(´。✪ω✪。`) Jacksepticeye- Pixel art


I’v received soooo many fan art recently! A bunch of them were Pixel art and oh boi. I LOVE pixel art. I can’t do it mahself buuut today i pushed my kyotie patootie face for this one !Took meh all mah morning but i guess it maybe worths the time passed on it ! i had fun!  (⊙ꇴ⊙)


So now that Cordelia’s maybe going dark, is she getting a new wardrobe to match? Because I’m going to miss the high-waisted pants.
Actually, it does change after tonight’s episode. At first, Ryan was like, “I want her to look like Katherine Hepburn/Carole Lombard” – high-waisted pants, 40s, very light and airy compared to Fiona’s structured black stuff. But when I come home from the hospital in tonight’s episode, notice I’m wearing a black dress. Things start changing. Cordelia’s a different kind of woman now, and she probably can’t see a lot of what she’s wearing so Fiona’s probably handing her the clothes she thinks she should be wearing. It’s a lot more black. I remember I called Ryan because I loved those pants but I was getting tired of them. I wore them e-v-e-r-y day. We’d just change the tops. Jessica made a funny joke once when I walked in the trailer wearing pearls one day and she was like, “Jesus, Barbara Bush.” I can tell you the pearls I wear from now on are black.

“What I am offering is not a holiday. It is an opportunity. A challenge. You must show me I was correct to bring you here, that you are, as I suspect, special.”


So I bought this kids book The Nowhere Emporium and surprisingly found it a really good read. It had obvious influences from Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, just with slighter darker plot points.

It tells the story of a skilled magician who meets a young boy with magic potential and takes him in on a journey in his time travelling emporium. Long story short, I thought, oh my god, these characters, but billdip.