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I am a pretty patient person but if there is one thing I will lose my shit over almost instantly it’s my computer/internet being slow my tolerance level is exactly 0 for that shit man I did my time in the 90’s/2000’s I don’t need any of this garbage

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Part 1: Today in class we were discussing social stigmas and stereotypes as well as other social issues. Someone made the comment that cultural appropriation is a social issue that is not given much or any thought at all and a white girl jumps off her seat and says very firmly, "cultural appropriation is not a real thing, it's another excuse people came up with to spread hate". About half the class laughed and applauded her audacious remark. I was so enraged I thought I was going to slap her.

But I didn’t. I asked the professor if both of us, her and me, could stand in front of the class to further explain cultural appropriation.

Once in front of everyone I asked her why she bought the shirt she had on. She responded with “because it looks cool”. I told her that I bought my shirt because I like the little mermaid, that I knew the story behind the character and that it belongs to Disney. I told her that even the brand acknowledges that the little mermaid belongs to Disney. The brand is giving credit to Disney for using something that belongs to them.

I asked her if she knew the story behind the graphics in her shirt and she said “there is none, it’s just a cool design”. The design of her shirt were 2 sugar skulls, some flowers, and a girl with a sugar skull patter on her face.

I told her that the design on that shirt came from the “Day of the Dead” that Mexicans have. That the brand never acknowledges that, and that people like her have no idea of the meaning of the symbols they’re wearing. I explained to her that the brand took a part of a culture and turn it into something profitable, something that is now mainstream, without acknowledging its people or having any respect for its meaning.

And with her same firm tone and I told her and the entire class, “THAT IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION”. I walked back to my seat triumphant while she stood there not being able to lift her head. Best day of my college says so far.

 Sweetheart, I am so proud of you right now. -Alex

Taxi Drivers See Some Crazy Shit

If you live in a major metropolitan area where jumping into a taxi is common, it’s no secret cabbies are held under alot of scrutiny. With strict industry regulations, fierce competition for a fare, and the amount of people claiming that most drivers are reckless, dangerous, and possible threats to society, one can only assume that it’s a tough break driving people around for a living. I mean, would you really want to drive drunk-you around? 

We decided to meet with cab drivers to try and get their side of things and find out some of the crazy shit they’ve had to put up with over the years. They had a few horror stories to share.

Getting Choked by a Seatbelt

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Sometimes we get drunk people and we drive them home safely, but sometimes they get violent when they drink too much. One time a passenger tried to choke me with my seat belt. Some guy got in my cab downtown and so I said to him, “Brother where are you going?” After he didn’t reply, I asked if he was going to fall asleep so I could put the address in my GPS, so I could navigate myself. He said, “No, no, I’m not going to fall asleep.” When we started getting closer to that area of town, I asked again for the address but the passenger wouldn’t give it. I said, “I can’t keep driving—you have to tell me where you’re going or I’m going to have to go to the police.” The passenger then grabbed the driver’s seatbelt and started choking me and said, “Motherfucker, drive!” I pulled the car over, pushed the seat belt open, and tried to get out of the car, because I don’t care, he has no right to choke me. When I opened the door, he ran away.


Okay, you see this picture right here? This is a picture of me and my half-sister. I’m on the left, her on the right. The thing is we found out we were sisters, pretty much today, but SHE"S BEEN MY FRIEND SINCE HIGH SCHOOL AND WE ARE ROOMMATES. Do you realize what kind of awesome Disney shit that is? In high school we always got confused for fucking sisters and we were! It’s pretty much the craziest shit that’s ever happened to me and we would have never found out if I hadn’t mentioned that she didn’t really look like her “dad”.

To which she replied, “Well, my mom said he might not be my dad.”

and I jokingly said, “Did your mom ever date [my/our dad’s name]?”

And she gives me a look like holy shit yeah. So, she calls her mom right then and her mom tells her that he is probably her dad. Now we weren’t 100% sure until today when I went to lunch with him. I couldn’t help but bring it up.

So I asked him, “Do you know [her mom’s name]?”

And then he gets this thousand yard stare and doesn’t say anything.

So I say, “Because that’s my roommate’s mom and I thought you might know her.”

He says, “What’s your roommate’s name?”


He starts mumbling and talking in not quite complete sentences, so I basically say that we think we’re sisters.

He finally says, “Yeah, I’m her dad, [roommate’s mom] never told me directly, but there’s no way her "dad” could be her dad.“

I get back to my dorm call my roommate/best friend/ sister and we both freak out. Anyway, it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Unseen Author

Hey guys! Just wanted to show you all to a friend of mine’s page. He’s a really talented writer and we’d appreciate it if you took the time to check it out and read what he’s got so far. Personally I’ve read his work on his DA page and I’ve come to love what he thinks up. You might too. ;33 So go and check his blog out! Explore aha. Thank you!

Twenty-Six Stories that Celebrate our Humanity

–This is a list of stories from around the world.  I didn’t read through every full story, but this story about a couple from New York who took their young children on a 6 month trip to 11 countries was my favorite.  Although I’m not married yet, I’d like to think my future wife would be cool with doing something like that!

I also liked this quote: 

“Margaret Mead, the great anthropologist, said, before she died, that her greatest fear was that as we drifted towards this blandly amorphous generic world view not only would we see the entire range of the human imagination reduced to a more narrow modality of thought, but that we would wake from a dream one day having forgotten there were even other possibilities.” — Wade Davis

So I have a Daniel in my class,

And with all the vine hype up and coming, my class decided it’d be a idea to get him a pair of shoes for his birthday.

What shoes?

Is that a question.

And the best part is he gets so annoyed by it but he doesn’t have anymore shoes to wear to school SOOO… Every damn day, the same shit happens.

*insert face of done-ness*

Nattar and I got Signed Steven Universe Posters!

SO get this crazy story! Nattar works at a Vons in Pasadena. Well an executive from Cartoon Network came by and Nattar ended up helping her, he commented on the CN tshirt she was wearing and they started talking. He admitted he and I love Stevn Universe and she replied “Oh! I’m on my way to meet with Rebecca Sugar right now! Maybe I’ll ask if she can sign a poster for you. Next time I’m around I’ll drop it off at the front.” 

So today Nattar called me and said “Hey you remember I told you about that lady I met from CN? Well I just got told there are two posters waiting for me at the desk!”

So that was awesome!