as much as i despise Vriska there’s one great thing about her and just homestuck in general:

she literally destroys the glasses people are nerds trope

i know at this point it’s pretty much been ripped to shreds because it’s 2016 but back in 2012 or so when i was reading homestuck i was like 

wow, wow look at these glasses kids not being complete computer smart genius nerds or whatever i can relate

like john being bad at coding? that was me

vriska feeling super self important and being an ass? that was me

not me was her being a bitch but honestly i hated her so much but liked her confidence

confident people w/ glasses are great

ofc it’s 2016 and one in every four people have glasses so y’know dime a dozen

but just memories and also appreciation for glasses people i guess? wait that makes me sound narcissistic

okay appreciation for characters with glasses that are confident and ready to live life

angel-jade-draws  asked:

What made you like smol/short Eridan? (I actually like Eridan being small while the others are standing tall after puberty lol)

Hmmm good question! It has to do with a lot of things actually, mostly headcanon related.

Y’see, I kinda headcanon the age-blood hemospectrum stuff, so as you get older, the slower your mature and seadwellers almost stop altogether in their late twenties. 

But during sburb all trolls are still pretty young so they’re roughly equal. But that changes a bit later when the lower bloods start to molt and skyrocket.

The highbloods and seadwellers are left a bit irked at their friends in their late early twenties just managing to gain muscle and height over them. As well as their psychokinetic powers, it seems like an unfair trade off but in reality, they live longer so it kind of evens out. 

I also headcanon the lower on the spectrum, the more probability you have stronger mental powers. Vriska has hers but its manipulation of mind not actual physical lifting of objects. Hence lowerbloods tend to have the more physically demanding jobs.

But anyhoo! When everyone is in their physical young adult stages, the seadwellers are playing catch up in their teens, because of biology and all that. It would make sense for their adolescence to be extended given their entire life expectancy is.

But that’s just one part! (Sorry if I’m rambling at this point I get really excited about seadwellers heehee)

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I’m going through this with all my soul, i hope this helps-
These are general lines for plot and character, for any other details just ask <3
Enjoy the stay!

Eridan and Feferi are childhood friends and very quiet kids - school is almost their only interest - until their older siblings (Cronus for Eridan, Meenah for Feferi) decide to spice up their lives a little and make them join their gangs, T-Sharks and Pink Shell Ladies. With the beginning of the school year and of their new social experience as “cool kids”, Eridan and Feferi end up seeing each other less, especially since there’s no love lost between the two gangs they joined, but try to keep in touch as much as possible anyway.
A new year also means new experiences, and Eridan can’t help being curious about the group of punks (without a name, because they don’t care at all) he happens to see quite often in the corridors or around the halls - especially as concerns the led red/blue eyed one -, but Cronus is determined to keep his younger brother from starting any relationship with said kids in order for his group not to be associated with such kind.
Things change, though, when Cronus and Meenah end up getting in a slightly more serious fight than usual: it turns out there actually is a correlation between T-Sharks and the punks, which consists in them doing all the dirty work the gang of greasers hasn’t the guts or doesn’t want to do by themselves.
When Tavros is sent by Karkat, who knows Sollux from a while, to contact the gang of punks Eridan convinces him to bring him too; that’s how Sollux and him meet - even though they seem to have known each other for a while before, at least by sight, because of the swimming club they both attend.
From that moment on, they’ll have the chance to get to know each other better…if they menage to be left alone by Feferi every now and then, of course.


Thunder Sharks: typical boy gang, black lather jacket, white t-shirt and skinny jeans are their clothing code.
Pink Shell Ladies: a large group of young ladies who share style and attitude, they wear a pink leather jacket with their zodiac sign on the back and a white t-shirt with two pink/blue shells on the chest resembling a mermaid bra.

♈: Aradia is part of the Pink Shell Ladies gang, great friend of Feferi who share with her all Meenah’s secrets. She’s the one who organizes sleepovers and meet up with the rival gang. Ex girlfriend of Sollux she still has a dragon tattoo on her back with their zodiac signs
♉: Tavros is part of the Thunder Sharks, He joined the group trying his best to act cool, actually a peacewalker.
♊: Sollux is part of the punks, video games and horror film addict, secretly makes home-made honey in the backyard of his apartment.
♋: Karkat is part of the Thunder Sharks, the wise friend of the group and also friend with Sollux, doesn’t talk much but when he does he speaks wisdom.
♌: Nepeta is part of the Pink Shell Ladies gang, some sort of a peace walker tries her best to stop the fight between the Pink Shell Ladies and the T-Sharks, secretly believes that Meenah and Cronus had a story.
♍: Kanaya is part of the Pink Shell Ladies gang, born away from the town knows all the best tricks to get out from a fight victorious, collects all kind of pink knives.
♎: Terezi is part of the Pink Shell Ladies gang, she’s the one who designed the t-shirts for the group, with Nepeta tries to balance the relationship between the groups
♏: Vriska is part of the Pink Shell Ladies gang, riot girl and warmonger, her dream is to smash Cronus’ car with a baseball bat; she had a story with Tavros.
♐: Equius is part of the punk, quiet metalhead and biker, owns an harley davidson and cares for it like a children, wise man and peacewalker, he can’t stand Gamzee’s “art”.
♑: Gamzee is part of the punk, misunderstood street artist and some sort of a pusher, smokes all the damn weed he buys before he tries to sell it in the school.
♒: Eridan is part of the T-sharks, childhood friend of Feferi and younger brother of Cronus used to be a total nerd and never wondered about social life, tries his best to act cool but can’t help with going around with a sci-fi book if his bag
♓: Feferi is part of the Pink Shell Ladies, childhood friend of Eridan and younger sister of Meenah, a particular gracious girl with a passion for the sea, her most priority everyday is to take care of her aquarium.

♒: Cronus is actually our Danny Zuko, he’s the only one who wears total-black clothing in the T-Sharks. He has actually a crush on Meenah, but still fights her for supremacy
♓: Meenah is the strongest girl in all the gang, and ever if she is tinier than her little sister Feferi, she knows how to rule the school; always in fight with Cronus and no one knows why.

honestly homestuck is getting nigh unreadable by this point. it sucks that so many characters are getting their moments in the sun and then the one i care about is just dead and that’s it. i guess he just “deserved” to die and that’s it, huh? no redemption arc for eridan? cool, great. 

I can’t believe nobody has noticed this unreal easter egg in homestuck

all the first letters of every troll in the story all spell out “Homestuck”
Ho boy! It’s Eridan!

Oh, gee golly! Latula!

Man… Kanaya sure is cool!

Eridan! Again!

Sh! Gamzee is sleeping!


Ur rude! Like Vriska!

Caliborn. Fuck you, he’s a troll now.

K’Andrew Hussie