Ashley Benson wears a beautiful grey-blue silk dress with lace cut out heels, a leather jacket and a little crossbody bag. She keeps her makeup simple with a slightly shiny nude eyeshadow/creme and black winged liner. (Leaving a Grammy Awards after party, Feb ‘15)

Intentional or not I think the dress and the jacket are a glorious juxtaposition, love it!

Clothing Based On Your Zodiac Sign!!!

Hey guys, I decided to create a zodiac fashion post for you! All of the items that are listed below are from SheInside, a really cool and affordable online shop. They offer a lot of different styles of clothing and also some cool accessories!

Aries: DressTopHoodie
Leo: DressTopHoodie
Sagittarius: DressTopHoodie
Taurus: DressTopHoodie
Virgo: DressTopHoodie
Capricorn: DressTopHoodie
Gemini: DressTopHoodie
Libra: DressTopHoodie
Aquarius: DressTopHoodie
Cancer: DressTopHoodie
Scorpio: DressTopHoodie
Pisces: DressTopHoodie

You can get 40% off your first order and free shipping worldwide when you spend over $30! Happy shopping!