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aight time for some fanart-

still kinda obsessed over @setheverman but ey ill get over it

love your work, man! ;v; <333


The worst thing is I’m pretty sure this is the same person who read the first chapter and complained it was a modern AU.

No, I still don’t care if this type of fic isn’t your thing. Not my problem. Read something else.

Also hilariously those tropes at the end are literally stuff I would never write.

But seriously: My fic doesn’t have to cater to your particular interest. Nothing this reviewer complained about is inherently bad. Just stuff they don’t like. Which doesn’t matter to me. Entitled little shitheads.

I’m about to drop so much money on this tour for an album that I haven’t even heard yet.

anonymous asked:

Peter has next to no acting skills, and he knows it, so he comes to a point where even in his civvies, he doesn't try to act surprised. Doesn't bother. Not at all. Like, a villain comes to the school and immediately runs up to him and threatens him, and Peter gives them this deadpan look and starts sassing at them, and Harry and MJ are just in the back like "Peter whAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Puny Parkers becomes Balls of Steel Parker around the school. But he's just. So tired. He doesn't care anymore.

Oh my god. This short 15yo doesn’t care. He can’t run off to change into his spider suit with so many people around so he’s just. Straight up unaffected by being taken hostage while his adult teachers are sobbing. 

Peter, giving the villain’s knockoff lycra a judgemental once over: