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y’all on anon when a black mod makes a mistake/says something wrong: “cancel mod x!” “delete them from the blog!” “mod x you’re a piece of shit!” “mod x is so gross”

y’all on anon when a non-black mod makes a mistake/says something wrong: hey mod x could you please retract what you said i’m sorry for the bother but what you said might be hurtful :)

y’all on anon when you feel entitled to us brown people kissing your white asses like the mules we are: hm sweetie :) did you know that WHITE STRAIGHT FURRIES are OPRESSED because THEY PUT ON ANIMAL CUSTOMES :) why don’t you go DIE on a DITCH #furryphobia.

by which I mean that some of you are a bunch of self-entitled asses who won’t even show your faces and expect us to solve your problems and keep up with you twisting our words and making shit up about what we say without saying a beep when you all don’t even have the decency of not being antiblack assholes.

and then you are like “aw but why was mod x so mean to me when i called them a fascist bitch after not reading their post :(”. I’m not going to say that we don’t make mistakes - all of us have, (AND THEN YOU CRITICIZE US FOR APOLOGISING ABOUT THAT), but so do you, and if you deserve respect then so do we

As opposed to your apparent belief, we don’t actually owe you guys anything (besides respect, when you give it to us), we’re here because we want to and we want to do good, and really? it feels like you just wanna sit down and discourse™ for the sake of it and because you feel like getting emotional labor and a Reaction out of us. Like you don’t actually care about the issues we discuss, you just want to be on the highest moral ground, as if such a thing even exists, and as if that in itself wasn’t bad - performative allyship for the sake of looking good.

My god, you take us for a bunch of naive assholes, do you think we don’t see through your shit?

Mod A.

Okay so random shout-out!!

My really reallyyy good friend Ashley (heheh..) also known as Wisteria over on youtube just restarted her channel not even a month ago! She’s just about to hit 500 subbies on her new channel and it would just be so awesome if ya’ll could go check out her content and give her some love <3 She does Sims 3 and sometimes Sims 4 LPs and she definitely deserves all the support and more!

Click here to check out her channel~ Please and thank you!

good afternoon, tumblr. it’s time for me to ramble about several things that have been on my mind lately. 

so i’m a sophomore in college, a journalism major. before starting college last fall, i had no previous experience in the world of journalism. i just knew that i loved to write, that i was good at it, and that my university didn’t offer a creative writing major- so i decided to give it a go. 
this past year has been full of lots of learning - and lots of questions (ex. am i studying the right thing?? do i actually want to go into journalism or did i just pick it because i felt like i had no other option?? am i- sometimes shy, always awkward - cut out for this at all??) 

for some reason, i got it into my head early on that everyone was expecting me to excel as a journalist immediately, even though i literally knew nothing about the field when i started last august. this belief has weighed me down ever since it first popped into my head and caused me unnecessary stress as i’ve constantly worried about what other people think of me and my abilities. i often feel unqualified surrounded by classmates who were editors of their high school newspapers, have already interned for major new corporations, etc. 

most of all, i am always worrying that i am not good enough for people, whether they be my professors, my friends, complete strangers, etc. i am terrified of disappointing them or failing to meet their expectations. 

today i walked out of an interview feeling like i hadn’t quite done my best. despite doing research, i still felt underprepared and awkward throughout the entire conversation (even though the person i was interviewing for my article was very kind and informative) as i walked toward the bus stop to head home, i was thinking about all the things i could have done differently.
but you know what? i’m still learning! just last week, i interviewed a real life rocket scientist (who is only 3 years older than i am!) and felt like it went really well! i had a blast talking to her, and i am so excited to put her story into words.  

there will always be ups and downs, but just because those downs exist doesn’t ever mean i should discredit myself and panic about not being good enough. this is the time in my life to TRY new things, to learn as much as i can and embrace opportunity - even if i don’t always feel qualified.

basically, the lesson i’ve been learning is this: i’d rather be honest than perfect.
i am not perfect and i never WILL be- it is something i can never achieve. but honesty and transparency and an open mind toward growth and development are certainly achievable and something i should always strive for.

growth is not immediate, it’s sometimes messy, and that is okay. i’m okay.

(and so are you) 


Just something I thought It’d be cool to point out. The purple monster is Grillby’s sister(who Chara disguised as) and Fuku’s mom, Seraphine! And look! The green guy is her (future) husband and Fuku’s dad, Aiden! They’re not gonna show up in the story ever again!

Also that is Grillby’s delinquent outfit. Not as important.

Muse at Red Rocks (2017) in under 3 minutes

0:00 - THE INTRO!! Holy cow, those three columns where they appear suddenly were just solid mirrored panels but they went back into the darkness and suddenly BOOM red flashes and their silhouettes!! Beautiful. You can hear my dad go “wahoah” :]

0:07 - Just loved Matt’s face during Psycho

0:23 - Apparently sometimes between songs he’ll play this arrangement of notes on his guitar. It’s the same arrangement of notes from Close Encounters of the 3rd kind!!! :O (knowing them, I’m not surprised)

0:38 - Matt being dramatic with lasers during Take a Bow

0:58 - The encore (Uprising) with even more dramatic Matt… he actually looks really cool on the screen when the spotlight is behind him with the fog and everything 👀

1:56 - The REAL finalé.. shortened because they just would NOT stop slamming their instruments. (ft. gibberish from Matt)

2:34 - Dom’s farewell (ft. Cheers!)

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English major anon: so im a big myth buff, and i was reading this thing on the Nemean Lion and how in one version of the tale the lion would pretend to be an injured woman and then when the victim got close enough she'd turn into a lion and eat them and offer the bones to hades? And i just thought - holy shit, Allura transforming into a giant, almost indestructible space lion while injured and fucking up some galra???? (Not eating them tho) DREAMWORKS GIVE ME THIS.

MMMMMMMMMMMM allura being white lion anyone????????????? 


I saw a post a while back about how science and art can be combined and just wanted to contribute. I’m sorry for these being literal screen shots.
A few years ago, my professor and an art professor here at Concord University decided to work together on a little project. My professor was given some glazed pottery to analyze in the ARL-SEMQ Microprobe we have here. The different colors represent different elements (listed bottom right in the pictures). You can choose any color to represent any element.
The first picture (in blue) appears like aquatic waves right? It’s just pure chemistry in the glaze!
The second picture (yellow/red) is basically a cross section of another piece of glazed pottery. The left side is the glaze, the right is the piece of pottery. You can see the distinct feldspar crystals in the glaze.
The third picture shows some zoning in crystals! For those of you who aren’t sure what zoning is - see those blobs that change colors? That’s a crystal going from one chemistry to another. Basically, you have a blob of liquid with all these different minerals floating around. As it begins to crystallize, certain elements and minerals will crystallize first based on temperature and other factors. The leftovers go to form the rest of the crystal. We can’t figure out exactly why some of them see to be reversing though! (Blue in green instead of green in blue)
The other two just look like really cool abstract art pieces, but they’re just crystals!
The plan was to eventually have an art exhibit using this mashup, but unfortunately, the plan fell through (a Microprobe genius has a lot to do after all! Also funding).
Forgive my rambling. I just love this idea. Art is important. Science is important. And I hate seeing others bash others for their degree path.

Key animation from Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness” by Tatenaka Junpei

Things heard in a conservation lab this afternoon:

  • “Well you see, the reason we have this is because murder
  • “King Henry VIII’s armor fits me best, but his thighs are strangely skinny”
  • *hits an antique gun several times with a hammer*
  • “You see, I brought this here in several pieces over many weeks so I wouldn’t be brought to jail if someone caught me with a full 19th century rifle on the subway”
  • “If someone points this one at you, run
  • “I would’ve brought the swords out but I was worried you might cut each other’s limbs off”

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Gasp epic goth? Is that a thing?

not really but now you gave me ideas—

So we all know that Epictale bassically based on anIMUS.. x’D so I kinda take inspiration from Child Emperor from OPM- because Goth would totally be those animu overpowered children that act all mighty in epictale lmao >w> BUT NAAH HE’S NO MATCH TO THE REAL HEROOOO ^^^ <3

#tips on how to make things epic-er: make everything super big on your char #SHOT

also this whole epictale based on anime things give me another ideas…