Absolutely! He has more control over these fits than other Ghost Riders have had. It’s basically just the goodness in him, and his duty to his brother and his family, that gives him the strength to be able to keep the cap on and to keep the monster at bay. Playing both of those sides has really helped create the meat of the matter that makes a really great three-dimensional character. However out of control he is, when he finally does transform, there’s a lot weighing on his mind. He’s trying to make a compromise with the other guy. If he can’t shake his shadow, he’s gotta compromise in this job he’s given himself. This code that he lives by now is that contract that he’s made with himself. (x)

Write everything down about us on a love letter
And throw it into the empty sky
The wind will embrace us


As I was walking to the T this morning, in front of me I see a woman in a Sherlock sweatshirt. I really, REALLY wanted to go up and gush all over her, asked if she was into johnlock, get her tumblr, but I DIDN’T. …one because it was like 8am and two because she was a college student with headphones on and that would have probably freaked her out, but… thanks, Tufts student, for getting me excited and for somehow waking up my muse (which now won’t stop kicking me in the spleen even though I have WORK to do…) because now I wanna write write write wriiiiiiite.

anonymous asked:

Hey, Ice Bag, is your public education system really teaching Willy Shake's work like it's all dramatic and important? If it is, I feel really sorry for you guys.

Going to ignore that this is obviously you, Bill and answer this honestly.

Yeah, every English class you have to read at least one of those plays. Romeo and Juliet and Othello and all that. I got bored one day of trying to figure out the words and looked up a more modern translation and, dude, some of the things this guy wrote about are at the humor level of the dumbest kid in my class. That isn’t saying much.

Zodiac Houses: Aries/Gryffindor

I don’t think they’ve ever stopped moving. Their leg is always bouncing, or they’re always clicking a pen or tapping their fingers on a desk. 

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