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james and lily are such a beautiful ship. 

we have james, who is confident about himself. he’s loyal to his friends. he broke the law so his friend would not have to be alone during his worst nights every month. he’s really smart; one of the creators of a live map of the castle, that also mentions names of everyone in the school like? wow. but he was also a bully. caused people public humiliation. but he learned and became a better person. he changed because he acknowledged his flaws and understood for himself why what he did was wrong. he was also that dorky guy that doodled his crushes’ name on tests. 

and we have lily. who takes no shit and knows she deserves the best of the best. she’s smart - highly spoken about by professors, yet also gets in trouble. she’s the best friend anyone can have. she stands up for what she believes in. pushed away a toxic person from her life. also, she was able to look past at what a person (james) used to be, and respect the person as who they are now - bc tbh, it’s not easy to change your opinion on someone especially if they used to be a bully.  

they’re both strong and independent people. together, they’re unstoppable :”))