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Converse High

Interviewer: What has been the most embarrassing to play in the show?

Ina: I think it was to kiss with Kasper.

Marlon: The first time Jonas made out with Eva.

Ulrikke: In the first season, where I should kiss Thomas, there play William. We didn’t really know each other so that was awkward.

Cengiz: I was pretty stressed and said to Josefine: “Heeey, this is not something I would like to do.. I don’t know what to do, I am really stressed and just” *Arghh*.

Interviewer: But she has also much more routine with kissing, right?

Cengiz: Yes, she has done it..

Interviewer: She has kissed a lot in the show

Josefine: I don’t know. No, I just think you just do it.

Ina: But I think they others, know more about how to do it, than I do. I really don’t know.

Interviewer: No, you just crossed you fingers, and just..

Ina: Yes, I crossed my fingers and thought it will be fine.

Interviewer: Was the tears real?

Iman: The tears were real.

Interviewer: Wauw, nice!

Interviewer: If you should play another character, which one should it be?

Carl Martin: I think Jonas is super cool.

He skates and I can’t, but I wish I could..

Interviewer: You don’t look like a sk8ter boi, not today. Brand new shoes!

Carl Martin: Yes, I got super cool new shoes. The old one smelled like “tåfis” (toes-fart).

Interviewer: Smelled liked “tørfisk” (dried fish)?

Carl Martin: “Tåfis”.

Interviewer: “Tåårrfiss”, what is that?

Carl Martin: How do you say in Danish?! When the shoes smell bad?

Interviewer: Ahh, ok, the smell like really bad.

Interviewer: If you should play another character than Chris, which one should it be?

Ina: Sana! She is though!

Interviewer: If you should play another character than Sana which one should it be?

Iman: I think I would like to play Chris.

Interviewer: And she would have like to play you character!

Henrik: Are there more questions?

Interviewer: No, I am done. Is there something you would like to say?

Henrik: I would just like to say, we are really glad for our Danish fans, and that you have.. that you have followed the show so closely, we had never expected that. And thank you for all the support and the nice messages we have received.

one thing that kinda bugs me in mha is iida’s hero costume

for starters just how heavy is it to walk in let alone fight in?? its mostly metal right, so if he’s gotta move around in that without his engine legs it must be super exhausting to wear long periods

and not to mention that his costume makes his calves like twice the width so he has to stand weirdly with his feet apart and not to mention walking would be ridiculously cumbersome because he’d have to constantly walk like he’s pooped his pants

also he’s got those wonderfully large metal mufflers that are literally just there for decoration as well? i mean talk about unnecessary but i get it he needs to look cool and like an actual vehicle in human form

and then you’ve got the fact that he wears glasses and he’s so uptight and megane that he doesn’t go with contacts so underneath that ridiculously claustrophobic helmet it has to be fitted to accommodate his glasses or its an impossibility

i mean no wonder he was largely useless in the stain fight. i love my uptight class president precious boy but man is his hero costume super impractical


dumping here some photos i took on sunday at tracon :Y

Roxy: 69karkats

Sn0wman: krab-krab

Dolorosa: etikka

Porrim: kanrose

Kanaya: the-punpkin-king

Damara: pasteleys

Jane: pixelliarmus

Meulin: jalletsu

John: legbert

Jade: lentoon

the Condesce: ibarys

Mindfang: me, photo by peix-es

{ Secrets } Part 2 // Modern ( AU ) Levi

As the years passed by you watched your little girl start teething. Then watched her grow teeth. Then you heard her speak. Then you watched her walk. She was three now. She was old enough to understand that she didn’t have a father. She asked about Levi every once in a while.

Even though you had a strong resentment for him in your heart you couldn’t just completely block him out, you understood that. Or at least you could for your daughter. So when she asked about him, you told her the good parts. When she asked for photos of him, you showed her the happy ones of you with him. When it seemed like you both were truly in love. When she asked what happened to him you kept it very vague. She was three but she didn’t need to know that much so you kept it very vague. You just told her that you’re heart grew to weak and couldn’t stay with him any longer. She accepted that much.

Sometimes you wondered what he was up to, but decided it was best not to check. You didn’t want to know if he stayed with the woman that he had cheated on you with. You didn’t want to know that he was doing better. He had to be doing better, it had been three years.

You were grateful you never ran into him again. You lived in a big city and even though you did you had worried a bit that you might run into him. As time went on, you stopped worrying, it had to be a good omen.

“ Mommy, where are we going? ”, She asked skipping her shoes along the pavement as she held your hand. She asked the question she already knew an the answer to. You both walked this route several times but you didn’t see anything wrong with answering.

“ To your aunties. ”, You answered and saw her face light up with joy. Her ‘aunts’ wasn’t really her aunt, but seemingly how close you both were you told her she was. Your friend tended to spoil her but you didn’t mind, being a single mom didn’t come easy.

You walked up the step as your daughter decided to make it more difficult and jump up the steps one by one with as much force as she could. She knocked on the door and you waited for it to unlock, until you heard your friend say that it was open.

You stepped inside and watched as your daughter ran off into the other room. You followed slowly behind as you took of your shoes and followed. You heard her gasp and the pitter patter of her feet come running towards you. Before you entered the living room you felt her crash into you, hugging you and looking up at you with a huge smile on her face. Her fingers clung onto you from excitement and you thought maybe she had gotten another present from your friend.

“ He’s here! He’s here! ”, She smiled and tugged at you to move towards the kitchen.

You thought perhaps it was a new teddy bear or action figure she received, so you followed along confused as she tug at you harder. You smiled down at her, slightly amused at how excited she was. It wasn’t until you looked that your smile disappeared. There you saw Levi sitting next to your friend. You felt as though your heart was about to fall out your ass when you saw him.

“ It’s my daddy. ”, She smiled and grabbed his hand, swinging it around.

“ Listen (name), I -”, your friend began until you pulled her into another room.

“ What fuck is he doing here huh?! I told everyone not to tell him. That I wasn’t going to tell him, ever. And you do this? ”, You hissed at her. You felt an overwhelming feelings of emotions.

“ I see how much you struggle trying to take of her. I also think the guy deserves the right to know. I mean you just disappeared on him with out a single trace. ”, She whispered. You wanted to say something back but she was right.

But what were you supposed to do now? Just be like , oh hey Levi. Yeah so when you cheered on me I ran away and oh yeah… I forgot to mention I was pregnant haha… woah crazy right? So this is your daughter and she looks just like you and she’s three. So yeah I never told you and that’s what’s up. No, that wasn’t what your were supposed to do. You couldn’t just do that. You stepped out the room silently with your friend following behind you. You tried not to make a sound as you looked over the corner of the wall to Levi.

“ Do you like my shirt? I got it because it has dinosaurs on it and I think dinosaurs are pretty cool. Also I got these cool shoes check them out-”, she said and stomped her feet, lighting them up. “ Yeah … mommy bought them for me, they’re pretty cool. ”

She continued to ramble on about things as Levi watched. It looked as if the whole thing was surreal to him. He was both amazed and amused by her. You watched, scared to confront Levi. You spent three years avoiding him, how could you talk to him so easily? Levi caught sight of you and walked over to you eagerly.

He clutched your hands pulling you face to face with him. You hadn’t known it but that year that you disappeared had been one of the hardest. He spent many nights restless and with out sleep, as if his insomnia wasn’t bad enough. He searched for you everywhere, which was the only part you knew about. He didn’t touch any of the things you left behind, in hopes that you would return soon. But when days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months and moths turned into a year the realization hit him. Or it at least somewhat did. He took a week off from work when it had been one year from when you left him. Erwin could even tell what was wrong with Levi. Erwin tried to call you every once in while but each time he tried his call was blocked.

He packed your stuff but he never threw it away. At one point in time he wore a shirt you had worn one night until the scent of you went away. When two years passed he wasn’t as heartbroken but he still wasn’t ready to be in relationship. Somedays he would find himself looking for your face in the streets or get excited when he thought he saw you, only disappointed to find it was a stranger. When three years passed he had completely given up and stopped trying to search for love, or an relationship. He just went back to his regular lifestyle of work and home. It took him a while but he had remembered what it was like to be single.

However, when he got that friend call from your friend about you his heart lurched out of his chest. All the feelings for you came rushing back and he found himself excited to see you. That was until she told you about his daughter. He didn’t believe at first but when he saw her run in with her long raven black hair, he knew she was his baby. When he saw you walk in, he just wanted to go up and talk to you and ask you so many question. But the realization of a child made him stop.

Now here you were in front of him. He thought you looked beautiful, so very beautiful. He had never forgotten because he kept the pictures of you in his phone. He had felt guilty for cheating on you that day. He felt guilty for cheating on you at all. You were the best thing that ever happened to him and he took you for granted.

“ Let me talk to you. ”, He said and the sound of his voice took you back a bit. Also the fact that he was holding your hands so tightly. He had never shown affection with you much, and when he did it was mainly when you were both alone.

“ Look! Mommy and Daddy are holding hands! ”, Y'alls daughter said pointing at you both happily.

“ We’re gonna go and uh … get ice cream. ”, Your friend said and grabbed her keys with your daughter and dissapeared.

“ What is it that you want to know? ”, You asked him, releasing your self from his grip. You hurried to the couch and sat down, hoping he would sit on the couch in front of you. But no, he sat right next to you, with both your thighs touching.

“ Why did you leave? ”, He asked you and you almost wanted to laugh at his question.

“ Because you cheated on me. ”, You answered but saw more desperation in his eyes for answers.

“ You know I don’t mean that. I mean, why did you disappear like that? ”, He asked and it made you want to shrink into a hole and disappear.

“ I don’t know … I was just really hurt I guess. ”, You muttered, not looking him in the eye.

“ What’s her name? ”, He asked and you answered instantly. He nodded his head, and almost smiled to himself about how much he liked the name. You looked over at Levi and noticed how tired he looked. It looked as though he hadn’t slept in days but he still impressed you with his looks. He had made sure to look good for you before he came.

“ Have you uh… found anyone else? Does she have a step-dad I mean? ”, He asked you and you felt a bit good that he was wondering that. But you also found yourself shocked that you weren’t dating anyone. Being a mom and having to work seemed very time consuming that you didn’t have time for a love life.

“ No. She doesn’t. Being a mom is very hard. ”, You answered.

“ I see… why did you never tell me anything about her? ”, You felt like you were becoming overwhelmed with questions. You were expecting girl talk and naps with your friend. Not this, you just wanted to sit in content silence until your friend came back.

“ Well I was going to … until um uh … you know. ”, You answered and Levi felt a sting of guilt in his chest. It almost felt like it was physically hurting him. You both sat in silence after you said that. You sat there uncomfortably for so long that you got up and decided to walk into another room and call your friend for back up. Until Levi grabbed your wrist and looked up at you. For the first time he found himself lost for words. Everything had been his fault but he needed you. He knew that, he couldn’t just let you go again.

“ I’m sorry. ”, He told you. He felt like he should at least start with that. He had been wanting to say it to you forever. However when he said those words you felt yourself start to cry, because you hadn’t realized how much you needed those words. Levi watched you, surprised by your reaction. He didn’t think his words would have an affect on you since you blocked him out for so long.

“ I won’t ever hurt you again. I’m sorry. ”, He said again with truth behind his words. He meant it. He felt relief flush off his chest as he said that. I’m sorry wasn’t great, but it was a start.

Vampire girl loves to play ball but only gets to by streetlight. Get’s her blood intake almost entirely from the scrapes and cuts her friends get while playing. 

anonymous asked:

Let's get some more Warriors of Hope! Masaru Daimon and his older sibling spending his birthday together?

You ask and you shall receive!

Request: Masaru Daimon and older sibling on his birthday

- You knew he liked P.E.

- So you got him a new pair of football boots

- “Wow! For me? Thank you so much!”

- He wasn’t much for hugs so you just pat his head 

- “Wanna go to the park?”

- “Yeah!” 

- He reaches for your hand and smiles up at you

- You’re so cute Masaru :3

- When you got to the park you noticed some of his friends were there

- He quickly ran over to them and started bragging to them what his “favourite big sis/bro” got him

- “Wow! That’s so cool Daimon - kun! I wish my big bro got me shoes like that!”

- “Your big sis/bro is way better than mine Daimon - kun!”

- You just sat on the bench and watched him play with his friends

- After about an hour he came running to you

- “Oh? Are you done playing with your friends?”

- “Yeah they have to go home now…”

- “That’s okay, how about we go for some birthday ice cream?”

- “Really? Can I have sprinkles too?!”

- You tap your chin and change your facial expression as if you’re deep in thought

- “Hm…. Okay fine, but only because today is your special day okay?”

- “Yayyyy!”

- After your fun day out you notice that he’s getting sleepy

- We’re never going to get home like that

- “Hey Masaru - kun, want a piggy back ride home?”

- “Mm..” He rubs his eyes and nods lazily

- Needless to say by the time you got home he was already asleep

17. The wedding dress + shoes













I hope you liked it son-of-cool!!! Some of the shoes got me fooled haha. I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the best for the next year, we all deserve it, right?


conversations between dan and phil probably
  • dan: okay time to go running
  • phil: give me a sec
  • phil: i just need to put on my COOL SHOES
  • dan:
  • phil:
  • dan:
  • phil: get it cause i got them customised to say COOL SHOES
  • dan:
  • phil:
  • dan: just hurry up phil