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You know what would be really cool to see in a future season of the Arrowverse? Interconnected storylines across shows.

I don’t mean that all of the shows need to be full-on crossovers, like they’re all working toward the same goal. (Partially because it would be really hard to conceive of a threat that the combined forces of the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, a whole squad of time travelers, and their assorted allies couldn’t defeat in minutes.) That would be frustrating for anyone who’s not interested in spending all their time watching four different shows. 

No, what I mean is, the shows–especially The Flash–love setting up this who’s-the-bad-guy plot, or how-can-we-defeat-this-threat, or where-or-when-is-our-enemy-hidden. Whatever it is, there’s some element of mystery that’s supposed to keep the viewers hooked. 

Well, if the writers are going to do that, they might as well make it a real mystery: hide clues! Give just enough details that a dedicated viewer can figure it out! Not with random, lucky guesses that happen to fit, but with genuine reasoning and detective skills. There are four shows! That’s so much time to work with! There’s a mysterious big bad whose identity is unknown on The Flash? Make a one-episode subplot of Legends that ties into that bad guy–but only if you’re really looking. Arrow’s season villain is impossible to defeat without, like, arrows that leave rainbows in their wake? Hey, here’s a piece of tech over on Supergirl that, if cleverly repurposed, could do just that. Pause one of the shows at just the right moment and look, in the background is a hint at something somewhere else. This character name mentioned offhandedly over here? Hey, maybe that’s related to something over there! 

Probably my favorite thing in the world of fandom is seeing everyone analyze information, puzzle out secrets, collectively investigate what’s going on and what might happen. This universe has a lot of great writers and four shows, and it really would not be that much more effort to pull off something like this–nobody would notice its absence, after all, if they change their minds halfway through a season! We won’t expect episode-long subplots or brief character mentions to become important.

But if they did? As someone who watches all four shows, it would be incredible to watch everything come together as the seasons end. This week, right here, the week before the season finales? The fandoms would be in an uproar, throwing information and screenshots from four different shows back and forth, trying frantically to piece everything together while we still have the chance. And, regardless of cliffhangers, seeing the solutions to everything would be amazingly satisfying.

There’s a difference between “secret” and “mystery”. And one of them is a lot more interesting to watch.


Also Cindy. It’s Canon. Now.

Roman: *Ahem* Water Tribe.

Well its been a tough week but we’re pushing through it. New tech equals new headaches and challenges but we’re slowly overcoming everything. Here is a first sneak peak of cloth armor and leather boots and the new characters. There is no specular, its using old animations and there is rigging issues but its working and will be really cool when all the little flaws are ironed out.

The buff system is getting overhauled and improved and will allow us to do a lot more cool things, like flaming arrows and buffs that interact with other buffs. We can play sounds from buffs so when you smack someone and score a critical hit it does more damage and plays a satisfying thud if your using a club.

We have a lot more to show yet we’re just getting warmed up. Seeing players wear new armor or running around naked is really cool. We’re not sure we want to run around naked or not. Maybe I’ll do a poll and see what people want.

We’re talking about a drop backpack ability in the game so you can drop your backpack and run faster. It would be useful to escape bad guys who just want your stuff anyway or for hunting, traveling light etc. We’re talking about making players add stink as they don’t bath, slaughter animals, and do other acts of stinkiness. You will have to get naked and take a bath in the river or somewhere and dropping your backpack would be required. This makes bathing interesting because someone might see you bathing and rob your stuff. All the more reason to make your own shower or tub in your fort. This is all talk, but its mostly possible with the buff 2.0 system and with clothing you see on your character it makes sense. It would’t be too often maybe once a week you need a bath. Maybe just running through the river is all it takes… we’ll see.