So I finally decided to watch Descendants. So my thoughts… 

And beware of any spoilers I guess.

1) Omg Ben is a cutie

2) The Rotten to the Core song is kinda catchy

3) Idk if this is just me, but I think Mal’s, Evie’s, Carlos’s, and Jay’s costumes are a bit overdone

4) Maleficent’s safe is a refrigerator omfg

5) Aww Doug he’s a precious cinnamon roll to me

6) Wait is Carlos playing that Aaron Stone game am I the only one who remembers that show

7) Dude is a super adorable dog aww

8) Okay the magic hair thing is pretty cool

9) *rips part of skirt* “Now I’m cool.” “Like ice." 

10) Love potions always go wrong but no one ever listens 

11) But I’m Bal af 

12) Yes very Bal af 

13) I didn’t know the love potion allowed Ben to sing well but okay I’ll take it 

14) Evie and Doug yeahhh man omg cuteness and also bowties are cool okay

15) "For the first time I understand the difference between pretty and beautiful.” oKAY IM DONE I CANT ANYMORE BAL TRASH YES THATS ME

16) “I can look into your eyes and tell you’re not evil.” YES VERY DONE

17) Aww Mal and her obsession with strawberries


19) I know this doesn’t matter but what year is it all the movies the characters come from take place in different time periods

20) Wait Jane took the wand first what what whattt

21) “Ben makes me really happy.” OMG HELL YEAH HE DOES

22) Everyone’s supposed to be frozen but you can tell the actors are all still slightly moving…

23) A lil’ disappointed about no kiss but that’s okay

24) “You didn’t think that was the end of the story, did you?” ….SEQUEL?!?!

25) Okay Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay all had some character development which was nice I mean Mal with Ben and learning to love and Evie with being both smart and fashionable and Carlos getting to actually know a dog before making any assumptions or listening to what his mom said first and Jay realizing working together pays off in the end yes I love that

26) This movie is amazing af everyone needs to watch pleasee