Koichi & Pandas
  • COOL☆MUSIC magazine | translated by me
  • Cool:This time coming to shanghai to hold a Live concert, what is it you want to experience or try?
  • Koichi:Panda! I wanna see pandas! Wanna touch pandas! And have a good feel of it! Wanna sleep with pandas! I wish to have a panda at home!
  • Cool:Actually not everywhere in shanghai you get to see pandas, you need to go to a zoo.
  • Koichi:Ah? You can't see pandas on the street?
  • Cool:Of course not! Only the zoo in Shanghai have pandas.
  • Koichi:Oh, Ueno Zoo have pandas too. So now I know, in China we don't see pandas everywhere.
  • Cool:If you wish to get closer to pandas you can go to Sichuan.
  • Koichi:Uhm, Sichuan...