merry christmas right now because fuck deadlines

I may not talk to some of you as much as I’d like to, but I hope you’ll at least enjoy these poorly drawn chibis during the holidays this year.


Something I like about Beyblade Metal Fight is, they could have easily made the blader match the bey. It would have been so easy to just go attack type=aggressive blader, defense type= passive blader, or something like Pegasus to a feminine blader.

Instead we have the aggressive Kyoya with a defensive bey, the unbalanced Benkei with a balance type bey, and the male main protagonist carrying a bey that’s a sparkly horse with wings. I just feel like it adds more to the characters.

And of course we also have the Coolguy with Coolbird Tsubasa and patient Kenta with a stamina bey, but things like that aren’t the rule. Dare I say they’re almost the exception, which is super neat.

Either @manlyronpa or @taichinchin / @coolbirds will post the full list of likes/dislikes some time tonight/tomorrow (Zai already wrote it out) but I just wanted to talk about this one because it’s funny to me.

Height: 160cm

Weight: 89kg

Chest: 88cm

Blood: ???

Likes: 100-240 Gigawatts (I’ll laugh is someone tries to kill him by overloading his circuits with a shock and he just goes “wow, thank you!”)

Dislikes: Vending Machines

Now I’m even more curious to translate his FTEs. I need to know what a vending machine did to hurt this kid. Did he get into a fight with it? Does he hate them because they were created to serve humans food/drink? What’s the scoop?

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