(´。✪ω✪。`) Jacksepticeye- Pixel art


I’v received soooo many fan art recently! A bunch of them were Pixel art and oh boi. I LOVE pixel art. I can’t do it mahself buuut today i pushed my kyotie patootie face for this one !Took meh all mah morning but i guess it maybe worths the time passed on it ! i had fun!  (⊙ꇴ⊙)


Favorite Poe Party arrivals: H. G. Wells


still making my way through Golion and i want sincline to have that sort of redemption arc where he goes from “mortal enemy” to “weird uncle who hangs awkwardly around the good guys because he’s got nothing better to do (and makes good egg salad)”

obviously the sign of team membership is chibi sticking you with a family honourific, but like every other respectable 12-year-old he’s been taught Stranger Danger and they don’t come stranger than this guy

“Nirvana played a really good set I thought, really loud and lively. I basically stood directly in front (about 1 metre away) of Kurt during the whole gig. In between one of the songs I shouted ‘Kurt! Kurt! Kurt!’ and he came up to me and said 'Yeeaaay??’ and I asked him for a smile for the camera and he said 'Okay’, put both hands in front of his face in a prayer posture, and slowly drew his hands apart revealing his face.” - Rory Wales recalling Nirvana’s Cork, Ireland gig at Sir Henry’s 25 years later [X]

sydney tatinof experience ☆.。.:*

a tldr for anyone who cant be bothered reading everything

  • dan piggybacked phil across the stage, he also dabbed, he also impersonated dat boi
  • phil is extremely soft
  • dan is extremely soft

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jenaimepastoi replied to your post “I don’t read books. I don’t read books and it’s the stupidest thing,…”

Hey I just wanted to say that when you said “being kinda gay and kinda ace and feeling like both but not feeling like I have the right to belong completely in either” my heart did a little skip because that’s exactly how I am and I’ve never been able to put it into words. So thanks.



how is it for u sunshine are you having a good time with it?? do you also do the thing where some days you’re like OOOO YEA TOTES (but not really?) and other days you’re like NOOOO THANKS NEVER (but kinda I guess?). do you do the thing where a really pretty girl walks past and you’re like YOOOOO ???? ACTUALLY nooooo. wait maYBEEEE YOOOOOO and it’s very confusing because half the time you’re like “nah sex just isn’t my thing” and the other half of the time you’re like “mAYBE IT COULD BE FOR THAT ONE GIRL” and then you’re like what even is sexual attraction and then you’re like if I have to ask doesn’t that mean I haven’t felt it and then you’re like BUT WHAT IF IT’S THAT FEELING I GET WHERE I FEEL LIKE I WOULDN’T MIND GETTING A LIL CLOSER and overall are you as confused as me

Tuesday the 23rd - Favorite RF Game

((Ooooooh boy I’m so glad to finally get this posted it took me the whole  night to get done (;w;) haha ))

anyway I’ve only been able to play rune factory 4  ;w; but it’s such  great game even on its own and it’s nice you don’t need to play the other games  in order to enjoy the rest 

since Venti is such a big part of that game I wanted to draw her !  it’s a little different from my normal coloring style how does it look?