cool thanks bro

you know what, i’ll post one more fic tonight since a) i actually wrote all of this tonight and b) i’ve been dying to write this prompt for ages

so have some tybalt and benvolio angst inspired by this prompt!

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x-kingdraws-x  asked:

DUDE I just discovered you from that Danny Phantom animation meme you posted on YouTube and it blew me away, and your art is stunning too! Keep up the great work!

TYSM dude!!! The DP animation took some time so im super excited that you like it!

Dude but like?? have you seen your own art???? ITS so so flattering to gee a compliment from someone who has as good an art style as you i reaLLY LOVE YOUR WORK <3

kurbynu  asked:

How you draw got me so jelly, its too adorable to be true, but it is, the last comic you did, the one with the cuddling, just melted me, i sat there reading it over and over, cuz I just loved it so. If u could draw them cuddling more, I would b happy

oMg what a sweet message, glad you enjoyed the comic!:)

strangelythirsty  asked:

Wrt that ask meme abt what ppl view you: I see u as an older sibling type archetype. The really cool kind with leather jackets and sunglasses that makes other ppl a bit envious in a "I wish they were my sib" kind of way. But also kind of a punk like the bad ass kind who beats up bad people and protects kittens and tells everyone not to do drugs IDK

oh my god thats all i ever wanted pFFFFF 

this one’s for u james corden

indigonite  asked:

oh my god your last drawing of solangelo/jasico was so cute it physically affected me, i just cant stop smiling ITS TOO GOOD YOUR ART IS TOO GOOD bless you bless you for blessing us with those adorable dorks

glad you liked the thing :D (& thaNK YOU!!)

choiminoh replied to your post: 1, 11, 22, 28, 29, 30 :D

i hope u had a good day at school bro!!!

i love u :c 

things i understand: people not liking youtubers
things i do not understand: people finding it necessary to put posts stating they do not like youtubers in these youtubers’ tags

anonymous asked:

So you know how waayy back when DRv3 was first shown we all kinda started to ship who is now known as Kiibo and Momota together but now as a thousand more things have released we have started to stray away from that ship and started pairing Kiibo with Ouma (in game interactions) and Momota with Saihara (Official art and merch put them together)? I thought because of this, we should have all four of them be a group. Double dates. Hanging out. The SQUAD. All friends. Happy. What are your thoughts?


anonymous asked:

fffff i love ur siren company so much frck i wanna doodle them they're amazing and so are you just so you know you're like my inspiration and ur really cool bro

(aw thank you so much omg!! You’re more than  welcome to doodle them omg i’d love to see!
Is there one you’d like a ref of?)

anonymous asked:

You inspire and scare me at the same time :') God bless your amazing art AND YOUR IDEAS ARE JUST SO AWESOME AND WEIRD LIKE HOW R U SO COOL BRO

thanks!! why are you scared tho?? do i come off as intimidating? :o

miwacchi  asked:

once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool :)

Thanks bro, that so nice!!

1. My eyes, they are a really cool blue

2. My freckles 

3. My independence 

4. My knowledge of random things 

5. My all right artistic ability