I’m pretty sure that all my Cullenmance Inquisitors were defeated because they spent all their time kissing their Commander on the battlements. Like ALL the time. And that little smirk when he walked away. 

I die.

For @pixzee, @fenedhiss, @emperorirene, and @alpheratz1 – who all (obviously) have the bestest taste in men.

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Was für eine Ironie, dass sich jetzt ein paar deiner Elite-Follower auf Twitter beschweren, dass du ja kink-shaming betreiben würdest, während sie sich dabei über Asexualität lustig machen. "Wie alt ist die?" "Wir sind so rein, Bibel TV" "Sex ist voll normal" - und kein Sex ist es übrigens auch! So viel zum Thema Toleranz ihr Coolen (ich weiß dass ihr das lest)

Ok ich weiß nicht, wer mit Elite-Follower gemeint ist und find die Bezeichnung auch nicht gut T^T aber mir ist es wie gesagt vollkommen egal was wer mag / nicht mag / macht / nicht macht, solange er keinem anderen Lebewesen (bewusst) dadurch schadet. Ich find’s gut, wenn Menschen offen mit ihren Vorlieben umgehen; finde es aber auf der anderen Seite eben auch wichtig, darüber nachzudenken / zu reden, woher diese eventuell kommen könnten und dass man nicht der Sklave seiner Triebe sein muss, um befriedigt zu leben / Stress abzubauen. Jeder geht anders damit um und das ist vollkommen in Ordnung. Oh und btw: Über Asexualität sollte man sich genau so wenig lustig machen, wie über Kinks.


Here are the rest of my cards that aren’t fit for this life. I need help.

“You can call me daddy” quote trivialjaegers 

Here are the originals

I’m not sure why you would ever give this to someone but printable version under the cut.

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So for those who missed it, I streamed my playthrough of Hatoful Boyfriend last week ish, and it has ruined me. All these feels I have for these pigeon dorks is ridiculous and through the roof. I really highly recommend people to buy and play Hatoful if they have not. Or watch my playthrough VODs of it on my youtube account oh ho ho ho */shameless plug; shot*

Here are some doodles of Ryouta, because look at him. Look at how freaking adorable he is. asdfjkl.

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Woher hast du eigentlich diesen coolen Baum her? Baumstamm, a dunno. Wo deine Taschen, Uhren oder Sticker oder Caps draufhängen? Der sieht cool aus.

Aus dem Wald!

Picnic ♡ Grayson

Summary: Vacation is almost over which is the reason you are stressing out, starting a new school and all of that. Grayson decides to surprise you by taking you on a nice picnic. 

Word count: 2.020

A/N: This is just a fluffy imagine for those who start school (or have already started) and need a reminder that they will do great! I believe in you :) Do your best and study hard, because hard work always pays off! Xx


The early morning sunlight was the reason you had woken up so early today. You opened your eyes and closed them immediately when you glimpsed at your phone and saw how late it was; 8.30. Too early to wake up at a Sunday morning in your opinion.

After turning around to get comfortable til the point you were wrapped between the sheets, you realized that you weren’t able to fall back to sleep again. But why would you? It was the very last day of your vacation and no way you were going to waste that.

Although it was Sunday and that was mostly one of the days you loved the most, today was the very opposite. The whole week you had been hoping that these last few days of your holiday would slow down a bit, so you could enjoy your last spare time with your boyfriend.

But the thing is; the slower you want things to go, the faster they will eventually. And just as any other day they fly by and then suddenly it is Sunday again. On Monday you were going to start your very first day at college. Yippie.

You were more nervous than excited. A new school, new people, a new city… Everything was going to change. And you were the type of person who liked to stay by the old and familiar things.

You turned around and catch sight of your favourite person laying next to you; Grayson Dolan. He was laying on his chest, head on the corner of his pillow. He looked so dreamy and pretty that your heart melted. He wasn’t wearing anything but a pair of boxers, and as usual you were the one who had stolen the sheets throughout the night. Not on purpose, of course.

You held your hand out and let your fingers trace his back, which was warm from the sunlight. You chuckled softly when you noticed the red scratches from last night on his normally oh so smooth skin.

After a while Grayson woke up and blinked his eyes a few times, before he glanced up to meet yours with a small smile. ‘Wake up, sleepy head,’ you whispered and leaned in to kiss him  on his cheek. 'Hey baby,’ he grunted, his voice a little raspy from the sleep.

He cleared his throat and turned around, so he got to lay on his back. He looked very sleepy with his hair sticked to his forehead, something he always had when he just woke up. You scoot closer and press a light kiss onto his chest.

'Any plans for today?’ he asked, grabbing your hand after you pulled back. You shook your head. 'What do you think of just staying in bed today? Eating pancakes and watching some Netflix?’ you asked. Grayson played absently with your fingers, the look on his face questionable.

'Hm… Not that that doesn’t sound appealing, but what do you think of going on a hike today?’ He gazed at you, and you had to keep your face straight to hide the surprising feeling you felt. 'A hike?’ you asked. You were a bit stunned that he rejected your offer, since that was something you guys did a lot on weekends.  

And if you were completely honest, hiking was the last thing you wanted to do today, especially today. All you needed was to take things easy for as long as possible. As soon as school would start again you were going to be walking a lot.

But it was Grayson’s last day to spend time with you as well, so you just decided to go with it. At the end of the day everything you did with Grayson was fun. 'Yes, sure. Sounds good,’ you said.

❊ ❊ ❊ ❊

'I. Can’t. Breathe,’ you said, gasping for air after every word you spoke. Grayson, who stood a few meters before you, suddenly held his step and turned around to watch you. 'We’re almost there baby, just hold on a little longer.’

If it wasn’t for the weather today, the hike with Grayson had been more than awesome. You had seen many animals and Grayson had chosen a beautful hiking trail. But it was so bloody hot and there wasn’t any wind to make it at least a little bearable.

You were glad you put on some sunscreen and deodorant, but you were sure you were still burned and sweating like a pig. 'Grayson,’ you begged and closed one eye to look up to him.

For a reason you didn’t know he had no trouble with the heat at all and he still looked like a Greek god. He took a few big steps and within two seconds he stood beside you.

'We’re almost there, I promise. Do you want me to carry you?’ Grayson asked sweetly. 'No no, I’m fine. But what do you mean, 'we’re almost there’? Where are we going?’ Grayson grinned and took your hand. 'You’ll see. Now come on.’

Grayson hadn’t lied. It didn’t take longer than five minutes before you finally reached what he called your destination. When you were at the top of the hill after an hour long walk, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You had never been in a place like this before.

'Grayson… It’s so beautiful here.’ You looked around you, taking it all in. You had reached the top of the hill now and there was an outstretched meadow in front of you, covered in sunshine and daisies. Grayson sighed. 'I know right? Ethan and I came here a lot when we were little. Now I come here rarely. It’s a place to just think and clear your mind.’

'I bet…’  you said. 'Wait… what is over there?’ You pointed your finger in the direction where a big tree was standing. You didn’t know what, but there were things spread around the tree. 'That was the surprise,’ Grayson smiled and looked at you. 'A surprise? For me?’ You asked, not convinced.

❊ ❊ ❊ ❊

'Oh my God. This is so sweet, Gray.’ You sat down and Grayson followed. 'It’s nothing,’ he said modest, but his cheeks turned red at your compliment. He reached for the picnic basket and started to get out all the things he prepared and bought for the picnic.

Crispy croissants, watermelon, grapes, a pack of oreos, a bottle of water and a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice. All of your favourite foods. Something you adored about Gray was that he always remembered the littlest of details, such as your favourite fruit, your favourite cookies and your favourite drinks.

Of course, that wasn’t the most important thing for a good relationship, but it was just so nice of him to do this. He also knew you loved picnicking, but it wasn’t something you did regularly because of your busy schedules.

You watched Grayson with a big smile as he grabbed two cups and poured in something to drink for the two of you, his face in a small frown as he tried to not spill on the red and white blanket you were sitting on.

'Cheers,’ you toasted before you took a sip. 'Cheers,’ Grayson smiled, winking at you. It was almost terrifying how big his hands looked compared to the cup and compared to yours.

After you had eaten a croissant and a big piece of the watermelon, you sat back and leaned on your elbows, letting the sun warm your face that was sheening through the leaves. Luckily you had coolen down a bit from the long hike. It was much more enjoyable in the shadow than walking out in the sun.

You catch Grayson looking at you and you give him a sweet smile. It had been quiet for a while now, listening to the birds and buzzing bees around you. Something you noticed was that there wasn’t any sign or sound of a car, a plane or anything that you always heard if you were in the city.

It felt like you were far away from the modern world and no one would ever know. A fresh breeze blowed the hair out of your face and you inhaled deeply. You closed your eyes, simply enjoying the calm feeling you had. You didn’t mind Grayson and you were quiet; it was actually quite nice. It gave you some time to organize your thoughts.

An angelic voice made your eyes flutter open. 'I wish we could do this more often, you know that?’ Grayson said. You nodded and sighed. 'Me too. I still can’t believe you did this, Grayson,’ you told him. 'You make me sound so unromantic, Y/N. I love doing  things to make you happy!’ Grayson said, eating the last piece of his croissant.

'No! I-’ you objected, but Grayson laid his hand on yours, calming you down. 'I was just kidding, baby. I thought I’d do something that would clear your mind before you started at your new school. You have been acting so anxious these last few days and I was worried. I figured maybe this would help.’

You brought his hand up to your lips, pressing a chaste kiss on the back of his hand. He bit his lip. 'It did. Thank you,’ you said gratefully. 'So, when did you set all of this up?’ you wondered. 'This morning,’ he answered proudly. 'Ethan and I went to the store and bought the food. We went to this hill and set everything up, then I went back to the apartment and I pretended to be asleep. I was just five minutes back before you woke up.’

He grinned after he said that last sentence, realizing his plan almost had failed. You narrow your eyes. 'So Ethan is in the complot as well?’ 'Uhuh,’ Grayson nodded. 'That’s very sweet of him. But why? Couldn’t you take all of this stuff up here on your own?’ Grayson acted like he was offended and was about to answer, but you quickly added; 'I guess those arms don’t prove much, do they?’ Grayson laughed his heartwarming laugh. 'Shut up, Y/N.’

'Make me,’ you said softly, watching him with a serious face. Grayson looked like he was atonished by the change of the situation, but he recovered quickly. He raised his eyebrows and a cheeky smile played around his lips. You giggled, knowing exactly to what this would lead.

'C'mere,’ was the only thing he said. You scooted closer, still giggling. He leaned in and you thought he was going to kiss you, so you closed your eyes and waited until his smooth lips would touch yours. Suddenly you felt two hands grabbing your waist and pinning you down.

Suddenly, without a warning, he started tickling you everywhere. You squeeled and laughed, your hands trying to push him away. 'So you think I’m not strong, huh? I guess you should take that back, baby girl.’ You almost weren’t able to speak, still laughing and trying to escape.

'N-Never!’ you giggled. When you were gasping for air and you almost couldn’t breathe, Grayson decided it was enough and he helped you sit up straight, still chuckling in amusement. 'You call that a punishment?’ you challenged him. You were not finished with the fun yet.

Grayson smiled broadly. 'You are unbelievable, Y/N. You want me to really punish you?’ 'Depends on what kind of punishment…’ you whispered and leaned in, kissing him on his soft lips. 'Hmm… No, no,’ Grayson hummed against your lips when you tried to pull back.

He closed his hands around your cheeks to stop you from leaning back. You giggled against his mouth, brushing your nose against his. He smelled sweet and tasted like watermelon.

He parted your lips and let his tongue find it’s way between your lips, wanting to taste all of you. A long minute passed and slowly he pulled back, stroking his thumb against your cheek.

'I love you, Y/N. You are going to do amazing in college. I have so much faith in you.’ Your heart fluttered at his kind words. Grayson never failed to make you feel better. 'Thank you, Gray. I love you too.’

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Wie ist deine Meinung im Allgemeinen zu Tumblr?

Tumblr ist gefährlich. Viele sehen es wie eine Art Parallele Realität in der alles ganz einfach rechtzufertigen ist. Die riesige Depressiven “Szene” hier würde ohne Tumblr niemals in diesem Ausmaß existieren. Es bringt vielleicht etwas seine Probleme mit Leuten, denen es ähnlich geht, zu teilen, vielleicht fühlt man sich hier verstanden. Aber wenn man sich nach dem ersten Liebeskummer hier anmeldet mit dem Namen “kaputtesleben” oder so, frag ich mich echt ob manche den Schuss nicht gehört haben, ES GIBT MENSCHEN DIE HABEN ECHTE PROBLEM! Vielleicht sind von den auch welche hier, aber bei 90% ist es nur ein stummer schrei nach Aufmerksamkeit. Und wenn man dann non stop depressive Sachen liest, steigert man sich irgendwann komplett in den Film rein. So wird aus liebeskummer oder einem verlorenen Teddybär auf einmal ne eingeredete Depression und wenn es dann echt so weit ist, spricht mit euren Eltern oder geht zum Arzt. Hier wird euch niemand ‘heilen’. Es gibt Menschen die haben wirklich ALLES verloren, und hier lese ich so Sachen wie “hab ihn heute mit ihr am Bahnhof gesehen, wollte mich vor den Zug schmeißen
Dann gibt es diese Leute, wo man merkt, dass die stark abhängig sind (pep, mdma, etc.) Die Leute denken, dass man alles herunterspielen kann. Durch die ganzen “coolen” Zitate oder Sprüche über Drogen wird es komplett verharmlost und dann kommen die Leute an mit “ja ich zieh seit 2 Jahren jeden Tag pep aber nur weil es so geil ist und ich bin nicht abhängig und ballern ballern ballern. Und Pep ist gar nicht schädlich ich zieh jetzt so lange und merke keine Schäden” JUNGE KOMM KLAR. Könnt ja gerne versuchen es euer Leben lang durchzuziehen (Wortspiel), aber dann werdet ihr mit 25 nicht mehr in der Lage sein euch selber zu ernähren geschweige denn einen Beruf auszuführen, wo man ein wenig Gehirn benötigt oder Sport zu treiben. Ich rede jetzt auch nicht von Heroinabhängigen die vermutlich durch eine große Dummheit in die Sucht gekommen sind und jetzt drin sind. Von der Sucht nach speed kommt man im Vergleich zu anderen Sachen sehr easy weg. Man durchlebt dann zwar eine harte Zeit, aber danach ist man das Zeug wenigstens los.
Will hiermit auch niemanden persönlich angreifen, aber denkt mal drüber nach.

Schöne Nazibilder.

Ich war am Tumblr durchscrollen und stoße auf einen, sich selber als links bezeichnenden Blog.
Beim durchstöbern finde ich ne menge coolen scheiß allerdings auch ein rebloggtes Bild von Ultras, auf einen Zaun sitzend in einem Fußball Stadion. Das Bild kahm mir irgendwie bekannt vor und nachdem ich den Verlauf zurück verfolgt habe stieß ich auf einen Rechten Ultra Blog, aus Polen wie es scheint. Diesen hatte ich vor ein, zwei Monaten schon einmal gemeldet. Liebe Menschen die sich hier tummeln und das lesen: PASST AUF WAS IHR REBLOGGT!
Ich weiß Pyro ist der Hammer und vermummte Ultras im Stadion sind schon ein imposanter Anblick, allerdings gibt es da auch ne Menge faschos drunter. Seid immer kritisch und hinterfragt Alles und jeden!
Helft euch gegenseitig und scheißt euch nicht an. Lasst uns versuchen diesen virtuellen Ort etwas besser zu machen.

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Curse you dafür mich dazu zu bringen "angela merkel fanfiction" zu googlen in der verzweifelten Hoffnung nicht zu finden. Curse the internet weil ich enttäuscht wurde in dieser Hoffnung.

My Immerkel - xXdarkAngieloverx21CDUXx

Mein namme ist Angela Anakonda Pippilotta Christenheita Merkel,, spizname ANgie und ich bin die bundeskantzlerihn fon Deutchlandt, ich trage imer hosneanzuge in vilen coolen Fraben bei dennen andere Neiders imer mich mobben aber das istt Mir egal weil ich Ja die bundEskanslerin bin. Meine hare Sint so blont-braun aber halt ein coles bond-braun und nicth so eins wie es alle haben hir ich bin ja kein fon den Grünen. Mich mbobben viele weil ich handers bin aberd as ist Mir eGal weil ich einenb besten fReund habe - den DarkRavenSeeHover. (An: i love u!!!!!!!!!! unt seid keine Haters ihr leser ich shcreibe gut!!! irh seid nur alle SPD wähler!!!!!) und das hir isd meine Geschichscte: