cool wolves

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You know what would be cool? Omegaverse based on our close and fuzzy cousins, apes. Wolves are cool, but have you ever seen a Silverback Gorilla? He will defend his troop to the bitter end, a pillar of strength. Way beefier than a wolf. Plus, Apes also have big fangs if you're into that. And if you like the hunting thing, you're in luck, Chimps go out hunting too. They are terrifying. Also gorillas can roar (so cool). Mutual grooming would be cute. And lemurs, our distant cousins, can purr.

OOOH. THIS IS HIP. I like this a lot. I would love to read some stories that use other animal instincts to mirror the instincts them in omegas/alphas. That would be so cool. Thank you love. 

jar curse for emotional abusers

1 jar
salt (any kind)
something to represent the abuser (make a poppet if you want or use something of theirs or just a piece of paper w their name even!)
coffee grounds
nails or something similar
pickle juice (preferably from pickled hot peppers but work with what you have)

put the jar on a table and sprinkle the salt in a circle around it to protect yourself (optional I guess? but recommended)

stab the nail into the object that represents them (if it’s not something that can be stabbed maybe wrap it around the nail?) then put them in the jar

bury them with a mixture of dirt and coffee grounds

pour in pickle juice

close the lid while it’s still in the salt circle, then remove and and shake while singing/chanting/saying/whatever “no forgiveness it’s time you payed”

best cast while extremely pissed off

(I’m using some of my own blood in there too after the pickle juice but I don’t feel comfy recommending that to others so? do what you gotta but be careful)

“There are no happy endings. There are no endings, happy or otherwise. We all have our own stories which are just part of the one Story that binds both this world and Faerie. Sometimes we step into each others stories–perhaps just for a few minutes, perhaps for years–and then we step out of them again. But all the while, the Story just goes on.”
   ― Charles de Lint