pink emojis + mike

(Credit to however that start the thing with emojis)

anonymous asked:

I'm sorta starting to build up my blog, any suggestions or tips for people trying to start up their own? Like whether to post or reblog. (ps. I hope that didn't sound weird and you and your blog are awesome :3)

Hmmm…. Honestly, I just started reblogging a lot of things, fandom accounts I get the most followers I think. Posting helps a lot, especially if it’s fan fiction (especially smut lol) or cool graphics/edits. Also, an organized theme/tagging system is always nice. 

I get asked this a lot, and I really don’t know how I got all my followers so fast. They just found my blog somehow (most likely through tags) and I don’t know, I just sort of did my own thing. 

If you are having fun with your blog, people will come. xoxo