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Who knew Holster was a toothbrush model OMG!! 

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the fact that yesterday at soundcheck 5sos said that toronto was one of their favourite shows this tour melts my little torontonian heart bc we were one of only two canadian dates this tour and generally don’t get much attention so idk this is pretty fucking rad to me (◡‿◡✿)

the last month or so: hey what is this thing that keeps showing up on my dash?? what is critical role??🤔🤔

tuesday: wow this really looks cool i think i’ll start watching this weekend ☺️☺️☺️

thursday: Shit Goes Down™

me: …..mother. fucker. ☹️😟

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Solas makes mistakes, just like any other person in this world. He is victim to his own desires and sadness and prejudices and opinions. And it is his opinion that this world will never be able to be as t was, because all he HAS seen since he woke and watched from Uthenara is that the world is CONSTANTLY trying to destroy itself. He doesn’t hate the Dalish. It’s just that his pride was wounded deeply, along with his trust, because he helped free his people, put his trust and faith in them, and was disappointed to learn they curse his name and worship the gods who once enslaved them. AGAIN, this is not the Dalish’s fault, please don’t get that wrong. I’m not trying to defend Solas’s actions, but at least help enlighten why?

There was once a balance between magic and the world. Magic was everything. Magic was once as natural as breathing. Now it’s just a fizzling flame, dying out. Spirits once had such a deep connection with the elves, and now the elves fear them, just as bad if not worse than humans. Take Merrill’s clan for example: they shunned her when they learned of her blood magic and her connection with a demon. Spirits they often connect with Fen'Harel, the traitor. They’re VERY superstitious.

Basically, I’m saying Solas does care. A lot. About too many things and he doesn’t always process that well. He makes mistakes, and yes, that doesn’t excuse him from what he’s done, but I feel like some people make it out like he IS a God and he should know better. No. Lol. He specifically says he is just as mortal as the slaves he freed.

He even tells the Inquisitor that they have shown him value in this world, and Solas DOES see it. He even saw it in Templar Barris, because Barris is a good man, and Solas could see that. Barris knew his job as a Templar was not to abuse mages, but to protect them from outside hate and even from themselves if need be. But one small value does not save a world from what it once lost, you get me? Again. Solas cares deeply. He LOVES deeply. He’s just very good at compartmentalizing what he feels comes first, and loves has very many different forms, and his love for magic, freedom, balance, and the past will override most things. I do see him possibly changing with some strong opposition from those he cares about, but I also don’t see him giving up easily, hence why I think any ending will result in his death.

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Akiyama butler AU where he adopts little Saruhiko! Akiyama is living with Benzai and Fushimi is shy but Benzai makes his best effort ^^!

Wait, is this now the ‘Fushimi has two daddies’ AU XD I’m assuming we’re going off this ask, say Akiyama ends up adopting tiny Saru somehow, like he calls child services on Kisa and Niki because they’re horrible and then adopts their kid or they both get run over by a bus or something. Anyway, since Akiyama’s the only one little Fushimi actually trusts he ends up taking the kid home at least temporarily because he can’t let Fushimi just be taken to some orphanage or given to relative, Fushimi’s still a shy and timid kid and he doesn’t warm up to people easily because he doesn’t really trust that they won’t be horrible to him. The only slight wrinkle in Akiyama’s ‘adopt tiny Fushimi’ plan is that he doesn’t live alone because he’s basically life partners with Benzai and so he has to convince Benzai first. Benzai probably gives in decently quickly, he knows Akiyama wouldn’t be asking if he wasn’t truly concerned for the kid’s safety and besides, Akiyama’s probably been coming home from his butler gig for the last couple years or so filled with righteous anger at the terrible piece of shit parents who are neglecting their adorable tiny child.

Fushimi’s a bit more wary though and it makes things a little difficult at first, like Benzai’s not great with kids either so when he tries to introduce himself Fushimi just hides behind Akiyama’s legs and glares. Benzai isn’t entirely certain how one interacts with the small child, he has a little sister but sisters are entirely different from someone else’s child. Imagine him trying to find all these awkward ways to bond except most of the things he thinks of are like going to fancy cafes or running laps or studying law and Fushimi isn’t really into any of those. Finally with no other options Benzai buys Fushimi a giant stuffed cat and takes him to a cat cafe, Fushimi’s not thrilled with all the germ-filled animals trying to rub up against him and he’s slightly allergic anyway, but he gets to see Benzai being a giant dork with the kitties and that actually calms Fushimi down some and endears him more to Benzai, since clearly this guy can’t be that much of a threat. Akiyama is so pleased that his boyfriend and his new child are getting along, like just imagine them all watching TV together on the couch with tiny Fushimi asleep against Akiyama’s knee and Benzai asleep on his shoulder and it’s a nice little family atmosphere.