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Coming soon: Money from your Tumblr

On Thursday, we’re going to introduce ads on Tumblrs, so that later this year people can start making money from their blogs.

Tumblr is a place where brilliant, creative, funny, impossible people shape culture. Some of you have even turned your passions into jobs: book deals, music careers, paid gigs with the Creatrs program. Now, (soon!) that opportunity will be available to any eligible Tumblr—poet, musician, fan artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike.

Some things you’re probably wondering:

Do you have to? Good question. No, you can turn off on-blog advertising in settings if you’re not comfortable with it.

When? Who? How? How much? Also good questions! We’re still working out the details of the partner program but as soon as we have details to share, we’ll make announcements right here on trusty Staff. Just so you know: You won’t be able to make money until you register for the program—which is coming soon.

Okay, cool. Ta ta for now!

Behind the Scenes of SEVENTEEN’s Boom Boom MV

Pledis: Okay you guys it is FINALLY time! We are going to release a dark concept!

Jun: Thank God

Joshua: *quietly* noo

Vernon: *high fives S.Coups*

Hoshi: Wait…Why????

Pledis: Um maybe because you have only done cute concepts since debut, and Carats are ready to see you be mysterious, dangerous, bad and show yourselves as tortured souls.

Minghao: *looks up with puppy eyes* I thought we already were tough?

Seungkwan: *pulls out nail file and begins filing nails* Yeah our manly image exudes in every performance we give!

Jeonghan: *rolls eyes*

Pledis: Whatever. Look I want you to come strong with the action and charisma. We need mega sex appeal!

Dino: Pretty sure I’m not legal

Hoshi: Pretty sure nobody cares, SO! I have a great idea for the outfits!

Woozi:*under breath* of course you do

Pledis: Tell me

Hoshi: How about we wear these really cool jackets and we ta–

Pledis: TAKE THEM OFF AND SHOW BARE SKIN! GREAT IDEA! Usually that’s something Starship would do, but it’s not like that’s helped them one bit so we can do that most definitely!

Hoshi: I was going to say that when we take them off we reveal a track suit underneath!

Joshua: *raises hand* I second this idea.

S.Coups: Wow that is sexy! And how about we have a lot of spy and espionage type things, maybe even sho–


S.Coups: No…I was going to say we can show a bunch of maps and kind of stand out on in a soccer field or something.

Seungkwan: And I can even have a restless sleep with a ship in a bottle behind me!


Vernon: Wow, This dark concept sounds awesome. Move over BAP. We’re about to be the top dogs of darkness!

Wonwoo: I want to dye my hair blonde, I want to really show the bad boy look

Mingyu: And we did get the okay to dye my hair out of this ridiculous orange color right? It’s bad enough having one video with this color I DEF don’t want two.


S.Coups: Oh so you want us to suggest something dark to you?

Pledis: YES!!!

S.Coups: *gestures to Jeonghan*

Jeonghan: *flicks his hair back and walks over to Pledis*

Jeonghan: *puts hand on Pledis shoulder*

Jeonghan: *leans in and whispers* If you don’t let us do whatever the CENSORED we want to CENSORED do then we’ll leave you and your CENSORED company in the dust so fast you’ll be kissing Nu’est butts with chapstick to try and hit it big again. Got it?

Pledis: Wha-wha-what??


Pledis: *jumps* Y-yes Sir…I mean Sirs!

S.Coups: Good, now go. And don’t come back unless you have our paychecks and a–

Dino: bag of skittles!

S.Coups: *rolls eyes* Bag of skittles in your hands!

Pledis: *turns and leaves*

Joshua: So….when did we get so bold exactly?

Hoshi: when we realized our record sales were the only thing that was keeping the lights on.

Woozi: Finally.

Joshua: I’ll admit, it does feel a little good.

Jeonghan: *stands back up* I’ll be back. I want to go scream at him again and see if he’ll cry this time.

S.Coups: Have fun!


Davey learns Crutchie’s real name, but that’s not the only thing he learns.

// This story contains references to child abuse. If that kind of content makes you uncomfortable, proceed with caution! //

AO3 Version

“So, I’ve kinda got a question,” Davey asked, wondering silently how he wound up playing cards with the King of Brooklyn and the King of Brooklyn’s (best friend? Boyfriend? Davey didn’t know) , on some random Tuesday night in the middle of summer.

“You always do, Mouth,” Spot said, while Race asked, “What is it?”

“So, what’s with the whole nickname thing? Like,” Davey glanced around the dim room, wringing his hands together. “Why do some of you guys go by nicknames ‘nd some don’t?”

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Rusty Nail's Recipes

It’s been a while, Dear Drinkers; I’ve been kept apart from my duties here in terms of the creation of enlivening libations. No longer! I’ll be working to make sure I keep providing y'all the content that brought you here in the first place. You know, trying harder to stay true to myself. Speaking to that en, today’s honoree knows more than most about the pure and unadulterated value of knowing ones self, and striving to retain and grow that concept in a frightening, uncertain, and potentially hostile environment. Despite this risk, today’s honoree works every day to stay who they know they are.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

It’s Glittershell!

This filly does her best to keep herself true to who she is, until the day she’s fully able to be that to everyone. Doin’ that, while trying to navigate the tricky waters of teenage romance is taxin’ at the best of times. That she’s doin’ as well as she is, given her circumstances, is impressive, and inspiring.

A Glittershell


  1. Chilled Wine Goblet. (This is a different kind of glass than a flute. Shorter, and wider. It’s deeper than a martini glass. Looks a lot like a tumbler on a stem.)
  2. 1 cup crushed ice
  3. 1 ½ oz White Rum
  4. ¾ oz Grand Marnier
  5. ¾ oz fresh lime juice
  6. 1 oz simple syrup (Mix 1 oz  REALLY hot water with 1oz sugar, stir, let cool, and ta-da, you have Simple Syrup. It’s 1:1 Water to Sugar)
  7. ½ fresh, peeled peach
  8. 1 small, edible purple orchid.

Special Equipment:

A Blender.

Making a Glittershell:

  1. Put all ingredients, except for the orchid, in the blender
  2. Blend well
  3. Pour blender’s contents into glass
  4. Garnish drink with purple orchid.
  5. Drink!

You’ve just made a Glittershell!

This drink is quite reliant on its decorative garnish. Glittershell doesn’t have many means to express who she really is, and accessories colored a rich, deep purple have special meaning to her. I chose the drinks ingredients to match Glitter’s coat, and the orchid to accessorize. Even if it’s not… Matching.

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, Dear Drinkers!

What do you guys bribe people with in America?
Here, when you want people to talk about your campaign for a comittee or get people to vote for you, you use timbits.
You want to thank a class for being cool? Your TA breaks out the timbits.
Y'all don’t have timbits.
What do you use?

notebooksandtea  asked:

Hey, I'm a baby witch and heard you know about plants??? Any suggestion for good dorm room plants for an upcoming witch....?

Hey, little witchling! 💕
I have also had to deal with the struggle of dorm life so I know it can be hard! As I would suggest to anyone in a confined space, herbs are always and easy and safe go to. Especially Mint or Rosemary because they’re excellent healing herbs and often used in the craft. 🌿
I grew aloe Vera and peace lilies personally. They’re both rather small but tall plants. Aloe Vera and lilies both are pretty low maintenance plants. Aloe Vera is said to promote optimism in the living space and Peace Lillies are said to promote good memory! 🙊 You can use the leaves of both for healing ointments as well.
English Ivy is a great hanging plant because it absorbs A LOT of toxins.
Sago Palms are great, they literally thrive on little to no care plus its prehistoric so that’s pretty cool.
Ta-da! Oh, you can also grow sweet peppers if that’s your thing. 💕🌙


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#125 - “Stop right now or I won’t give you the last cookie”


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tfw your just a kid at the skate park and your dad makes you wear this really over-the-top obnoxious safety helmet and your just trying to be fairy-kei punk :\

The Seeker

(The best in story explantation of Pon Farr I have seen to date. Enjoy. )

A/N: “The Seeker” is a work of Pre-Reform Vulcan poetry, written by an unknown poet approximately one thousand years before the time of Surak. It was originally translated from Vulcan to Standard in 2229 by Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan for his private use. Any translation errors are the responsibility of the transcriber (starfleetdream on A03), not the Ambassador.

Veh vi Shi’kar T’Aitlun

The Seeker of the Sought

– Ri-fainu –

– Unknown –

Shi’kar nash-veh du

I seek you

Nam-tor ri vath.

There is no other.

Fai-tor du yeht’es t’nash-veh

You know my truth

Ri wi trasha du nash-veh

Yet do not forsake me.

Stron-tor ri nash-veh bolaya-noshtralar

I cannot escape my essential nature

Ngiq’e nash-veh ainlar t’sutenivaya

Assuming vestments of civility

Nam-tor au goh pasut dirik

They are but a crude disguise

Fai’ei nam-tor nash-veh goh kei-aushfamalurh

For I am solely a brutal savage

Sai-vei-tor nash-veh svi reshan heh raullar khrashik t’ish-veh

Clad in rage and its violent implements

Pakik s’kashkau eh yeht-kash’es

Lost to mind and sense.

Fawak vashau nash-veh katra maut

I will destroy the very essence

T’fan-veh vi thraptor du

Of any who would offend you

Il palikau lam-tor au svi etek.

Or attempt to stand between us.

Lam gluder t’mal-nef svi plak t’au

Standing knee-deep in their blood

Fawak kum-tor wi nash-veh du.

I will still claim you.

Sa~pu-tor du plak

You wash the blood away

Samuyau du tau eh hayal du lakht

Cool the fever and calm the rage

Sahaisau du so-resh

Dispel the madness

Tan-tor du nash-veh ha’kiv t’nash-veh pla

You give me my life back

Tor du nash-veh yeht-kashik va’ashiv

Make me sane again

Kal-tor du nash-veh ha-tor va’ashiv.

Let me live again.

Yontau nash-veh na’du

I burn for you

Heh goh du

And only you

Nam-tor ri vath.

There is no other.

Samuyau du qsa’ksas ni’rchlar

You cool the raging fires

Ta shivau au nash-veh tash-tor

That I am helpless to control

Yontau etek teretuhr

We burn together

Abi’ herbosh nam-tor etek

Until we are spent

Heh yi kup etek ha-tor va’ashiv.

And then can live again.

Im’roi nash-veh fa-du

I walk before you

Fosh-tor heh dor-tor nash-veh du

Protect and honor you

Ti hakiv t’nash-veh na’du

Lay down my life for you

Ek’ ta ma eh nam-tor nash-veh

All that I possess and am

Katra goh t’nash-veh

My very soul

Tan-tor nash-veh du-tor.

I give to you.

Nam-tor nash-veh t’du.

I am yours.

Shi’kar nash-veh du

I seek you

Nam-tor ri vath.

There is no other.

Kup du korsau vi nash-veh

You who can save me

Nam-tor khaf-spol t’nash-veh t-du ek’wak

My heart is yours eternally

Nam-tor du t’nash-veh.

You are mine.

*This poem is used as part of the story “Gratified by Your Company” [a Sarek/Amanda story] by starfleetdream

impisch  asked:

Coucou! Je voulais tous d'abord te dire que j'adore ton travail, j'espère pouvoir atteindre ton niveau un jour... :) Et aussi, si ça ne te dérange pas j'aimerais te demander quelle prépa as tu faite avant d'entrer aux Gobelins ? Voilà merci d'avance si tu prends de ton temps pour lire mon message! :D

Hmmm, y’a quelqu’un qui copie-colle ses asks, c’est pas cool, ça (bien que ta question soit formulée fort poliment, ce dont je te remercie). Manque de pot, @asitari, c’est un de mes camarades de classe, alors je vois ce qu’il met sur son tumblr. Allez, sans rancune, mais si nous, on prend le temps de répondre, c’est sympa de prendre le temps d'écrire sa question à chacun individuellement (je dis ça à la cantonade.). Un conseil, si tu fais des lettres de motivation pour des écoles d’art, n’applique pas la même stratégie, ça va pas le faire, le “j’ai toujours voulu rentrer aux Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg” dans ta lettre pour les Gobelins.

Bon, tant qu’à y être, je vais quand même pas copier-coller la réponse de mon camarade…

J’ai fait un an de prépa à Prép’art Sud (à Toulouse, ah, quelle belle ville…) : ils m’ont beaucoup aidée à élargir ma culture artistique/cinématographique et à essayer plein de trucs différents. Après, j’ai fait une année de DNAP 1 à l’EESI d’Angoulême (sympa pour l’expérimentation et pour la culture artistique, mais pas pour la technique de dessin, même si on a eu des profs très chouettes). Avant Prep’art, j’avais fait des études de maths. La conclusion, c’est qu’il n’y a pas qu’une façon de préparer les Gobelins. (rappel : il existe d’ailleurs BEAUCOUP d’autres écoles d’animation que les Gobelins, en France, et la formation qu’offrent pas mal d’entre elles semble ne pas être de moins bonne qualité.)

Voilà. Bonne chance pour la suite. :)

(pour les gens qui ont quand même des questions à me poser, que la légère acrimonie de ce message ne les décourage pas.)