sometimes i think about the way Kelley looks at Christen  & ?????

i want to fucking die

guess who’s eyes she was searching for ??? 

for our theatre make up class we basically have to make an oc and like
do make up for them?
and mines this weird steampunky pompous rich dude and like half his face is robot-y because it got blasted tf off and hes just like “WHO ELSE DO YOU KNOW WHO HAS A GOLD PLATED FACE THIS IS SICK”
and everyones like “sir thats fucking gross” and hes just like
“eat my ass charles its my money and i can do what i want”


this was all hand sewn, hand painted, and the wig was done by me and i’m pretty happy with it! (i’m missing gloves until i figure out how to sew them) but i’d say it’s pretty much complete. the pauldron is made out of craft foam!

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Yuri’s phone vibrated beside him, letting a groan escape his lips as the device slowly dragged him out from his light slumber. He picked the phone up turning down the brightness as to not strain his eyes

Received: Fan boy [7:07 am]

Why was he messaging him? And why at such an early hour? It didn’t pass his mind that there was such things as time zones right now, easily convinced the elder just hated him. The Russian unlocked his phone, opening the messages app and reading over the message. It was a stupid question, he would admit, almost going to ask if he was drunk, but decided it would be best not to…

Text: Fan Boy
[7:10 am] The only thoughts we share are that sometimes Viktor is an idiot, I’m pretty sure. I can’t read his mind though.
[7:10 am] Why?

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Unpopular opinion but harry potter jokes and julian are getting a bit old. it was funny the first time, it's tedious now

i gotta say i agree. i feel like, a lot of the time, the “””harry potter references””” (the philosopher’s stone is not a harry potter reference, believe it or not) are making me question whether people actually enjoy julian’s character or do they just see draco. i feel like tom’s acting skills are completely overlooked by the whole Harry Potter Thing, and whilst it’s obvious people recognize him from draco and tom obviously loves harry potter a lot, i just feel like for a lot of people there’s no julian albert, just tom and draco you get me?

a somewhat preemptive Art Summary™️ of 2016 which i am very excited to present!! its hard to believe ive only been doing digital for roughly a year and a quarter for how much i rely on it. 

I guess if i have to say something, its that its a bit discouraging how my anatomy has only barely improved in a year…but my painting/shading technique has come leaps!!