Today I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to check out Guillermo del Toro’s exhibit “At Home with Monsters.” I love Guillermo del Toro’s films such as Mimic, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Pacific Rim. I’m very excited to see The Shape of Water which I am pretty sure I will love too. I saw the original artwork from The Shape of Water (as seen above) drawn by James Jean. It really is beautiful! The exhibit is really cool. Like del Toro, I love fantasy, beasts, the supernatural and it’s good to know there are other people who share the same passion.

First Kiss

(Based off of this post by @wyattghouleff) // They’re about my age (15/16) in this // Warning for kissing IG

Summary: Richie and Eddie’s first date

WC: A short 969

Eddie shouldn’t be surprised.

As long as they’ve known each other, Richie’s been chaotic. His curls are always unruly. Holes pattern his mud-stained sneakers beneath ripped up old jeans. His elbows and hands and knees are often graced with band-aids for the scrapes he gets falling off his bike or tripping when he’s running. Every other word out of his mouth would make a sailor blush. Richie’s loud and messy and the definition of chaos-

And he loves Pop Rocks.

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cool how patrick skipped like 2 verses in YAM piano live and opted to just sing “and a menace and a menace and a menace and a menace and a menace” for like a solid minute straight at the end there.. but he did say it was his first time playing it live like that/missed all the rehearsal so imma give him a pass.. imma give him a pass……………

gabriel: …so then i saved the president from this planned espionage by the legion, like those cool prewar spy movies!!!

miguela: wait, you saved kimball?! why

gabriel: ..I… I don’t actually know…hm…

[after the 2nd battle]

gabriel: welp! kimballs dead

miguela: yeah, heard a rumor about a pesky courier having a robot throw him off the dam. you wouldnt happen to have anything to do with that, would you

gabriel: :)

miguela: please tell me you took a picture


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74! “You’re a dork, just like your father.” But can it be one parent saying it to their own kid and talking about the other parent? Doesn't have to be but that got into my head and I think it's cute

Similarities in Sight  [ao3]

mostly fluff, all about Nursey and his parents. completely unbeta’d

Derek can’t find his glasses.

He was literally just wearing them, but then he needed to rub a stray eyelash out of his eye, and he knows better than anyone how that was an impossible task to do through one’s glasses without smudging them so he took them off and put them… somewhere. Shit.

“Dammit,” Derek says, sitting up and putting the book he was reading to the side carefully. It’s a hardcover and definitely heavy enough to crack his glasses if he’s not careful.

Everything is fuzzy without his glasses. He’s not like, blind or anything—he can usually read and scroll his phone without his glasses on—it’s when he has to look further that he has problems seeing more than shapes. He’s nearsighted. Or farsighted, whatever. Derek can’t remember which one means he can’t see distances but knowing which it is that isn’t going to help him find his glasses, anyways. From his blurry glance around his room from his spot in the nest of blankets he’s built instead of turning off the air conditioning his moms left on when they left, his glasses aren’t anywhere on his bed that he can see.

Derek groans because he’s gonna have to get up and look for his glasses now and he’s self aware enough to know how clumsy he is when he can see, so he’s really not looking forward to the stubbed toes he’s probably going to get because what is depth perception without glasses or contacts anyways?

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@o-anti-gravity-o: Happy halloween Marini !! I hope you like this Boston disguised as a Japanese ghost, why? because my friend loves Boston and she likes me to dress it like this:3 … so … Boston, could you give a nice words to my friend Helena? ewe


Marini: AAAAAAAAAAA THIS IS SO COOL BOSTON LOOKS COOL LIKE THIS. To be fret was planning to make him as a vampire too BUT He looks like a Male version of Hsien Ko from Darkstalkers so I had to draw him and I LOVE IT SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Also i try to draw Vampire Bendy and Vampire Boris in bat form it didnt turn out too well but there u go. LOL.

Boston: Honestly I can only say one word to this: PERFECTION ;)
(I think the word Perfection is gonna be his catchphrase now. He is a gunslinger afterall) LOL

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One thing that is admirable about you is that you always seem so happy caring and sweet even if you are facing difficulties and all around fun person like Taylor or Ellen or many wealthy celebrities. Like I know you are really going to be someone

this is so random because….I literally got a message from someone about something super cool?? so it’s like you know something…..

i love you so much for saying this  <3 xx

i’m procrastinating looking at old school projects and there’s this monologue project i did my senior year of high school for my theatre class where we had to come up with a character and write a monologue for them about their life and my character was this super rich girl who went to this elite prep school but in her senior year of high school she figured out that her dad was like a mafia boss (which was something everyone SORT of knew but they all kind of kept on the down low) because one of his enemies had him murdered, at which point she was like “okay guess i’m just going to take over the family business” so she was just like… a cool and popular but reserved and intimidating high school senior, but also running her dead father’s blackmarket business 

so what i’m trying to say is that i wrote this months before i ever even heard of the raven cycle, but 17 y/o me was really out there writing monologues about raven girls au fem! declan lynch huh

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Ryan as a priest and Bren as a demon AU?

Oooh this one is so cool I like this idea

  • So Brendon’s a demon and he spends most of his time in Hell but for whatever reason he ends up on Earth and bumps into Ryan like on the street or something and Ryan’s not one of those priests that’s vowed against marriage or anything like that and he thinks Brendon’s pretty cute so they end up exchanging numbers
  • Brendon, however, can tell immediately that Ryan is a priest and he’s sort of nervous to talk to him bc he can feel that Ryan’s pretty damn powerful and has a strong connection to God, and he’s pretty sure that if Ryan knew what Brendon was, he’s be able to hurt Brendon pretty bad
  • But for whatever reason Brendon just can’t get the tall priest out of his head so he texts Ryan all the while wreaking havoc on Earth and snatching souls and shit and they end up going on a date, but as soon as Ryan touches Brendon, Brendon’s skin burns and he’s like “fuck, sorry, I just have like, really sensitive skin and shit and I have a sunburn” but it’s really that Ryan has a cross around his neck and Brendon’s like “holy fuck this is never going to work out he’s gonna accidentally kill me”
  • But STILL Brendon keeps talking to him bc he just can NOT get this fucking boy out of his head even though he knows this just isn’t going to end well
  • Well then Brendon gets orders to corrupt Ryan and steal his soul, and for once he’s not excited to ruin a human. He finds himself wanting to like, protect Ryan and shit, but he gets the absolute hell (excuse the pun) beaten out of him for even thinking of disobeying so he starts trying to work his magic on Ryan
  • Ryan doesn’t drink so Brendon suggests they go to a bar where one of his friends is playing and he’s like “you totally don’t have to drink or anything I just thought you might like the music” but when they get there he’s subtly pushing drinks onto Ryan and trying to seduce him and shit, but right as Ryan’s finally about to give in Brendon just breaks and yanks Ryan out the door and into an alley and tells him what he is
  • And Ryan’s fucking Shook, but he’s also like “you can’t be that bad because you stopped me from drinking and you haven’t hurt me yet, and also you look like shit so I’m p sure you were punished for not hurting me too, Imma keep you safe”
  • And Brendon’s like “omfg you dumbass fucking human, you can’t protect me, I have to run away now or they’ll kill me”
  • But Ryan’s all determined and shit, and he takes Brendon to the church and for some reason it doesn’t hurt Brendon to go inside which is super strange bc usually he can’t even be within in a few miles of a church without feeling like he’s dying
  • And Ryan starts praying and he blesses Brendon and then they kiss and probably have sex in the church bc who doesn’t love that cliche and Ryan vows he’ll never let anyone hurt Brendon so they start dating and being in love
  • And basically they just live on the run from Hell and Brendon constantly feels bad for putting Ryan in this position but Ryan’s like “no way you’re worth it ily” 

Okay I have so much more for this but this thing is so long I”m sorry omg