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Fools // Troye Sivan

Koichi & Pandas
  • COOL☆MUSIC magazine | translated by me
  • Cool:This time coming to shanghai to hold a Live concert, what is it you want to experience or try?
  • Koichi:Panda! I wanna see pandas! Wanna touch pandas! And have a good feel of it! Wanna sleep with pandas! I wish to have a panda at home!
  • Cool:Actually not everywhere in shanghai you get to see pandas, you need to go to a zoo.
  • Koichi:Ah? You can't see pandas on the street?
  • Cool:Of course not! Only the zoo in Shanghai have pandas.
  • Koichi:Oh, Ueno Zoo have pandas too. So now I know, in China we don't see pandas everywhere.
  • Cool:If you wish to get closer to pandas you can go to Sichuan.
  • Koichi:Uhm, Sichuan...
Interview for Cool Music #4, April 2015 ~ part 1 [Ruki]

March 8, 2015 Ruki, being busy with preparations for the jubilee concert 13th Anniversary Live [13:THIRTEEN] in Nippon Budokan, gave an interview to Chinese magazine Cool Music (issue April 2015, № 4), dedicated to Japanese music.

It has been 6 years since our last meeting, and our team has a lot of thoughts about the upcoming interview: we remember theGazettE, as they were before, remember Ruki, and everyone thinks how to learn more and to look more charming this time. But when we find ourselves with Ruki-san face to face, he amazed us with its naturalness and gentleness. A few years later we’ll meet again, and maybe today’s interview one day become a classic.

Thirteenth Anniversary: Then and Now

Cool music: 6 years ago Ruki gave us an interview, it was the 7th anniversary of the GazettE. Today, on the 13th anniversary, you once again give us an interview. What is your mood today?

Ruki: I feel great gratitude for the fact that so you can tell foreign readers about our group.

Cool music: At this time we brought that “six years ago” magazine. Now, looking back to this interview, what do you feel?

Ruki: Mmm, I was very young then (laughs). So much time has passed, it runs so fast.

Cool music: 6 years ago, we asked, what dream do you want to fulfill? You answered: “To be happier than now.” What are your feelings today?

Ruki: I think we can assume that I realized it. I suppose now I’m really happier than at that time … (laughs)

Cool music: What changes have occurred in your mind compared to 6 years earlier?

Ruki: Basically what I do is not changed - I write songs, sing … But, compared with that time, now I make it more carefully. The creative forces grew, the thinking became clearer.

Cool music: We can say that last year was the most intense in terms of live performances since the formation of the group. And what do you think about the past year?

Ruki: Last year, we made three tours for the members of our fan club, focused on the old songs, and besides we performed in live-houses. Thanks to these concerts we rethink the old songs. At the same time, with the exception of the release of new albums, we usually do not organize such long tours.

Cool music: Has present-day lives changed compared to the past ones?

Ruki: Before, we were more impulsive, we did what we wanted. Now we are more cautious.

Cool music: Within two years after the BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY you didn’t have the releases of the new songs. Have there been any changes in terms of creativity after this period? Can you tell us a little bit about the new songs?

Ruki: Now we are just in the process of working on them. I think it will be a lot of songs of different styles, not like before.

Cool music: In each new album the GazettE changes the style and clearly expresses the worldview. In what direction the GazettE will move this time?

Ruki: In this, what was not before.

Cool music: This year marks 13 years since the founding of the group; what do you feel about this, 13th, year?

Ruki: Nothing special. Same as about the 10th or 15th. Just we feel appropriate of the meaning which number 13 is endowed, so we arrange a number of activities due to the 13th anniversary.


Creation and performances

Cool music: Ruki-san wrote a lot of songs, and among them there are a lot of songs about love. Tell us, please, what is the process of writing?

Ruki: Usually, the process is always the same: sit down in front of the computer and waiting for inspiration. While the ballads are written better in winter.

Cool music: You write music whenever inspiration come, or do it in a specially scheduled time?

Ruki: I rely on inspiration.

Cool music: In the earliest period of the formation of the band Ruki-san was the drummer. What opportunities you have purchased, switched from drums to vocals?

Ruki: It was a fortuity, I won “drums” in a “rock-paper-scissors.” I liked to sing and then, on the advice of Uruha and other members of the group, I became a singer.

Cool music: And now, you sometimes play the drums?

Ruki: No, I do not play (laughs).

Cool music: Perhaps you and Kai-san communicate a little more about the drums?

Ruki: Well, I did not tell him how to play … * laughs * Let’s leave a guitar to guitarists, but I have the mandatory requirements for the arrangement of the bass and drums.

Cool music: Recently, the GazettE took a part in the fest Loud Park. What are your memories of that event?

Ruki: As the atmosphere differs from the usual, then, I think it was a good experience.

Cool music: What do you think, what benefit receives the band, playing a lot of lives, not only in live-houses, but also on large festivals like LOUD PARK?

Ruki: During such events like a music festival, we have not special occasions to communicate with other groups, so there is no big difference from the usual performances in this meaning. The main difference is in the audience. Here comes a lot of people who like different kinds of music. This is a good opportunity to understand, what we should do to make people have fun.

Cool music: In May this year the GazettE take part in a concert titled Japan Night in Taipei in Taiwan. This is your first appearance in Asia. What do you think about this, what do you expect?

Ruki: We are looking forward to the first performances of our band in Asia.

Cool music: And don’t you think to organize a performance elsewhere in Asia, in addition to Taiwan?

Ruki: We really want. Which city do you recommend in China?

Cool music: Basically, it’s megacities - Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing - the administrative center, and Shanghai - the economic one. The last few years a lot of bands come to perform in Shanghai. This is - a very good place, where a culture of Japanese bands’ concerts can develop.

Ruki: Great! I think we will come.

Cool music: In China, you have a huge mass of fans. They have so many years waiting for you come to China. Seeing how much they are waiting for you, what you want to convey to them?

Ruki: Wait until we come to China, and let everyone lead  friends to a concert!

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David Gilmour Performs “Wish You Were Here”

Interview for Cool Music #4, April 2015 ~ part 2 [Ruki]

Fashion and Aesthetics

Cool music: The Gazette began as a visual-kei band, and still retain the style, what is quite rare. What do you think about the wording “visual-kei”? How do you understand that word?

Ruki: I totally agree with this title, though the situation prevailing today in the Japanese visual-kei, has some special features. Perhaps those who want to engage in visual-kei abroad should be guided by the traditional visual-kei of the past years. Sticking to visual-kei in Japan - is a relatively old idea, and we are close to it. The main thing - do not fall into the shackles of popularity and pay attention to the things that you want to express.

Cool music: Since you are good in design, besides the band, you opened your own brand. It is also very interesting for us. Could you tell us about the main directions of activity of BLACKMORAL?

Ruki: Very often, when you buy something from the merch at concerts or meetings, then you think, “What should I do with this?”. So every time I try to design things that you can use in everyday life, and at the same time to conform to the image of the band, and I also pay attention to practicality.

Cool music: What is the idea of your products?

Ruki: The effective ratio of the price and the quality *laughs*

Cool music: You recently also presented cosmetic brand VITAL MATERIAL.

Ruki: Yes, I always wanted to do it, but I think in BLACKMORAL it can not be done, so I created a new brand.

Cool music: What is the source of your aesthetics and design inspiration?

Ruki: I usually like to watch things with a touch of design, to wait for inspiration, to think how I want to simulate this or that thing. I try not to give in to popular trends, I pay attention to those products that could use our fans.

Cool music: Could you give a few tips to young people,with you own point of view, on what trends they should pay attention to look more attractive?

Ruki: *laughs* Who believe in themselves, those are attractive. You don’t need to follow what someone says but your own idea, and your natural charisma and appeal will necessarily be shown.

Cool music: This time, the new image of the GazettE - black military uniform - just stunning. What is the concept you wanted to express in this image?

Ruki: A long time ago we had the image in white uniform, but now we just wanted to all members of the GazettE were dressed in the same style; it’s just coming to the meaning associated with the number 13.

Cool music:Have you thought about the interrelation of images of visual-kei and modern fashion? How should we consider this interrelation?

Ruki: Outfits in visual-kei are very special and stylish. For example, you can not just buy a t-shirt and immediately put it on, it is necessary to somehow reconstruct it by yourself, and only then to wear. This is the first view associated with visual-kei. In this sense, visual-kei is very original and creative direction of the style of clothing.

Personal research

Life and hobbies

Cool music: What do you do during the holidays, free time?

Ruki: If a lot of time - travel, if a little - finish unfinished work *laughs*.

Cool music: Which of the places you visited, impressed you?

Ruki: Cancun and Thailand. I like to be on the sea, and to sleep on the beach *laughs*.

Cool music: Due to the nature of your work you often have to burn the midnight oil. Could you reveal the secret of how you maintain the state of the throat and overall health?

Ruki: Indeed, it so happens that because of the work I sleep very little, therefore I use essential oils, wellness goods and thus compensate for the lack of sleep.

Cool music: What you are interested in lately?

Ruki: Mmm… I think, where to travel.

Cool music: Do you collect anything?

Ruki: *a long time thinking* Probably T-shirts. The brand does not matter; if I like the shirt, I just buy it. At home I have lots and lots of T-shirts.

Cool music: You listen to some music, except your own? Some performers or bands most often?

Ruki: Usually I do listen to female vocals. For example, at home or in the car the female vocal helps to relax. I like Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, etc. I also listen instrumental music, such as a piano.

Cool music: Your Twitter always is very lively and you also created an account in Instagram. What are your achievements in using Instagram?

Ruki: I saw many people using Instagram and, of course, also created the account. Recently, I do use more Instagram. It’s funny, but if I publish something there as immediately appear “likes”. How is it possible? *laughs*

Cool music:At the end of our interview, please say something to our readers!

Ruki: Maybe in the near future we will organize live in China, I hope to see you then. Please support us!

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