hosted (and still hosts) a big hockey tournament. This tournament always led to massive parties after games. Drinking in the woods is, I think, a pretty rural thing and I’m not sure if it’s something that extended past the east coast. But anyway. Red Cup weekend was a rocker, even though it was winter and there were frequently blizzards, people still drank outside. A group of kids were going to party in a clearing under a cliff near the lake. The bridge had frozen over before the road and as the car went over it, it fishtailed, spun out and flipped. All passengers died before rescue crews could get to the scene.
Fast-forward 20ish years when I’m at a Red Cup party at my friends place by the lake. I steppe outside for a cigarette and was surprised to hear a raging party from somewhere nearby. I thought this was a bit odd because a) Blackett’s Lake was always creepy-quiet at night and b) the neighbours were at this party so they weren’t the ones making noise.
Sound travels, you goon. It’s probably those uppity twats from Sydney River, I thought to myself.
I heard the patio door open and shut behind me. My friends sister D was there.
“Hey D”, I said as I handed over a cigarette.
“Fuckin rager goin on somewhere eh?”
She didn’t say anything for a minute.
“It’s not a real party. Do you not know the story?”
“What story?”
She proceeded to tell me the what happened to the kids who died in the car crash on Red Cup weekend and how the party they were going to was under the cliff that their property was on.
“Every year on Red Cup Saturday we hear a party down there. Dad’s done to check so many years but every time he came home seeing nothing.”
“So it’s some ghosts havin’ a time then?”
“We figure. And every year at 11:30 it gets right quiet. We guess that’s when shit went sideways and the party had to stop.”
I crushed out my cigarette butt in an ashtray. “That’s right fucked up b’y. Every year, you say?”
She nodded. “Yeah. Check your watch, by the way”, and she went inside.
I looked at my watch. 11:33.
It was dead silent.

There is a creepy-ass church on a coastal highway at home and I hate it. It’s one of those places that is just truly unsettling.

Hopefully the pic conveys the atmosphere of it. Anyway, it’s creepy as balls. I used to go for drives along the coast when I lived at home and I’d sometimes end up there without realizing I was heading in that direction. Sometimes I’d have my camera with me and I’d want to go get photos, but I never did.
There’s a rumor that when the church opened, they wanted to get a photo of the (small) congregation and priests after the first service. The photographer set up his camera and got a few photos and that should have been the end of it. But when the photo was developed, there were two glowing eyes hovering in the doorway over the people. I know, it was ages ago it could’ve been dust, bugs, whatever. I can justify that. It’s a bit harder to justify and explain a cloven hooves and part of legs seen beside the priest and a faded outline of something huge, looming over him.

Still Young

For Zoe, for your birthday, for everything

There’s a party to mark the end of the summer before Seventh Year, and it’s the first time he has seen Lily Evans in two months.

The heat has been extreme this August, hanging in the air with an unrelenting presence, and what was intended as a house party has wandered outdoors, craving fresh air. Fortunately, Jeremy Booth – the host, a Ravenclaw – lives in the country, released from the prying eyes of any muggles, and the youth of wizarding Britain lark about in the minimal breeze without restraint. Teenagers sit in clusters on a sprawling green lawn, cooling charms cast overhead, and someone has started a game of twilight Quidditch. The atmosphere is lazy: it’s too hot to be excited about the coming year, their last year. Time will come for that the day after tomorrow, when they board the Hogwarts Express for the last time. For now, James Potter lies alone in someone else’s garden, enjoying the sensation of cool grass pressed against his back, and tilting his glasses just so, so that he can track the movements of his Head Girl as she makes her way towards him.

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Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Four: A Change in the Atmosphere
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2510
Warnings: None.


Your name: submit What is this?

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What a date with them is like…


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He wants you to have fun and feel comfortable around him. Dean wouldn’t take you somewhere fancy – that’s just not him. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make an effort, quite the opposite. Dean would be damn nervous and probably wouldn’t be able to sleep properly the night before your date. A date with him could be anything from a drive with the impala and stopping in a small diner to a picnic or a day at the lake with a cooler full of beer. The main thing is he’s able to spend time with you without the whole supernatural shit.


Originally posted by ackles

Sam has the whole date planned out because he doesn’t want to risk messing it up somehow. While planning the date he would search the internet for ideas, he doesn’t want it to be some ordinary date – he wants it to be special. Sam would take you to a fair, a flea market or a farmer’s market nearby. He would make sure to pick you up on time, to tell you how beautiful you look as soon as he sees you and maybe if everything goes according to plan he would end it with a kiss on your doorstep.


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Obviously he has no idea how a date works so he ends up asking Sam and Dean for help. They would give him different tips and Cas would end up even more confused. After a lot of thinking he decides that he should take you to some places that would make you happy – a pet store, at least seeing pets makes him happy, so he’s pretty sure you’ll like it too. You have to take the reins during the date, but once you’ve taken Cas’ hand he doesn’t plan on letting go any time soon.


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Anything but normal. A date with Gabriel would be different, but in a good way. He’s an archangel for god’s sake and he makes sure to take advantage of that. You always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in Japan? No problem, Gabriel zaps you there. A night alone at an indoor playground? No problem. Taking you to the most breathtaking places on earth? If that’s what you want. But most importantly Gabriel is a little goof and always manages to make you laugh no matter where he takes you – even if you just spend an evening watching stupid movies.

One-shot: Peace Serum and a Favor (FOURTRIS)

Mature (M) Rated Version

Author’s Note:   Alternate scene to Amity and Peace Serum. Completely different than the  book, this is pure fluff. This is for fun, not meant to be in line with  how Tris and Four would behave in Roth’s Divergent Series.


~ FourTrisHEA


Part I: Working for Our Keep

*Four POV*

I get up and navigate   myself around the bales of hay I have been stacking for the last hour.   The sun’s heat is beating down on my back as I power through my assigned  chores. While we hide in Amity, we are working for our keep.   Being a  good member of the community and contributing is part of our agreement.

I cringe remembering the  look of horror on the faces of the Amity faction members as Tris and  Peter were torn apart from their fight. “Just go. You need to cool down,” I told Tris as two Amity men gently led her away, saying something about protocol for breaking our peace agreement.

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“I really love your writing! I also wondering if I can request prompts 21 and 7 with Hercules Mulligan?” 21. “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?” and 7. “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.”

“Wait, who all is coming to this?” You groaned from your spot in between John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton.

“Well us, obviously.” Hercules Mulligan, who was driving, laughed, “And the Schuyler sisters.”

You blushed, “And how far away is this lake? This cooler is crushing my legs,” You huffed.

“Here, I’ll hold it,” John slide the cooler off your legs and onto his.

“Thanks,” You breathed, “So? How much longer? There’s only so many trees I can look at before I get bored, and I’ve reached my tree limit.”

“Well maybe if you stopped complaining for one second you would see that we’re already here,” Alexander muttered from your right as the car slowed to a stop.

“Yes! Finally!” You yelled, reaching over Alexander, opening the door, and promptly shoving him out of the car.

“What the hell, Y/N?” You ignored him. Quickly taking the heavy cooler from John, and hopping out of the car. While carefully avoiding Alexander.

You were practically shaking with excitement by the time the rest of the boys finally got out of the car and unloaded all the towels and food.

“You guys are so slow!” You shouted impatiently.

“Things might go fast if you helped, femme impatiente,” Lafayette replied.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, whatever Laf. Does anyone know when the Schuyler sisters are going to get here?”

“Eliza just texted me, they’re almost here,” Alexander said.

“Wait, wait. Y/N. What are those on your feet? Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?” Hercules groaned, walking over to you and taking the cooler out of your hands.

“Hey, you may be laughing at me now, but when you cut your foot on some lake glass, don’t come crying to me,” You laughed, poking his chest playfully.

Hercules opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by Alexander announcing the arrival of the Schuyler sisters.

“Peggy! Angelica! Eliza!” You cried, running towards the car. Peggy jumped out of the car, running into your open arms.

“Peggy! The car was still moving!” Eliza screamed from the passenger side of the car.

“Oh, I know Eliza! But it’s been so long since we’ve seen Y/N!” Peggy cried.

“Okay girls, let’s just head down to the lake already. It’s hot!” John called from where the boys were waiting.

“Okay! Okay!” You replied, laughing.

Later by the lake, Hercules sat down next to you, grinning ear to ear. “What’re you doing over here by yourself”

“Nothing, just resting. Water you smiling at, Herc?” You grinned.

“Nothing,” He laughed. “Just happy to be here with you.”

You blushed, “A-ah, hah. I’m happy to be here with you too,” You stuttered.

He laughed, “Wanna swim?”

“Sure!” You replied, but as soon as you stood up, you were hit with dizziness and collapsed.

“Y/N!” Hercules yelled, getting the attention of the rest of the group.

“What happened?” Angelica yelled, followed by Peggy, running over to where you were now unconscious.

“I don’t know, she just collapsed!” Hercules replied, voiced laced with worry.

“Is it heat exhaustion?” Angelica cried, “Has she been drinking water?”

“Hey what happened? Is she okay?” John yelled from the lake, where everyone else was.

“I don’t know! Probably not!” He put his shoes on and lifted you into his arms. Then, quickly ran to the car and laid her down in the backseat.

Hercules wasn’t sure how long he sat in the backseat with your head in his lap, but when the sun started to set you began to stir.

“Herc?” You groaned, opening your eyes blearily and sitting up.

“Oh thank God you’re okay!” He pulled you close and kissed you. You blushed and kissed back.

When he pulled away you smiled with your eyebrows raised. “Wow, that was,” Pausing, trying to find the right words to describe what just happened.

“Wow?” He smirked.

“Haha,” You mocked, “But hey? Seriously? Are you okay?” You asked.

“Why do you ask?” He replied.

“You’re wearing two different shoes,” You laughed, looking down at his feet, “And neither of them are yours!”

He laughed, grabbing your chin and kissing you again.

Wow, it’s hard to find a good reason for an adult to wear crocs. But I did it! I hope you enjoyed! x