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I don't know what these other niggas on, but eh I don't really have an opinion on Rihanna being with a non black guy. I mean for one thing it's not as if I was ever going to date her, so why these niggas pressed like she turned down their engagement offer? That and eh he looks like a cool dude you do you Rih.

also, it’s not like she’s never been with a black man. so the only explanation i can offer for why they’re fucking pissing themselves is because they feel like they can’t control rih. these black patriarchal men don’t like women who in any way defy the black patriarchy and that includes dating non-black men because i guess it means they aren’t acknowledging the supremacy of cishet black men or whatever

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About "Henry Ross" sounding really nice I'm randomly guessing it might have something to do with the fact that the "r" sound is repeated in henRy Ross so it might be alliteration! Pardon me i just learn about cool stuff like that in literature and get excited when I see things it can apply to in real life

Well, alliteration is when multiple words BEGIN with the same letter or sound!  While the term “alliteration” might not quite apply here, it’s certainly a repetition of the sound, so you’re right on the money. :D

I also think it’s probably something to do with the fact that “Henry Ross” has a total of just three syllables, and three tends to be a nice number for names since it makes them simple and pretty easy to recall.  You’ll notice “Joey Drew” has three, as well – many characters in fiction have two or three syllables to their names for the same reason.  More complicated names tend to be harder to recall, especially for folks who might speak a different language as their first.

So this just happened...

Earlier today, before taking a nap, @akaichi texts me and goes “I gotta drop something off. I’ll just leave it in the mailbox.” I’m like ight cool. Knowing our friendship this thing would either be some sort of food item or a troll ass gift. 

Woke up to finding this guy on my porch (Pretty much a troll ass gift, but a great one) 

And now he’s settled close to his KH brethren XD  



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“like a cool substitute teacher” BLESS MARKUS

also bless gregor in general

and i love astra

how does meadshire have a standing in the world? i thought it was just like a shitty amusement park

markus feels a touch flustered its cute

:O ashe uses her cartography skills

i like that deduction gregor did w/ the drawing

bless ashe discovering the world and being fascinated

also i love that pick up line

(also as much as i love thog liking hot chocolate, im just gonna put this here where i asked the third wheel like 2 years ago what drinks the gang liked ^^;)

Soundcloud rap is so good rn its like a cool beat but i dont like how every rapper is just like "my Chest is aching" like thats all the lyrocs are its like "im so fucking crying" but the beats flame

in my onion altho i agree that a lot of kalos characters weren’t really as fleshed out as they could be (and tbf i don’t think this was ONLY the case in gen 6, even gen 5 had some “flat” characters) there were still some really cool concepts like having an e4 member being a member of team flare, az’s entire god damn buck wild backstory, diantha’s convo with lysandre in the cafe that gave us some insight into her ideas of beauty and changing to fit a variety of roles, etc and it could’ve def benefitted from a third installment. but also imo it’s kind of cool that there isn’t a ton of explanation given to their characters bc it leaves a lot of room for interpretation and for people to flesh them out themselves! so it does kind of suck that many people tend to ignore the kalos characters except like.. sycamore and lysandre bc there is some interesting characterization going on there, at least to me

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im a girl and i fell in love with another girl online. i don't know how to describe it, i have so much i want to say. i know a lot about her from what she's told me and what she's told the gc but i want to get to know her one on one. she barely answers pms though and she doesn't want to tell anyone her real name. im so confused, do you have any advice?

respect their limits! it’s understandable that sometimes people do want that privacy, but you can be honest too and say simply (even though that might sound pretty difficult at first!!!) ‘hey! you seem really cool, i’d like to get to know you more!’ or, just strike up conversations on your gc, interests, general information, whatever suits you! <3

lots of luck!!

we at that point in summer here where it’s 60 in the AM and up to 80-90 before noon and it’s like…. cool but what do i wear 

Yooran week extended

Well, at least for me! I wanted to write follow ups to my Yooran week fics that were for @yooranweek

Here is the first one. It’s the follow up for the First Meeting Prompt

Yoousng stood in front of Saeran’s building. It had been weeks since the incident, and he still couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. He knew Saeran had invited him to come back, but had he really meant it? He fidgeted from foot to foot, his hands clutching the strap of his bookbag. He gnawed on his bottom lip and his eyes roamed from the front door, back down the sidewalk towards the bus stop. He sighed and his shoulder slumped. Why was he such a coward? He told himself that Saeran wouldn’t want to see him again, that the kiss was just a joke on him. Why would an amazing and cool guy like Saeran be interested in a kid like Yoosung?

He took a step towards the bus stop when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He stopped, frozen and afraid, the assault jumping to the front of his mind. Someone pressed themselves against him and he felt warm breath on his neck. Then he smelled peppermint and his pulse increased, but in a good way.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Saeran whispered in his ear. “I thought you were coming to see me, although, I’ve never seen someone wait so long before actually ringing the doorbell.” He chuckled. Yoosung blushed, his neck beet red, his body breaking out in goosebumps. Yoosung stepped forward and turned to face the taller man, his amber eyes were lined with kohl again and it made them more intense and intimidating. But there was also humor in them and his smile appeared genuine.

“Hey, I’m sorry, I should have said something when I walked up, but, you looked so cute shuffling back and forth, nibbling your lip.” Saeran said, stepping closer to Yoosung and ran his thumb across Yoosung’s cracked bottom lip. He couldn’t stop looking at Saeran, his breath caught in his throat and he wondered if Saeran was going to kiss him again. He lifted his head higher and parted his lips, anxious and needy.

Saeran stepped away from him and loped up the few steps to the door of his building. He unlocked it and held it open. He gestured with his head. “Come on.” He said, a sly grin on his face. Yoosung was afraid that Saeran knew he had wanted a kiss. He felt silly, but he walked past Saeran into the building.

Before long, they were in Saeran’s cozy apartment.

“So, are you going to talk?” Saeran teased Yoosung, yanking on the bookbag strap and pulling it over his shoulder, setting it by the door with their shoes.

“Oh, sorry, I…I wasn’t sure if you’d be happy to see me.” He kind of whispered.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Saeran asked seriously. He motioned for Yoosung to sit at the table and he slipped into his kitchenette to put water on to heat. He grabbed some tea bags and a couple of cups. He sat next to Yoosung, his gaze intent on his face.

Yoosung shrugged. “I just didn’t know if…you know…you did that easily.”

“Did ‘that’?” Saeran laughed. “You mean do I kiss cute boys and let them walk out of my life forever as a general rule?”

“Something like that.” Yoosung giggled, he was so nervous.

Saeran leaned over, his elbows on his knees and he made sure he captured Yoosung’s eyes. “No Yoosung, I don’t make that kind of thing a habit.”

“Oh.” Yoousng’s blush deepened, and he noticed that there was a flush across Saeran’s nose as well. The kettle whistled and Saeran sighed, getting up to pull it off the stove. He brought it over and poured the steaming hot water into their cups, then put it back on a cold burner.

Saeran sat back down and picked up his cup, blowing on it. “Is that why you came back? You wanted me to do ‘that’ again?” he looked over his cup at Yoousng’s flustered face.

“What? No! I mean, well, I wouldn’t mind, but, that’s…ah…” Saeran’s laugh was deep and throaty.

“Hey, have you eaten yet? Wanna go get something to eat with me?”

“What…what about our tea?” Yoosung asked, then he groaned. What a stupid question. Saeran stood up and pulled Yoosung up with him. He held his hands and didn’t let them go. They were so close, Yoosung felt completely exposed.

“I like you.” Saeran said, Yoosung swallowed and couldn’t help a smile that plastered itself on his face.

“I like you too.” He said, biting his lip once more nervously. Saeran pulled on Yoosung’s chin and his lip plopped out from between his teeth. He leaned in and licked it with the tip of his tongue.

“Ahh…” Yoosung breathed, his eyes clouding over with a feeling he had never known before.

Was this desire? His hands clutched at the hem of Saeran’s shirt and they itched to move it up and touch his skin.

Saeran pressed his lips against Yoosung’s eager mouth. He pulled the blonde against him. He didn’t know what he was doing. He hadn’t meant to kiss him that day either. But as he stood there, watching him fidget, waiting for the bus. His profile radiant in the glow of the streetlamp, his hair like a halo, something in Saeran had snapped and suddenly it was all he’d wanted to do.

Just like now, Yoosung made his blood rush, his head fuzzy, his body tingle. Yoosung was soft and pliant beneath his touch. He swallowed his moans and tasted his tongue. He’d kissed a lot of people, he’d had sex as well, but all were one night stands. He wondered if Yoosung would end up like that as well.

He was so sweet, gentle, and delicious.

They pulled apart and Yoosung released a high-pitched whine from deep in his throat. Saeran smiled, “Maybe we can just stay here and I can have you for dinner.” Saeran teased. Yoosung buried his burning face in Saeran’s chest, reminding Saeran that he had pretty much admitted that he was a virgin the last time he had been in his apartment. Shit, he needed to slow down. He didn’t want Yoosung to feel pressured. He stepped back, trying to stop thinking about having sex with this beautiful boy and keeping his semi-hard cock from getting any harder.

“We should go. Come on.” He pulled on Yoosung and they put their shoes on silently.

Saeran took Yoosung’s hand and held it as they walked down the sidewalk.

“Is this ok?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

Yoosung reddened and nodded, he couldn’t seem to trust his voice, remembering Saeran’s suggestion and the press of his cock against his thigh. He’d wanted to touch it, he’d wanted Saeran to touch him. What was wrong with him? They didn’t even really know each other. But he couldn’t stop thinking about it. The taste of Saeran’s mouth, the sweetness of his most recent candy still on his tongue. He was sure that Saeran had felt the same urgency for him, but, he’d pushed back, moved away. He could feel that Saeran’s hand was rough and calloused, he wondered what it would feel like if he ran it down his naked body. He shuddered at the thought.

“You cold?” Saeran asked. He stopped and took his leather jacket off, placing it around Yoosung’s shoulders before Yoosung could deny he needed it. He then placed his arm around him and held him close before setting off again, a bit slower.

Yoosung couldn’t help but appreciate the gesture and felt special. He leaned against Saeran. People waved to Saeran and said hi, he returned the gestures, but said nothing. He led Yoosung into a noodle shop and he ordered for them, telling Yoosung it was his treat.

“Is this a date?” Yoosung asked.

“Do you want it to be?” Saeran smirked.

Yoosung sighed, placing his fists on the table, “Stop teasing me.” He stated through gritted teeth.

Saeran placed his hands over Yoosung’s fists, using his thumbs to caress the back of his hands. “I’m sorry. I guess that’s just my default setting. I don’t mean to be an ass. I like you Yoosung, and yes, I very much want this to be a date.” He said.

Yoosung looked up, trying to see if Saeran was being sincere or if he was teasing again. He was smiling at him, the smile reaching his eyes and Yoosung could see nothing but the truth in them.

Their dinner arrived and they had to break apart. The server winked at Saeran and frowned at Yoosung.

When she walked away Yoosung said, “I don’t think she likes me.” He said as he picked up his chopsticks.

“Oh, yeah, I think she likes me. I told her I was gay, but I don’t think she believed me.” Saeran stated.

“You’re gay?” Yoosung asked, his noodles half way to his mouth.

“I thought that was obvious!” Saeran grinned. “What about you?” Saeran pointed at Yoosung with his chopsticks, genuinely curious.


“Nobody else here.” Saeran quipped.

Yoosung shrugged again. He mumbled something that was inaudible and Saeran reached across the table to lift his head.

“I didn’t get that.” He smiled at him.

“I said, that until that night, I was pretty sure I was straight, now, bi, maybe? But, I don’t think it really matters.”

“Why not?”

“Because I like you, the fact that you’re a guy didn’t seem to matter. Especially when you kissed me.” Yoosung’s pink cheeks made another appearance. Saeran had to admit that he truly enjoyed that color on Yoosung. He reached over and grasped his free hand. Yoosung met his eyes and their silent exchange was all that was needed.

They had a pleasant conversation, he made Yoosung almost choke on his drink with his stories of his brother.

“You’re joking! You’re kidding, No way! You’re lying!” were Yoosung’s most common responses, to which Saeran replied that he was indeed telling the truth. Yoosung talked about his own family, it was much larger than Saeran’s and he liked to hear about Yoosung’s happy childhood, his amethyst eyes lit up every time he talked about his family’s antics. They seemed so normal. Saeran wondered what that would have been like. He stayed away from any childhood tales himself. It didn’t take long for Yoosung to realize that Saeran was purposefully staying away from that subject and he stopped asking questions.

When they were finished Saeran paid the bill and held his hand out to Yoosung, completely ignoring the server as she threw daggers at Yoosung with her eyes. He couldn’t help but feel pride that Saeran had chosen to spend his time with him. He gazed up at those amber eyes and Saeran took the opportunity to lean in and kiss Yoosung softly. Yoosung’s heart fluttered, butterflies in his stomach, his toes curling and he berated himself for all the cliché feelings that were now descending on him. It was like a fairy tale, and he was afraid it might end all too quickly or tragically.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” Saeran breathed, his own eyes clouding over with desire. “I…I should walk you to the bus stop.” But he didn’t move, unable to take his eyes off Yoosung’s lavender orbs.

“What if I wanted to go back to your place?” Yoosung panted.

“Yoosung, I don’t want to pressure you. I…you’re very special to me, and, I want to do this right. I don’t want you to have any doubts, and, I think you are worth waiting for. I want us to get closer. And…god help me, but, I’d like to have you meet my family.”

Yoosung pushed away from him, excited in a different way. “Really?” his eyes were big and bright, shining with glee.

Saeran laughed and ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah, but, you can’t judge me by my brother ok? And, look, he’s a lot to take, but, my sister-in-law is chill, and I think she’s gonna’ love you.”

“Really?” Yoosung practically sang again. Saeran shook his head at how adorable he looked.

“Come on!” he pulled Yoosung out the door, but he wouldn’t stop pestering him about meeting his family.

“Ok ok, How about next Saturday? Saeyoung said he wanted to grill. Bring your swimsuit, he has a pool. Give me your address and I’ll pick you up, ok?”

Yoosung nodded, already thrilled by the notion of stepping deeper into Saeran’s life.

They made it to the bus stop and made out while they waited for the bus.

“Hey hey hey Saeran! Nice, very nice!” a man shouted at them from across the street. Yoosung buried his face into Saeran’s chest, embarrassed. But Saeran only laughed and shouted back, “You’re just jealous!”

“Yes, yes! I am alone and lonely.” The man clutched at his chest, stumbling theatrically. He waved good naturedly at them and kept walking.

The bus arrived not long after that. Yoosung pulled Saeran down for another kiss before he boarded the bus.

He found a seat and stared out the window, watching Saeran get smaller and smaller until he could see him no more.

He sighed, running his finger across his bottom lip and still feeling the tingle of Saeran’s lips on his.

His phone dinged and he fished it out of his pocket.

Saeran: Miss you already

Yoosung: Then you should have let me stay.

Saeran: Don’t tempt me.

Yoosung giggled.

Yoosung: Can’t wait to see you again.

Saeran: Me too.

Saeran: Hey, I think you’re cute.

Yoosung: Hey, I think you’re hot!

Yoosung delayed hitting the send button, could he be so bold? He closed his eyes and hit the send button, biting his lower lip nervously again.

After a few minutes, his phone dinged again. Saeran had sent him a selfie.

Saeran: It would have been shirtless, but, you’ll have to wait till I get back to my apartment. Unless, you don’t want to see me shirtless.

Yoosung felt as if he was salivating. Of course, he wanted to see Saeran shirtless. Was he really going to send him that kind of selfie? What if he expected Yoosung to send him one too? He was too self-conscious for that. He gnawed on his lip some more before responding.

Yoosung: I’d really like to see that, and more.

He sent it before he could change his mind. He hid his face in his hands, he felt as if he was burning up.

Saeran: I need a selfie of you right now! I bet you’re as red as my hair!

Yoosung squeaked and looked around, no one was paying him any mind. He opened his camera and snapped the picture. Sure enough, he was beet red. He sent it to Saeran.

Saeran: I love that! You’re so fucking cute I want to devour you. Or is it…deflower you????

Saeran: Uh, ignore that last text. I’m such a creep.

Yoosung: So, you don’t want to devour or deflower me? Because I kind of like both of those ideas.

Yoosung couldn’t believe he was flirting this heavily with anyone! How was he going to face Saeran when he saw him again?

Saeran: LOL, Well, now that you say that, I very much want to do both of those, and a lot more! I think I need to stop talking to you now. I’m a lot warmer than I should be. Good night Yoosung. I’ll devour you…I mean…I’ll talk to you later.

Yoosung smiled at the text, wanting more, but knowing that Saeran was probably right. They should stop now.

Yoosung: Good night Saeran. Thank you for dinner. I’ll talk to you tomorrow! But don’t forget that shirtless selfie!

He couldn’t resist the last part. He really did want to see that. He scrolled back up to Saeran’s selfie and stared at him. He was beautiful. His amber eyes, his red thick curly hair, his rosy lips, the eyeliner that was slightly smudged under one eye. Just, beautiful.

As he was staring, another pic came in. Yoosung’s mouth dropped, his eyes widened, and drool dribbled down his chin. Saeran was indeed shirtless, his pants unbuttoned and the trail of fine reddish hair in a trail between the opened zipper. Yoosung felt like he was going to have a heart attack. The look on Saeran’s face was almost innocent and angelic. Damn. Yoosung was in love!

misbehaving demo
infinity crush

spin me ‘round forever baby,
endless summer misbehaving
i wanna be good but you make me crazy
touching my thigh in the backseat baby
remember last december with me
the snow fell down like love around me
and i wanna be cool like ‘oh you don’t phase me’
but i sit in my room thinking about you baby
living in a daydream with you
hazy nights that make me want you,
you know i’d drive out west to see you
sun in my eyes going fast to meet you

you evil little thing you’re so pretty in the light,
my body’s resurrected every time it’s in your sight
sleeping like an angel on the drive to california
and you dont know what you do 
but you do it and you do it and you do it don’t you?
i want eternal twilight in your quiet little room
and i dont know what i do but i’m falling
and i’m falling and i’m falling into you

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) !

Ooh ok, I like this :D

1. I can draw pretty well
2. I think I’m kind of pretty?
3. I’m good at listening to people
4. I’m pretty smart overall
5. I’m a hard worker

I’m just gonna do tags: @destieldunhowell @hamjane @sleepyhowelter @blushinlester @tippy-tappy @citrouillephan @imagining-phantastic-ships @thatfangirlwithoutalife @wholewheathowell @cloudeclaire