cool vet


Thank you so much for helping me with my fish. It turned out that he didn’t have velvet, luckily for me. But I’m endlessly thankful for all the advice you gave me. I’ll definitely be sticking around your blog for all the knowledge and cool insight into a vet’s life. Here’s the boy who caused me worry (he’s got some fin biting problems from being long finned).

Thank you for the pretty fishy.

You know, back when I first started keeping bettas some 16+ years ago you couldn’t get fish that looked purple. They were all distinctly ‘blue and red’ and definitely not purple to look at. It’s nice to see one.

I’m glad he’s doing well.

Roller Derby: explained by Tegan & Sara.

When you didn’t know you did something right/cool and a vet complements you on it.

physic out the other team!

when you thought you new all the rules…

when you learn all the new rules.

when your derby crush skates by…

when you see your derby wife!

everyone at the after party

when you’re sober at the after party

when you see your teammates outside of practice

when you get new skates / gear / jersey’s / new anything!

team intro’s!

when you finally get to scrimmage for the first time but don’t know what you’re doing.

when you finally pass your 27/5

wearing your jersey out and about the town

when you get a waft of your gear bag

signaling your jammer 


when someone finds out you play derby

when you meet someone who also plays

You after you join roller derby.