things girls look for in boys:

  • goofy, friendly, and adorable personality
  • bright smile
  • high-pitched yet strangely cute screams
  • tall leggies
  • really cool
  • and cute too
  • loves the ocean and marine creatures
  • strategical mind
  • smartly practical
  • loves his friends a lot
  • selfless and protective
  • like he’d literally sacrifice himself for his friends
  • really handsome and suave
  • loves space and astronauts
  • sweet and kind
  • a bit talkative
  • but has a really cute and attractive way of talking
  • likes to take care of his looks
  • a noble gentleman
  • yet would fart or burp in your face without a prior notice
  • loves his family. a lot.
  • skilled sharpshooter
  • has a rival who he really, really cares for
  • loves the color blue
  • flirts with anything and everything that moves
  • pretty brown hair
  • attractive blue eyes
  • beautiful brown skin
  • cuban
  • lance
dating jonathan byers would include:
  • walks in the woods and talking about the most trivial things to the most absurd like aliens or other worlds out there in the universe
  • cuddles in private because he always feels shy when you suddenly hug him in public but that’s also one of his favorite things
  • hanging out at his room not really doing anything important, just listening to music while he sorts his photos and you singing along or just laying in bed enjoying the comfortable silence
  • you making him DIY stuff like cards or crocheted scarf because he doesn’t like it when you spend money on him
  • you still buying him gifts along with the DIY’s because he’s just so cute when he’s flustered
  • him trying to be mad at you but he can’t because you use the puppy eyes on him and he just really really loves you
  • him being guilty of doing the exact same thing, buying you gifts from the extra money he has because he loves it when he sees you getting excited over buttons or flowers or cool papers
  • you hugging him to death because you appreciate this man child baby so much who is so handsome when he smiles and when his eyes crinkle
  • him making a scrapbook for you for your 1st anniversary
  • you also making a scrapbook for him
  • laughing because you two are so alike 
  • you being included in family pictures
  • joyce treating you like a daughter and both of you trying to cook something nice for jonathan but failing miserably and jonathan ends up cooking for you guys because he loves seeing his girls smile
  • you and will singing in the top of your lungs while waiting for jonathan to come home and you really enjoy the times you spend with will because he’s so cute and he and his friends are cool
  • and you fitting in perfectly with the dynamics of the byers’ family
  • you just being so in love with him and his family that you’d do anything for them
  • him loving you so much that just the thought of you makes his day

yeonjungs-red-blazer  asked:

Hello!!! I saw that you're doing friends to lovers au's and I was wondering if you could do a Jun please? Thank you so much for all the lovely writing you're constantly doing!!! 💕

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • you become friends because,,,,,,of fake dating LOL 
  • see you used to have this annoying dude who kept trying to come onto you during class and so one day you’d sat yourself down beside jun
  • and when the dude came over and started pestering you about why you’d switched your seat,,,,,you put your hand over juns and were like “because i want to be near my boyfriend? is that a crime?”
  • and you’d said it so smoothly and squeezed jun’s hand that,,,,,,the creep just kind of choked on his words and jun,,,,,,,,
  • well jun played along,,,,,,,,,
  • even throwing his hand over your shoulder and grinning at the guy like YEP! they want to be next to me and how can you blame them i mean have you seen my face????
  • and long story short you’d thanked jun after class and he’d just laughed and went !! no one’s ever came onto me so straightforward ;) im into it ;)
  • and you’d rolled your eyes and been like CMON you know why i did it and he was like sure sure
  • but somehow ,,,,,you two clicked???? maybe because your humor matched and maybe because since you moved your seat you did spend a whole semester talking with jun and well,,,,,,he’d turned out to be super cool
  • and somehow you looked past his constant flirting because you’d always just been like “he’s like that with everyone else”
  • but one day as you’re talking with jun about the homework outside of class this person comes up and starts asking jun if he’d gotten their texts
  • and you can see the shift in jun’s face,,,,,and the person ,,,, you’ve seen them before but you don’t think you’ve ever seen jun hang out with them
  • and jun is telling them that he’d rather they not text him at all and the person is getting defensive so suddenly
  • jun throws his arm over you and pulls you into his chest and
    he’s like “i can’t date you, im already taken! so seriously, just move on because im already ,,,,head over heels in love,,,,,,,,”
  • and the person makes a visibly upset face but stomps away
    and when jun lets you go you’re like ???/ what was that and he’s like ,,,,,,,you’re not the only one who has creepy people after them,,,,it sucks because they got my number from someone or something,,,,,and it’s just weird
  • and you’re like,,,,oh well i guess this makes us even for that time i said i was fake dating you LOL and jun grins,,,,,but you see the corner of his mouth kind of twitch
  • and you’re like ???? is everything ok
  • and jun is like,,,,,, “usually im not shy about these things but,,,,,,seriously god it’s so hard when it comes to you”
  • and you’re like ?!??? what are you talking about
  • jun kind rubs his neck with his hand and is like “listen wouldn’t it be,,,,,,kinda,,,,,like have you ever thought of us,,,,not fake dating,,,,,or something you know like going on a real date,,,,,”
  • and your eyes widen because hold up wait what ?? and you’re like jun wait do you LIKE me???? and he’s like yeah, is that not obvious?
  • and you’re like NO it’s really not because you’re really flirty with everyone??? and he’s like “yeah but i don’t,,,,,,hang out with everyone or,,,,,,say im head over heels in love with everyone-”
  • “but you just said that to get that person to leave!”
  • “nope,,,,,i said it because i really mean it”
  • and your jaw is on the floor because,,,,,,w,,,,,what?? jun?? head over heels??? in love??? with you
  • and he’s like how could i not fall for the person who holds my hand on our first meeting you MAKE IT HARD NOT TO LIKE YOU
  • you’re like DFVKDFSL STOP but also,,,,,,you feel your cheeks heat up
  • because,,,,ok,,,,jun is really cool and you really like being around him,,,,,and when he’d pulled you into his chest,,,,,,,it was,,,,,,,
  • nice,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and jun can see you get a little embarrassed and he’s like “hey,,,,,don’t get all shy i mean according to everyone we’ve been dating for a long time sooooo how about i take you to dinner tonight?”
  • and you’re like ok,,,,,,,sounds good,,,,,but junhui i swear if you’re just joking aro- but jun is like nEVER,,,,,like i said i might flirt with everyone else but i don’t think everyone else could compare to you~
  • you: oh the grease,,,,,
  • but also you: he’s so damn,,,,,attractive,,,,,,,,,,

I have a lot of feelings about this headcanon and I really need to talk to you about this. Okay? Okay, good.

We all know that the metamorphmagus gene is in the Black bloodline, right? I mean after all Tonks was a metamorphmagus and her dad was a muggle, therefore she had to inherit the gene from Andromeda, who’s a Black.

Now, what if DRACO had inherited the gene?



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hey you wanna know how low the bar is for a fat character to be inspiring to a fat kid

one of my faves who made me feel better when i was young was coop from megas xlr and like

dude literally owned the title “lord of the large pants” because he could just dump enormous volumes of hotdogs into his body, dude literally spent an entire episode in search of a particularly sugary flavor of gas station slushie

but he was cool and funny and saved the world on the daily and his friends only judged him *a little* for his wacky food-related behaviors and

the bar is so FUCKING low for what will make you feel better when youre a fat kid that

something like that, a character like him

was good enough

was even exciting, because for once the fat character was not only the lead character, but the fat character was shown to be not contemptible just by virtue of being fat and liking to eat

so believe me when i tell you that fat characters are like, always important to fat kids, and even a little splash of positivity means everything in a world where every other fat character they see is just someone whose habits and/or body shape is just something the other characters begrudgingly tolerate

cooper cooplowski was not a revolutionary fat character who was designed to uplift fat kids specifically

he was fat and kind of a mess and he dressed like guy fieri in a nirvana cover band

but just by virtue of making him pilot an 80 foot tall robot, by having him BY DEFAULT make heroic decisions, even if he didn’t phrase them heroically

they did portray a fat character as having relatable moral convictions, as being someone who inspired awe, as someone whose accomplishments were not tarnished by being fat

and i think more than that, in a really tacky way, they put a lot of effort into making a fat character cool

and thats really special honestly, even if the bar is that low

what i wanna know is when is it gonna happen again

i’ll never understand why midoriya is described as “plain” or “average-looking” or “unattractive”

it’s like

are we even looking at the same person?

his eyes are so passionate

look at him!

he’s so cute like c’mon

he’s so expressive and beautiful and i’m so confused

how anyone can possible think of him as unattractive?

he’s so frigging cool

and this is only a small fraction of all the amazing moments he has

i’m just in awe at how amazing and attractive and enjoyable he is

he’s encouraging and amazingly strong both mentally and physically

how on earth can anyone call him “plain-looking” when he’s so beautiful?

so I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and I looked it up for fun....

In less than an hour, I’ve managed to fall in love with this literal bonehead…

and I haven’t even read the manga yet





mikailamika  asked:

Hi! could you do friends to lovers for jaehyun too? I really like your aus <333 thank youuu :D

a lot of people asked for him ^^ (im also working on his college au~)
find others: ten | sicheng | mark

  • you actually don’t know jaehyun at first,,,,,but he knows you
  • because you work part-time at this restaurant that he and mark always go to and for some reason,,,,even though they’ve been there like 1354484 times you,,,,,never remember his name
  • you remember mark tho,,,,really well????? and every time he comes in you’re like “canada!! whats up?” and jaehyun is like ???? canada??? they have a nickname for you
  • and mark is like yeah, i have a nickname for them too they’re really cool
  • and jaehyun is like ?!??! because,,,,,,,he wants a nickname too what,,,,i mean no he just wonders how mark got to know you so well
  • and mark explains that its just because he comes here with other members too so you see him more and he’s like “jaehyun,,,i can introduce you if you want?”
  • and jaehyun is like,,,,,,,s-sure,,,,not that i wanT To bE TheIR FrIEND or anything,,,
  • and mark is just like mhmm anyway the next time we go ill do it~
  • mark keeps his promise,,,, the next time they stop by the place for some food you’re like grinning when you see mark,,,high fiving him and giving jaehyun a polite nod
  • and marks like “btw this is jaehyun,,,he comes here a lot but you always mix him up with doyoung and taeyong and taeil so remember him ok??” 
  • and you’re like laughing into your hand and you’re like im sorry jaehyun,,,,i have terrible memory i only remember people by their nicknames
  • and jaehyun quietly mumbles that it’s ok,, and mark is just like “hey! you can call him jeffery. that was his name when he was in america” and you’re like cool!!! jeffery and canada then
  • and jaehyun is like !!! they gave me a nickname
  • mark: actually i-
  • jaehyun: sh
  • but,,,from that day on you keep saying jaehyun’s nickname and he even works up the courage to come without mark and you’re like !!!!! hey jeffrey 
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,oh my god they remember me now
  • you guys get closer too because sometimes he’ll come in and you’ll take a little break to sit and talk and jaehyun tells you embarrassing stories about mark that you later tease him for just a bit,,, or you guys talk about the fact that you both like movies and sports and whatnot
  • jaehyun always asks if you’ll give him the recipe to the restaurants spicy pork and you’re like the owner would kill me so,,,,,no
  • and its nice,,,,,because jaehyun finally feels like he’s your friend the way mark was and mark assumes jaehyun wants to be more than just ur friend
  • but jaehyun is like !!! what???? haha no ive never had a crush in my life
  • and mark is like ok,,,,dude,,,,sure
  • until one day jaehyun comes to eat with mark and you don’t greet them with the usual smile and joke,,,to be honest the look on your face is pure exhaustion and before mark can ask jaehyun takes a hold of your wrist as you set down the water for them and asks,,,concern laced in his voice,,,,about whats going on
  • and you look at him,,, try to muster a smile and say that it’s nothing. work and school have just got too much too handle and you’re only running on 2 hours of sleep
  • when you disappear into the kitchen mark looks at jaehyun and is like “,,,,,hey are you listening?” but jaehyun’s eyes are glued to the kitchen door,,,,,,,waiting for you
  • and mark just chuckles to himself and when you come back out he tells you that he can’t order - he needs to get back home really quickly but that jaehyun will stay
  • confused, both you and jaehyun look at him but mark winks at jaehyun before slinging his bag over his shoulder and waving goodbye
  • and you rub your eyes,,,still tired before asking what jaehyun wants and he orders the usual but he’s also like “do you think you can sit down for a bit,,,you look like you might pass out”
  • and you’re like im fine jeffery,,,it’s all good and you even try to laugh but jaehyun can hear the strain in your voice
  • and when you get his order,,, he notices you almost trip and instinctively gets out of his seat and when you’re about to set down the plate,,,you wobble a bit and it almost slips off the tray but jaehyun catches it
  • and you apologize and jaehyun,,,,cant take it 
  • he calls out to the owner that you’re going to go with him outside
  • the owner makes a face but jaehyun says its urgent - he’ll come back and pay for the food and everything so the owner waves their hands and says that it needs to be quick
  • with jaehyuns arm around your waist he helps you outside and tells you to sit down outside the restaurant while he runs to the grocery nearby to get you some drinks and snacks and you whisper that he shouldn’t have done that,,,
  • tell your boss you needed a break you were fine and for the first time you see jaehyun frown,,,like really frown and he opens the drink for you and is like “here. eat this too, and stop talking nonsense. no one is fine on 2 hours of sleep.”
  • you try to protest but jaehyun is like “drink. eat. dont argue.” and you do it,,,,sighing and getting up because you need to get back to work
  • but jaehyun stops you and he’s like “if you need help, you can lean on me. really.”
  • and you’re like “jef- jaehyun?”
  • and he shyly looks away but after chewing his lip he looks back at you,,,,,and your heart does a little spin because ??? was he always this handsome/??
  • and he goes “mark was right, you know i never just wanted to be a friend to you. i want to be,,,,,,something more,,,,,,,so if that’s ok -”
  • swallowing he pulls you into his arms and against your hair whispers “if that’s ok,,,let me take care of you ok?”
  • the moment is,,,,heart touching and you feel your face flush red,,,but being in his arms is so comfortable
  • it feels,,,,right
  • and you hear your boss open the door and yell for you to come back but jaehyun is like “owner!!! id like to order 7 more sets of the lunch special!!”
  • that gets the owner smiling and they’re like ooo coming right up,,,,7???? that’s like more than a hundred dollars-
  • and you pull away and you’re like ??? jaehyun 7 sets??? can you eat that much
  • and he’s like “i can eat a lot more than you expect, also ill share with the other guys, but um -”
  • he looks around and then suddenly pecks your lips and he’s like 
  • “sorry,,,i wanted to do that before your boss makes you go back in”
  • giggling,,,you touch your lips and you’re like it’s ok ,,,,,,,,, jaehyun
  • and he’s like no more jeffery? and you’re im not gonna call my boyfriend a nickname,,,ill call him jaehyun or,,,,,,do you like my baby more??
  • jaehyun blushing: i,,,um,,,oh,,,, 
Things to be excited about in AoCF
  • Moe Harukawa art of all the new characters
  • Potentially modified outfits
  • Newer characters getting development
  • Older characters also getting development
  • Potential new arrangements of the playable characters’ themes by fan circles, like was done with ULiL
  • New stage locations (Before ULiL we had no idea what the Shining Needle Castle looked like from the outside, and we’re definitely getting the dream world now that Doremy’s in)
  • possibly TWO new girls like the whole Tenshi/Iku deal, since this is a partner-based game and it’d make sense for the antagonists to be partners
  • Sumireko getting new development and possible information about her relation to Renko
  • Improval of game mechanics
  • Koishi being cute
  • Seriously, remember the sass levels of IN and SA? Team dialogue is great
  • Characters are not only gonna get development but relationship development and that’s really cool

And of course:

  • With every new character that is added, we get to see even more of Mamizou’s funny animal transformation spell

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Do you do like headcanons or bullet writing stuff? If so, can I request a "Being Thor's daughter and dating Peter would include" it even that as a fic! Because I think Thor's daughter would be cute and fun 😋


Being Thor’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include….

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You know what gets me everytime?

when Allura is giving away the bayards..

and everyone get their own special weapon

and look so cool

and excited

and happy

and then comes Shiro’s turn…

And you knoooooooo he was watching them all get all the weapons and getting all excited himself like “oooh I wonder what my bayard is gonna turn into! the black one must be a very special one! cuz i dun see it here.. Allura is probably saving the best for last!”

and hes standing there like “I’m so ready! give it to me! sooo ready! gimme!

and Allura’s just

Shiro, I’m afraid your bayard was lost with its paladin.

and his face just goes:

and then he like smiles and all “I guess i’ll just have to make do..


  1. first off they’re thirsty
  2. really thirsty
  3. i mean their natural habitat is literally the ocean
  4. which may explain why they constantly spend money on water
  5. always thirsting for kim jongin
  6. they never go without one day without being thirsty
  7. honestly kim jongin is their man and they want you to know that
  8. like jongin?? bACK UP
  9. will fight the good fight for their hot ass man
  10. have a thing for frog jumping cricket laughing kim jongin
  11. they’re so soft omg
  12. they’re so soft and fluffy but did i mention kINKY
  13. they’re really kinky
  14. almost as much as fluffy
  15. probably like the idea of being tied up by a jongin in a tuxedo ??
  16. bdsm is something they probably wanna try ??
  17. their sex better involve roses and petals and candles
  20. but also thirsty for his heart :’)
  21. watching jongin dance practice focus videos like they can’t leave 
  22. they’ve accepted the fact that they can’t leave this crooked fandom
  23. they’ve also accepted the fact they don’t wanna leave
  24. they’re honestly pretty damn chill over everything 
  25. have thought about jongin in a hot pink thong
  26. if they haven’t now they are
  27. don’t deny it
  28. interrogated by friends as to why there’s a sexy man as their background
  29. and will respond with “that’s the father to my children”
  30. laughing at friends’ faces
  31. honestly they’re probably the chillest out of all the stans
  32. but the minority are gonna be stripping naked bc jongin exists
  33. honestly exo stans themselves can become different stans
  34. watching fanwars like “lol no biggie”
  35. supporting other exo stans but don’t give enough fucks to get involved
  36. carefree ngl
  37. highkey stressed about little things
  38. laughs at stupid antis in their inbox
  39. laughs at everything in their inbox
  40. laughs
  41. but have you seen how perverted they are
  42. i mentioned this earlier but dUDE
  43. but not as much as they like laughing at jongin’s face ??
  44. honestly they love jongin derps so much ??
  45. texting a jongin stan takes up a shitload of gbs
  46. honestly jongin stans are:
  47. 50% perverted
  48. 50% laughing lil puppies
  49. honestly if that doesn’t describe them what does
  54. but too busy rolling around on the floor
  55. with their dirty smut collection
  56. smutsmutsmut
  57. really like smut
  58. not as much as ksoo stans but they really like it
  60. hIS LAUGH
  66. but his laugh is literal sunshine
  68. unless you’re like me and a tiny asian girl that hates the sun
  70. if you mention jongin around them be ready for a bunch of
  71. OH
  73. and oh he’s cool
  74. and yeah i’m not hyper at all
  75. and no don’t worry about me okay i just have to breathe in
  76. see? chill.
  77. friend is probably a chanyeol or sehun stan i feel ??
  78. if not it’s probably a tao or yixing stan ??
  79. or an exo stan ??
  81. because they’re:
  82. 1. chill
  83. 2. perverted
  84. 3. fluffy
  86. but mostly the smut
  87. hell i wouldn’t be surprised if they had a jongin smut masterlist link saved
  89. honestly they love being exposed
  90. unless they don’t
  91. always want his dick
  92. every single day
  93. never go a day without wanting that bulge
  94. mm they think about it a lot too
  95. because they read too too much smut
  96. aaaaah they also want jongin’s baby but only show it on the internet
  97. irl they’re like “oh that guy he’s pretty hot”
  99. “dicksdicksdicksdicks”

anonymous asked:

I'm so impressed with how quickly you make posts, you're amazing <3 can I please request some kind of sci-fi au for nct? thanks so much! ^^

thank you!! ive been thinking about sci-fi concepts so here’s some mini aus for nct u!! because i miss ‘em ;;
note: the ideas here are my original creation, but if you would like to use them feel free to do so with proper credit 


  • a bio-hacker, mainly interested in uncovering governmental projects about the rumor of genetically modified human 
  • never leave his house,,,,,,,,like ever
  • trusts only one person, a disgruntled civil servant by the name of doyoung who sometimes leaks him info but is also responsible for keeping taeyong alive,,,,,,,
  • he has a paranoia about eating anything that isn’t,,,,,like,,,,organically grown because he’s sure gmo food brainwashes you
  • doyoung: it’s just an apple taeyong
  • taeyong: an apple,,,,that could kill you
  • doyoung: you need to go outside
  • and,,,,,well taeyong’s hacking all leads up to the faithful day of doyoung hurriedly pushing open his door - ignoring taeyong whose eyes are wide with concern
  • as he lays you down on the sheets of taeyong’s untouched bed (he spends most of his days crouched in front of his laptop - sleeps there too)
  • “who is this??? why are they here???”
  • taeyong begins, doyoung hushes him - then points to the barcode on your neck
  • “they escaped from a lab, i found them wandering in the parking lot and got to them before the guards could.”
  • taeyong’s anxiety flushes from his face, now it’s excitement - curiosity as he looms over you,,,,,looking closely at the barcode 
  • he mumbles the number, runs back to his computer to see if it matches anything in his notes
  • “god, i don’t know if they’re ok,,,,,they just fell asleep while i was getting them back here - what are they,,,,,,”
  • “they’re a human test subject.”
  • taeyong answers, looking at his bright screen that makes doyoung’s eyes water
  • “i cross checked the number with what access i have to a couple database and see - “
  • he taps the portrait of you on the screen, the number written in the profile beside it
  • “human test subject, scheduled for injections on thursday,,,,,goal is to create a body immune to exposure -”
  • doyoung’s jaw drops, “holy hell are they trying to turn a human cold blooded?”
  • taeyong gets up, comes closer to you - still out of it and he apologizes to what seems like the dense air in his small apartment and then touches your skin
  • “cold.”
  • doyoung has to leave, being away from work for too long is suspicious and taeyong is left with you
  • he keeps a distance, but goes to work on opening encrypted files around your case
  • finally, you come to - sitting up slowly to see that you’re not in your lab - you’re in a dark, small room
  • a boy, with combed back green hair sits in the corner beside a flashing screen, when he turns to you his handsome, but deeply dark eyes settle on you
  • “should i call you by your name or by your number?”
  • is his first questions and you blink,,,,for a moment you silently stare back at him
  • “number, don’t remember,,,,,,,,,,my name”
  • tayong feels something surge inside his chest - something he hasn’t felt in a long time,,,,,,an anger,,,,,but not the usual anger,,,,an anger with an almost protective tone underlining it
  • because for the first time he’s not speculating, snooping through things on the internet
  • his proof is right in front of him - your tattered grey hospital gown, your barcode, your voice that shakes in instinctive fear
  • he feels it almost slip from his lips, the number on your skin, but he only pulls up your profile again and shows it t oyou
  • says your name,,,,waits for you to repeat it
  • “remember it, ill make sure you never get called by a number again.”

Taeil [tw: body mod] 

  • an aloof professor of alien languages, he never shows his face and wears a mask that always covers his nose and mouth
  • when he teaches, he has a microphone in the mask which allows him to not take it off
  • everyone loooooooves making rumors up about what he’s hiding - most people think it’s a mutation or some kind of battle scar
  • but taeil never let’s anyone near enough to know
  • and when people, even other professors, ask him about it he just laughs into the microphone and goes “you know, i don’t know. but what i do know is it’s super hard to drink coffee like this.”
  • his office is so messy,,,,and he has all these weird trinkets from alien planets and photos of him in worlds that look nothing like yours
  • and you,,,,,,have a total crush on him
  • but as the university’s nurse you barely ever see him - unless he drops by for pain killers or has to come by to sign a student’s late note
  • but there is something so!!!! fascinating about him, because despite only seeing his eyes
  • which always seem sleepy and non-alert,,,,,,,he’s so freaking smart
  • he speaks so many languages, communicating with alien students and administration - he knows heaps about the history of other planets and has stories from the far end of the galaxy every which way
  • when you see him, you clutch your notepad to your chest - hearts probably floating above your head
  • everyone knows about your crush
  • everyone, but taeil
  • who one afternoon comes strolling into the nurses office
  • you’re the only one on duty and seeing his lean figure, a long jacket thrown over his shoulders making him look more like a scientist than an alien linguist 
  • he walks right up to the bed and you’re about to ask if something is wrong, when he lets out a loud loud cough
  • and falls face first onto the bed
  • you run over, asking in shock if he’s ok - if he can respond
  • turning his head slowly, taeil’s eyes look at you - empty
  • and then he pulls at his mask, slipping it off his face to reveal his nose and mouth
  • perfectly human,,,,perfectly handsome
  • and then he opens his mouth and his tongue - well,,,,tongues,,,,two of them are obviously infected with something
  • you run over to your cupboard, searching for anything that you’ve used for those kind of infections before finding what you need
  • taeil sits up, watching your frantic search 
  • and when you return, pills in your hand and water in another
  • taeil smiles slightly, takes them and then reaches to feel around for his mask
  • before he puts it on, he stops and sees you still looking at him
  • “professor moon, maybe you should cancel your classes? infected tongue,,,,tongues make it hard to speak,,,”
  • he blinks, lazy smile back on his face
  • “you’re right,,,,,,,,,,,,,are you not scared of it?”
  • “y-your ,,, tongues?”
  • he nods, slipping his mask on and you shake your head
  • “no, not at all. is that why you h,,,hide them?”
  • taeil shrugs, standing up as your eyes stay glued to his
  • he reaches out, ruffling your hair as if you’re not an adult too and then he turns to float out of the room
  • a couple of days later you find a note in the office, in the characteristic mindless scribble of taeil’s writing
  • “if you would like, i would love to take you out. ill even take off the mask. (i can’t kiss with it on afterall)”


  • a really cute and excited vet apprentice,,,,,,,,,,,,for dinosaurs !!!!!
  • favorite kinda dino??? brachiosaurus - chill, big, eats like 500 pounds of grass all day - mark always jokes that they’re living THE life
  • “you wanna eat 500 pounds of grass all day?”
  • mark: no. i wanna eat 500 pounds of ice cream though
  • he works under xiumin, whose the only dino-veterinarian in their country and who honestly,,,,,,mark idolizes
  • like most people are frightened to death of dinosaurs if for their huge size or menacing appearance, but xiumin treats them like big puppies
  • petting their noses and giving them nicknames, mark thinks it’s so cool how easily he gets along with arguably,,,,,,,,,the only species of animal capable of putting an end to humans LOL
  • mark’s picked up xiumin’s mannerism though, he has a special cute bond with a baby brachiosaurus who he calls “palm” (because he loves eating palm leaves the most,,,,,,,)
  • all of his friends don’t get how he does his job - he’s like an ant to a dinosaur it could cruSH him
  • mark actively petting an animal that’s like a hundred times his size “they’re,,,,,,,,,,,cute”
  • you’re also an intern, but to a researcher who has been studying dinosaur breeding 
  • so you’re always around xiumin and mark,,,,,and when xiumin and your mentor get into conversations - they go on for a while
  • so you and mark also talk,,,,,,a lot of the time about how hard work is but how fun it is too
  • mark has told you so many dinosaur facts you can’t keep track and you show him photos you’ve taken of other ones that you and your researcher have come across
  • and although you work closely around dinosaurs,,,,,you’ve never touched one
  • which shocks mark when you tell him because he’s like !!! you gotta try it - their skin is so unique and feels really cool
  • and when your mentors are least looking, he sneaks you away and toward the pen where “palm” is
  • his mother is grazing nearby, she’s used to mark so she makes no alerted movements when he approaches
  • palm on the other hand rushes over on his big, stumbly legs and you’re like “he-he’s a baby?!?!?!”
  • because palm is probably over 25 feet
  • “he’s still pretty young, check it out!!” mark grins, reaching out as palm leans his long long neck down - till it’s nearly at his feet and just in reach of mark to pet his nose
  • “c’mon, try it~” you urges
  • and you don’t realize you’re shaking till your taking a step forward and your arm is out
  • and you touch the nose of the gigantic creature, only to jump back behind mark because it’s just - it’s just so massive,,,how isn’t he scared?!?!?
  • mark laughs, but it gets stuck in his throat when he sees xiumin standing in the corner - tapping his foot with an amused look
  • your mentor is there too,,,,,and you and mark freeze up like preschoolers caught red handed from stealing cookies at lunch
  • “now what do we have here?”
  • xiumin asks, but there’s playfulness in his tone - your mentor on the other hand is wagging you over with a finger
  • “you can’t fool around when we’re here to do research-”
  • he starts, but xiumin gives him a good clap on the back “let the kids go on a date, everyone knows you bring your crush to see dinosaurs!”
  • you and mark both redden at the mention of the word date, but neither of you quite makes a noise to protest the idea
  • a couple of minutes after xiumin distracts your mentor with more conversation, you and mark stand in front of each other avoiding eye contact 
  • “i,,,,,,,are you coming back soon?”
  • he asks, running his hand over the back of his neck, hiding behind the hem of his safari hat - which,,,,,,,,you think is adorable,,,,,,,even though mark’s like it’s part of the uniform here,,,,
  • you nod, but also hesitate before asking “we,,,,,if you want,,,,,,,should go on a d-,,,,date?” you pose it as a question and mark look bright cherry red but agrees quickly
  • “i’d like that!”
  • before you can say anything, palm makes a noise - almost as if to grab your attention away from each other and you and mark both giggle,,,,,,
  • but you leave with your mentor, smiling at the number on the page in your notebook signed mark lee ,,, a mini scribble of a dinosaur with a heart around it too


  • the prince of a small star planet where the species is closely related to humans in appearance
  • minus the silver markings on their face which they are born with (different for the royals - ten’s markings are gold) 
  • and the ability to communicate through touch rather than words
  • so the whole planet,,,,,is pretty quiet 
  • ten ,,,,,,, absolutely hates it - this whole lack of sound, of loud and colorful voices,,,,,,,,, whenever he has the chance he talks with locals and other royals
  • much to the surprise of others, who reach out on instinct to link hands to transmite words
  • but ten dances around them, his smile big and wide as he asks them how they’re doing outloud
  • and all the replies are hushed, whispered because no one is used to talking anymore
  • you’re visiting the star planet on a student visa,,,,mostly to just take in the beautiful sites
  • and talking,,,through touch has been pretty odd for you - fascinating - but odd,,,,
  • and you’re on a tour of the royal palace - completely unaware of the fact that the prince is there too
  • ten’s just managed to get out of some boring, routine meeting and that’s when he hears it - a voice
  • you accidentally mumble something to yourself about forgetting your hotel key
  • and ten - seeing you, alone in the grand ballroom, no markings on your face realizes quiclky that you’re human
  • and he’s before you in a matter of seconds, shocking you and making you take a step back
  • as he pulls his arm out to shake yours and smile
  • his dark eyes bore into yours as he introduces himself through touch, but just from the gold accents on his cheekbones and nose you can tell he’s,,,,royal
  • “i- i - uh-” you start stuttering, clasping your hand over your mouth because right no talking
  • but ten let’s your hand go and beams, “please, go on. i love to speak outloud.”
  • you blink back even more shock, “oh,,,,i just - most others usually prefer talking through touch-”
  • ten waves a hand in front of him, the robe he’s wearing looks expensive and a bit large on him
  • “im different, i miss sound, i miss voices, i always love a chance to talk with someone verbally.”
  • nodding, although you’re not sure why you tell him you’re a student from earth
  • the two of you continue to stroll around the ballroom, ten’s voice is clear and positive the whole time
  • and when you show him that your phone can actually play music outloud without headphones or the need to touch it to hear the sound
  • ten nearly jumps up in joy, saying that he must get a phone like that shipped over from earth
  • it’s enjoyable,,,ten - unlike other royals on star planets who are secretive and traditional,,,,, seems so open - if not for his markings he could fit in on any human college campus
  • he also makes you blush,,,,when he asks if all humans are cute like you, in apperance and in voice
  • after a while, a figure appears in the ballroom - it signals silently to ten who frowns at it
  • “i must go, my parents are looking for me.” he says and the figure raises an eyebrow at the sound of his voice
  • you nod, thanking him for taking the time to talk to you
  • you bow,,,,thinking it’s the only thing to do in a situation with a prince but ten asks you to lift your head
  • and with a cheerful smile goes “tomorrow, are you free? id like to take you out to see the gardens of our palace. i can send someone to pick you up at your hotel it’ll be a,,,,”
  • he leans forward, fingers cascading over your wrist
  • the word transmitted through his touch is; date


  • a pretty normal athlete, with average grades and good friends
  • until one night he wakes up, sweating, feeling woozy after taking a pill that his coach said would help him feel “more energized” for the game,,,,,,
  • at first, he thinks it’s just a side effect of the pill - but then,,,,in the morning at the track meet he’s in,,,,jaehyun runs at a speed he’s never run before
  • and when he looks over at the runner beside him, and thinks “trip”, it happens
  • a struck of coincidence, jaehyun is sure 
  • until,,,,,he does it to every other runner and it happens - they all trip
  • he’s given his medal, everyone cheers for him but jaehyun feels odd,,,,,,
  • he locks eyes with his coach and thinks, “say you’re proud of me”, and the couch grins
  • “im proud of you, jaehyun.”
  • it takes a week or two of tests, small tests and jaehyun realizes that pill gave him the power to control people - to control their actions - to make them do things
  • and when you, his long time best friend and crush, come jogging toward him on the quad
  • jaehyun thinks no - you can’t do anything to them. they trust you. don’t control them
  • but it’s so hard,,,,when he’s looking at you, the person who he finds most beautiful in the world
  • and he could just think, “kiss me” and you would - you would
  • but he forces himself to stop 
  • of course, he can’t hide it for too long. there’s a moment where you and jaehyun are studying and you’re so close your knees are touching and jaehyun sees a classmate of yours approaching
  • the same classmate whose been in love with you for weeks, and jaehyun can sense it - he’s here to pull you away and ask you out
  • and jaehyun feels horrible, but silently thinks “forget about it. turn around and go away.”
  • and the boy does,,,,,,,,you don’t even see him - to absorbed in your notes and jaehyun feels a faint smirk come on, but the guilt washes it away
  • he decides he needs to tell you - to control himself
  • so you come over and he closes the door and sighs “im going to do something, it’s going to be crazy - but it’s going to explain a lot.”
  • you watch him, concerned 
  • “walk toward me.” he says and you do, but jaehyun flashes the word stop in his mind and it’s like your limbs are frozen in place
  • “wh-what’s going on?!?” you panic and jaehyun releases the thought
  • “i controlled you. i made you stop.”
  • jaehyun thinks you might storm out, lash out, but you do none of those things instead your first question is
  • “have you done it to me before, or was this the first time?”
  • “the first time.”
  • you sit down and jaehyun isn’t sure what you’re thinking, he can control your mind but he can’t read your thoughts
  • you ask him more, about when it started and how and jaehyun feels so relieved that he can share it with someone - with you
  • and you trust him, evident in the way you put your hand on his without him willing it
  • and then, when it’s just silent you lean over and press your forehead to his
  • “hey, think of it as a super power. you can mind control people from falling over banana peels or something.”
  • he laughs, but he’s happy to feel you close
  • “ill be here for you. you know i will, ill be here for you always.”
  • and you press your lips against his, unsure at first, but then with a bit of force
  • jaehyun is startled, but kisses back
  • it’s your first kiss, and jaehyun’s power has nothing to do with it. it was your decision. 
  • “just promise you won’t use it on me.” you whisper, “i want all of this o be natural.”
  • jaehyun promises, and he means it, and he’s so happy he forgets he has the power when you crawl into his lap and kiss him again


  • as mentioned, doyoung is a civil servant in the government 
  • technically he’s got a ‘clerical’ position, paperwork and scheduling but he is also a part of a secret faction in the government dedicated to keeping files on government experiments and classified personal
  • that’s how he’s able to leak information to taeyong 
  • other than being rather snappy and strict to people who work with him,,,,doyoung is rather funny, in a sarcastic and dry way that gets him favor with higher-ups
  • he’s never been one to show his true personality around those he works with because he,,,,hates the government
  • you could call him a spy,,,a mole,,,whatever - but he’s only in cahoots with taeyong, hoping that finally they can bring to light the disgusting things the people in power are up to
  • but, on surface level to those his colleagues, he’s the same sweater-vest wearing, tea-without-sugar drinking, handsome in a distant way doyoung
  • is there an affectionate side to him? a need to be close? yes, but it’s hidden under the cover he’s made for himself
  • that is until,,,you’re hired as his helper
  • you’re insanely distracting to doyoung, which annoys him at first because he doesn’t understand why he keeps looking at you - needing to know what you’re up to 
  • maybe it’s because,,,,he’s worried you’ll find out about his secret position, see him slip a file into his bag or whatever
  • but no,,,,,that isn’t it,,,,,,you trust him wholeheartedly - he can see that in the way your eyes gleam pure up at him
  • no, it’s something else
  • “you think they’re cute right? the whole office does.”
  • someone says at lunch and doyoung feels a shiver run down his spine,,,,,,that’s it - he’s distracted because you’re - ,,,,,, cute?
  • it’s a theory, that proves to be true because suddenly doyoung is hyper aware of how sweet johnny from IT is to you. how interns haechan and renjun are always helping you carry stacks of paper - or whispering jokes to you during break
  • he’s also aware of how long it’s been since,,,,he’s liked someone. all of it made worse by how much you seem to look up to him, adore him,,,,
  • one afternoon doyoung is sent to retrieve a package from the classified files room. when he comes upstairs carrying the box his face is twisted
  • the box belongs to a case on botched laser testing - most of the victims, young undocumented children
  • he’s thinking to himself a mile a minute about how cruel the government is, how he should share this with taeyong when he can
  • when he hears your voice
  • “what is that? should i help you carry it?”
  • doyoung’s eyes turn wide, he looks up and you’re at the end of the hall 
  • “oh, no. it’s nothing.” his voice falters and he’s worried you’ll see through him - see the beads of sweat on his forehead
  • but,,,,as usual,,,,you don’t - you smile at him and it makes doyoung feel like his heart is being ripped
  • “mr. kim,,,” you never call him doyoung, no one but taeyong and the higher ups do, but he sort of wishes you would
  • “the government is looking out for us, right? they don’t,,,,,,hurt others to do it,,,,right?”
  • you look at him and doyoung can hear concern ring in your voice
  • he strains a smile,,,,he wants to tell you the truth because,,,,he cares about you wants to initate you into his world - have a chance to be with you
  • but he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • “of course they don’t.”
  • he pauses, clears his throat
  • “from now on, please call me doyoung.”
  • your face brightens and you nod with a blush on your cheeks, doyoung wishes he could save the image of you in his memory forever 
  • what you don’t know,,,,won’t hurt you 
  • the youngest of six brothers so he’s not even close to in the running for the throne
  • of course the order doesn’t entirely matter, he could prove himself and fight his way to the throne if he wanted to but he really doesn’t see the point. 
  • he enjoys a quiet way of life
  • he barely spends any time in the kingdom, he’s always exploring, going and adventuring across the world. 
  • tends to have an entourage of other noblemen’s sons 
  • his usual companions are Jun and Mingyu 
  • the three of them are among the youngest in their families and tend to have the freedom to run around and do what they want
  • Wonwoo spends a lot of his time in the libraries of the other countries and lands he goes to, interested in learning about their cultures and histories 
  • he’s a bit of a history nerd
  • but also a literature nerd
  • the type to learn languages really easily so he knows close to 10 now. 

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Super sons Annual #1

finally got time to read it!!! surprise its ABOUT THE SUPER PETS


you guys batcow and krypto are so cute wth

krypto asking for his bat-friend :>


they’re so cute ;w; *sob*

my skin is cleared my crops are wattered, damian making fun of jon is absolute best



when is damian gonna give him a hi five plz

krypto and titus is just….. so precious


who else think that flexi is just patrick pretending to be a fucking parrot

look at this cute boi

look at titus being cool


he does have cloths underneath i dont get this

look at the end of this comic filled with dogs <3


anonymous asked:

yoonjin are grossly in love , they forgot about being subtle , doing in in a concert in front of every one's salad.