lax team headcanon...

Where there are actually like seven or eight Chads on the team so they all have to go by their last initial.

There’s actually two Chad Rs, so one of them is called Chad 2.

“Let me introduce you to some of the guys on the team. Here we’ve got Chad B, Chad S, Rick, Chad K, Steve, Reggie, Chad R, Chad W, Chad 2, Bobby, and Chad H.”


“Aw, dude. You JUST missed Chad C!”

“Too bad. He’s a good bro.”

“A king among Chads.”

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anonymous asked:

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2. An embarrassing story.

Literally anything ever that happened over 24 hours ago

5. Something I look for in a partner

Will listen to me ramble about something I love even though they don’t care

8. About someone I think is cute

Dude there are a lot of cute people out there how do you expect me to just talk about one of them?? Like I know this one nerd who like really likes pokemon and they put up with me constantly spewing about AU’s and they like sheepies,  then there is this one with a really nice comic and is just a sweetheart who does his best i love him?? cool dude?? And!! There is another cool nerdo who is writing a story and just also does her best and is really nice and caring and does her best to be there for others and just can I hug all of them and make them feel better and let them know I love them??? please??

Alright time for “Greg the Babysitter”

I really wish they’d update the intro. Maybe just have Peridot out on the beach. Don’t have to change the song.

10 million dollars. Still working the car wash. Greg is one cool dude.

Holy shit a flashback episode. Cool.


Kinda cool Greg and Vidalia were buds. And ha Little Butler callback.

Okay cool so thats why the episode is called Greg the Babysitter. I have a guess how this will end but not saying it yet.

I can’t get over how cute baby Sour Cream is.

Oh jeez Rose. “Did you make him?” ease up a little.

…..Rose is gonna want a baby because of Sour Cream isn’t she?That’s gonna be sad.

Errr I guess Rose hasn’t learned yet that humans can’t do the whole fall from a big height thing. Nice to be reminded she’s still an alien and not that smart regarding human things.

I am so glad I got to see baby Sour Cream after yesterdays episode. And I’m glad the episode didn’t suddenly go dark/sad with motivating Rose to want a baby. I was a little worried that would happen here.

The message of the story is…odd. For me I mean. Even at my age I’m not really a grown up. Mom and Grandma insisted they do almost everything for me. And if I ever tried anything on my own, Grandma would start sobbing saying she’s useless. I want to grow up in that sense but I haven’t had much of a chance. It’s not really something I’m fond of admitting. I try to think I’m kind of grown up with how I think and talk about stuff. But that’s not a lot. I’m actually having trouble putting words to this. I want to have that moment Greg had. But back in my teens no one would hire me. Now I can’t work because of my pain. And I’m still waiting on getting monthly aid.

So hearing the whole “Growing up is something you decide” message doesn’t work 100 percent for someone like me. Daw but I got to see one of my favorite human characters in the show as a baby. That was seriously a cute surprise.


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