Eräs elämäm_koululainen tuli kassalle ostamaan kaljaa ku se puolikuiskas siinä kassalla mulle että “tuol makeisosastolla on sit muute noit mamuja”. En oikee keksiny että miten tohon pitäisi vastata, muutenku että “siellä niitä aina aika-ajoin on”. Ei ollu vastaus ilmesesti hänen mieleensä, mutta lähti sit kuitenki sen 8-pakkinsa kanssa jatkaan matkaa.

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Would you mind explaining why you are boycotting the NFL? I'm interested in your stance.

i can’t support an organization that glorifies black men and encourages them to sacrifice their bodies for a game, and then turns right around and crucifies those black men for wanting to be treated like human beings 

long post / discourse

Honestly tho like I feel uncomfortable being aro now like it’s all so far removed and a big fuckn joke that I just feel like I’m a dumbass ¿ it feels like it’s taken as such a joke now bc some insists it’s top Tier q*eer and the others thinks it’s some fuckn joke that people being uncomfortable with romance is some kind of Frat boy douche bag complex

like idk I’m pan and I’m gender-fluid and I’m aro and it’s gotten to the point where I cringe at the term aromantic and that feelsbadman bc like !!! people roll their eyes when it’s on a post with flags and stuff like there’s really a 6000% reason that it’s demonic and the OP who included it with the other flags which is usually just cute pieces of art should be run off of their blog like

it’s as much a part of me as being pan and genderfluid and the entire thing has been so blown out of proportion that I can’t scroll down my feed three posts before I see people arguing over it and like I 100% see what both sides say and both have said some things that are really ://// and I wish i could avoid it

and like I’m not mad at people for posting it and I don’t wanna guilt people for it either I just personally wish I didn’t see it bc it always makes me feel like garbage with my three shitty discoursed identities yknow and like I know I’m gonna lose followers over this and someone is gonna vague abt me being an inclusionist and someone else will vague abt me being an exclusionist but I just wanna go back to not seeing people argue abt identity politics as tho the entire world plays by the Set Rules of a blogging platform in a never ending cycle of disrespecting someone’s personal existence

I’m sorry for the long post but I’ve just been feeling shitty abt myself and I wanted to at least write it out. bc like I’m not Chad from the frat party that doesn’t wanna be burdened with commitment like being in a loving relationship I’m me who feels uncomfortable with being in love and having someone express romantic feelings for me and it’s not a problem its not same-gender attraction it’s just who I am and have always been and I was happy to find a word to describe me

this isn’t the the Worst Thing it’s just my situation and I harbor no ill feelings towards people and I’m not really good at expressing myself but this is me trying

so yeah that’s it. I understand if you wanna block me or unfollow me for what’s above that’s okay that’s fine I just needed to get it off my chest.

if we’re still mutuals I’d really appreciate it if you tagged it not because I disagree with what’s said in the post necessarily but because it’s really really messed with my self image and I’d feel more comfortable if I could simply avoiding it. if you don’t wanna tag that’s 100% fine too I might unfollow you but it’s not a hate unfollow or a bitter unfollow ok ✨💕
you’re free to post what you want and how you want. pls don’t take it as bitter that’s 100% not my intention it’s just my personal situation and I want us all to feel comfortable ok ok I’m gonna go now