one direction + cities ★ louis + amsterdam

“Amsterdam is famously gezellig, a Dutch quality that translates roughly as convivial or cosy. It’s more easily experienced than defined. There’s a sense of time stopping, an intimacy of the here and now that leaves all your troubles behind, at least until tomorrow. You can get that warm, fuzzy feeling in many situations… cafés practically have gezelligheid (cosiness) on tap, alongside good beer.”

i dig seeing people be critical about things they like. i mean. what’s the point of loving something if you love it unconditionally + see it as perfect?? idolization is so uncomfortable like listen pls dont be afraid to think and analyze and understand content! part of enjoying content is what you bring to it. bring your experiences and interests to the table. comparing, contrasting, and questioning is part of appreciating media. thank u, goodnight.


*uses my turn signal to quickly switch lanes*
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