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See football player’s sweet promposal for special needs friend

Luis Velasquez is a Texas high school student and he created arguably the sweetest promposal ever. For those unfamiliar with the term, a “promposal” is when students ask each other to prom, most of the time in elaborate ways.

It was the thoughtfulness behind the way he asked that will pull at your heartstrings.

Tiffany is a special-needs student at the high school. Luis decided to ask Tiffany to prom and went as far as to ask her grandparents for permission. He even got the school principal to help out.

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In 2012, the 501st Legion built a suit of Stormtrooper armor for a young girl as a gesture of solidarity against bullying.  Now that girl has passed the armor along to another young girl who’s been bullied at school!

Katie rocked that armor at her school’s Halloween parade. And again while trick-or-treating. And in spring at the Purim Carnival. And in summer at Star Wars Day in Joliet. Getting her ready each time was a cosmic task, but the outcome was always stunning.

I sat on the edge of Katie’s bed Thursday night and told her about Allison. She asked me questions. “Do the other kids hit her? Does she have any friends? Did she tell her parents? Why didn’t the teachers make the other kids stop?” And then, after I answered to the best of my ability, she simply said, “That is terrible.”

“So,” I said, “Would you be willing to give Allison your Stormtrooper armor?” “Yes! Of course,” she answered immediately. “That’s a great idea!”

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East Fayetteville grocer gives ex-felons a fresh start

On the eve of last autumn, Charles Morris had nearly given up.

Eight months of job hunting - and more than 100 applications - yielded nothing.

Morris called the Fayetteville Police Department for help. Lisa Jayne, the department’s Operation Ceasefire coordinator, works with former offenders who are transitioning from prison life to society.

Morris had been in Jayne’s Ceasefire program following his sentence, but wanted to see if she had advice for job hunting.

“In Charles’ case, he was away for a long time. When he came out, he kind of missed the whole computer age,” Jayne said. “So when he came out everything is on the computer. He was just having a really rough time.”

Enter Tommy Kinlaw.

The 68-year-old meathead of Cedar Creek has employed former offenders at Kinlaw’s Supermarket for decades.

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Twin boys’ World War II dream comes true

It all began in Raleigh, North Carolina with a flurry of plastic bombshells. A few years ago, 10-year-old twins – Carter and Jack Hanson– got really into the game Battleship. That got them interested in naval warfare in general, which eventually led to a family vacation to see the Yorktown - a retired aircraft carrier in Charleston, South Carolina.

“My mind was just blown,” said Carter.

The kids say the Yorktown changed their lives.

“I just realized how amazing history can be,” added Carter.

And it was about to get even better. On that same trip the boys learned about a World War II veteran named Robert Harding who actually served on the Yorktown. They got his email address, started corresponding daily, and became really enamored – to the point where they now desperately want to meet him.

“We want to know what his voice actually sounds like,” said Carter with tears in his eyes. “We want to touch him. We want to know him a lot more.”

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–I thought this was a really cool, heartwarming story about two kids with a passion for history meeting what to their young minds must seem like a historic figure from a long ago time. :)  

Cool Story ll War &Open

War was…well it didn’t matter. What mattered was there was a stupid tree over a traitor’s grave. And while he wasn’t sure what he had wanted to happen to Johnathan’s body when he brought it back and dropped it off at Venny’s he knew that this was not it. 

Pulling out a box of matches he lit on and held it up to the sapling. He knew it wouldn’t burn it quickly, but he knew that it would burn eventually. And he wanted the tree to suffer as much as possible.

Last Male Northern White Rhino On Planet Has 24/7 Armed Guard Protection

Thanks to cowardly poachers, this is the last male northern white rhino left on the planet, and he’s called Sudan.

Sudan lives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, and thankfully, he is very well looked after. So much so, that he has 24/7 armed guard protection.

The conservancy takes the threat of this beautiful animal becoming extinct very, very seriously, and rightly so. It should never have got to this point in the first place.

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I think a lot about:

• boats adrift

• the intimacy levels aroused in the ambiguity of a relationship between friends

• the alienating quality of subjectivity

• hammocks