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messy doodles of my boy dancing 

this fandom loves to sexualize this boy in dance aus and i’m?? so confused lol. I feel like he would be more into doing cool  dangerous stunts and overall focus on having fun while dancing but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Is it fine to ask for ice skating headcanons for the RFA + Saeran? :]

Did Yuri on Ice send you here…… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Lizz 


  • the first time you see him you think he’s no competition 
  • all he does is joking around when he’s practicing
  • like just skating around and doing some weird but also cool stunts??? 
  • one time he even wore a cat costume on practice…… 
  • why doesn’t he even practice???? 
  • but then when it’s time to be serious…. he’s one of the best ice skaters you’ve ever seen…
  • doing quads and loops and shit like it’s no problem
  • and he always lands perfectly???
  • his choice of music is funky and jazzy.. like a good type of music where you can just dance freely and do some cool things in the air
  • it fits to him??? 
  • he’s super cool?? 


  • smol bean is very clumsy at the beginning
  • but he wanted to do it so badly after he has seen his friends doing it… they were so cool??? 
  • whenever he’s on the ice he just falls down immediately
  • but whenever he’s longer in the ice than 5 minutes he’s so proud he forgets to watch his step and… falls again
  • after a lot of practice he’s pretty good???? 
  • he loves dancing around more than doing jumps 
  • the blonde looks super happy and excited when he’s skating
  • his choice of music is also very funky
  • even when he fails his jumps sometimes people don’t brag about it bc he’s still so adorable?? they don’t even think it was a fail??
  • sometimes he dances with seven bc their choice of music is similiar and they’re both skating in harmony 
  • (even though they argue a lot while skating like “Seven.. please watch out for your leg when you’re spinning…” “Oh sorry Yoosung my leg is too long..” “NO SEVEN -crashes-”


  • perfect on ice
  • like he’s so hot he could melt the ice he’s skating on……
  • his movements are in synch with the music and his figures are too amazing to describe…. 
  • (ponytail swinging around whenever he’s spinning)
  • he wears the fanciest stuff when he’s skating
  • he loves being interviewed and always try to motivate others like the good person he is
  • but he’s also very hard-working
  • often you can see him practicing on the ice even when it’s night… his talent comes not out of nowhere
  • he practices very hard and a lot…. 
  • but that’s also the reason why he is one of the best skaters around
  • (and that’s why he’s annoyed by Seven sometimes.. because he’s almost on Zen’s level and he feels like Seven doesn’t practice at all??)
  • but after all Seven was the one who made a video about Zen and put it in the Internet 
  • he became a really famous skater and he’s thankful for Seven


  • she’s not a skater but a ballerina 
  • and she’s the couch of the boys
  • she’s very flexible and her explanations are amazing
  • most of the time she stays up the night long and thinks about their music or their chereography and writes everything down
  • she’s a little bit afraid of the ice that’s why she prefers staying on the ground but when one of the boys doesn’t understand what she means
  • she agrees to skate for a while to show them 
  • and she’s also the one who always brings coffee to their morning routines… she’s a good couch??? 
  • always thinks about others first?? when someone is hurt she always has a first aid kit with her 
  • and she supports them all 
  • when it’s their birthdays she always gets something for the boys.. at the beginning they forgot her birthday and she acted as if it was no big deal
  • but actually she was sad
  • afterwards they prepared a big party for her and she almost cried out of joy….. (they love her very much)
  • #1 fan of Zen’s skating


  • mista trust fund kind on ice
  • he skating since he’s a child but he never found really passion in skating
  • it felt like it was something he HAD to do and not something he WANTED to do
  • but when he met the boys it was really fun?? he loved going to practice and just watching them 
  • and since he took a real interest in jaehee’s cheoreographies he tried it out too
  • now he really loves skating 
  • sometimes he critiques the others a lot 
  • but whenever someone asks him about the other skaters he says “they’re very talented people and i’m glad to skate with them”
  • since jaehee thought that seven and yoosung are a good duo she tried it out with jumin and zen
  • they argue a LOT but after all they match really good?? 
  • they look really good together on the ice.. it feels like yin and yang tbh
  • he skates to classic music and also wears fancy stuff 
  • most of the time only a suit… it kinda fits to him though?


  • he looks so DISINTERESTED whenever he’s on the ice
  • like he just skates there with a blank expression and no feelings at all
  • but his technique is AMAZING
  • his jumps are fantastic and he lands them perfectly as well??
  • he always gets scolded though because he has to express his feelings through his movements
  • it’s difficult for him 
  • but he loves skating with his brother
  • when you see them skating together you can catch a glimpse how Saeran’s smiling!!!!!
  • Seven: Oh my god Saeran!! We won!! *tries to hug him*
  • Saeran: Stay away stupid brother……… BUT HE’S ACTUALLY VERY HAPPY
  • he dances to classic/soft/quiet music 
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something cute to think about: tim totally hero-worshipped dick. when he was taking photos of batman and robin for research, he'd find a few pictures of dick doing a particularly cool acrobatic stunt or taking out an especially bad villain and keep it for himself. he still has those pictures and dick just adores how cute and nerdy his little brother is, especially since the "he's so cool i want to be just like him" mentality is still strong in tim's mind.

This is so cute! 💗 

And I agree with this completely. If someone asked Tim who he most aspires to be, Dick is the first and only answer that comes to mind, without even thinking about it. Dick has forever been Tim’s idol. When Tim was just a kid who liked watching Robin leap across buildings overhead and defending the city, when Nightwing struck out on his own and became an independent hero in Bludhaven, when Dick legally became his big brother and devoted himself to that role and making sure Tim was always safe and loved unconditionally. Dick has been one of the few constants in Tim’s life, and this is only one of the many reasons why he looks up to him so much. He sees Dick as an aspiration of who he wants to be in life.  

When Dick found out about all this he was honored to be a role model for Tim. Tim’s such an amazing kid on his own, so knowing that he admires him so much means the world to him. He still likes to tease him about the photos though, because his little bro is just such a cute dork.  

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