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I really hope there's a time line out there where, somehow, I can meet you in person. Honestly, you're so kind and gentle, I'm happy just to send asks! Thanks for existing, man. You're a pretty cool dude. <3

“Aw, thanks, anon. The multiverse is a pretty big place - but even if we never meet, I’m sure you can make some good friends in your own timeline!”

“I mean, if you’re as nice to other people are you are to me, that shouldn’t be a problem, heh.”

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how to shark???

to be a shark u must first live in the ocean and then grow some super cool fins and gills. then just be a super cool dude and love everyone

why does gackt have no intermediate attitude?? it’s either
Mr. Cool Expressionless Dude Who’s Vaguely Annoyed With Everyone
Mr. Nonstop Grinning Who Flops Back & Forth On His Chair To Talk To The People Next To Him


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Art trade for @arrt-jim-lad !!!! WHoo!! First one in a LONG TIME! :D

Papyrus and Jamble having a good time and supporting each other by pointing at each other. HA! Just imagine them saying: “Who’s cool? You’re cool! Yeah we’re cool! Cool dudes!” Jamble was very fun to draw out, I love their sweater! X3

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