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lmao so this dumb australian cosmetic brand brings out a new foundation with 6 shades in their range; one extremely pale shade and two “deep” shades, and people are surprised and content this is a good selection. mind you, the last two “deep” shades are cool undertones and like nw30/35. like, i’m not even that dark of a complexion at all and i can tell you this is pathetic. and some white person is arguing that there isn’t a big of a market for deeper shades. there is, but as long as you’re included in the market they target, this is a good selection because there is one extremely pale shade. diversity.

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How do you find out if you have a warm or a cold skin tone? (Sorry about my English)

Skin undertones can be warm, cool or neutral.

Your skin is warm if:

  • your veins appear green;
  • your skin has golden tones;
  • you quickly bronze or darken in the sun;
  • your eyes are green, hazel or warm brown;
  • the skin behind your ear is yellowish;
  • gold jewelry suits you better than silver.

People with warm skin tone should look for foundations that have a golden or yellow base. Warm shades are often labeled beige, golden, tan, caramel, and chestnut.

Your skin is cool if: 

  • the veins on your wrist appear blue;
  • your skin has rosy tones;
  • you burn easily in the sun;
  • your eyes are blue, gray or deep brown;
  • the skin behind your ear is pink or rosy;
  • silver jewelry suits you better than gold.

Cool-toned people should look for foundations with rosy, red or a blue base. Cool shades are often labeled porcelain, rose, sable, cocoa.     

You have a neutral skin tone if:

  • it’s hard to determine the color of your veins;
  • both gold and silver jewelry look good on you;
  • you have both rosy and golden tones in your skin. 

People with neutral skin tone have the easiest time finding foundation. Neutral shades are often labeled ivory, buff, nude, and praline.

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Hello :o I wanna ask something and it's kinda weird btw, if your opinion which one of the member is on the skin "pale side" and which one aren't? It's super hard for me to tell because of the makeup, etc. for example once I watched a video where Kookie told jimin that he was pale as him and then I saw a picture here and in my mind I thought... But this isn't that pale... Sorry if this bothers you, I love all the races :) ^^

Hello! don’t worry, it’s not that weird haha. well first of all, there’s no such thing as a “pale side” or “dark side”. Skintones come from a varying gradient and can have neutral, cool, or warm undertones. Jungkook and Jimin are both mediums with different undertones. They were probably referring to their skintone comparing to each other/within the group and not as a whole in the human race. Even tho all the members get very whitewashed, in Jungkook’s case it can be very misleading, giving the idea that he’s very pale as in close to Yoongi for example, which is not true. It’s also worth mentioning that they got darker with time since debut, with the exception of Jimin, he got paler.

Here’s a good scale of light to deep skintones with neutral/cool/warm undertones:

You can use the pictures from their recent Puma advertising photoshoot as reference:

We hope this helped clarify your doubts ~

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Fedoraharp’s Gimmel All Your Money is a periwinkle shimmer packed with gold foil fleck that is reminiscent of the gold foil in Zoya Crystal or Apple. The base color has a bit more cool violet undertone to it than my camera picked up and is similar to my beloved OPI Into the Night. 

I don’t see Gimmel All your Money in Fedoraharp’s etsy right now (x) but you should check out some of the other gorgeous options. 

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Hey Rebecca! Can someone who has pale skin with neutral and slightly cool undertone make orange eyeshadow and/or lipstick work? Thank you 💕

Yeah! Wear whatever you like. It’s about just balancing the rest of your makeup so you don’t look too clownish or too heavy when you’re really fair. Check out JKissa on youtube. She’s pretty fair and cool and wears colors all the time.

Ok now not being funny but harrys advertising technique is so fuCKING CLEVER like we saw him do the whole three white pics thing and then he dropped this amazing fucking photoshoot and now he’s done the white pic thing again everyone’s like oooo boi whatchu got👀👀 LIKE CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO ACKNOWLEDGE HOW WELL HARRYS TEAM HAVE PLANNED HIS ADVERTISEMENT TO SUIT HIS COOL AND MYSTERIOUS UNDERTONES!!!?!??!! FUCKING GENIUS

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Do you know if the maybelline fit me dewy foundation oxidizes at all? I've been using L'Oréal pro glow but the maybelline one is cheaper so I might try it when I run out. I'm 202 in the L'Oréal one with cool/ashy undertones and I don't want to end up orange

Anyone know? I’ve used the fit me matte and it oxidized a bit.

I really wish more artists understood undertones

Like, I’d rather see a poorly chosen color than whitewashing, but like


Brown skin can have a ton of different undertones, p much regardless of how dark they are

Warm undertones! Red! Yellow! Orange! Maybe some pink!

Cool undertones! Blue! Purple (usually for darker skin)!

But you will almost never see a healthy person with a green undertone.

Just… pick an undertone that isn’t green. Look at pictures of people. Use the color dropper to make a palette off of that, even. Use palettes from any of the dozens of palette tumblrs

Obvs I’m not talking about the intricacies of how different lighting can affect the appearance of someone, esp bc those more dreary palettes can really add to the mood of a piece

But like

If you’re gonna bother to include dark skinned peeps (which you absolutely should), at least maybe don’t make them look like they’re rotting?

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