cool textures

@gabriielreyes you made like……1 singular post about this a few days ago but i havent stopped thinking about it



“I like my baby hair with baby hair and afro”

I’ve always wanted to see Storm with kinkier hair texture. How cool would it be to see the most iconic black female superhero stuntin’ with protective hairstyles? Imagine her hair being as fluffy as the clouds that are at her command.

I think about this a lot.



there’s a little girl at work i just wanna talk about a bit

she’s 7, she’s autistic and has a physical condition so she can walk with a walker but usually uses a tiny, tiny wheelchair with patterned wheels

when she is excited, she flaps, rocks, shrieks and she spins her chair in tiny circles. oh my god

she is pretty much the opposite of tactile defensive. if she sees a cool new texture she is going in with both fists. no craft or edible substance is safe. and no-one is safe from the mess. she comes to our afterschool service and her entire body and chair are always coated in paint, glitter and other miscellaneous stains. always

never do a craft activity with her without accepting that she will be covered in whatever it is up to her elbows, and any nearby surfaces will get liberally coated

i made candles with her, with soya wax at a very low temperature and it’s a good thing i did because she was like “stir colour in with crayons? how about overflow the entire container by dumping crayons in and then pulling them out by hand?”

she’s good friends with a slightly older boy who has a physical condition and can’t talk, and she has learned to do choice hands with him, so when she comes into our evening service and sees him she says “hi [name], did you have a good day at school? yes or no” and does the choice hands, all while wiggling with happiness at seeing him

she communicates mostly through scripting one way or another, like pretty much everything she says has a singsong quality to it and has obviously been pieced together and practised, which i think is amazing and wonderful. one thing she says often when she leaves is, “thank you for inviting me to [organisation], see you on [day of next service!]”

when she makes cakes, which she loooooves doing, your main difficulty is preventing her very casually eating all the mix and the icing as she goes along…again, in fistfuls. the best bit is her completely nonchalant demeanour as she does this