to followers from my other accounts && new, I’m so grateful to have you following my Ben! I knew that the moment I re-watched Song of the Sea, I wanted to pick up this little grumpy bug. It’s difficult to get child muses out there, but to those that have decided to give him a chance, thank you! I look forward to roleplaying with every single one of you. You’re all amazing. Below is a small list of muses I truly truly enjoy or admire, though being on here or not doesn’t subtract from any of your coolness uvu!


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                               ☆   cuiicatl​  ☆  frcsty​  ☆  nongratta​  ☆  reflexious​  ☆  lxader​  ☆  cosmother
                               ☆     hiinami​    ☆    ofgasmasks​    ☆    offabletown​   ☆   rxane​   ☆   erudiitus
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Zelda Rupee Engagement Ring Box

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things i really need legends of tomorrow to remember and acknowledge and develop on

  • sara lance is bisexual (i know they won’t label her because it’s the same guys who “didn’t want it to be salacious” but like we need a nod at least to her relationship with nyssa after all the stuff nyssa went through regarding sara in s3)
  • sara lance is not just a bruiser/punch-em-up fighter and is smart as all heck and if she could keep up with felicity on team arrow she can sure as hell keep up with ray and stein
  • sara lance has ptsd (which will probably only get worse after the pit)
  • she is the human embodiment of a mother hen combined with the “then i will kill them FOR you” text post pls give me scenes of her looking over the boo boos of her legendary bbs

Ekko preview! 

I will never ever get over the fact Bryke wrote teenage girls as the most terrifying, powerful force in both ATLA/LOK, that they wrote multiple teenage girls as prodigies, that all these young, female characters are wonderfully complex and different and talented, that they were never belittled or made fun of for their gender and age, that the best earthbender in the entire show - entire series - was a tiny twelve year old blind girl, that the scariest villain was a fourteen year old princess, that they wrote the seventeen year old, dark-skinned female Avatar as the most powerful and strong one to date.