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What I learned in vet school

If all goes well I graduate in around 4 months time and I thought it’d be a nice time to reflect on the four year ride that is vet school. 

1. I learned about death. Horses run towards it, cats go quietly seething, dogs give it their best shot and cows just say ‘fuck you’

2. PPP is inevitable. Poos pus and pee on all of the things

3. There are some really cool people who do vet school. Some of them are crazy but they’re a pretty awesome bunch. Neurotic for sure but fun

4. ‘Professionals’ are still human. You can break that glass ceiling! No one knows everything and we’re all forever learning and trying to better ourselves

5. Don’t compare yourself to others. I don’t even look at class averages anymore, it’s a lot more peaceful that way. I just keep trying my best

6. Nasty people are normally unhappy people. Do happy people belittle other people? No, because they’re happy people, they get their kicks doing other things

7. There is more than one way to do a thing. More than one way of getting into vet school, getting through vet school and progressing your career, heck even putting a bloody catheter in

8. There is such a thing as studying too much. You get burnt out…and end up crying in the middle of your exam as everything you thought you remembered seems to leak out of your ears

9. Work life balance is important! Note lesson 8

10. It helps having a good support network. It could be friends, family, whatever!

11. When it’s time, it’s time. This is applicable in many scenarios. Even though I am sure many in my cohort don’t feel ready to graduate, we are all tired of being students and it’s time to take that next step…mmm maybe leap haha

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The post about asking random vets for info made me giggle. I am sure you are a lovely and talented vet, but unless you are within 50 miles of me, words are useless without action. It bothers me when people do that stuff it is lazy and neglect IMO.

It is usually lazy, but it is the deferring moral responsibility that particularly irks me. Nobody should believe it’s ok to leave their animal without necessary veterinary attention by saying “Well, I sent Dr Ferox a message, job done.”

But more than that, it’s bad for us Vetblrs, and not just on Tumblr.

I stopped counting how many times old acquaintances, people I haven’t seen since school, have hit me up on Facebook to say “Cool, you’re a vet! Can I ask you about my X…” and I’m just sitting there like “Neat, it’s my time off and you want me to jump back to vet mode. Glad to know you respect me as a person.”

It would surprise some of you to know that I came on Tumblr for fun. I joined to keep up with some of my friends and learn about the things that they liked, and all the rest of *gestures around vaguely* this just sort of happened. I resisted at first, but veterinary medicine clearly owns me, so I might as well own it too.

But when I’m trying to relax and just get vague, cryptic messages about pet problems that I have no way of accurately answering, I honestly despair.

Not only from the moral load that makes me now feel responsible, even though I am not in any way, but because it doesn’t give me adequate down time.

And people do seem to think I’m now responsible for their pet’s welfare because they sent me a message. I even had one person tell me their dad was going to shoot their cat if I didn’t tell them how to treat it at home.

And I can’t actually do anything.

It’s distressing. It’s cruel to both the animals and the vetblrs, and this entitlement to our free time is a significant contributor to our poor mental health.

So I encourage people to call the vet, not message the other random vet. One is trying to relax and have some sort of life. The other is already on the clock and waiting for your call.

  • Women Vets: Cool, can we get prosecution for all the rapes that have happened while we were on duty?
  • LGBT Vets: Yeah, and can we keep the rights to marry our partners? Or bathroom rights? How about right to adopt?
  • POC Vets: And can we get some help with police brutality? Our kids are getting shot.
  • Muslim Vets: Can we stop getting labeled as terrorists because of our religion and race?
  • Conservatives: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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do you have any advice for pre-vet students?

Sorry this took so long to answer but I wanted to give you some advice you may not have heard before. Especially if you’re extremely nervous for the admissions process.

Grades matter, your extracurriculars matter, your references matter your interview answers matter…  You know that, you’ve heard it all! 

My best advice to you (that you may not have heard yet):  

Take a piece of paper, really think about and write down 200 reasons you would make a great veterinarian. I did this the day before my interview. I only got to #87 and by that point I had convinced myself that I would make a good veterinarian. Doing that gave me the confidence I needed to do well in the interview, which got me in. 

Being confident in yourself is important, the above method is how I went from a nervous, panic ridden pre-vet; to a calm, cool and collected pre-vet. You need to convince the admissions committee that you would make a good veterinarian, it’s a lot easier to do once you’ve convince yourself. 

I hope this helps! 

Mofo straight lifted me over his head. Just went, oh look at you you’re so short, hooked his hands under my pits, & picked me up over his head like simba. I didn’t even have time to react I was just suddenly 6 feet in the air like ¿¿¿¿
I drove down to my old town for a tattoo but the design was hideous. I talked to a different dude at the shop who seemed like he’d do better. I’m bummed it didn’t happen but whatevs, spent time talking to my Aunt & headed back.

Roller Derby: explained by Tegan & Sara.

When you didn’t know you did something right/cool and a vet complements you on it.

physic out the other team!

when you thought you new all the rules…

when you learn all the new rules.

when your derby crush skates by…

when you see your derby wife!

everyone at the after party

when you’re sober at the after party

when you see your teammates outside of practice

when you get new skates / gear / jersey’s / new anything!

team intro’s!

when you finally get to scrimmage for the first time but don’t know what you’re doing.

when you finally pass your 27/5

wearing your jersey out and about the town

when you get a waft of your gear bag

signaling your jammer 


when someone finds out you play derby

when you meet someone who also plays

You after you join roller derby.

Summer Screams

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Note: So I started this short story a while back and I came across it the other day… decided to finish it up so when I update my masterlist it’s complete :) I hope you like it xxx

We end up going with Kira’s idea of consulting the weather forecast, since it’s the best we can think of. When the weatherman calls for a beautiful Thursday, I walk with Scott two blocks to Mr. Harvard’s house at ten to twelve. Scott doesn’t say much. For that I’m thankful. I’m too wrapped up in my own nervous thoughts to put any effort into a conversation.

           Mr. Harvard lives in a small one-story blue house on the very end of the street. A big tree is outside his fence, but leans over to provide shade on the other side. We stop by the tree. Scott listens.

           “The dog’s out there.” He relays. “He’s drinking from his water bowl.”

           “Okay.” I wipe my sweaty palms on my white skirt. “Where’s Mr. Harvard?”

           “Inside.” Scott says. “I think he’s watching a baseball game. You should be clear to hop the fence.” At the shocked look I give him, he gathers that I’ve never had to do such a thing. I’ve only seen people jump the fence in movies. I have no hope of re-creating it.

           Luckily, Scott is very good at leaping over other people’s fences- but that might just be thanks to his werewolf powers. It’s weird to think that.

           He quietly opens the gate and lets me through. The husky seems to like Scott, as he’s gleefully licking his hand and paying no attention to me.

           “So now what?” I ask. “We just wait to see if a squirrel shows up?”

           “I guess.” Scott shrugs.


The squirrel doesn’t come. All my fretful energy has been wasted. I’m exhausted. We go home, only to repeat the failed process the next day. Kira was the one to go with me that time. She tried to provide comfort, “Maybe this one won’t come true.” But that doesn’t make me feel any better.

           The weekend is wet and dark. I expect Monday to be the same- after all, that’s what the forecast read. But as I take out the trash, I’m stunned to see that it’s unbearably hot- it might even be the hottest day we’ve had all summer. The clouds dissipate by ten, and I’m a nervous wreck by eleven.

           “There’s no guarantee that it’ll happen today.” Lydia says, trying to coax me into taking my head out of the freezer. It’s the only way I know to help with all the sweating.

           “But with my luck, it will be today.” I moan. “Can you call Scott?”

           “I already did.” She gives me a sympathetic smile. “He’s working. Stiles is busy, and so is Malia.”

           “What about Kira?”

           “She left for New York with her parents, remember? We went with her to the airport… are you feeling okay?”

           “No. Tell Scott to come over here.”

           Lydia sighs. “I already told you that Scott’s not available.” There’s a momentary silence. “Why can’t I go with you?” She almost sounds hurt.

           My brutal honesty takes hold of my tongue before I can consider how my words will make her feel. “I doubt you can hop a fence, Lydia.”

           There’s a knock at the door. I slowly pull my head out of the cool paradise. “I thought you said that everyone was busy?”

           “Not everyone.” Lydia murmurs as she gets up to answer the door. Then it dawns on me: Lydia said that Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Kira were out of commission. But she didn’t say…

           “Hi.” Liam appears in the doorway. His light expression becomes one of utter confusion. “Why are you in the freezer?”


Liam is starting to get on my nerves- well, actually, he’s usually always on my nerves. Liam is starting to seriously piss me off.

           It was fine when we left the house and started down the street. He wasn’t talking or humming or making any attempt to hold a conversation with me. But as we got closer to Mr. Harvard’s house, he began to hum under his breath.

           Gritting my teeth as he runs through the chorus of Heart Shaped Box for the third time- almost completely off-key, might I add- I snap, “Can you stop?”

           “What?” Liam asks, speeding up his pace to match my brisk, frustrated walk. “What’s your problem, Y/N?”

           “You, Liam. You are my problem.” My arms cross my chest tightly. “You and your freaking annoying ass singing-”

           “Um, I was humming, actually. Sorry to bother you, your majesty.”

           “Oh my God, don’t even. You’re not sorry. I’m pretty sure you were doing it on purpose just to annoy me. That seems to be your favorite thing to do.”

           Liam throws his arms out in a wide gesture. “How was I supposed to know that you are severely opposed to Nirvana?”

           “I’m not opposed to Nirvana, you bloody idiot, but I am opposed to your voice mangling it!”  

           He rolls his eyes. “Believe me, your voice isn’t making my day either.”

           I scoff. “Like I care about you or your day.”

           Liam pinches the bridge of his nose. “You know what? Fine.” He shakes his head. “You want to be like this? Fine. I don’t have to help you.” He spins on his heel and starts back down the street.

           “Liam?” I call out, almost in confusion. He keeps going. I stomp my foot. “Liam, come back here!”

           “No!” He’s almost out of earshot now. “I hope that squirrel gets torn apart right in front of you!”

           I can feel tears sting at my eyes with a heat that could rival the summer sun. “You asshole!” I scream after him. He turns the corner and disappears, leaving me alone.


It takes some time to climb the fence. I don’t see Mr. Harvard’s car in the driveway, so I don’t have to worry about him being home. I drag one of his potted plants over to the fence and use it as a stool to push myself up onto the fence, then swing my legs over and stare at the daunting drop. Sucking in a deep breath, I close my eyes and push off. The impact sends a jolt through my knees; I almost fall over. My palms are burning and tender from the rough wood of the fence. My shoes are lined with mud, and my skirt is wrinkled.

           Slowly, I round the corner of the house.

           The backyard is wide and green. The wind blows softly as I continue forward, looking for the husky.

           I don’t have to look long. He’s sitting on the shaded porch, eye up and cocked as he analyzes me. I gulp. “Hi buddy,” I coo, crouching and making kissy noises. “Hi sweet boy.”

           This seems to convince him that I’m not a threat. He bounds over to me happily, licking my face and knocking me onto my back. I can’t help the laugh that bubbles in my throat as I run my fingers through his indulgent fur.

           Then I hear it: a rustle in the trees. My heart nearly stops. My hair stands on end. My skin tingles with an unseen current of electricity.

           The husky straightens, nose in the air. I hold my breath.

           Then he’s gone.

           He sprints to the other side of the yard, snarling viciously as he chases a blur. I quickly get to my feet and run over, shouting at him to stop, to leave the little animal alone.

           I’m not fast enough. I see the jaws close, and I scream: really, truly scream, the kind that rings in your ears and makes your heart race a little faster.

           “No no no,” I chant as I approach the husky. He looks up at me with a lolling tongue. A sob chokes in my throat when I see the poor baby squirrel… all I can think is that I was supposed to stop this.

           “This is all my fault.”

           I jump a foot, turning around to see Liam perched on the fence with a heart-broken look. I hope that squirrel gets torn apart right in front of you. I slap at my eyes, trying to stop crying and failing miserably. “No, it’s my fault.” I bawl. “I was mean to you… I made you leave… and I wasn’t… I couldn’t…”

           He jogs over to me. I’m surprised when he pulls me into a secure hug. “I am so, so sorry.” He whispers into my hair.

           “Don’t be.” I attempt to put some bite into my voice, shoving his arms off. “It’s just a stupid little squirrel.”

           “No it’s not.” He insists. “You wanted to save it.”

           I can feel myself nodding, cheeks becoming even more soaked. “I really did.” And then I’m back in his arms, drenching his shoulder. “I thought I could. I thought I would be able to…”

           “Maybe we still can.” I pull back enough to look at him with furrowed brows.

           “What do you mean?”

           “I mean…” He stoops in front of the dog and uses one hand to scratch his ears while the other scoops the baby squirrel. “He’s still breathing. Maybe we can still save him.”

           “How?” I demand.

           He just smiles and jerks his head for me to follow him.


We sit inside the cool vet office. Liam’s hand is on my bouncing knee, attempting to soothe me. My eyes are on the clock with distaste; it’s going much too slow and I want to know how the squirrel is now. I sniffle, hating the way it echoes in the quiet room. My cheeks are still warm and sticky from my crying earlier.

           “Hey, just relax.” Liam rubs his thumb in small circles. “It’s going to be-”

           “If you say ‘okay’ one more time, I’m going to throttle you.”

           He cracks a smile at that. “I was going to say ‘fine’.”

           The front door chimes open. Lydia rushes in, looking around the empty room until she spots us in the back. “I came as soon as I got the text.” She informs. “How is the squirrel?”

           “We don’t know yet.” I say curtly. Liam gives Lydia a sympathetic look and squeezes my knee as a signal for me to ease up. I take a deep breath. “Scott said that there’s a good chance that he’ll be fine. We brought him in just in time. But there’s also a chance…” I can’t finish the sentence because my throat suddenly feels thick.

           Then the back door opens. We all jump to our feet to see Scott coming out with a smile on his face. We all know what that means. Immediately I hug Lydia, overwhelmed with relief.

           “He’s stable,” Scott says as I hug him. “He’s going to be alright.”

           “Thank you,” I beam, giving him another squeeze.

           Liam is smiles at me. “Well, we did it.” He says awkwardly. He holds his hand up for a high-five. I stare at him. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s always been the weird kid who had a crush on me that I didn’t really care for. But now…

           I throw my arms around his shoulders and crush him to me, holding him tight as I exhale into his neck. Liam is shocked at this- I think everyone is, including myself- but eventually he winds his arms around my waist.

           “Thank you.” I murmur against his shoulder. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. I was so mean to you, and then you came back anyway-”

           “Don’t mention it.” He says. “I said some pretty hurtful things too. I think we’re even now.”

           “Still…” I pull back and rub his arm affectionately. “I really appreciate it.”

           His cheeks go pink and he nods, ducking his head slightly. I just smirk and follow Scott into the back where he says we can see the squirrel. I risk a glance over my shoulder to see Liam trailing me dutifully.

           This summer was weird. Things were changing. But maybe that was a good thing.

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Nothing makes me happier than the fact that Hospital!au has gay, disabled, female Lexa as president. And fucking First Lady Clarke.

clarke as first lady is a BLAST like she’s actually terrible at it in a lot of ways bc she’s a neurosurgeon & doesn’t rly give two fucks abt place settings & shit 

but yeah lexa as president is HUGE like it’s a rly big deal & ofc lexa has incredible interviews where she talks abt the fact that she is gay & disabled & female & that she doesn’t want to be a ‘female president’ but like. she is, & that has to matter, & so. yeah, she’s obviously brilliant & so important (& also like beautiful & young & like in politics that’s also a cool barrier to break)

some fun facts as well: lexa in college ends up falling in LOVE w tattoos so she has a half sleeve & a huge back piece & some on her ribs & it’s fun bc like you would never ever guess when she’s in blazers & stuff but like candids & stuff lol lexa is actually pretty cool (she’s a huge dork but yknow)

but i imagine lexa does some p groundbreaking stuff w publicity too like in some magazines & stuff it’s neat

also she’s literally the hardest president to try to make scandals about she’s dated clarke & only clarke since she was 17 SEVENTEEN lol & like. she had a heart transplant so she literally cannot drink or do drugs or she’d die & she’s obviously alive so no one can start that rumor, & she’s from a political family so no scandal there. her wife is a neurosurgeon. like the most scandalous thing about lexa is probably that she speaks arabic or smth like honestly there’s nothing scandalous abt her it’s beautiful