The mirror tower

(txt by Omar Harb arch.) via skyscrapercity

Every city is remarkable, yet clearly some are more so than others, however Beirut is an exceptional urban phenomenon. The 486 MINA EL HOSN, the ‘mirror-tower’ designed by LAN Architecture, which is absolutely novel in concept: the building’s casing will reflect the city surrounding it. One will be able to see it from everywhere, and everywhere one’s view will bounce off its mobile surface into the surrounding city, showing Beirut in all its myriad facets. The building is a living, animated, changing entity. Behind this innovative technology lies a guiding idea: the impressive outline of 486 MINA EL HOSN, soaring above the skyline, will enable a kind of moving and poetic visual reconstitution of the city – a way of making Beirut itself, its light, diversity, districts and cultures, the tower’s very essence.

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