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XV tips that don't spoil anything since your boy is looking out for you.

Ignis can learn new recipes to cook for the bro’s by just seeing them. So read signs, read cooking magazines, walk by people cooking, Ignis is a machine.

The hunting board unlocks cool stuff in the game as a whole.

Upgrade your chocobo.

Apparently side quest and dialogue will change depending on where you spend the night, so sleep around for new dialogue and stuff.

Don’t play before you download the Crown Patch or else your 1.0 save won’t work and you will have to restart the game entirely.

Get infinite Air-Step as fast as you can for the sick Cutscene-like fights.

Once you download the patch you can buy the Walkman at a store so you can listen to music while on foot now, it’s great.

Watch Brotherhood because it gets referenced in the game directly. It’s free and on YouTube.

That’s all I got right now but feel free to add more to help people out.


Happy Halloween dudes

I was asked a while back by a group for permission to add Russian subtitles to the series, and it looks like they started with the halloween special. They’re cool guys, show them some love.

The script for the next short is done, and once I get another project out (hopefully this week, not bionicle related), I will be posting an update video about the future of RB/other stuff(I’ll try to make it funny). If you’ve been paying attention to this blog you know what I’ll be talking about, but not everyone does that, it seems.

After some thought I don’t think I’m going to enter RB into the chronicler’s convergence. I talked about possibly doing that before, but I dunno if the series would fit there. Instead I’m gonna post part the second scene to “Anonymous” here on this blog since it’s been so long without new bonkle content.

See you guys soon, and try to show some love for my next project when it comes out. It’s my first real endeavor in a while that isn’t bionicle, and I’m excited about it. Been wanting to make something like it for 6 years.


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I’m tired of stories where a same sex couple fall in love and it’s a ~huge fucking surprise~ and there’s all this SHOCK and DISBELIEF from the characters like for once can a gay romance just be slow… and sweet… and not look like the apocalypse? I want a story where there’s an actual plot, like some dragons would be cool, or some aliens, and while the protag is dealing with all this tough stuff they meet the love of their life! who just happens to be the same gender as them! or queer! or HELL even TRANS!! And like a healthy, working relationship, it does not tear their world apart, it helps them and supports them! Like any relationship, it’s not gonna heal everything, but it’s not going to be detrimental for fuck’s sake. I’m tired of the straight relationships being so functional while the queer ones are plagued with problems. 

And this isn’t to say there aren’t stories like this- there are- it’s that the ratio is honestly a little embarrassing. Some really good plot-heavy lgbtqa+ fiction I know of are:

A lot of these authors chose not to include the LGBTQA+ part of the story in the genre or summary, which is why a lot of online book lists are lacking these really great novels! If anyone knows any to add please do!

like i’m very unsurprised that ian and monica have kept in touch, but at the same time i am surprised because like, all along? did they talk about his diagnosis? did they talk before he was diagnosed? did he text her and tell her that the pills made him feel terrible? did he tell her he misses her? did he ask her how she deals with stuff? does she text him random “i ((heart emoji)) u so much baby!!” once in a while that make him smile even when he’s having a shitty day? i understand that this was supposed to be some sort of cool secret exposed, but it’s just unsurprising and makes me sad that we get so little from ian’s perspective. i knew he was lonely and i knew it was so hard for him to see his entire family, especially mickey, looking at him differently, but the moment the scene started and his voice wavers when he says “i wasn’t sure you would come” makes me realize that even though i’ve been so ian-centric all season i still havent been given enough. i just wish we got to see more of it through his eyes. 

Do you ever just...

Anyone ever pretend they’re filming a YouTube video. Talking to themselves and looking up at an imaginary camera and showing the imaginary camera some cool possessions you like. And then ending it with,
“So that’s all and I hoped you liked my stuff, if you did, please like this video, and subscribe to my channel, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, and did I say subscribe. Anyways, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. GOODBYE!!”
If you do honestly fake a YouTube video every once in a while, just know your not the only one, and your awesome!