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10 word prompt for Super Sons + Billy and Colin

Thank you @batboyblog for inspiring me to start writing. Please continue to do awesome job with you blog.



The sound of Colin’s laughter alongside with Jon’s and Damian’s shouting filled the room. Although, he still has two more worksheets to finish. For once in the entire night, Billy felt lively.  

2. Epic

They didn’t do anything much, they saved some old lady’s cats. But man did the picture on the newspaper make them look epic.  

3. Lost

Colin let out a loud groan when he faced yet another dead-end. Billy was knocked out from the fight, then Colin had somehow been separate from both Jon and Damian. And when Colin thought that it couldn’t get any worse, he was stuck in some maze-like sewer.  

4. Lies

“No….Right….Yes, Superman.” Billy lowered his link-com and turned to Damian and Jon “You guys might wanna move to Colin’s place.”

5. Caught

“And what are you boys think you’re doing? ” Billy turned around to find an angry Superman descending from the sky alongside with an emotionless Batman.

6. Sun

“Come on guys !” Jon tucked Damian’s arm.Out of the three others boys in the room, Billy was the only one who looks like he’s awake. Damian was clutching his pillow while Colin is rubbing his eyes “The sun about to rise!”

7. Paraphrase

“T-t, you know you want this Kent” Colin shook his head. He knew that translated to “I want to spend time with you because I like you” in Damian’s Language.  

8. Golly

“Oh golly!” Both Jon and Colin froze at those words. Jon was trying hard not to laugh while Colin’s face was pure horror. Damian, however, began to rub the bridge of his nose. Why did he choose to team up with a person who possessed a vocabulary list as bad as Grayson.

9. Bodyguard

Damian glared at the two boys in front of him, Superboy and Abuse. Before turning to his father “T-t, Father for the last time I do not need bodyguards! I was trained-” “Robin was trained by the League of Assassin. Not Damian Wayne.” Bruce cut off his son. And before Billy could attempt to make a comment he add “ And as far as the world knows, Billy Batson can not use magic” Letting out a loud groan, Damian muttered “Fine.”  

10. Stew

“I didn’t know you can make stew with bacon,” Jon said, happily shoved a spoonful in his mouth. Damian who was sitting beside him was also (surprisingly) enjoying his own bowl of stew. “it’s a very ….. interesting combination” ” Well" Billy poured some more into Colin’s already emptied bowl “I’ve been experimenting ”

Pen pals needed!

I really just need more relationships and something to look forward to. I am looking for pen pals for snail mail preferably out of the US but really anywhere!

About Me:

🌚 Female, not straight, 19, going on my second year in college.
🌞 Interests: anime, theater, nature, plants, dogs and animals, Wicca, witchy stuff, astrology, movies, music, packaging design, artsy stuff and stickers!
🌚 looking for someone around my age, don’t care on gender but am looking for open minded and interesting individuals.
🌞 would love to exchange small gifts, photos, doodles and drawings, leaves and flowers, small knick-nacks, cool packaging, stickers, postcards, all sorts of stuff!

Takarazuka Send Me A Symbol

☼: Which sienne is your favorite? What do you like about them? Which role of theirs did you enjoy most?
♡: If you could dance with any sienne, who would you choose? What dance scene is your favorite? If you could see more of one particular dance style in Takarazuka, what would it be?
♬: If you were a sienne, what would your dinner show be like? What songs would you do, and who else would you have perform with you? What would your theme be?
✂: If you could have any Takarazuka character’s wardrobe, who would you choose? What Takarazuka costume is your favorite? What type of costumes would you like to see more of?
¥: If you could design one piece of Takarazuka merchandise, what would you make? What’s your favorite piece of merchandise (not inc. VHS/DVDs/BDs/CDs) in your own collection? What item is currently at the top of your “to buy” list?
✉: Do you have any cool Takarazuka stuff in the mail to you right now? Have you ever written a letter to a sienne? If you had to send a Takarazuka-themed care package to another fan to cheer them up, what would you send them? 
★: What show would you love to see restaged? What would you most like to see a Takarazuka adaption of? What do you hope there is never a Takarazuka adaption of?
☾: Do you prefer otokoyaku fashion or musumeyaku fashion? If you could put any five otokoyaku in a boy band together, who would you choose? Who are your three favorite musumeyaku?
✿ : Which top combi is your favorite, including OGs? What’s your favorite duet? Which pair dance is your favorite?
☁ :  What’s your favorite solo? Which revue song always gets stuck in your head? What song do you skip?
❄: Which Nihonmono is your favourite? What’s your favorite Shakespeare adaption? What bow hall show did you you enjoy most?

Need a gift idea for your niece’s fifth birthday (that you RSVPed for last year)? Or maybe looking at picture books helps you relax? Either way, here are three children’s titles, all out in June, that caught my eye in the mail pile: 

Life by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Brendan Wenzel

Life offers advice to children from animals – the wild geese, the rabbit in the field  –  who have weathered good times and bad.

Blue Sky White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus, illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Blue Sky White Stars explores symbols of America, from a sunny baseball game to a spaceship blasting off at Cape Canaveral.

Renato and The Lion by Barbara DiLorenzo

Set in World War II Florence, Italy, Renato and The Lion tells the story of a boy, his favorite piazza and the stone lion statue there that makes him feel safe. His family is forced to flee to America because of the war, but decades later, when he finally makes it back, the statue is still standing.

- Intern Sydnee

Life images courtesy of Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Images; Blue Sky, White Stars images courtesy of Penguin Random House; Renato and The Lion images courtesy of Viking Books for Young Readers.

Wanna be a part of a super cool project of mine? Read this!!

Okay so I’ve decided to start a really cool project, I’m not sure of a name yet, but it will come.

So basically I’m going to send disposable cameras to people through the mail and those people will take pictures of things that they think make them who they are or things that they think are beautiful or things that they love. Whenever they want really. And once they fill the camera, they send it back to me, I develop the film and then post the photos on a blog that I’ll make specifically for this project. I think it will be a lot of fun and something really cool to be a part of. If you’re interested message me with:

Your name
Your age
Where you live
A few things you’d like me to know about you

I was thinking of sending out 5-10 cameras to test this out and see if it could work.

*you can also email me at if you don’t trust tumblr’s messaging system*

Hey Everyone !!

Im looking for a pen pal to write with !!

A new friend who I can send letters too and even cool stuff. Snail mail is so much fun and I really hope to find someone or even some people to do this with.

I ask that the person/people are over the age of 15 and under the age of 20, im 17 myself.
Gender/sexuality doesnt matter im pansexual and aromantic myself so I dont mind anything.

They have to live in the US and be okay with sharing their address with me, message me for more info and to get to know me better. I do have messages exclusive to followers ✨

Im Camellia, 17, she/her


in this issue: muji mechanical drafting pencil 05, pilot frixion slim 038, pigma micron fineliners

hey fam so like idk i’ve recieved a lot of chill stationery lately so i thought i’d start a series of stationery reviews where in each post i’ll share my opinion on different stationery items [runon sentence? ya.]. and i’ll tell u some of the worst stationery i’ve gotten so you guys don’t waste the $$. letz go! 

muji low center of gravity mechanical pencil [0.5mm]

ok so i’ve had this pencil for around a month now and gosh i really like it! it’s a drafting pencil but i just use it for writing & stuff at school. it feels super high quality and has a super fine needle point. the lead that comes with it is hb and super smooth. but i think i’m going to switch it out for #2 lead since i prefer darker lines. before i got this pencil i was worried about the grip and i thought i would hurt my fingers, but!!! it’s actually great and i can write with this pencil for dayz. a con for this pencil is the eraser. the cap on the end can be taken off to reveal the eraser. the eraser is sooooooo small and lasts about an hour which is probably just because it’s a drafting pencil so thats okay, i just always have an eraser with me so it doesn’t matter that much to me : )

4.5 omgs out of 5!

pilot frixion ball slim [0.38mm]

i’ve heard alot about this pen and i was so excited for it to arrive in the mail. i don’t usually use erasable pens so i was a bit skeptical. if you were thinking about buying this pen, i advise you not to. it was such a big let down! the pen feels cheap and it skips a lot! the ink is also not close to black and is more of a medium-dark gray. also the pen feels as if it is scratching the paper you’re writing on and it isn’t a pleasant experience. i tried writing with these but after a little while i got fed up with the light ink and skipping i buried it at the bottom of my pencil case lol. now, all of the ink and other problems aside, the eraser actually works pretty well. it completely clears away the ink and that’s pretty much the only great feature on this pen. it smudges a little and doesn’t bleed too much but this pen was a lil sad.

1 omg out of 5!

pigma micron fineliner [01, 03, 05]

i bought this set of pens from michaels for like a fortune bc yes stationery but you can get them for much less on amazon + other places! so i know these pens are generally used for art and i line some of my sketches with them from time to time but usually i use them at school. the ‘archival ink’ is so so so high quality like you can actually tell. the nibs are smooth and glide along paper well. i’m really scared of flattening the nibs so i press lightly but the only nib that has started to flatten a bit is the 01 size [which may i add, is incredibly thin!]. i’m more of a fan of the 01 and 03 sizes but for headers/titles the 05 size comes in handy! they are comfortable to hold and a good writing experience! they’re about a step up from my staedtler fineliners but don’t come in the pretty staedtler colours. the 03 and 05 sizes do bleed but i’m okay with that. if you let them dry they don’t smudge under most highlighters.

4 omgs out of 5!

conclusion -

i would definitely rebuy the muji pencil and the pigma micron fineliners! i hope you guys enjoyed this and want to see more? i’ve got a ton of stationery in the mail and some cool stuff has arrived already so yea! i hope i didn’t ramble too much lol xx hope u have a chill day!

Hello friends,

this masterpost isn’t really planned but since I was just packing for my trip to London, I thought I may as well write down what I’m doing.

Now, you probably all know what to pack when you travel, but for me, the problems start when I don’t have any hold luggage, just hand luggage. For short trips like mine (4 days) it isn’t really worth it to pay extra for a huge suitcase, so I only take hand luggage with me. The advantage is that you save a lot of time at the airport and you pay less, but it also means you have to deal with having less space for all your stuff. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, so here’s my guide to packing hand luggage! (note: I’m from the EU - idk how different things are elsewhere!)

1. Find a Bag

Google your airline’s bag guidelines for hand luggage. You will probably be allowed to take one bag of a certain size and a jacket of some sort. If you really want to make the most of the space you got, choose a bag that is exactly the biggest size they allow. Small trolley bags, backpacks, and purses are allowed most of the time. Keep in mind that you might need a smaller purse or handbag at your destination (when you’re exploring the city etc) - fold it and put it in your bigger bag. Keep in mind that you’ll have to carry your luggage and lift it up to the overhead compartment - choose something that’s easy to carry, ideally with straps or handles.

2. Liquids

If you don’t have any hold luggage or your journey is very long, you’ll probably have to take some liquids with you on the plane. In the EU, you can take a 1-liter zip lock bag with 10 different liquids of 100ml each with you, including toothpaste, makeup, perfume etc. Put stuff like mouthwash in smaller bottles like these. If you’ll be staying in a hotel, you won’t need shampoo or shower gel. Try to find small travel versions of toothpaste etc - maybe you’ll use them up on your trip and don’t have to take them back.

3. Things You Need

Things I always put in my hand luggage:

  • passport/ID
  • tissues
  • money (keep in mind you may have to have different currencies! pack some loose change as well!)
  • sunglasses
  • chewing gum
  • medicine against travel/motion sickness
  • a book/e-reader
  • pen and notebook
  • a travel dictionary if you don’t speak the language
  • headphones
  • your flight tickets
  • hair ties
  • feminine hygiene products if needed
  • mobile charging devide
  • your phone
  • an iPod/mp3-player if you don’t want to waste your phone battery on listening to music (you can also put that in the pocket of your jeans or jacket)
  • your hotel room reservations

If your hand luggage is your only luggage, you’ll have to pack everything you need on your holidays in it. Don’t forget:

  • spare clothes
  • underwear
  • socks
  • pyjamas (I forgot those so many times)
  • chargers (i can’t stress this enough)
  • toothbrush and hairbrush
  • a laptop if necessary
  • an umbrella (there are small ones!)
  • adapters

Things vary depending on where you’re going, of course, but imo those are the basics. Keep in mind that it might be easier to just buy some things at your destination instead of bringing them with you.

4. How to Fit Things in the Bag

1. Put clothes and heavy objects (like books) on the bottom of your bag. Fold them as flat as possible and use them as a kind of cushion for all other items.

2. Put your flight tickets and all other paperwork stuff including your passport in a clear plastic folder, ideally one you can close so nothing gets lost. This folder, your money, hygiene products, medicine, and the bag with liquids must be easily accessible, so put them on top of everything else or in a side pocket of your bag, if it has one. You’ll have to get the bag of liquids through the security check separately, and this way you don’t have to unpack your entire bag just to get to it.

3. Instead of packing a sweater and a raincoat in your bag, just wear them on the flight (or carry them over your arm).

4. Especially if you’re going on a city trip, you’ll probably want to buy some stuff there. You can either leave open some space in your bag just for souvenirs and cool stuff you bought, or - if that’s not possible - you can mail your stuff back home. I’ve done that a lot, especially with books!

5. If you travel in a group, try to get everyone to bring the largest bag allowed on the flight. Even if some of them don’t need that much space, they can still take some things from you or other people in their bags.

5. Have a nice trip!

I like to imagine that when Hannah Shepard isn’t being cool military mom, she knits a bunch of super cool lame hats and scarves and stuff and mails them to Shepard, and like the entire crew of the Normandy has something knitted by Shepard’s mom and Shep gets random messages like “Can asari wear hats with their hair tentacles?” and “Measure Grunt’s head for me.”



To whoever sent this, thank you so much, I love it.  I’d like to thank you personally if possible; you can email me at

If you wanna mail stuff to me, letters, cool shit, whatever, you can send ‘em to

SungWon Cho
PO Box 669
Haslett, MI 48840-0669

Just give me a heads up if you do, so I know to check the box.

Princess Diaries fans, rejoice! Meg Cabot, author of the celebrated Princess Diaries books, is coming out with a new princess-inspired book, From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess.

Middle school student Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison is convinced she’s just an average girl (sound familiar?) until Princess Mia Thermopolis herself comes to whisk Olivia away to her new regal life.

Anyways, I’m excited for the book to get released. (If only just because of the fun crown that came with it in the mail.)

– Intern Megan


a box from laika studios.

i really liked paranorman. it actually got me through one of the hardest times of my life. sometimes you go see a movie and you feel like it’s talking directly to you, it’s explaining how the world works and when you leave the theater you feel like you’ve got more of clue than you did before you sat down to watch it. paranorman was that movie. it had ghosts and zombies and pilgrims and john goodman, and it was all made with a 3D printer. it’s one of those perfect experiences you wish you had every time you go to the movies. it’s WHY you go. 

i saw it with fans and we all chatted for a bit after the show in the lobby. another one of those experiences i’m lucky to have had many times. i love spending time with my fans and seeing movies with them. if there’s anything i can do to remind them that i’m one of them, i will do it. 

one fan gave me a tombstone from the laika studios that came in a little box. it was so cool to have something from this mysterious company. laika’s attention to detail had far surpassed anything i had seen before it except maybe nightmare before christmas or the fantastic mr. fox, two of my all time favorites. it’s like they really cared, like they were paying attention to the people that saw their films. we weren’t just a box office total. we were humans being moved by a painstakingly achieved piece of art. that was really beautiful and a lot of fun.

i remember talking about how great it was online and i’ve been excited for a long time about the next picture they had coming, THE BOXTROLLS. watch the trailer here:

well i started following laika a little close than i would follow your regular animation company. i liked them on Facebook and twitter, signed up on their email list. i was ready for the next thing that would make me go wow. 

and boy did they deliver. today i received a box. and it wasn’t just a random thing a company sent out that a bunch of people got the exact same version of. the box had my name on it, a handwritten letter was written out to me and even referenced me being a rapper! too cool. and the box was filled with so much awesomeness. a map, a decoder ring, an phone case, even a manhole cover that was IN THE MOVIE! 

i’ve received a lot of cool stuff over the years in the mail but nothing like this. so expect me to talk about this movie a lot. they said the more i say the more boxes i get. i’ll be on tour this summer so i’m not sure what i’ll be able to do. but expect a lot more trolling from me. :)

oh and did i mention the cast? simon pegg, nick frost, richard ayoade, bran stark, ben kingsley AND tracy morgan. i’m so down it’s like i’m underground.

thanks laika. you win.


Today in Cool Stuff in the Mail, a delightful coloring book that perhaps has a little too much personal resonance for me (and yes, that is my own Tenth Doctor figure in that last photo).

I haven’t been able to get that much into the adult coloring book trend (I find them weirdly stressful, which I suspect means I’m missing the point) but this one … this one I can get behind.

Also, it made me go back to my bookshelf for this classic read …

Image via Amazon

and any reason to re-read Daniel Pinkwater is a good one (seriously people, Fat Men from Space is amazing, but if you haven’t read Alan Mendelssohn, the Boy From Mars, go get it RIGHT NOW).

– Petra


Today in Cool (?) Stuff in the MailWalter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy.  Walter Potter was a British country taxidermist whose whackdoodle scenarios of kitten weddings and rabbits in school became a renowned example of Victorian whimsy (though, uh, perhaps a bit upsetting to modern sensibilities – I didn’t post the taxidermied kittens, for which you’re no doubt thanking me right now).  

Potter died in 1918 and the collection continued on as a museum for decades – interestingly, when it was finally split up and sold off in 2003, auction house Bonhams rejected a £1 million pound bid from Damien Hirst for the entire shebang, a decision that later got them sued by the original owners who argued the bid should’ve been accepted.  Though I dunno, I can’t see how being studded with diamonds or suspended in formaldehyde could improve on this any.

– Petra