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I bet Dave was never very popular in school, but he was the one all the kids went to to trade pencils, silly bandz, and other cool school supplies. He was the king of the scented highlighter trade in his elementary school. He was also probably the one that would trade his entire lunchable for a juicebox, as long as it was the right flavor (apple). He sat at the nut free table to show all the other kids that he was too cool to sit with him, but everyone just thought he was allergic to cashews.

things the losers club give each other as gifts

- vintage postcards
- pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses
- fancy pens
- reese’s peanut butter cups
- moleskin journals
- scrap booking materials

- color-coded school supplies
- cool lighters and matches
- just yards of paracord
- pics of birds they find in magazines
- stamps
- cook rocks they find on the ground

- slinkies
- those curly shoelaces that make it so u don’t have to tie yr shoes
- silly putty
- anything rainbow
- skittles
- star-shaped sunglasses

- scraps of velvet for her to rub when she’s having a panic attack
- jacket patches
- travel-size sewing kits
- paints and paintbrushes
- knives
- red makeup

- friendship bracelets
- lollipops
- nail polish
- matchbox cars
- beanies
- fuzzy socks

- pocket protractors
- pictures of cool buildings
- tools for his toolkit
- comfy sweaters
- notes that say things like “you rock!” and “i’m your number one fan” to help him get through the day
- pictures of bunnies that they think look like him

- baseball caps
- playing cards for silver
- composition notebooks
- shirts and coffee cups and stuff that all say “Big Bill” on them
- stress balls
- comic books


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what-my-brain-is  asked:

I have extra money to get some cool school supplies. And recommendations?

omg yeees i got u!

i hope that helps? if u want any more recs pls ask xoxo


In this DIY back to school tutorial I show 15 DIY school supplies, room organisation and room decor projects that should get you excited for going back to school. DIY galaxy and emoji school bag, DIY owl backpack, pencil case, DIY planner, bookmarks, notebooks, binder organizer are just a few of 15 awesome school supplies projects, which you will find in this tutorial. Cool school supplies are expensive, so why not buy cheap plain supplies and make them look amazing?! Which of the DIY school supplies projects is your favorite?


To all my fellow students out there who lacks motivation..

I know that a lot of us wants to study so hard to get good grades but sometimes, we just get lazy for I don’t know what reason and finds inspiration to continue studying.

So for those who lacks motivation, think about your parents. They are working so hard just to send you to a good school and finish your studies until college. I know that some of our parents didn’t finished their studies until college because life was so hard before, so think about that. Make them one of your motivation and inspiration as well to continue and do great in school.

Next, think about those kids who were not able to wear proper and clean clothes and are asking for food in the streets. A lot of them wants to study but can’t do it because some of them are abandoned already and some of their parents don’t have money to send them to school. Think about how lucky you are that you have the chance to study in a great school, you should be thankful and make that as your motivation as well.

Last thing is look at your cute school supplies; your art materials, colorful pens and cute notebooks with great type of paper used, you were able to buy what you needed because of your parents’ money. Without them, you won’t have that cool and cute school supplies. Let’s say that you bought that because you have your savings, but think again, you won’t have savings if you do not have allowance given by your parents.

I made this post for us to realize how blessed we are and for us to realize that we have so many great things to make as our motivation and inspiration. Let us appreciate what we have before it turns into what we had. xoxo, Aqua.


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