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It sounds like a good idea, that way all (or most) of the asks can get dealt with in one fell swoop!

we currently have upwards of 2000 asks in the inbox right now so that’s probably not gonna happen. also, not all of them are questions, some of them are just like “aaaa you’re the best, marry me” or “have my babies!” or “fuck you for making jokes about my favourite character” or whatevs

So this is Akami from Pretty Faces an animated novel thats currently being worked on by @prettyfacesstoryeverything which is like a thousand people. The idea was originally thought of by @lordessdoodle and the second I found out Akami was a dungeon master this was my first thought.

Price advice

I wanna do pencil sketch commissions, but im not sure how expensive I should make them.. I was thinking about  €5,- / €10,- , which is more expensive than usual, because I do need the money but I really dont want to overprice them… 

Id appreciate feedback abt the price, if it’s too expensive please say so! They’ll look like this (the bust will be half the price of the full body) and there’ll be a second more cartoony style available!  Im willing to make them detailed, these were just boring poses to show what they’d look like.

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Would you ever consider streaming while you write? I know it's not as conventional with writing, but I wanna see your process and talk to you!

Whoa. I’d never considered streaming, and I don’t know the gosh-darn first step to doing it. I have a pretty weak computer (Acer Chromebook), so I’m not even sure if it would work?

What do you guys think out there? It might be useful to my productivity, knowing people are staring at the page with me. If people want it, I’ll look into it.