cool stuff i've seen

*strums guitar* don’t label celebrities as a sexual/gender identity if they haven’t openly identified as such *strum* they are real people, not fictional characters you can play around with *strum* it’s just generally not a cool thing to do so just don’t do it, thanks *shreds it*

Yesterday I showed my little sister the teaser trailer for Zootopia and she loved it. She was so excited, and then disappointed that it’s not coming out until next year.

She also said “My favorite part was at the end when it said ‘Like nothing you’ve seen be-fur’. Because it’s like before but fur, like with animals.” and then she laughed. She loves puns

uuuuuugh tumbl did the thing where it deleted most of my theme specs?? so my bg and font and text and stuff were brought back to default, but everything else was the same

the links to my art tags and shops are no longer displaying though?? i put them back in and everything but they won’t show up and it’s a major bummer

i’ve seen a couple other people having theme issues but i edited mine right away–it didn’t delete the whole thing, but i saw some had experienced this problem and didn’t touch their theme and it went back to normal so i’m guessing i may have fudged it a bit

i might do an art trade for someone to make me a new theme for a piece in exchange? it could be said i am due for a new one;;;