Is drone racing the sport of the future? That’s certainly what the Drone Racing League, and a growing number of followers, sponsors and event holders seem to think. Taking a page from competitive gaming, quadcopter racing pilots are self-organizing into leagues (there’s also the Aerial Sports League, and Drone Worlds among others) and growing their competitions into a full-fledged spectator sport. At least, that’s the hope. - Engadget Deputy Managing Editor, James Trew

Can drone racing become as big as eSports?

RSCU Utility Battery – Portable Power Bank by Bricwave


Battery Capacity : High Power Polymer Battery (10000mAh)
Dimensions : 180 x 53 x 34mm
Weight : 385g
Warranty : 1 year
Working Temperatures : -4F ~ 140F

Price: $199 USD$149 USD

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