14 Years Later, Zelda Fans Discover New Way to Kill Wind Waker Boss
If you go down to the woods today, take a bottle of water.

Kalle Demos is the boss of the Forbidden Woods. Normally, you are required to use a combination of the sword and boomerang to defeat it. If you’re fast enough, you can dispose of the boss in one round. But now there’s another quick and easy way to slay the beast.

Fish_waffle65 tried sprinkling some magical forest water on the blighted plant. The result? Instant death. No need to swing your sword!



*Disclaimer: I just started learning about this, so some info may be partly inaccurate

So today in history we were learning about the end of the Qing and the beginning of modern China. In the middle of the slideshow my professor showed a picture of Empress Dowager Cixi (first picture) and immediately I thought of the Earth Queen. So I did some research and here’s what I found. It’s really fascinating, and if it was done on purpose (which I’m pretty sure it was) I think that’s really a neat thing that they did!

Let’s start with appearances. The Earth Queen and Cixi both wear an extravagant headdress, and both have the same two fingers (ring and pinkie) covered with long, jeweled nail ornaments. Their outfits are also similar.

Personality wise, both were considered harsh and manipulative rulers. Cixi refused to sign any reforms with the Western world, and spent some of the navy’s money on her garden, while the Earth Queen spent most of her peoples money on her gardens and for herself too.

Second, Empress Dowager Cixi was the last real ruler of the Qing Dynasty. She was killed by arsenic poisoning. Though the Earth Queen was killed by Zaheer, she was also the last real ruler of the Earth Kingdom.

Cixi ruled until her death 1908, and three years later the Qing Dynasty collapsed. After this, the Chinese Republic was founded. (It looks like some smart people picked up on how this is related to LoK in July!) Though it’s a bit earlier than the roaring twenties Legend of Korra is set in, it’s quite close. Also, after Cixi’s rule, a child (Wu is basically a child) named Zaifeng takes the throne until the dynasty is overthrown.

So basically:

  • Both were harsh rulers, who didn’t do much good for their people
  • Both were murdered
  • Both the last real rulers of their kingdom/dynasty
  • Three years after their deaths their kingdom/dynasty changes dramatically (Earth Kingdom to Earth Empire, Qing to modern China)

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