Some Good Shit

Adblock Plus - Blocks youtube ads in particular and 99-100% of ads on every website you visit (in the 3 years I’ve used it I’ve maybe seen 1 or 2 ads). Does not work on incognito.

F.Lux - Dims your screen at roughly 7 oclock to save you from eyestrain. You can select how dim you want your screen and how quickly you want it to dim.

Malwarebytes - Free anti-virus software that scans your computer and lets you know if there is some bad shit brewing (My friend used it on her computer and found like 600 or some shit and then when my computer when janky it turned out I had like 16 this shit works okay) - A great site for watching cartoons/anime. Adblock works on it (unlike kisscartoon/kissanime jsyk) and though it isn’t very fast to update on new cartoons, 90% of your old cartoon favourites are on there. The 2nd player on the episode page is faster, just sayin’. - Donate dog and cat food at the click of a button no viruses attached. There is also a page that goes along with this for cat litter that you can get through to using either sites listed. - I would tell you how many series gogoanime has in it’s index right now but by the time I finish this sentence it will have already fucktupled in size. Literally if I have not been able to find an anime anywhere else- even the really fucked up ones that I watch with my bff just to see if we can- gogoanime will have it. Also, the players from my experience have all been pretty darn fast compared to other sites. Gogoanime is also compatible with Adblock Plus so you don’t get those annoying pop ups that block the whole screen telling you to shut off Adblock before continung (looking at YOU kissanime) - I’ve only been using it for a few days but this site has a lot of webcomics that are looking for attention and by creating an account you can post your own comics too no matter your skill level. Idk I thought it was cool. - Pretty obvious what this one is - I haven’t had any problems with this site as far as reading the manga goes. Adblock compatible and has a whole lotta manga. Plsu, they update pretty quick! - Reeeeally good for getting anime and manga recommendations. You just have to go through advanced search or find an anime you liked watching and then click ‘recommendations’ from there. All the reviews go really into depth as far as plot, art, and characters go.

And that’s all I got but please for the love of all things holy in this world download Adblock Plus. You may think you don’t need it but you do. No more epilepsy risks from youtube ads, no more ‘hot singles in your area’ ads, no more ‘doctors HATE her’. Only a pure new internet free of ads.