cool shirt for me!

i am seriously… in shock still. i love all 3 of these guys so much, and i got the opportunity to meet them yesterday. i feel really bad because i didn’t get anything for Brian or G, since i figured i’d only be meeting Ethan. i’m also sorry that i was rushing. i was so nervous and shaking really bad and i was freaking out. i’m so happy though. Brian told me my shirt was amazing, Ethan thought my drawing was cool, and G thanked me for supporting him. this weekend has been absolutely wild, but i’m so happy about this. my dad drove me 5 hours away just so i could meet them, and i’m forever grateful. ❤️❤️❤️

(i’m gonna be drawing something for Brian and G here soon, even though i can’t personally give it to them yet!)

The gore pile

So I recently started a campaign of 5e (I’m DMing) and I started my players in an evil necromancers dungeon. One thing led to another and half the party ended up in a gore pile.

Wizard(OOC): I’ve still got no shirt on right?

DM(Me): Yeah.

Wizard(OOC): Cool! Can I start an orgy with the others?

Rogue(OOC): Hell yeah!

DM: Please don’t start an orgy in the pile of gore.

anonymous asked:

whats your opinion on that /other/ attractive male pokemon professor? yknow, the one that speaks baguette? oui oui omelette du fromage ect ect

Look, is there some secret club for these professor guys?? How do they all know each other?!

Anyways, Sycamore’s pretty cool. I guess.

Took me to buy a few new shirts out in the city the first night I got to Lumiose. (And have you BEEN to Lumiose?! One’a those stupid shirts was more than I made in two months back in Alola! The guy must be loaded!) I got like a whole new wardrobe now. It’s crazy.

Never mind that I could barely understand a word he was sayin’. And the cologne on him was so strong I almost suffocated.