cool walks

I don’t get fans??????

like when I was in new york namjoon posted a kimdaily from literally ??? a block away. my ass liked the tweet, retweeted it and went back to eating my food at the restaurant down the street

in korea, literally 3 ‘spotted namjoon’ posts were made and one of jimin and each time they were like RIIIIIIIIIIGHT by me, one time I was literally like a street beside where namjoon was, and my ass stayed where the fuck I was 

when I saw bts’ dance teacher randomly out of the blue in gangnam, my ass did absolutely nothing but internally freak for .25 seconds and then was like k cool done keep walking

why you feel the need??? to seek them out???? jungkook shouldn’t have tweeted those images while they were still there, but the fact that he did means he sadly has a lot more faith in army than he should. and even after deleting them people are still trying to find them like??? wtf is wrong with you

this is one of my favorite yoonseok moments because of its ridiculousness. yoongi walked in during hoseok and tae’s broadcast and immediately started yelling about how happy hobi looked when he saw him and hobi was like “haha ok ok time to finish it V COME HERE”

I have no idea where this whole Heathers spike is coming from but it seems everywhere there’s a Hamilton obsession there’s a Heathers obsession holding its hand and I fucking love it.
TWD Actor Josh McDermitt Deactivates Social Media Accounts Due To Harassment
Sad news struck today for fans of The Walking Dead actor Josh McDermitt, thanks to some people who think that The Walking Dead is a documentary and not a fictional television show. The popular actor ...

And for every idiot out there: Josh is an actor and Eugene is a fictional character.

what would happen if the government found out about demigods and thought they were a threat

Continuing the Roux trend. Some older drawings I posted on patreon last month. My friends and I started a new dnd campaign so I’m tryna draw her more in my spare time.

Bts reacting to you sitting on their lap

Jin/Seokjin: He would be okay with you sitting on his lap for awhile but you were constantly shifting on his lap to talk to the other members and trying to get comfortable. He would constantly tell you to stop. “Y/N, please stop.” “Y/N, you need to stop moving, it’s uncomfortable.” He had enough so he gave the other members a look, of course they understood what he was trying to say so they made you move to Taes lap.

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Yoongi/Suga: He would be annoyed since you sat on his lap instead of one of the others. All Yoongi wanted to do was sleep but he couldn’t with you shifting on his lap every few minutes. He got annoyed with you because you wouldn’t stop moving so the next time you did it he grabbed your hips and growled in your ear saying, “Do it again Y/N, and i swear you will be sore tomorrow.”

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Hoseok/Jhope:  He would be creepy about it, constantly smirking at you and giving the members weird look, he would act cool about it but on the inside he would be scared about making the wrong move and accidentally grinding against you. So when you grinded against his dick because of the car turning he screamed and got very uncomfortable from his member growing under you.

Namjoon/RapMon: This man.. wow this man, he would try and be mature about it, since he’s the leader, but he would make it really awkward and sexual. Whenever you would shift he would groan, it would be very quiet so only you and him could hear it. You accidentally grinded on his dick very hard and he let out a loud groan, everyone went silent looking at you two. When everyone wasn’t paying attention to you two he would grab your hips and grind them down and groan in your ear saying, “When we get back to the hotel, meet me in my room babygirl.”

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Jimin: This baby would get shy since you chose to sit on his lap. Jungkook would probably tease him about being shy but jimin would try and act cool and somewhat manly about it. His breath would hitch when you move a little but he would turn into a shy baby

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V/Taehyung: He wouldn’t mind at all, in fact, he would love it. Not making it into a sexual situation he would be giggly and mess around, bouncing you in his lap and tickling you. He wouldn’t even react when you would shift in his lap.

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Jungkook: Oh my gosh this little baby would get so shy and probably wouldn’t talk to you the whole ride, he would try and not make it sexual but when you move in his lap he’d shift with you and grind on you a little. But he would still be the little shy baby you know.

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monsta x 1st win reactions in a nutshell:

Shownu: i can do this i’m the leader *starts speaking* ok never mind 
Wonho: *doesn’t realize it at all, looks confused more than happy, cries cause everyone’s crying*
Minhyuk: dam broken. there’s the frustrations and hopes of years in his tears
Kihyun: literally too emotional to stand. can’t stop crying, doesn’t try to
Hyungwon: stoic face but there’s tears streaming down his cheeks 
Jooheon: someone’s gotta take the damn mic I guess
Changkyun: fire can not kill a dragon, internally combusting, but gotta act cool