MariChat May Day Twenty One: Akumatized Marinette

She’s waiting for him to leave so she can purify it.

Akumatized miraculous holders is a cool idea but I personally think it either can’t be done, or that it requires special circumstances.

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You know what would be cool? Well, I’m about a third into the new “Doki Doki Literature Club” video and I began to think:

What if we all wrote poems, fanfiction or not, for Jack or just as a small and fun little thing in the community? Think about it! That would be so much fun! We could write a poem we’re proud of, tag it as “Septicpoem” to share it with others and maybe get some feedback! And, then, later, we could all read one another’s poems and see the talent so many of the Jacksepticeye fans have! It’d be so cool to see all of the styles, symbolism and stories people could portray in such short writings. Or, if this would be your first time writing a poem, it would be fun to see people getting their feet wet with this writing style even if you don’t write!!!

Think about it everyone! I just thought it’d be a cool idea ^^


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What if you had a pen-pal but you never talked to them, what if instead you used disposable cameras to take pictures of your everyday life, cool stuff in your town, your friends and pets, neat things in general and then sent it to that person. They would get the pics developed and send you a camera in return then maybe after a while the pictures would tell your life stories for you.

I’ve been listening to the SU soundtrack and let me tell you that replacing them with the characters of Camp Camp is amazing so here’s a list!! of all the su songs that can somewhat work with camp camp

- Dear Old Dad (Dadvid AU!!! it’s only been like a year or two calm down Max you’re not that old)

- On The Run (two scenarios work. Either Max, Nikki and Neil, Max who is definitely playing the guitar, because I live for music camp Max, or the classic camp kids David and Jasper! On an adventure!)

- Comet (idk David gets an electric guitar and and amp and plays and he’s so into it he doesn’t notice that all the kids came to watch)

- Wailing Stone (If you replace the wailing stone with something else and “Gems” with “kids” it’s basically season 1 David)

- Don’t Cost Nothing + Empire City (More Dadvid!!!)

- I Could Never Be (Ready)  (Dadvid but just imagine it’s that first night going home and Max falls asleep in the car and David carries this small tired boy inside and does that sweet parent shit like tuck him in and kiss his forehead then David just passes out on the couch in this cozy apartment. idk I’ll make an animatic or something after my hiatus so you guys can see what i’m imagining)

Bonus: What’s The Use Of Feeling (Blue)? (I was listening to this and I was kind of going for a scene with our favourite duo, Daniel and Jen, Daniel who’s, after the whole Cult Camp episode, and like doubting Zeemuug for some reason but also moping for a dead friend that would be Jasper’s parallel, and Jen’s just like “pull your shit together and let’s go burn that camp DOWN” idk I thought it’s a really cool idea I like to think about. this is all set in like a church or something)

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I always thought that everyone reincarnates, the show never clearly states that, but given its Buddhist roots and the ending of The Avatar and the Firelord that seems to heavily imply that Toph is a reincarnation of Roku's Earthbending Master, that's what I always thought. Iroh's fate in Legend of Korra seemed to be a take on Buddhist liberation whereby once you achieve enlightenment you no longer reincarnate but become a spirit. Especially since spirits like the Painted Lady used to be human.

imply that Toph is a reincarnation of Roku’s Earthbending Master

Yeah, I think that was more about the overall theme of friendships, and more about the Roku/Sozin Aang/Sozin connection. Cool idea, but I don’t think that’s what the show was getting that. 

Cool idea though.

You are also very correct about Iroh. According to Bryke, people like Iroh and the Painted Lady achieved enlightenment and left their physical bodies behind, and entered the Spirit World prior to dying. 

I know you and your people have already done your podcast, but I would love to hear your feelings about being a DCEU fan and what a negative environment it has become. Coming from the Twilight fandom (please don’t judge me) I never thought I would have to live through this shit again with this amount of hate aimed at a franchise and it’s honestly so tiring being a DCEU fan. Everyday there is something with either something about the actors, stuff going on behind the scenes, and the many negative articles that pop up the minute a DC is coming out (I’m dreading the shit that will come when it’s time for Aquaman)  

It’s honestly to the point where I’m just like, fuck it. DC sucks, they should just reboot it and make it like Marvel because it’s way too fucking much and we as fans deserve better than this shit. And now the WB has made it even worse when they sold out and got the worst person possible to finish Zack’s movie all because they wanted to please Marvel fanboys who still hate they asses instead of sticking with the fans who have stood by them and now even they are pissed off. 

I’ve been really down this week in a lot of directions, so I know how hard it can be to be positive about where we’re at as a fandom, especially now that it feels really futile defending a franchise that doesn’t love us back. At least when the press coverage and the fan hate happened, we could lean into the feeling that our faith was justified and would be rewarded. What Warner Brothers has shown us is that our faith won’t be rewarded. They’ve shown us that they don’t value us and that they are willing to twist this universe into a parody of itself for the approval of people who don’t actually give a shit. All of that is true, and valid, and I think fans should have a moment to sit with it and mourn it if we need to.

But I also want to think about the impact of these films, and how, even incomplete, that impact matters. One of the many impacts of these films had on me was preparing me for difficult times. These films showed me adversity and they showed me people of character dealing with that adversity and surviving it. 

I think, what good is it to see Adams’ Lois Lane, if I can’t be inspired to be honest and fearless? What good is Cavill’s Superman if I can’t be kind in the face of cruelty? Those ideas don’t go anywhere. That’s the coolest thing about narratives, I think, is that they are unimpeachable. Zack got to share a couple of really cool ideas with us, and I think it would be taking those ideas for granted if I didn’t put them to work with how I handle this. 

I think what we can remember most of all, and what gets me through, is that hope isn’t like your car keys. Hope isn’t as simple as looking up in the sky. Hope is sometimes the long game. Maybe this moment is over for now, but this will come back around. We’ve invested in something that I think has real long-term worth and longevity. I think the way people see that worth will wax and wane. It may take a very long time for them to see what a special moment this was, but I think it’s really important that you don’t let anyone tell you that it wasn’t.

More Theory Time!

Mark’s done it again! A new hint pic has dropped!

Source: Mark’s Tumblr

Previous post here.

So again, brightened and with things pointed out:

Let’s talk.

No. 1: Where are we now? Looks like we’re in the same house, but perhaps in the kitchen, or, more specifically, on the stairs leading into the kitchen (Note the banister in the bottom right). Seems that at the bottom of the stairs is a table or a desk, with papers on it and something else that I can’t make out. Why are we seeing this location? Is this going to be something like Clue, with multiple locations and a mystery to solve? (If so, YES PLEASE)

No. 2: “Kill” is back, fainter this time. Noting the security style, some people have theorized that we’re going to get something like a Five Nights At Markiplier’s, which while a cool idea, I don’t think is happening. No, I think this is more likely a hint at Google being involved.

No. 3: “Little Buddy.” This is still puzzling to me. Why name it “Little Buddy”? Who is the buddy?

No. 4: The timestamp. Again, this is happening in real time, so this was the early hours of this morning, the eighth, again at 1 am. Why 1 am? Just for a late hour? Or is this a hint? If so, to what?

I am loving this. Let me know what you guys are thinking! What else have you noticed about this pic, and the others? What about the new facebook blackout? What do you think the letters on instagram mean? And do you want me to put together a cohesive theory? There are so many unanswered questions!

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Au where Micheal gets a squip in order to try and become more than bros with Jeremy, but it ends up driving him to the brink of insanity and the squip completely takes over Micheal's body in this weak state. In order to make it go back to normal micheal, the users original task must be fulfilled (no mtn dews here :U). In the end Jeremy screams out how he just wants the old micheal back and kisses possessed micheal resulting in the squip shutting down but then (pt 1)

Okay, I think this is a really cool idea but i dont think michael would ever take a squip willingly? like. its just not really in his character but I think it could work if michael somehow accidentally took a squip??? (dont ask how just. idk) and at that point because the squips are so persuasive it would be able to convince him that it can help him get with jeremy? and then go on from there? idk but. I really enjoy the ending. 8/10

“You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Kristoff Bjorgman is coming to town”

Happy Halloween!!!

So what if for Halloween the Characters from Frozen dressed up as the characters from the Rankin/Bass animated Christmas special “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”? 

Since Frozen is getting Olaf’s Frozen Adventure soon and it is Halloween, I figured this could be a really cool idea. 

Unfortunatley I couldn’t think of where Olaf would fit, so here is Olaf as Frosty the Snowman:


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You know how Jaco said Bulma should be part of the Galactic Patrol but that never happened? What if Bra joined instead? (Trunks will probably take over Capsule Corp after Bulma and Bra not being a scientist would make her less of a Bulma clone.) Imagine the shock when Bra's fellow Galactic Patrollers find out she's the daughter of the notorious Vegeta.

Aw! That sounds like such a cool idea!

I think it would be great if Bra got her mother’s brains, but being Vegeta’s daughter too, I could totally picture her being badass like her parents and going out there looking for adventure, just like Bulma did at her age as well.

And yes! Those Galactic Patrollers wouldn’t dare to mess with her…

Papa Geets don’t play when it comes to his little girl!

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Impeachment is a cool idea but I think it is naive to think Trump will just of coooourse be impeached. Doing a poor job as president, or being a bad president, is not itself grounds for impeachment.

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The scary thing about those screenshots are the eyes being marked out. Especially the eyes being fully black; making him look more inhuman - KC


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I'm working on a character who can make things come to life by drawing the thing on a surface (notebook, wall, floor, anything). I feel like that makes them a witch, and I want to create a familiar for them. Any ideas for a creature that would complement their powers? I've been playing around with the idea of a sentient notebook and an owl with a built-in sharpener/eraser, but I want to hear another opinion. Thank you! :)

oooh this is a really cool idea! i think the type of familiar real depends on the rest of the world you’ve built.  if the familiar is based on their powers, maybe a drawing tool?  i also like the idea of an animal with a built-in drawing tool!  Either way it sounds really cool! Good luck with your story, keep us updated! ~Lucy

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can i have a headcanon being married to nathan scott but being clay jensen's sister?? also i love your writing!!

Thank you so much!! this is such a cool idea to think about. I think I did it a little different but oh well

Okay well,

  • You’d be older than Clay
  • only by a few years though
  • When he’s a freshman in high school, you’re a junior in college
  • that’s when you met Nathan
  • you started dating Nathan later that year
  • when Nathan makes it into the NBA, he brings up the idea of being married
    • he feels that he wouldn’t of made it without you
    • he asked your parents + clay for permission a year after you started dating
    • all because you tutored him through college
  • he basically proposes to you their on the spot
  • on the couch of your living room that you share together
  • you say yes (who on earth would say no? let me fight them)
  • Clay tells you about this girl named Hannah
  • you met her at Christmas 
  • Clay would always text Nathan for advice
    • who would ask you
    • he figured it would be important to hear from you what flirty jokes worked and which ones didn’t
  • Clay notices changes about Hannah (besides her hair cut)
  • You tell him that it’s important to talk to her and always reassure her that he’s there for her
  • She explains what has been happening in her life 
  • Clay saves her life by being there for her.
  • You text Hannah on a daily basis
  • she calls you when she needs someone to talk to
  • Even Nathan friends talk to her
  • because having friends like Brooke Davis and Haley James is necessary
  • You and Nathan decide to have a wedding in Crestmont with your family and his
  • although Clay isn’t the best man, he is one of the groomsmen
  • Hannah is your maid of honor
  • While you and Nathan dance, Hannah and Clay dance together too.
  • everyone is happy

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tbh that clip wasn't as bad as I had thought, and I LOVED the throwback to s1 when her mother walked in on her and Jonas. Also I really really hope that Jonas will be the last clip considering he was the first person to speak on the show

oh my gosh same! When i saw it was him I laughed so hard in shock, and then I rolled my eyes but then…..i actually liked it?

To me it was more about us getting a chance to see where Eva is at now without giving her an extra clip after having her own season. So I think this was so cleverly done and fair imo. 

I am also excited because we are going to get so many povs this week and I am so sure one of them will also be Jonas’s ahhhhhh

that is actually such a cool idea! omg. I think the last clip will probably be either Sana’s or everyones….but it could still somehow end with a Jonas speech? 

but at the same time I don’t mind how it ends, as long as they are all together. <3