I don’t think anyone understands how excited I am to see Naomi w/ @floozys this Sunday I am SO READY

One of my mom’s old friends is visiting for the night and at first I was nervous about it because I don’t know her well, but omg she is so cool. She’s an artist living in a studio in Toronto with her husband who owns a motorcycle and deals drugs on the low. At dinner she was talking about boycotting corporations who are shitty to the homeless and how there needs to be more resources for homeless youth. She also talked about all the cool places she’s travelled, how she was front row at a Rolling Stones concert, and how she recently worked a gig that was a club for female pilots (first created by Amelia Earhart!), and all about girl power and stuff.

And the coolest part of it all is that she’s friends with Joni Mitchell’s daughter. She saw my tattoo of the lyrics from Woodstock and started telling me about Kilauren and Joni’s life. I was so star struck!

She is such a free spirit and such an exciting character. She is the type of person I want to become.

I feel like I never have a huge desire to travel to big/cool places that other people want to go to.
Like tbh I’d rather visit Canada and Australia
Not Paris and Hawaii
Ya feel?

I love Mei so much? She’s pretty, put together, has great aesthetics, she’s driven, loves the environment and has a blog to bring attention to that love + write about the cool places she travels to, she’s curious and intelligent and professional and caring and I JUST. HHOO MAMA.

I love her. I love her SO MUCH and I don’t know if I have a crush on her or if I aspire to BE her

both maybe.