cool vs. uncool

anonymous asked:

I agree with the points you made about western anime &modern anime, but I'm curious to know what you think about the dub vs sub debate that you mentioned in the tags if you'd like to share :) love your blog btw

Oh, I just really hate the whole ‘subs are so much better than dubs!’ thing like, dubs can be good and often are, jokes can reach audiences better, historical points can be explained more palpably to western audiences, you can even improve the source material if you do it right.

plus, I dunno, I really don’t watch much anime anymore, but when I did I had dyslexia and reading subs was hard for me as they went by so quick but I felt really guilty watching the dubs bc they were ‘lesser’

anyway, especially now that there is much more quality dubbing going on by businesses and talented voice actors, I really don’t believe the subs>dubs thing people were militant about in my day