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Sideshow Collectibles Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora(Comic Book Version) Premium Format Statue

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy took the world by storm, both on the big screen and in a series of popular ongoing comics. Now, featuring the female lead from the intergalactic team of superheroes, Sideshow is proud to present the Gamora Premium Format Figure.

Many warriors roam the universe looking for adventure and mayhem, but none have earned as formidable a reputation as Gamora – the deadliest woman in the galaxy!

Adopted at a young age by her eternal enemy Thanos, and raised as a master assassin, Gamora puts her unparalleled skills to use as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. On some strange alien planet at the furthest reaches of outer space, the green-skinned daughter of Thanos suits up in her sleek futuristic white battle armor, as well as a hooded cloak, belt and gold skull decor – upgrades reminiscent of her appearance after she attained cosmic powers from the Black Vortex.

Brandishing her favorite weapon – the storied Godslayer blade – the most dangerous woman in the universe is ready to go to the ends of the universe to kick ass and take names!

Sideshow Exclusive Edition
The most dangerous woman in the universe becomes even more deadly with the Sideshow Exclusive edition, which features an additional swap-out knife accessory for a duel-wielding display (shown below).

The statue will be priced at $449.99. Sideshow will be offering a standard and an exclusive version of Gamora. The exclusive will include an extra knife accessory. Here’s more from Sideshow:


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Timed Locking Container

If you have problems resisting your temptations, then this Timed Locking Container may be just the thing for you. Whether it be for your favourite food, that you really know you must limit or your childs, husbands or your game controller etc this will be the way to help you stick with your regime. No longer do you need to rely on willpower alone, with the help of this high quality container you will find it all so much easier to reach and maintain your goals.

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Musical Solar System - based on real orbital frequencies

This is so cool, had to share!

“Twyman is an illustrator and graphic designer from England. Five years ago he created SolarBeat, a Flash website that turned the solar system’s orbital frequency into a celestial music box. The solar system is laid out like dart board with the sun as the bullseye. As the planets revolve around the sun, they cross an arbitrary line that plucks a note. You can tweak the speed of orbit, slowing it down to make a soothing tinkle of a child’s mobile or speeding it up to orchestrate a chaotic planetary choir. New features allow you to add sound effects like echo, flutter and bass, and you can choose from eight different chords to personalize the sound.”



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