I still find it fascinating that I can talk to a person and then they tell me they’re gay and I’m like “cool me too” and the we become friends
And then there are times where I sometimes talk to a straight person and it just gets like extremely uncomfortable

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I don't know what these other niggas on, but eh I don't really have an opinion on Rihanna being with a non black guy. I mean for one thing it's not as if I was ever going to date her, so why these niggas pressed like she turned down their engagement offer? That and eh he looks like a cool dude you do you Rih.

also, it’s not like she’s never been with a black man. so the only explanation i can offer for why they’re fucking pissing themselves is because they feel like they can’t control rih. these black patriarchal men don’t like women who in any way defy the black patriarchy and that includes dating non-black men because i guess it means they aren’t acknowledging the supremacy of cishet black men or whatever

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if u need smth to draw id love to see small kenny (as in kid kenny like cannon show age or smth u get me) in your style? u usually draw him as a teen and idk i think thatd be so cute <3 if not thats cool too just like if u got time and energy at some point in time... anyway stay awesome and have a great day :*

Anon this was a super good suggestion because I do rarely draw younger Kenny, but I wasn’t sure how to portray it in one go so I just. Made a few different kinds of doodles for ya? He’s just smaller and has longer, wilder hair really lol… thank you so much <3

ok but spending an extended amount of time with the family of someone you already know and love is so good bc you get to see how they came by all their little quirks and you can kind of understand why they do the things they do like you can be like ‘oh you always check to be sure the fridge is closed bc your little brother never fully closes it ’ or stuff like that and it’s… so cool it’s like a real life origin story

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Those glasses make you look like The Cool Dad™ in his hipster phase in the 80s. In a good way obviously.

Andy: Why thank you! I like to think I’d rock that Cool Renny Aesthetic™

i got sanitizer in my eye at work today and i kept cleaning just with one eye shut and i thought “hey maybe this looks cool like guts” so i checked with my phone camera and i just looked like a dumbass

anyways i’m off work today was shit.e

the moral of The Witch (2016) is that farm life fucking sucks and cavorting with the devil is way cooler because you get to do cool shit like actually enjoy yourself and levitate

Imagine Remus getting asked out

Request: 11 (“Three years too late.”) + Wolfstar? - anon

A/N: Okay so this request is literally the oldest one I have… like six months it’s been sitting here probably. Mostly because I’m not the biggest Wolfstar shipper but here it is anyway… sorry again

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“Hey Prongs, here comes that Ravenclaw,” Sirius said, nodding to the girl who was approaching confidently, a stack of books under her arm. “The one who was partners with us for the Potions project.”

James looked up from the Charms homework he was pretending to be doing. “Oh, yeah. She was cool. Seemed like she had a bit of a thing for you.”

Sirius grinned. “Doesn’t everyone?”

The girl smiled at the two boys. “Hello, James, Sirius. Is Remus here? I’d like to talk to him.”

They exchanged a glance and smirked. “Yeah,” James said. “He’s over there.” He pointed over his shoulder to the other side of the tree where Remus was sitting, engrossed in a book. As she crossed over to him, James laughed quietly and said, “Apparently not everyone.”

Sirius glared at him and stuck his tongue out, then cocked his head so he could eavesdrop on Remus’s conversation. “Hi, Remus,” the girl said.

He glanced at her and smiled politely. “Hello.”

“I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend,” she said, not bothering to beat around the bush. “If you’re not, would you want to go with me into Hogsmeade?”

Sirius choked a little and coughed. Remus rolled his eyes at his friend and turned back to the Ravenclaw. “Uh, sorry, but I’m already going with someone. We’re dating, actually.”

She stepped back a little and looked down in embarrassment. “Oh! No problem. Yeah. Sorry.” She paused. “Who?”

Sirius jumped up and scrambled over to throw an arm around his boyfriend’s shoulders. “Me.”

She stared at them. “Okay, then. Have a nice time!” With that, she quickly reentered the castle, not looking back.

“Well, that was awkward,” Remus muttered. 

“Yeah. She missed her chance. Three years too late.” Sirius leaned over and kissed him.

“Ah!” James shouted. “My eyes!”

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Request if you can do so; Genji, Reaper + 1 hero of your choice reacting to a literal S/O alien (that can shapeshift to their will I guess)

This request was so unique and fun!


- He is surprised when you first tell him

- But he is nothing if not accepting

- Honestly, he thinks it’s cool

- Shape-shifting alien and cyborg ninja? Talk about the power-couple of coolness

- Likes watching you shift into different forms, it’s mesmerizing


- Is actually a little thankful that you’re not human

- Doesn’t think that you’re as likely to judge him for being entirely human anymore

- He’s right. You’re an alien, I doubt you care about human beauty standards

- Will laugh if you shift to have a couple tentacles to match the smoky tendrils that often come off him

- Doesn’t care that you’re not human


- Is definitely shocked

- Has a million and one questions about your home planet and about your shape-shifting abilities

- You should absolutely shift to be taller than her, she’ll love it

- If you change your appearance when she’s not looking so when she turns around you gave a different face, she’ll give a little scream in surprise before laughing with you at your trick

- Will kiss you when you shift back to the face she associates with you