Vapur Foldable Reusable Water Bottle

We all like to take water with us on a hike or when out and about.But what do you do with the bottle when it is empty, you end up carrying it around until you find a rubbish bin. Not any more, with the Vapur Reusable Water Bottle you just fold, roll or flatten it and pop it in a pocket. Ideal for hikers, bikers, campers or everyday use.

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Vagabund Custom BMW R100R

Are you a scrambler lover? Or do you prefercafe racers? Or do you maybe love both? Well, it doesn’t matter anymore because the people from Vagabund created a perfect combination of those two types of motorcycles – The Vagabund BMW R100R. This bike is designed for off-road and adventurous driving, but at the same time, it’s a luxurious all-terrain motorcycle.