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↳ fake dating au | college au

pairing: chanyeol | reader

genre: soft angst + fluff + sexual themes

word count: 8.059

description: as an aspiring big-shot photographer in a slump, you’re looking for something that inspires you and unfortunately — or maybe not — it comes in the form of a guy named Chanyeol.

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lilaqphan  asked:

How do you find out if you have a warm or a cold skin tone? (Sorry about my English)

Skin undertones can be warm, cool or neutral.

Your skin is warm if:

  • your veins appear green;
  • your skin has golden tones;
  • you quickly bronze or darken in the sun;
  • your eyes are green, hazel or warm brown;
  • the skin behind your ear is yellowish;
  • gold jewelry suits you better than silver.

People with warm skin tone should look for foundations that have a golden or yellow base. Warm shades are often labeled beige, golden, tan, caramel, and chestnut.

Your skin is cool if: 

  • the veins on your wrist appear blue;
  • your skin has rosy tones;
  • you burn easily in the sun;
  • your eyes are blue, gray or deep brown;
  • the skin behind your ear is pink or rosy;
  • silver jewelry suits you better than gold.

Cool-toned people should look for foundations with rosy, red or a blue base. Cool shades are often labeled porcelain, rose, sable, cocoa.     

You have a neutral skin tone if:

  • it’s hard to determine the color of your veins;
  • both gold and silver jewelry look good on you;
  • you have both rosy and golden tones in your skin. 

People with neutral skin tone have the easiest time finding foundation. Neutral shades are often labeled ivory, buff, nude, and praline.


Being pursued by an Alpha was positively flattering and absolutely nerve-wracking at the exact same time. You were an omega. When an Alpha of caliber began to take interest in you, your pheromones yanked you one way while your ever logical mind pulled you in the opposite. You were analytical, calculating, smart; your wits often trumping your instinct when it came to these mating dances that Alphas liked to start.

To most Alpha’s, getting an Omega was a game, a notch in their bed post, a tally mark on their roster. Laying with one they hadn’t marked as theirs was enthralling, exhilarating but ultimately a simple ends to a means. Omegas, however, had a susceptibility to forming emotional attachments to those they laid with during moments of high hormonal exchanges. While it was by no means definite in every encounter, there was a chance and you didn’t want that. Of course, you knew, Alphas and Omegas were individuals. While base biology laid out a framework, personalities, genetic makeup,  culture, individual hormone levels, sexualities, any number of factors could change one’s true selves and how their secondary sex affected them. But still you couldn’t risk it.

Except you wanted to. God you wanted to. For him at least.

Reaper wasn’t like other Alpha’s. You had chastised yourself so many times for thinking that cliched chick flick line. But it was really how you felt. Talon was not lacking in agents that fell along the entire secondary sexual spectrum; Alphas, Betas, Omegas and even the occasional Gamma. Reaper was a Prime Alpha, the top of the top, whose simple aura demanded assent from fellow Alphas and subservience from Betas and Omegas. He had the ability to bed whomever he liked and any who ended up there would thank him for the opportunity. And yet, the man had never flaunted his status. Hell, you had barely seen this man take an interest in anyone around him other than Sombra and Widowmaker, which seem strictly professional if somewhat familial, or the occasional agent who incurred his wrath. Until you. You had initially taken his attention for trouble, assuming you had drawn the ire of the organization’s top mercenary by running your mouth.

You were a field agent, albeit one who didn’t get to see as much high-intensity action as he did. You usually were one of the first in; assessing the area, analyzing weak points, pointing out pitfalls, setting up exit routes and traps before getting out and allowing shock troopers to pour in. It wasn’t uncommon for you to stay on comms to instruct agents on where to go. You had learned very early to grow a thick skin as an omega, more often than not Alphas on the field didn’t want to listen to you. They openly bucked up against your instructions, questioning your decisions and mocking your suggestions. ‘Your life is in my hands and if you want to fucking live you will listen’ had become your motto.

You had said that statement so many times it fell from your lips automatically, so when you had spat it at Reaper you immediately paled. It had been instinctual, Reaper was being cornered by that Soldier: 76 vigilante and he seemed hell bent on pursuing him further into the factory despite the fact the building was being stormed by recalled Overwatch agents. So you yelled your line, let him know that there was a air duct he could mist through several halls back and that if he wanted to make it he would take it. Then silence had hung heavy and terrifying in the comms until Sombra’s entertained laughter crackled through the line. Reaper growled, and the noise had sent every single Omega instinct inside of your reeling, demanding that you apologize while your pride refused to let you. Watching your holo-pad you watched him double back, fingers dancing over the screen as security feed turned into thermal and Reaper made his way back to where the rest of his small team was. Before signing out of your device, ‘RIP’ in bold neon purple lettering popped up across your screen.

Since then, the Reaper had made it a point to seek you out. You were shocked the first time you heard him say your name, a shiver rushing down your spine when the deep timbre of his voice reached your ears. You had frozen, waiting for him to yell at you for bucking out of your position, but it never came. Instead, without saying the exact words, it felt like he gave you a begrudging thank you. He had made it a point to seek you out, a few words the first few days morphing into near daily conversations whenever you both were on the base together. You found yourself seeking him out despite your mind telling your mind telling you to be cautious, your pheromones overwhelming them and building a small bit of hope against the barriers you had set up to protect you from situations just like this.

He made you feel surprisingly comfortable, his biting sarcasm and wit making you laugh and giggle(fucking giggle), and you could feel something building inside of you every time you were around him. He didn’t question your intelligence, he enjoyed listening to you speak about your interests and you in turn the same for him. The both of you were strategical and a mutual respect formed when speaking about battle plans. After missions, he’d come to your quarters with absolutely no false pretenses, he’d just listen to you explain how things had gone on the field and occasionally he’d share how things went on his missions. For someone as guarded as you, allowing an Alpha into your quarters was a huge step, and he recognized that. He granted you his name and you had felt honored, this gift better than any bullshit jewelry or piece of clothing or food some other Alpha had tried to woo you with before. Woo…that’s not what this was supposed to be, although you were doing a poor job of convincing yourself of that.

You raked your fingers through your sweat-soaked hair, releasing a slow, shuddering breath as your tried to center yourself. Reap–no Gabriel, was due to stop by this evening; he was returning from a week-long mission in Egypt and you knew he would be by here soon enough. You tried to calm the excitement that was growing in your stomach, but you truly didn’t know if you wanted to. Your heat had swept in hard and fast, your mind was a confused jumble as you tried to find reason in what you were feeling. You liked him, or at least you thought you did. You piqued your interest, he didn’t question your intelligence, he made you feel wanted. And he wanted you too…right? Or was that your heat-riddled mind reading further into this than what it was.

Shaking your head, you huffed and shook your hands hard as if that would help to shake away those feeling of uncertainty before going back to building your nest. You had already spread all the softest blankets and cushions onto your bedroom floor, your normal nest gear, but now you were hovering in your living room. Comfortable living had always been something you focused on, soft pillows and blanket laid across your small couch. The scent of Gabriel had soaked into them and your heat heightened senses drew you to them like a magnet. But every time you went to pick up one of the pillows or the thin blanket, to drink in his scent, you hesitated. Could you trust these feelings?

Ambivalence hung heavy in your breast as your fingers grazed over the blanket, your hand tightening into the fabric and shivering as his heady scent filled your nostrils. Your fist tightened around the soft fabric, your movements still timid as you pulled the blanket into your arms, hugging the fabric to you. An unconscious keen rose from your throat, a lazy smile tugging across your lips. Smoke and sandalwood and musk intertwined with the normal lighter, sweeter scent of you.

“You look much happier when you give in cariño.”

“Holy fucking shit!”

You practically jumped out of your skin, actually jumping two feet into the air and away from the part man-part wraith, twisting around to see his smirking form. Another perk of getting close to the Alpha was he allowed you to see his unmasked face. Another shred of evidence perhaps? Shaking your head you tried to calm your drumming heart, knowing that your shouldn’t have been too surprised. You and Gabriel had a system involving the decorative magnets on your door; if the cute round barn owl was up, the man could wraith in, if it was down, he had to message you before he entered. You had left it up, unconsciously wanting him to immediately come to you. You couldn’t hide your delight that he had.

The man stood before you, sans his normal trench coat, gauntlet and body armor. Just those impossibly tight black cargo pants, his black combat boots and a black t-shirt that you swore had to be painted on over the succulent muscles of his chest shoulders and arms. His dark skin had that impossibly cool gray undertone, your fingers itching to drag over the scars and keloided wounds, to learn the stories behind them. You wondered how his thick black curls would feel between your hands, clenched between your fists as you pulled him to you and begged–oh god you were tumbling down that rabbit hole hard.

You gulped hard, trying to temper your body’s volatile reaction to him. Pleasure instantly began to pool in between your legs, your thighs squeezing tight together, your face flushing in desire as you tried to form words. No, this wasn’t right. You couldn’t do this. But god did you want this, wanted him. Your eyes were big as you stared at him, gaze frantic as you looked at the man, trying to calm the sea of emotion that churned in your mind. Gabriel took a half step forward, his hand reaching out to rest on your cheek confidently. His touch was cooler than you imagined, small tendrils of black smoke curling off of his dark skin, your body unconsciously melting into his contact. His thumb brushed right under you eyes, your gaze jumping up to meet his sanguine orbs; the calmness he exuded beginning to penetrate your frenzied mind.

“Why are you resisting your nature?”

Your tongue felt heavy in your mouth, your mouth open and closing several times before you were able to form anything comprehensible.

“I-I want…n-no need… I… fuck… I-I’m confused”, you stuttered, before your words melted into a soft purr as he awarded you with an affectionate stroke of the cheek for sharing. You couldn’t see, but your pupils were already dilated, more black than iris in your gaze, a tell-tale sign you were beginning to tiptoe further into your heat.  “I-I th-think I want you….I-I re-really do b-but I can’t! I-I can’t…”

“Why can’t you querida”, he asked, turning your face in his hand, no judgement behind his eyes. He simply wanted your answer. “Resisting your nature is only going to make it worst. I can smell it on you. You want this, you want me to make you mine. Hell, I want it too, Y/N. So what are you fighting for?”

“What if it’s just the heat”, you exclaimed, your hands pushing the blanket tighter against your chest. You took a half step back, immediately missing his touch as you left his range. He allowed you to move away but you could see that he was not going to leave, not that you would ask him to. You fidgeted with the blanket, wanting to tear your eyes away but you couldn’t. Your body was practically swaying, the sudden rush of body heat making you dizzy. But you were determined to get your point across. You didn’t want to blow this with him, you didn’t want to possibly lose him. “I feel like I want you but I don’t want…don’t want to second guess it. Can't… Can’t you fuck me without claiming me? Please?”

You fidgeted, trying to force down the keen that was in your throat as you looked at him, unconsciously pouring charm in waves towards the Alpha. Gabriel gave you a small half-nod, your eyes growing round in surprised excitement, the excited noise that left your throat making the Alpha chuckle.

“We can take this as slow or fast as you’d like cariño”, he answered, opening his arms up for you to move into. He was allowing for it to be your call, no pressure, no intimidation. Your eyes dropped to his chest then back up to his face before you surged forward, the blanket still held tight to you.

The self control that the Prime Alpha had been exerting was lost when you threw yourself at him, one of your arms looping around his neck as you pressed your lips hard to his. He growled ravenously against your lips, his arms looping around your waist, crushing your body hard against his. You shuddered, your body on fire as his hands finally had their chance to explore, running up and down your spine and sides, drawing desperate mewls from your mouth. His tongue swept at your bottom lip demanding entrance, your lips parting to oblige, moaning desperately as you tasted him for the first time. He tasted like smoke and spice and just–right.

“N-nest pl-please”, you begged, pulling away from his lips as you tried to pull air into your lungs. Your mind was beginning to go, you were turning into nothing more than a bundle of nerve and instincts and you needed to be in your nest with him. You barely heard his growled ‘where’ as your kiss swollen lips found his again, stuttering softly against his own. “B-b-bedroom!”

You gasped in surprise as Gabe hoisted you up by your thighs, your legs wrapping around his waist as he walked through your small apartment. Your nails dug into his shoulders, his head dipping into your neck and nipping and suckling at the sensitive skin at the crux of your shoulder. Your legs tightened around his waist, pressing you more firmly against his covered length, your head leaning against his when he finally made it into your room. He was ridiculously careful when he put you into the bundle of blankets, a shiver rolling down your spine as he hovered over you. He licked his lips, a slow smirk crawling onto his features, a predatory gaze taking over his features. Still he waited for a tick, his eyes drifting up and down your body, his hands hovering but not exactly touching yet. Testing, making sure.

“Please”, you begged, back arching up and off of the soft cushions, your eyes growing misty. He was not your Alpha, but in this moment there was nothing, no one else but you two. “I’m burning up, please Gabriel…”

“Shh”, he ordered, straddling your waist, his cool hands moving under your shirt and pushing the fabric up and off. The tears in your eyes rolled down your cheeks, your body arching towards his touch. “Quiet now, I’ll take care of you.”

Gabriel’s hands made quick work at removing the rest of your clothes, a soft sigh falling from your lips in absolute relief as the cooler air of the room caressed your skin. He sat back, admiring your body, a low rumble of appreciation in his chest. Your entire body was flushed, a light sheen of sweat covering you from head to toe. Your thighs and nethers were covered in slick, your nipples hard, your lips parted and your eyes half shaded as you stared up at him, hair fanned like a halo around your face. You were the perfect image of desire and he wasn’t going to hold back anymore.

His shirt came off and his shoes had been toed off before he entered your nest, his lips finding your nipples and pulling them into your mouth. He groaned around the hard bud, your hands tightening into his hair. His tongue flicked and circled the hard bud, sucking hard until your back arched off of the nest once more. His hand dove between your legs, a scream torn from your lips as soon as his finger touched your heated sex. He wasted no time, slipping between your sopping lips and finding your clitoris, an orgasm tearing through your body. Your thighs clamped around his hand and trapped it, or at least they tried. He was stronger than you on a regular day. When you were in heat, pushing your thighs back open was effortless, his fingers circling around your hypersensitive bud.

“No no amorcita”, he practically purred to you, pulling away from your breast with a pop. Your face burned even brighter now, your body on fire with the need to feel him, to have him inside of you. “You’re burning up right? You need it right? I’m not small, querida. You gotta be nice and relaxed…”

You nodded at each of his questions, whining desperately, taking his lack of immediate action as a no.

“P-p-please”, you begged, your hand dragging down from his hair and to the side of his neck. Your fingertip traced over the sensitive areas that a mating mark would go, an extremely erogenous zone as you begged. You could see the shudder roll through him, the bare chested man releasing a low, warning growl as he looked down at you. “Please please….I need….please?”

He pulled back, tears actually flowing from your eyes as he sat completely back on his feet, a petulant sob leaving your lips. He shook his head at you, a chastising look at trying to coerce him into fucking him before you were ready. Gabriel kept his fingers on your soaked cunt, his other hand moving to rest gently on your hips to keep you in place and prevent you from sitting up. His fingers dragged down from your swollen clit before two of his thick digits were pressed inside of you, your hips rocking to try and gain more traction. Your walls were molten hot, Gabriel biting his bottom lip at how tightly you were squeezing his fingers. Gabriel moved slow, scissoring his fingers inside of your carefully as he stretched you out. It wasn’t enough, your hips trying to rock and twist to take more of him inside of you. A third joined the first two, more slick spilling over his fingers and hands, a choked keen of need rising from your chest. Still, the Alpha kept up his work, winding your body up and stretching you until he made an approving sound in the back of his throat.

When Gabriel pulled away from you completely, you felt as if you might fall completely apart, reaching out for him. He unbuttoned his pants with one hand, the other smoothing over your forehead, quietly shushing you, comforting you as he pushed his pants away and down. You drank in his touch, turning your face and nuzzling desperately against him, keening your need to him wordlessly. His cooler body temperature was heaven against your burning skin, and the physical contact calmed the raving need in your mind.

His other hand came to your face, making you focus in on him as his forehead came to touch yours. Your eyes were round and watery, his gaze heated and primal, his thumbs stroking either side of your face as he pressed several gentle kisses to your pleasure swollen lips. Soft, happy mewls met each his, your hands moving to gently hold his wrists in place, not wanting to lose his touch as he stabilized himself on his elbows.

“Spread your legs a little more”, he orders between tender kisses, your body obliging the Alpha as you tried to keep up with him. “Now relax cariño…”

His kisses got longer, deeper, hungrier as you felt him began to push himself forward, his lips capturing your moan as his head pressed against your entrance. Your breath caught in your throat, gaze finally tearing from his as he pushed inside of you, eyes shutting tight. Your own kisses stuttered against his as he pushed himself in half way before pulling out, a wanting sob wrested at the emptiness you felt. Gabriel stole the whine away, his lips crashing into yours as his thickness pressed into you again, your hips arching to meet him needily. He pulled back though, sending a clear message that he was in control and in charge of your pleasure, his hips rolling to push further into you and graze against the bundle of nerves inside of you. You sobbed and writhed beneath him, your body overwhelmed by every single sensation you were feeling.

Your lips and tongue were his, nips and kisses making them even more sensitive.  Your hands could only claw at his forearms and shoulders and neck and back, completely lost at what to do with your hands, unable to ground yourself as you floated in pleasure. Every single stroke he drove inside of you sent slick dribbling, your thighs and calves and lower stomach twitching in pleasure. You were enraptured, you could die like this if it meant experiencing pleasure like this for your final moments. With him. God, this was all you could ask for, wasn’t it?


One of Gabe’s hand dragged away from your face, forcing itself between your bodies and finding your clit. No, this is how you would die. You jerked against him but his thrusts and touch were firm, his thumb circling your clit in tandem with a thrust against your g-spot. Every muscle in your body went stiff before you began to quake as your first true orgasm of your heat slammed through you, white taking over your vision as you arched into him. He didn’t let up, his thumb remaining dimly pressed against your clit as he continued to fill you up, your cries melting away into mewling, surprised breaths, another orgasm burning through you. Your vision went pleasantly fuzzy, your head lolling to the side as you were overcome with yet another orgasm. Gabriel’s dropped his face into the crux of your neck, kissing and nipping but pulling back just short of biting or claiming you, your body shivering as his brutal pace slowed, his cock still inside of you.

“Don’t worry”, he said, marking his words with a gentle kiss. “I’ve got you as long as you’ll have me.”

Reaction Ficlet: How Jimin would react to having an argument with you

Masterpost: How BTS would react to having an argument with you

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You climb wearily up the stairs, the muscles in your arms quivering as you haul your suitcase up the last few steps. Living on the top floor of your apartment building is absolutely fantastic - until the lifts break, that is.

“Sorry, love,” the repairman had said apologetically, his head emerging from the gaping hole where the elevator should be. “You’ll have to take the stairs.”

“Okay,” you had said, too tired to even enquire about what was wrong with the elevator. “Thank you.”

You had trudged up the stairs slowly, your thoughts on the long, warm shower you would take when you got to your flat.

When you finally make it up to your floor you throw the door open and set your suitcase down on the couch in relief.

You open your mouth to call out but then close it with a snap. Oh, right, you think, looking around the empty flat with a pang. That’s right.

There is no Jimin here to greet you. 

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Skincolours in art

I have seen so much negativity and anger towards this issue in this site, and often from the mouths of people who don’t draw/paint themselves, so I decided it’s my time to step up and speak my mind as someone with a traditional art degree in their pocket.

The problem seems to be that many people don’t know that it’s perfectly natural for artists to fail a few times before getting the hang of colouring a new skintone. That lack of understanding, and the posts it brings with it, really, really bother me.

Now, I am not going to pretend whitewashing and & racist ideologies don’t excist in the art world. Of course they do, but this post isn’t about that. This is about colouring skintones, and the common mistakes that happen while doing it.

I am being serious - as a traditional art student, I got to study a lot of colour theory and was taught how to make skin colours pop, and you know what? It’s already very different to colour a warm undertoned and cool undertoned skin of same darkness/lightness level. Not to mention trying a totally new darkness/lightness level of a skin - it can be very tricky to figure out on your own! So if someone is colouring, for example, yellow toned skin for the first time they might easily make it too yellow. It happens. It doesn’t necessarily mean the artist was trying to be racist.

“But everyone knows how to paint pale skin, so it’s racist!” - no, they don’t, and no, it’s not that simple. I was in a portrait painting class, and dear god half of us managed to make our portraits too green while painting a light skinned model. Too green, you ask? That’s because in portrait painting, you often use contrasting colour as the undertone of your canvas to make your colours look more vibrant. In this case, green to contrast reddish skin tones. Not everyone used enough warmth in their work to tint off the green, so some sickly looking paintings were made. It was rather unfortunate, but also natural part of the learning process.

The assumption of artists having to be able to colour all skintones because they have mastered a few is ridiculous. “It’s not that different, why do white people pretend thet can’t colour dark skin” - it is very different, actually, especially if we go dark enough. At some point, it becomes more about noting the colours at the highlights of the skin (very dark skins where the undertone is most prominently seen in these areas) instead of paying attention to the colours of shadows on someone’s face (very light skins). Everyone’s personal undertone also plays part on what colour of shadows you should use, and the lightness/darkeness of their skin adds another layer of thinking into the mix of what colours to use. For example, light pink might work as a blush on pale skin, but looks off in warm brown skins, and green veins look good on yellow toned skin, but kind of off in red toned skins. This balance of colours plays part in everything.

Not to mention people’s personal colouring styles - for those who don’t aim for natural tones, it’s a whole another process to think how they can express different skin colous in, for example, pastel colours. Also in cartoon-y styles, you often have to simplify skintones. I have seen several artists getting hate for their unconventional colouring styles.

It’s important to give artists, especially more inexperienced ones, the room to learn, grow and make mistakes. You can (kindly) give tips, but smashing someone down for a mistake & calling them racist for a skin colouring mistake they did because they haven’t yet mastered that tone is more likely to scare them off from attempting to be more diverse than it is to make them magically know how to colour that skintone.

Mistakes, especially ones made while learning, are okay. Don’t start your witchhunt the first mistake someone makes. Educate. Then, if someone actually doesn’t want to learn and and means what they do a bad way, call them out. But give artist the right for mistakes.

And please, just be kind.

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Hi! How do you think the boys would react to a s/o who is into makeup?

Hello! So I’ve just recently started really getting into makeup (it’s been so hard to find a brand for my skin tone) so my knowledge isn’t too extensive. Also bear with me if I spell any product names wrong

Originally posted by tmnt-fangirl101

Leo isn’t too caught up with makeup on his s/o. He’s fine with her wanting to do her makeup but he’ll drop subtle hints about liking her without it. He may be extra with his compliments when she’s without make up. However, he tries not to shame her for it. If Leo had to choose one thing he liked when she does her makeup it’s probably lipstick. For some reason, I feel like Leo has a thing for his s/o’s lips. He likes the different colors. He especially likes when she wears blue lipstick😏.

Originally posted by wrath-and-ruin

Raph’s kinda like Leo but on a different level. He really doesn’t think she needs makeup. He’s a lot more blunt with his dislike which may lead to arguments. After they’ve been dating for a while, he eases up a bit but still doesn’t like the makeup. However, he’s down for a flavored lip gloss for obvious reasons. And if he’s being honest with himself, he also enjoys when she puts on highlighter. A personal favorite is probably Trophy Wife from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line. He just loves the way it glimmers on her skin. 

Originally posted by bluesakurablossom

Donnie is pretty cool with his s/o liking makeup. He thinks that being able to enhance your natural beauty is totally cool. He also may help her figure out ways to keep her skin clear since she does makeup so often. I think Donnie’s favorite thing that she does is her eye makeup like mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. When it comes to physical features, I think Donnie really loves his s/o eyes so anything that enhances the beauty of her eyes, he’s down for it.

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Mikey is really curious about makeup. He saw you doing your makeup one day in the bathroom and had so many questions. Why do you have so many brushes? What’s primer? What’s the difference between warm, cool and neutral undertones? He’ll want you to explain everything. And after you explain everything, he’ll love watching you do your makeup. He lets you swatch new makeup on his arm and of course he loves when you test out new lipsticks. This is going to sound so crazy, but Mikey really loves your eyebrows. He thinks it’s so crazy how you can fill out your eyebrows so nicely. Mikey is definitely the one to shower his s/o with compliments after she comes out of the bathroom with a full face. 

Foundation 101 for Cosplay

Hi everyone,

Okay so foundation is very important if you want to even out your skin. There are 6 main points you should consider when it comes to foundation for cosplay:

  1. Camera friendly
  2. Long lasting
  3. Choose something according to your skin     type
  4. Your foundation should match your neck and     chest
  5. Know the coverage you want to go for
  6. SPF/Sunscreen, is it worth the risk?

Keep in mind that I constantly keep these kind of posts updated. 


You’re probably gonna be taken in photos a lot so your foundation has to make you look good! When I say camera friendly, you don’t necessary have to buy an expensive HD foundation but at least it should have a matte/satin finish. Don’t get me wrong, dewy finishes are beautiful and I personally prefer this over a matte complexion on a daily basis but in photos… not gonna lie… it’s harder to make it look goodt. You gotta find somebody who has good knowledge about photography and lighting if you want to work with a natural dewy complexion… Especially if you’re gonna have a photoshoot with a flash. Not only it’s gonna create a white cast on your face but it will also make you look sweaty.

To be camera friendly here are some tips:

-        DO use a matte primer

-        BE aware of SPF foundations or putting sunscreen before because they reflect in pictures. Go see my last point because there’s a part in that post dedicated especially for this topic.

-        DO set your foundation with a setting/mattifying powder

-        DO NOT choose a translucent powder… Otherwise it’s gonna make your skin looks ashy


I’m sure you want to spend some time having fun at a con and not always be worried about how you look. That’s why I recommend going with a long lasting foundation. Which means you shouldn’t always have to touch up throughout the day and it should be crease resistant.

Here are some tips to keep your foundation lasts longer:

-        PRIMER is quite important. It’s going to create a fence between your skin care and makeup. Plus, it makes the foundation lasts… However, I’d suggest looking at the first foundation’s ingredient and finding the same first ingredient in your primer. For example, MUFE HD foundation is meant to be worn with MUFE HD primer because both are water based products. Otherwise, I’m afraid your foundation won’t stay because another ingredient we use for primers is oil. Imagine an oil based primer with a water based foundation… Oil and water DON’T mix together. (BIG CREDITS TO GOSS WAYNE FOR THIS INFORMATION)

-        Set your foundation with powder… I think I haven’t said it enough. If you have very dry skin you can skip this step.

-        Optional but if you feel like you want to, use a setting spray.

-        Choose a foundation that claims to be long lasting. Not gonna lie, there is a lot of absurd terms (like 24H wear) that are only there for marketing, because let’s be real: who’s gonna wear makeup for 24 hours? Nobody. That’s why I’d go for a foundation that is better suited for your skin type! Which leads… to my other point!


Like I said before, the lasting power of your foundation will depend on your skin type. For example, if you use a cream foundation on oily skin, it’s gonna drag for sure. If the foundation claims to be for ‘’all skin types’’, you should be great. 
(This is just a generalization)

Here’s a chart on what I’d suggest for all skin types:

Dry: Creams and liquids (that will not turn into a powder finish… for example I’d stay away from MAC Studio Fix fluid) 

Oily: Liquids and powders. 

Combination: Depends on what’s more prominent, either dry or oily

Normal: Lucky, you can try whatever you want

Sensitive: Depends if you have dry or oily skin… Just be careful on the products you’ll be using because it could break you out. Fragrance-free products are highly recommended. In fact, I highly suggest knowing what ingredients you are sensitive to.


People have this huge misconception that they must do a simple swatch on the jaw line then blend it out. If it disappears onto the skin, it’s the right shade. That is wrong… Most of the time! Why? Some people tend to be slightly lighter on the face than the rest of their body. So your foundation should match your entire body. If you want a more natural look, the first tip I can give you here is to find the right shade of foundation… Otherwise it’s gonna look like a mask. In order to find a good match, I would much rather test the color on your neck and chest than your face and jawline. 

Also another thing people forget is the undertone. A lot of people get confused between the shade and the undertone. The difference is that the shade determines on a scale from fair to ebony, how pale or dark we are. The undertone is the pigmentation of our skin. There are 4 different ones: cool (pink), warm (yellow, golden, orange), neutral (both cool and warm or none of them) and olive (green, brown). A common way to know your undertone is to look at your veins. If your veins are blue-ish, it means you have cool undertones. If it is green-ish you’re warm toned. If there’s a mix of these two, you’re neutral toned. I, personally, don’t follow this tip because it’s overall simply confusing… and especially since you can determine an undertone just by looking at it, or even with somebody’s ethnicity. For example, East Asian people have 99% of the time a warm (yellow/golden) undertone. 

I could make an entire post on this topic but I’m just generalizing here. There’s so much more to tell about skin tones and colors.

Tip #1: If it’s hard for you to find the right foundation shade(especially if you’re very pale), you can always just use concealer. Since the ‘’Kim Kardashian contour and highlight’’ pass, companies have released lighter concealer shades.
Tip #2: You can’t decide what shade matches you the best? I’d suggest to go for the lightest one and if it’s too light, you can always use a darker setting powder or bronzer to correct the shade. 
Tip #3: People with oily skin should probably go a shade lighter since most products tend to oxidize easier. 


There are several types of coverages you can go for: sheer, light, medium, buildable and full.

Sheer: Very natural finish. Barely any coverage. Just there to even out your skin tone. Best for people with good skin. For example: Tinted moisturizer.

Light: Natural finish. A little more coverage than the sheer one and evens out the skin tone. Best for people with good skin. Depending on the foundation and on how many layers you put, you can get a medium coverage. For example: Western BB creams.

Medium: Can range from a natural to a heavy feel depending on how many layers you apply. Most medium coverage foundations can turn into a full coverage if you apply a second layer. For example: Asian BB Creams, most foundations, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation…

Buildable: When you can build up the coverage to a higher one. The most recommended method when you have a foundation like this, is to wait a few minutes for the first layer to set, then apply the second one.

High/full: Actually the most ‘’controversial’’ foundation of them all. I think it’s important to talk about some points of a high coverage foundation… Most of them feel indeed heavier just with one layer but they cover well. You may not even need concealer. However, they can look cakey, especially if you use powder on top. It may also accentuate the appearance of pores. BUT if you use it in moderation it can create an amazing photographic skin. You can sheer it down with a little bit of moisturizer or use a fix spray to feel fresher.


Now, the reason why using SPF or sunscreen can be problematic is because it can create a white cast (which looks ghostly) on photos.  Also, it depends on where you are and if the flash is required. If you are outdoors, this may not be a problem, just be sure your face is matte.
The higher the SPF is, the higher the chances of a white cast (Side note: there’s not a lot of difference between SPF30 or SPF50 when it comes to protection… Good sun protection is the one that you will re-apply every 2 hours.) My only one recommendation here is: protect your skin, even if there is a white cast. Also, there are exceptions. Not all kind of sunscreens or foundations with SPF photograph bad. Mineral sunscreens (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) tend to be the ones that will leave a white face because they reflect the sun rays whereas the chemical ones absorb them instead. 

For example: MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation SPF15 (recommended for dry/normal skin) and CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation SPF20 (recommended for oily/normal/combination skin) are both amazing foundations with SPF that don’t leave a white face. 

Are BB/CC creams okay to use? Taking from my personal experience, I’ve never had any problem with Asian BB creams WHEN I set my face with a powder after and WHEN they’re a perfect match. Even if it was SPF50 I never encountered any problem. I can’t tell for western BB creams though…

Finally, I’d still suggest SPF (on your face and body) because you can prevent a lot just by using it. If you put makeup, the chances of white cast are lower because of all the products you’ve used after, the effectiveness of your SPF is reduced. 

Since you have to re-apply protection every 2 hours, how can you do that when you already have a face full of makeup? 
Powders with SPF are a good way to go, plus you are re-touching your makeup. BareMinerals has an amazing range of powders with SPF. Face mists or makeup setting sprays with SPF can also be an option. Keep in mind that you won’t get the same kind of protection as if you were applying liquid sunscreen all over your face! It is only okay for touch-up. Don’t base your whole sun protection on SPF makeup.

Here are some foundation recommendations depending on the skin type:

(FYI: I have oily-combination skin. Dealing with an oily T-Zone (nose and forehead) and normal to dry in the other parts of my face. My skin type has changed over the past few years so I experimented LOTS of foundations.)

For oily skin: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous SPF20, Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo, Revlon Colorstay (liquid formula for oily skin), MAC Studio Fix Powder, MAC Studio Fix Fluid

For dry skin: MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation, YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat

For all skin type: Make Up For Ever HD, L’Oréal True Match, Sephora 10H Wear Perfection

For sensitive skin: Be sure the product you are using is fragrance free or at least, know what ingredient(s) your skin tends to react to. 

If you want to know how to apply your foundation, go check my post about makeup brushes for face!

The Sense of An Ending

7 Days of Christmas: Day 2- Yoongi

Day 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Warning(s): Liquor consumption & Mentions of death/loss/grief

A/N: Happy Day 2 of 7 Days of Christmas! I must warn you, things are about to get real deep, but I hope you enjoy, and as always, please let me know what you think!

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You could already sense the hours you’d be spending in your room, staring out at the peaceful calm of the ocean, but never taking the steps to soak in the summer air, or the ocean breeze. That was going to be your punishment. This was going to be your prison. You weren’t going to allow yourself to truly enjoy this vacation simply because you didn’t want to, and you knew this was more than a lovely get away for you and him. No, it was so much more than that.

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Appreciate The Art

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.3k

Summary: You and Taehyung are on a museum date because you’re both art geeks but for some reason, the Mona Lisa doesn’t seem to take his breath away

Note: I’m an art freak and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t imagining myself on a museum date with Taehyung ever since those Van Gogh photos came out. 

Originally posted by toughchim

“Look! It’s the ‘Portrait of Patience Escalier 1888’! Oh the colour is so much more vibrant than the pictures!”

“They’re duller due to old age, actually.”

“Holy shit! It’s his ‘Portrait as an Artist 1888’! And the ‘Peasant Woman Portrait of Gordina de Gredoot 1885’! And the ‘Portrait of Adeline Ravoux 1890’!”

“Honestly, Jagi. You’ve been here a thousand times, do the paintings really still amaze you that much?” Taehyung asked, watching you fret over the various Van Gogh paintings positioned on the pristine walls of the museum.

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What color are eren's eyes? I know in the manga they are gray and the anime they are like teal, but some people said stuff about them being gold? And also there is his hair, some places said brown and some said black, and I'm just like?? Which is it? Lmao

In color panels of the Manga, he is shown to have silver eyes.
In in the anime, his eyes are turquoise.

The gold eyes trope originated from the Junior High spin off manga:

Personally, I only consider him with silver or turquoise eyes to be canon. However, I imagine for artists, it is very fun to play around with the different variations of his eye color lol. 

As far as his hair color; it can be considered black or brown tbh.

Personally, I look at Eren’s hair kind of like how I do my own hair color which is technically considered “soft black” on the hair color scale. It’s an extremely dark brown that looms black-ish in certain lighting. It sits right at the cusp and brunette and onyx in pigment and usually has a red or gold undertone. Whereas jet black hair (think Mikasa and Levi) usually has cool undertones like blue or violet, and is very rich in pigment.

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what are the paladins favorite colors of lipstick for their s/o to wear? gotta leave cute kiss marks for them to notice in the mirror later! <3

- Light pink!
- If there’s a little shimmer in there, that’s great also
- To be honest, as long as his S/O is smiling he’s okay with everything <3

- He’s pretty confused that nude is not only an option, but a family of colours
- He’s not a hypocrite, and his lips are drier than the desert he lived in, so he won’t outright state a preference
- But it’s dark purpley red
- Kind of like a,, vampy mauve

- Also red
- But very bright
- He likes that his S/O has the confidence to pull it off and he loves to look at them and kiss them while they’re wearing it

- I think they’d like darker pinks
- Not fuchsia, just a little bit subtler
- But not baby pink, they think that looks like the trademark frosty pink lip of the 90s

- Also dark red
- No cool undertones though, warm red for sure
- He doesn’t really mind a finish, but he’s learned that if it’s glossy it’ll likely transfer onto his lips after a kiss so that’s his favourite

Lonely Girl

Jughead Jones x Reader

Songfic- Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive

(Y/n) (L/n). Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones. In middle school, the four of them were thick as thieves. Especially (Y/n) and Jughead Jones. It was rare to ever see them apart and when they were they had plans to get back to each other as soon as possible. Many in Riverdale thought they we dating or destined to be together.

The summer that the gang would be going to high school everything changed. Jughead suddenly changed and decided he hated (Y/n). Except, (Y/n) changed to. After Jughead made up his mind, (Y/n) got shoved out of the group. Apparently, Archie and Betty didn’t care about (Y/n). After the initial shock from Riverdale over Jughead cutting (Y/n) off, parents were soon glad their kids wouldn’t be exposed to who (Y/n) became.

(Y/n) didn’t talk to anyone much, preferred music over people. No one really saw them talk, but as soon as (Y/n) was alone they sang like it would be their last. No one saw them smirk when they strutted into Riverdale High after seeing a flyer for a music show. Knowing Archie would be playing, everyone would be there.

Jughead recently had a falling out with Archie and poor little Betty would follow the redhead into the dark, making it obvious who side she’d pick. For once, he’d know how it felt to be (Y/n). Abandoned by everyone they thought could be trusted. For weeks (Y/n) went home and practiced.

Every day some of (Y/n)’s new serpent friends would knock on the door. Everyday (Y/n) would open the door and they would follow the routine. By the time the day came (Y/n) became an improved vocalist and had an even better bassist, drummer, and guitarist.

Perfection was barely distant. This wasn’t about winning anything or becoming famous. All (Y/n) wanted was to prove a point.

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Asdfghjjkl dang. Your coloring skills are so tricking good like woahh. May I ask though, how do you colour? Just the process of it at least, maybe. Hhnngg, thank you ;;;

hi der anon aaa- thank you ;; A ;; )/ oh oooOH
if u rlly wan kno, here’s a thing- color process?? its rlly bad???

so uhh dis is kenma btw lolol 
-as usual i start with a sketch dat i consider lineart aha
- color block (i use a color i normally wudnt use)
- i clip the next layers onto da color block (base, shading, etc)

- use a soft round brush to liek add blush? da color depends- i liek go for oranges on warm undertone/ reds on cool undertone

-shading! (i use #d5b2b8 set on multiply)
- i also add color(the one i used as blush) to lineart

- nao i jus group them all then add other effects such as color, filters (cOZ FILTERS R NICE OK), etc.

- i duplicate that and merge it all together, dis is where i clean up & fix things including painting over places ive missd, liquify (!!!), etc.

- i sometimes use iris blur to make it fancy lol 

then ur done!!! aaaaa ;;; A ;;; /

thejak  asked:


- Hades has two sons, Hayden and Harris, but both have different mothers which makes them step siblingngs.

- You probably wouldnt be able to tell that Hayden is the son of Hades, if it wasn’t for his wild blue hair and cool undertones skin that represents his father vividly.

- Personality wise, the two are very different. While Hades is known for rambling on for hours and being a tad awkward in general, Hayden is very chill and more on the quite side. (But he still likes to only maintain a few friends)

- He is the older than his brother and prides himself on being much more mature.

- Hayden isn’t very athletic, despite his naturally fit body, and instead just likes to hang out and cause casual trouble around the Isle.

- Used to date Evie. They had been together for a year and a half before their personal lives had gotten inteinewith their relationship and had just abandoned the mess in the end.

-Never less he isn’t one who you’d want to mess with. Though he is very slow to anger, he is also known to fight his own battles.

- Another thing to point out is his hatred towards Auradon. He doesn’t constantly preach about his strong despise for the kingdom, like some folk do, but it’s obvious of his desire to rain terror upon the citizens in Auradon due to the way his eyes harden whenever he speaks of the privileged land.

- Harris is a very different story compared to his older brother.
Although seeming to inherit his dad’s talkative persona, he still is very althetic and more friendly.

- He’s slightly muscular and a couple inches shorter than Hayden, despite only being three years younger. Harris also dyes his hair different colors all the time, claiming that blue is ‘boring as hell’.

- Unlike his family as well, he doesn’t appear to have much bitterness when it comes to the people in Auradon. I mean, sure, being stuck on a giant trash pile for his entire life sucks, but complaining about it isn’t gonna get you too far.

- Harris can usually be described as someone who talks a bit too much, but his goofy grin seems to just charm everyone into forgetting about any of his flaws.

- One of his ‘flaws'being not a complete asshole, tearing random shirt and stealing anything he can get his hands on like everyone else on the Isle.

- Jay has been his friend since they were kids, and he had secretly been the only one to notice his lack of desire to cause chaos.

- When he gets to Auradon, he plays as many sports as possible.

- Hayden dislikes his brother, but Harris just wishes he would stop being such a downer.

- Name calling each other everything besides their actual names.

- Hades usually just sighs and sip some 'special juice’ whenever the duo get into another one of their heated arguements.

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I would like to buy the pro filt'r foundation but i'm scared to buy the wrong color cause even with the photos i can't figure out which color is mine! i can't go to store cause we don't have Fenty Beauty in Switzerland and i don't rlly wanna spend money on shipping and return 😢😢😢 I'm so sad cause i wanted a new foundation and this one looks perfect, everyone says it does a great job 💔

Yes, a lot of people are scared to buy the wrong color, but I would say try finding out if you have a cool, natural, or neutral undertone. You can find that out here.  Findation helps you find your shade for all brands of foundation. Just select Fenty Beauty and it has all of her shades and says if it’s cool, neutral, or warm. Then you can also use the foundation shade finder on Fenty Beauty. I hope this helps! 

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What would poly!hamilsquad think if their s/o was like, super into make up? Thanks

i hope this is okay?? because i’m not crazy into makeup but i know enough abt it? anyways here you go!

  • they always tell you how beautiful you look–with or without it 
  • they’re used to the “i’m not done with my makeup yet” text
    • they would be like “okay we’ll pick you up in ten minutes” and you’d be like “??? i won’t be ready by then”
    • the worst is when they’re like “we’re outside!!” and you’re not finished baking yet
    • it’s okay they still love you
  • if they take you to the mall, there’s a 95% chance you’ll drag them into sephora
    • you: “can we -” 
    • them: “go ahead” 
    • you: “i’ll be five minutes, i promise!”
    • it’s never just five minutes,,
  • they let you swatch on them
    • alex and herc are reluctant but laf and john don’t mind
    • one time laf fell asleep shirtless and you put swatches all over his back
  • you have to beg the boys to let you do their makeup
    • john’s the first one who says yes but it’s more of a “um, yes?”
    • he’s terrified because you pull out all this stuff and you’re saying a ton of things he doesn’t understand (cool undertones?? warm undertones??? what is this)
    • but you’re having a good time so he’s like “she’s almost done i can hang in there” 
  • shopping for you is tricky because they’re like “what doesn’t she have???”
    • they have one of the schuylers take you out and they collect intel
    • angelica/peggy/eliza will be like “okay she wants the kat von d contour palette” or “get her the new jaclyn hill palette and she’ll love you forever”
  • herc helps you organize your stuff
    • he got you a vanity in the guest bedroom too
    • he came home with a bunch of pretty containers and things for you and he made your space look really pretty
  • john can appreciate it the most because he can see it from an artist’s perspective
    • john: “it’s like you’re painting your face. in a way, it’s like art” 
    • you: “thank u for supporting me” 
  • he’ll help you pick out colors for your eyeshadow
  • alex is in awe,, he’s like “how much money have you spent on makeup” 
    • you kind of shrug
    • he doesn’t get it at all (”aren’t these lipsticks the same??” “alexander sweetie, no. this one is ultra matte!”) 
    • but it’s what you’re into so he tries not to bash it
    • he actually hypes you up the most
    • “looK AT MY PARTNER YES”
  • laf takes pictures for you if you have a beauty account
    • he’s the one that encouraged you to start a channel/blog
    • he does all the cute tags/challenges with you like “boyfriend does my makeup!” challenge
    • he’s actually pretty good at makeup so hit him up 
  • all of the boys know not to bug you especially when you’re doing your wings
    • it’s like the unwritten law of the house
    • you cannot be bothered,,,
  • they find false lashes in the bathroom after you’ve gone out
  • they make sure to compliment you on your highlight/wings/contour because you smile really big

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can i get uhhhhhhhh ,, hcs about stan and makeup pleaseeee <3


- stan knows he wants to try out makeup but has no idea where to start

- he ends up raiding his mums drawer and getting like. yves st laurent red lipstick out

- he doesnt realise how expensive it is so he just goes for it

- turns out red isnt his colour so he drops it and is kinda disappointed

- after that he starts looking at how bev does her makeup and watches tutorials

- he now knows how to tell if you have warm, cool or neutral undertones and has an idea of all the basics

- he then ends up going to the shop and getting like. the cheapest makeup bc what if he sucks and spends all his money on really good stuff????

- after buying it he gets home and tries his best to create A Look™

- its….not the best

- his eyeliner is shaky and he cant really blend well yet

- hes upset but hes gotta keep trying so every night he’ll stop hanging with the losers like. half an hour earlier than usual and run home to do it because hes excited n he loves it!!!!!!!

- a month goes by and he gets kinda frustrated bc hes a drama queen and he just cant get anything right bc hes a major perfectionist

- he shows up at bevs door on a saturday night

- wonky eyeliner, an attempt at a smoky eye, WAY overdrawn nude lips

- “help?”

- bc bev is an angel she immediately takes him in for a masterclass

- “no you dont have to get your liner perfect, thats what cotton buds are for”

- “look you can get a blending brush pretty cheap at ulta ill take you next week”

- “your contour is way too dark, you need it in fair”

- bc hes so desperate for help stans like YEAH YES LETS GO NOW

- bev sits him down instead and decides she’ll give him the Look Of His Dreams

- he ends up looking like an angel basically

- light pinks + soft neutrals r his fav

- he asks bev to do it on him again when he sees the rest of the losers for….reasons

- when they see him they go all heart eyed

- bill is like…👀👀👀👀👀

- eventually he gets his liner right and ends up calling bev saying I DID IT!!! and takes SO many pictures of himself

- the losers end up buying him makeup palettes for his birthday and stan could honestly cry hes so grateful

- they dont have much money but they all pitch in to buy him really good quality stuff

- then he finds….Glitter

- he puts it on his cheekbones, inner corners, lips, hair (he couldnt get it out for weeks but it was cool)

- his fav brand? milk makeup

- he loves their holographic highlighter + pigments + their blush oil bc hes a blush slut

- also!!! loves drawing on freckles!!!!!!!!!!

- in the summer he’ll just draw on some freckles + put on mascara, bronzer + lip gloss n hes good to go

- he then develops his own really cool style w/ abstract shapes n bold colours n AHHHH

- he definitely has a makeup insta account dont fight me on this

- the losers promo him and have notifications on for when he uploads

oh god this got longer than i expected