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Consider: Swimming AU
  • Being from the South, Bitty had been swimming since he could walk (it’s the best way to beat the heat in the summer, and the most fun)
  • When he was 5 he saw synchronized swimming in the summer Olympics and told his mom he absolutely had to do it. Thinking it was just a phase, she signed him up for formal swim lessons. He fell even more in love with the water and when he was 7, he joined the Peach State Synchro team, the first male on the team.

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羽生君、EX、白鳥さん”Notte stellata”、キレイ✨だった♥   白鳥でロックスター”Let’s go crazy”も最高😃

Exhibition, NHK trophy 2016, 27 Nov. 2016

(Source:Sportsnavi ‏@sn_figure