Another SU Theory

Right, so I don’t have any way to introduce this, but I haven’t seen any posts on this topic so i thought I’d bring this into light. 
We already know that Lars represents Peridot in the fact that he’s basically a part of the cool kids now (from Sadie’s Song): 

Also that the cool kids represent the crystal gems (Joy Ride).

But there’s actually very little that these characters actually share in general:

  • Jenny and amethyst act similar and have similar lips
  • Sour Cream and Pearl look similar + a vaguely shared interest in electronics ( DJing for Sour Cream and engineering for pearl)
  • Buck and Garnet look similar and act as the “chill mature” person of the group
  • Lars and Peridot have a similar voice and the same immature attitude

 So I’m going to go out on a limb and say these characters represent gems situationally (only sometime), not unconditionally. Lars and the cool kids will have their own unique experiences that may or may not represent the gems in some way because they are their own characters and weren’t created solely for the sake of symbolism or foreshadowing. 

But I was thinking–what other group exists that represents the homeworld gems that includes Lars? The only other almost-group that’s somewhat established (aside from the cool kids) is Lars, Sadie, and Ronaldo. 

Okay, so this got me thinking about each character and their relation to the gem the represent. We already know Lars represents Peridot, but what about Jasper and Lapis?

Looking back at the episode Keep Beach City Weird, we know that Ronaldo knocks Steven out and kidnaps him believing that he’s a sneeple. At the end of this episode he realizes that the evidence for “sneeple” actually leads to gems, suggesting that “sneeple” represent the gems. 

In The Return, Jasper knocks Steven out and kidnaps him, believing he is Rose Quartz–similar to how Ronaldo confused him for sneeple. Actually they both seem almost intrigued by him for that regard. 

Not only this, but Ronaldo sometimes seems to lack solicitude for the sake of research, like in Watermelon Steven:

 I sort of get a similar vibe with Jasper maybe from how she’s willing to take over control of a mission for her own interest. (In Jail Break Peridot mentions how the point of the mission was to check on the cluster, but Jasper orders her to take the ship home after finding “Rose Quartz”.)

Thing is, Ronaldo isn’t very threatening–But these characters, like the cool kids and Lars, are their own characters (like I mentioned at the beginning of this). They represent the gems sometimes in situation or attitude but not entirely so there are still many differences between the two. Not everything Ronaldo does will represent Jasper and what she does. 

I hate to say it but I don’t have as many specific examples that fit for Sadie representing Lapis, but after assuming it for process of elimination it started making more sense to me. 

We’ve never seen Sadie around the cool kids, except for in Joking victim, when she finds out Lars lied to her so he could hang out with them. We also know Lapis hates the crystal gems. 

@glitchsoda also mentioned how it takes a lot to get them both angry, but once they get there, they get really vengeful and man (Sadie in Joking Victim; Lapis in Jail Break). And how Sadie is “trapped” by her mother and gets pushed around a lot. 

There’s also the episode Island Adventure, where Lars and Sadie bond over being stuck on an island, unable to go home. Lars gets frustrated at being unable to get a signal to call for help and throws his cell phone into the ocean. 

So far, Peridot has been unable to get a signal to return home, and her limb enhancers also ended up somewhere in the ocean (more so by force than frustration). 

It wouldn’t surprise me if, after Malachite defuses, Jasper gets away so Crewniverse can pull out more episodes in between major plot points. So during this time there’s a chance that Peridot and Lapis will bond over being unable to go home, like in Island Adventure, and that Peridot will be Lapis’ only connection to the Crystal Gems, like with Sadie, Lars, and the Cool Kids. 

There’s also a chance that Jasper will be super paranoid after defusing from Malachite, kinda like Ronaldo is usually. 

Sadie and Ronaldo are still friends with Steven, though. I don’t really think Lapis or Jasper will join the Crystal gems, but there’s still a chance that that they could be “redeemed” in Steven’s eyes. 


if Jenny = Amethyst, Buck = Garnet, Sour Cream = Pearl

then Lars = Peridot, Ronaldo = Jasper, Sadie = Lapis

This is just my input, though. If anyone has anything to add that would be great. 


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