It's been almost 4 years since I started my first professional pilot job

For those of you who weren’t around then, I was a flight instructor in Phoenix teaching Chinese airline pilots how to fly from scratch. I did it for a year and a half and by the end I absolutely despised it, but my first group of students were always my favorite. Their names were Zhao Xiaolei, Wang Peng, and Liu Zhiming, or as I knew them by the Americanized names they picked, Benny, Leon, and Jesse. Anyway, I sent an email to all three of them recently just to see how they’re doing. I got this response from the one who spoke the worst English:

this is jesse here ,I am sorry I am late to re back to you, I just read the letter.congratulation for you great job,I thought you would be a controller,anyway,I hope you would be a pilot for  the big airplane and fling to china someday.I am fling B-737NG for two years,and I enjoy it too.So do Benny and leon.But i want get some more holiday to have a rest.We should standby everyday here.
It is a long time I have not write a letter in english,It is not easy for me right now,But I really glad to reserve your Message,please being in touch. Waiting for your message later!

So my first 3 students, the guys who I taught everything, from private, instrument, and commercial multi engine, are now flying next gen 737s for Xiamen Airlines. The knowledge I passed on to them is helping them fly hundreds of people around Asia everyday. That’s kind of cool, man.

Slowly but surely adjusting to post-annotated bibliography life.

Some unexpected things came up while I was doing my last two weeks of reading. On top of getting in 5 all-day research library sessions and reading 30 last items and annotating 22 of them, I went to a friend’s rager of a birthday party that turned out to be surprisingly fun, started to worry seriously about August anxiety, went to a going away party that also turned out to be surprisingly fun but was still a bummer that gave me a lot of feelings, had a small emotional meltdown, got a really bad stye in my left eye that forced me to scale back my reading and actually feel my feelings, had to replace my phone because it stopped working/charging yet again, and then somehow managed to turn my bibliography in on deadline.

I’m grateful that it’s all over and that I got it done, and that the head of my committee seems happy with my work so far. Right after emailed the bibliography in I made a list of stuff to do in August to (hopefully) keep me from thinking too much about things I can’t control. Since then I’ve gotten my car fixed, gone to my cousins’ graduation party, and tried really hard to relax, which is something I have never been good at.

TL:DR I spent the last several months working really hard, I read well over 100 books and articles and produced a 46 page document, all of which is standard graduate level fare but I did it with minimal personal/emotional support because of personal tragedy and unfortunate life circumstances. So if you care for me, tell me that you are proud of me.

The signs stereotypes:Capricorn


“lol be cold”

“k kool libra now move away”


“lol trust me i’m gonna be president of the student council”*gets ignored*

*really becomes president*

*your body goals*

*your hair goals*

*capricorn and scorpio your r/s goals*

“yo scorpio lets take over the whole world”

*becomes the president of some country*

“ok so here’s the plan”

“pisces whats there to look at lets gO”

*aces every test and absents lessons*

“hi virgo can we do the project together”

*raps*“imma born hater”

“life is boring”

“cool story bro”

“nah imma earn money first lol”

“yea i had sex with him.”

It's been a sad week but there are things to be pumped for

– Shady Hawkins is playing tomorrow night and Aye Nako is playing on Friday night, both are playing with tons of great bands, at one of my favorite venues, all of which is stuff that makes this place (you know my home) actually feel like home

– Got time booked at the Sweatshop for tomorrow afternoon with one of my favorite people/drummers in the world

– I got new teas today and I also bought new hoop earrings

– One of my bffs is having a birthday this week so I’m taking them out to celebrate this weekend

– Random “I love you!” texts from other bffs

– I’m working on a post for my ‘profesh’ blog for the first time since like, February

– I have a ton of new followers on here, a couple seem like bots but most of them seem like awesome babes which is nice but baffling?

– I’m thinking about starting a tumblr to go with said 'profesh’ blog, who am I

– I’ve been listening to a lot of Beyoncé because she’s a virgo too and a lot of her songs reflect that


Missy Elliott, “The Rain”

Forgot about Father's Day because I was all caught up in seeing Limp Wrist

Which is probably just as well because I got a lot out of both shows both personally and ‘academically’, more than I would have gotten out of feeling angry about the way my birth father treated me while simultaneously feeling really upset about how much I miss my stepfather and how he used to take really great care of me.

While I was completely uninterested in the bro-stravaganza of openers at tonight’s show, last night In School played with them. It’s one thing to see Limp Wrist; seeing them after watching Martín stand right up front and thrash to your favorite local band of local babes is something entirely different. (In fact, he stood up front for both openers, that might be an obnoxious thing for me to judge but sorry not sorry that sort of keeping-it-real type move counts with me.)

Either way, both nights reminded me exactly why I thought it would be worth it to write a dissertation about them and their articulation and performance of queerness, and what kind of impact it’s had on its audiences. Those audiences include people who are my friends, people I look up to and care about and some of whom escorted me back to the subway after the show; thusly I have many feels and field notes (not something I really normally do as a historian, but that’s cool!?) to process. Faith in genre and its potential to promote positive things is officially revived.

I just bought my ticket for This is Not a Step 2013

Because after spending this day at a wake, the first one I’ve had to go to since my stepfather passed, the first one I’ve had to travel to and be at by myself, for one of the few people who was a real friend to my mother, where every other person told me something to the effect of “You probably don’t remember me but I knew you when you were a baby, I know who you are because you look exactly like your mother”, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t fly to the Bay ‘just’ so I can see a bunch of bands and try to find/make friends who might feel like family one day. Life is too short to not do things because you hate flying and always feel nervous about everything in the whole world.

This one time...

I can hardly remember, I was like… a baby, or something. The “Dark Lord” walks up into my house and stuff. My parents are all “Yo!! WTF Bro!! GFTO!” And he’s all “NAH bruh!! IMA FIRIN MAH LAZR!” and my ‘rents were freaking out. I was all “I’m a baby!" 

So then… my parents were all "HARREH!! We love youuuu!” Then they like… disintegrated or something… I don’t know, but the then Volde-whatever was all “I'ma kill you boy!” but he didn’t… And alls I got was this scar on my forehead. It looks like lightning. Because I’m apparently “That Guy Who Lived” I’m some sort of chosen one… Chicks dig it.

Cool right?