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Dating an INTJ

1. Will argue the weirdest things
2. Mine is obsessed with cute tiny things. Like he went on for 10 minutes about a tiny beaker.. But I’m also cute and tiny so it’s ok
3. Not many people can deal with his bullshit so I don’t need to wear any stupid repellent
4. Like is actually a squishy human on the inside
5. His backup plan is being a doctor
6. Smart af and punny
7. Tbh I’m ready to take the world over with him but procrastinating together on that actually implementation
8. He gets lost. Everywhere
9. Messes my name up with the two other people he can stand to socialize with and one is his sister. But he also calls them my name and then each others names so he just messes names up in general??
10. Understands my weird kinks and embraces them
11. Tries really hard to make me a better person than he is
13. When he’s tired he says things like “the world would be an egg if it were a really mishapen egg”
14. Is better at debating than me and I’m an ENTP and my oxygen is debating
15. Uses logic and debating methods to win arguments and makes me cry when I lose even though I’m right
16. Nerd
17. Video game nerd
18. DnD nerd
19. Terrible at emotions
20. Literally doesn’t emotion
21. Actually a very needy cuddler
22. Isn’t evil and actually forces me to be nice to people and not cut them out of my life in a true ENTP fashion
23. Gets upset when I call him heartless and evil
24. Doesn’t like oral kisses but is crazy good at all kinds of kisses if you catch my drift
25. Is on YouTube like 110% of the time
26. Doesn’t stand up for me when, say, an ENFJ might. Expects me to stand up for myself even when I want him to step in
27. Knows the weirdest facts about everything
28. Knows things before I learn them
29. One year ahead of his peers in education. He went into college already a sophomore. Y u so smart????
30. Literally can only stand like 3 people including his sister me and his quasi best friend

Amren:  Rhys said he’ll point him out to us.
So you approach on foot from the south, and me and Mor will be in an unmarked car here.

Cass:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. “Me and Mor”? Didn’t you mean “Mor and I”?

Amren:  Oh, God.

Cass:  I corrected your grammar! Are you so proud of me? Are you horrified? Are you super horny?

After it was all said and done, I finally understood it. That the first relationship that you’ll have will be like having your first child. You’ve never done it before so mistakes will be made. But no matter what, they will always be your first. Your baby. The one who will help you grow and become better for the rest to come.
—  I’ll always love you the most
Cool Story

So me and this guy at school hate each other. We don’t talk to each other and we just glare at one another from a distance. But if someone else tries to pick a fight with the other we will defend each other. This one time he was being picked on and I stood up and said “Hey! Only I can do that! Get your own!"  then he just looked at me and said "Thanks for sticking up for me you bitch.” and I said “No problem dickhead.” And we just turned away and went on with our usual day.

Michael Jackson talking about brother Marlon

When you first meet Marlon, you’ll probably get the impression
that he’s the shyest member of our family. Well, don’t let him
fool you, it’s true that Marlon is sort of quiet and very
serious about his work, but once you get to know him better,
you’ll discover that there’s another side to his personality.
He is very friendly and very funny! In fact, Marlon is the
witty member of our family and he keeps us laughing all the
time. Since Marlon and I are the closest in age, we pal around
together and share many of the same interests. For instance,
the two of us used to be “cartoon crazy” and we used to spend
a lot of time in front of the television set watching our
favorite cartoon shows. Our favorite sport is swimming, he is
just like a real fish, cos he can stay in the water for hours
at a time! When we lived in Gary, before we moved to
California, we had never been to a beach, so he was very happy
to live on the west coast with beautiful, sunny weather, lots
of beaches, and a swimming pool, right in our backyard!
Sometimes he likes to go off by himself, when he does, it
usually means he wants to be alone, I know how much is privacy
is important to him. I can only add that if he weren’t my
brother I’d want him to be my best friend, in other words I
really like him.