I’ve been meaning to say thank you so much for the nickname. Oh yeah, glad you like it. It was super easy to come up with. Father Joseph, Father Broseph, Father Bro, Father Brah. Bam! I mean attendance has shot through the roof since you did that.

I hope that ed makes all of my fanfic dreams come true and have aaron and robert be wearing each other’s clothes because they were having sex in an a slightly inappropriate place and needed to get dressed quickly

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When I was veeery little I met this kid in a park I often went to and we played with our nintendo ds, he was adorable and I remember it being the first time i played with multiple ds. He was the brightest person I met and ALWAYS smiled and when he lost at the game he giggled and was like "thats fine i had so much fun!" while other kids my age would've cried instead, I still think about him now and I wonder where he went and if he's living a happy life and if he's still the same

thats such a specific childhood memory but something about it also seems super familiar omg..idk this feeling of meeting someone as a child u cant forget even after so much time has passed and kinda wanting to meet them again just to see what theyre up to but also not /really/ wanting to meet them bc that would kinda destroy the memory

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why do you hate cicero?

first & most importantly, slandered my number one boy, mark antony. thought way too highly of himself, which is an admirable trait in me but not in him, esp because he was old & boring. also got in twitter wars with clodius pulcher. double also talked smack about cleopatra. dude could have lived a lot longer if he’d kept his mouth shut on even one occasion. the only cool thing he did was the catiline conspiracy & even then he was ruining someone else’s fun.

it’s amazing that you can’t go 5 minutes on this planet after saying you enjoy something before someone chimes in with how much they don’t like it like geez can’t we make a collective effort to realize that unless someone specifically asks your opinion, if they say they like something and you don’t, just be quiet about it and let them enjoy it

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I thought I found my Mom, but once she looked through my tumblr and found out I was Jewish she said some really cruel things to me, blocked me and told her friends not to talk to me. I know it shouldn't hurt but it does. I keep crying when I think about it... I'm still me, so can't I still be your child? Can't I still have a family? - a Pacifist Frisk now without a goatmom

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i have a hard time not believing people who hc max as lesbian biphobic because it just seems they just like lesbians more than bisexuals? how do i know their not just another person who thinks bis are not gay enough?

well getting it out of yr head that all lesbians are biphobic would b a start

but also maybe like… listening to them…. bc most of the ppl ik at least who hc max as a lesbian HAVE expressed that theyre cool w/ ppl hcing she’s bi too…. which is… rly not biphobic