I can’t believe nobody has noticed this unreal easter egg in homestuck

all the first letters of every troll in the story all spell out “Homestuck”
Ho boy! It’s Eridan!

Oh, gee golly! Latula!

Man… Kanaya sure is cool!

Eridan! Again!

Sh! Gamzee is sleeping!


Ur rude! Like Vriska!

Caliborn. Fuck you, he’s a troll now.

K’Andrew Hussie

as much as i despise Vriska there’s one great thing about her and just homestuck in general:

she literally destroys the glasses people are nerds trope

i know at this point it’s pretty much been ripped to shreds because it’s 2016 but back in 2012 or so when i was reading homestuck i was like 

wow, wow look at these glasses kids not being complete computer smart genius nerds or whatever i can relate

like john being bad at coding? that was me

vriska feeling super self important and being an ass? that was me

not me was her being a bitch but honestly i hated her so much but liked her confidence

confident people w/ glasses are great

ofc it’s 2016 and one in every four people have glasses so y’know dime a dozen

but just memories and also appreciation for glasses people i guess? wait that makes me sound narcissistic

okay appreciation for characters with glasses that are confident and ready to live life

honestly homestuck is getting nigh unreadable by this point. it sucks that so many characters are getting their moments in the sun and then the one i care about is just dead and that’s it. i guess he just “deserved” to die and that’s it, huh? no redemption arc for eridan? cool, great.