Eräs elämäm_koululainen tuli kassalle ostamaan kaljaa ku se puolikuiskas siinä kassalla mulle että “tuol makeisosastolla on sit muute noit mamuja”. En oikee keksiny että miten tohon pitäisi vastata, muutenku että “siellä niitä aina aika-ajoin on”. Ei ollu vastaus ilmesesti hänen mieleensä, mutta lähti sit kuitenki sen 8-pakkinsa kanssa jatkaan matkaa.


The Final Chapter: The Tutor In The Tussle Preview With John Boyd | Season 12 Ep. 5 | BONES

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1. favorite movie and/or tv show? - the jurassic park/world movies ! or mulan ! :’^) or maybe weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo !!
2. what song is stuck in your head at the moment? - signal by twice 💘
3. disney or marvel? - disney !! ✨
4. do you/did you ever want to have another name? - sometimes tbh maria can get rlly boring bc there arent any fun nicknames that go w my name lol i always wanted the name evelyn akxmncskgns
5. what school subject do you consider yourself best at? - i think art ! my grade in art was the only thing that kept me on the honour roll in high school 😂
6. what hair colors do you want to try out? - a nice pastel rainbow maybe ! or red hair ! tbh i think ive tried most hair colours already rip
7. indie or hip hop music? - i dont frequently listen to either but im gonna say hip hop for this one !
8. magical space princesses or medieval fantasy heroes? - medieval fantasy heroes !! :’^00 bc the space scares me and fantasy heros sound so cool ! (it reminded me of lotr tbh)
9. favorite flower? - the sunflower! its so nice and bright and it makes me feel warm ! :’^) but i think roses would be a close second
10. favorite country and/or city you’ve been to? - ive only been to the philippines and vancouver and i dont even remember anything that happened in vancity 😂 so im gonna say philippines !
11. pastel pink or burgundy? - pastel pink !

my questions !
1. favourite dessert?
2. if u could have any animal as a pet, which one would u want to have?
3. if u could get a moving tattoo (sorta like how the pictures in books/newspapers, etc. in harry potter move),  what would u get?
4. favourite movie genre?
5. favourite type of weather? (sunny, rainy, cloudy + windy, etc)
6. most used app?
7. when u were young, what did u say u wanted to be when u grew up? is the answer still the same now?
8. stars or moon?
9. do u believe in any mythical creatures?
10. what vine always makes u laugh?
11. most said sentence?

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“What I am offering is not a holiday. It is an opportunity. A challenge. You must show me I was correct to bring you here, that you are, as I suspect, special.”


So I bought this kids book The Nowhere Emporium and surprisingly found it a really good read. It had obvious influences from Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, just with slighter darker plot points.

It tells the story of a skilled magician who meets a young boy with magic potential and takes him in on a journey in his time travelling emporium. Long story short, I thought, oh my god, these characters, but billdip.