“One of the things that’s strange to me is that this doesn’t feel strange. When I first started playing in Paramore in 2007, if you had told me at a certain point it would be Zac and Hayley and I, to try and get there in my head, there’s just no way. Over the last ten years, a lot of things have changed, but it feels like we’ve been in this form of our band for a long time, and it feels so comfortable. We’re still just as broken, but it’s just bizarre how good it feels right now. In the past when things felt good, we would hold onto them so tightly, and we wanted everyone to see and we forced them to see it, but this time, like Hayley and Zac have been saying, it’s cool to not feel like we have to be presentable when we’re broken, just to be ourselves and let people draw whatever conclusion they want.” - Taylor York

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This Ren thing is making me think Knights of Ren n it's kinda making me feel cool about it. Sorta like thinking an nb is a knight

An enby Parent protecting their kid is absolutely a knight.

kard is great for breaking barriers, but their songs all sound the same. each member has great visuals and dancing skills, but their vocals really aren’t the best either. i feel like the only reason they’re so popular is because they’re a co-ed group, and yeah that’s pretty cool,but it feels like a waste to give a group with as much power and potential as them these basic ass songs with basic ass concepts when they could literally change the kpop industry almost single-handedly if they wanted to

ok but in the videos that billie posted you can see tré sitting down, watching the crowd sing at one point and that’s just so cool because it’s like?? the roles are reversed and green day is watching a crowd of 60,000 put on a concert for the band themselves

sounds of silence.

inspired by x (aka, harrys’ need to make sure he hasn’t hurt your feelings)

There are different kinds of silences. Some are comfortable and peaceful, like when you’re sitting in a moving car - the sun is high on the sky, and he turns to look at you with a small smile on his face, his hand already reaching for yours, and his warmth envelops your cool skin, his touch like the rays of sun that filtered fleetingly through the leaves of the trees. 

Other silences are loaded ones, filled with momentum - and they’re not all bad - some are that feeling of almost bursting in to laughter at an inappropriate time, that exact moment when your stomach starts to hurt a bit from trying to keep it all in, and you’re desperately avoiding his eyes because you know… you know that if you so much as glance at his glittering, emerald eyes - you will both have trouble standing from laughing so hard, clinging to each other as the laughter bubbles up in your throats and spills over your lips. 

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What does someone do to befriend you

Theres really not anything you can do to befriend me. Not to be curt but friendship isn’t like an obstacle course or a quest where you gotta fulfill three requirements to attain the prize at the end.

There is no set path for becoming friends with someone and no guarantee a friendship will ever develop. You can send asks, try to start a conversation and sometimes it leads to somethin a lil more but a lot of times it doesnt. 

There are people out there I think are cool and would like to be friends with. I generally feel shy but sometimes I’ll send them an ask or send them a compliment but not because I expect anything from it. But because I care about them and think they’re awesome and wanna show em love n support. Hey if they talk back with me thats awesome but if not well thats okay too. 

I think the mentality of like a step by step process to befriending someone is super harmful to both parties, it creates unfair expectations for both sides that is mostly just gonna lead to hurt feelings. 

Im just a person, most of my friends I met because we maybe complimented one another’s art or shared similar interests or even met in like an rp group. 

showed this iconic screen cap to my mom and asked for her thoughts. she said, “oh! you’ve shown me the red boy before! the other one is a cutie just like him!“ she then went on to say, “hmmm is this what the people on the internet mean when they talk about red and blue gays? because mr red looks highly infatuated with that mr blue.”

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(occasional-wott-bros) Osha: I like that cool butterfly cape thing you have! Wanna play a game with me?

Oh dear, I’m glad you like my cape! And I’m really flattered for the invitation, but I doubt a grown-up like me would be any fun to play with…

I could introduce you my little sister, though! Her name is Leah and she’ll be visiting for a while. She’s in need of someone to play with since I’ve been a bit busy… ;v;  
Leah has a little accent, but hopefully you guys will get along well!


y’aaalll let’s not joke abt seizures that’s not cool, like, at all

and this is like the 500th time i’ve said it but let’s also not joke abt my characters being “crazy/insane/etc” either thanks and voicebanks! 

When you meet a Stucky shipper who still likes and cares about Tony and you just have a good time fangirling over Steve, Tony and Bucky as individuals and politely respects each others ships:

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Once you get this you have to say five thing you like about yourself,publicly.Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers(non negotyable,positivity is cool~💖💖

1) I like being able to be many friends
2) I like that I can draw because it makes me happy but sometimes it gives laziness
3) I like that I am learning English because I do not know much about it
4) I like it myself The chocolate XD
5) and I’m glad to have friends in tumbler who support me and help me sometimes and that’s it :/…

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i’m positive i’m not the first one to think of this, but a “reverse dl-6″ au could be really cool. like, instead dl-6 even happening, greg gets manfred thrown in jail for forging evidence, both in that trial and all his previous ones. and then greg takes in franziska.

franziska of course, would hate him and miles at first. she would be too young to really understand, but she would know that this man took her papa away (and manfred probably told her he was evil too). despite greg’s best efforts, she won’t talk to him for at least a month. it’s miles that gets through to her in the end.

franziska and miles both then get to have a normal, happy childhood, where they’re not constantly driven to be perfect and emotionally (and most likely physically) abused. they’re allowed to be kids. miles grows up and becomes a defense attorney like his dad.

as an adult, franziska comes to see how awful of a man her biological father is and ends up being so grateful she didn’t grow up with him instead. she still chooses to become a prosecutor, but she is committed to finding the truth, upholding justice, and being everything her father was not.

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but what if sam and bucky bang and are best friends and they fall in love and it's not a big thing? like they lie on the couch together and suddenly bucky's like 'hm', sam lifts his head from bucky's shoulder to ask what's wrong and bucky says 'think i'm in love with you' and as response sam just drops a kiss to his shoulder and turns head to the tv again, mumbling 'cool' like it doesn't have to be complicated, not when you already share and trust each other with everything.

i mean like I GUESs…. sounds fake but 

jk i LOVE THIS??? so much!!! like it doesn’t change anything either. They don’t run and put a label on who they are to each other they just BE. This is the B E S T!! the best. 

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shout out to the director, i brought my dog to the moon on my first actual day after getting inoculated cuz i didn't know the rules, and she was totally cool about it? like she still made my dog leave, but she helped me take her back and found someone to watch her.