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Theory/Headcanon: Both Max and Ered have been going to camp Campbell for several years and because of this Ered as a soft spot for Max. The reason is because back in "Mind Freakers" she seemed to show genuine concern for Max after he chucked up that magic stuff.

Aw, Anon, that’s a super cute idea!

I can just imagine Ered growing to become kind of like an unspoken big-sister figure to Max after spending so many years at that shitty camp together. And in addition to seemingly being the only one concerned for Max, what if she went full protective mode and ordering the other to strict bed-rest until he felt better - bringing him tea and medicine to help with his stomach pains.

I can also see her chewing out Harrison in this scenario; saying if he ever did something like that to Max again she’d take that precious top-hat of his and shove it up his ass. 

- Nah, o final do semestre está bastante tranquilo pra mim. Na verdade minha única chateação é tentar convencer a diretora a permitir uma pequena comemoração de encerramento de atividades no Clube de Artes. Nada muito grande e de preferência apenas para membros e tal. Pode ser um sarau ou apenas uma pequena exposição com os trabalhos do semestre, ainda não sei. - deu de ombros. - O que importa é que esse semestre infernal finalmente está acabando, não é mesmo?!