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Looks like Studio Mir (the animators behind Voltron Legendary Defender & The Legend of Korra) have offered their slick style to a Lego Elves series, heading to Netflix September 1st.

But what also gets me personally excited is it’s apparently written by Rescue Bots creators Nicole Dubuc &  Brian Hohlfeld, alongside Barbara Haynes (who it seems has previously worked on Lego Elves stories).

So yea, might be cool


David Tennant with toys of himself

From David’s Video Diary:

Question: David, what does it feel like to be presented with a very small version of you?

David: Utterly surreal, is what it feels like, but I’m kinda digging it. It’s quite cool! 


I’ve been re-discovering my favorite throwback tracks this week, and these lyrics from Fall Out Boy described my personal goals for 2017 pretty well. // It’s no secret that 2016 was a pretty shit year for…. obvious reasons. I think there’s a huge difference between resolutions and goals; a resolution is a decision to stop doing something or do something else more. While a goal is something you strive for, something you want to reach. I wish you a great 2017, and hope the new year allows you to set any goals you’ve been holding back.