cool quiff

are sparks folks familiar with FF? a brief introduction to four dudes from not exactly glasgow even though alex kapranos is dead set on claiming that:

alex band guy

  • 42 years old, flashy frontman/loquacious one during interviews
  • has dirty blonde not-quite brown hair (we call this “blerp”)
  • recently dyed his eyebrows for reasons unknown to everyone (including alex kapranos)
  • wrote a cool book once
  • hates talking about the cool book because the only thing people talk about is the bull’s balls incident
  • is half greek half english and 450% scottish!!!!
  • fundamentally afraid of children
  • hates ukeleles more than you do
  • left his fashion sense in 2004 and has been wearing jackets embroidered with the word “gary” on them ever since
  • is horribly allergic to peanuts and also asthmatic but really blithe about this???
  • once told us that this was “classy”
  • spends his spare time maintaining a black and white photography tumblr (I’m not shitting you)
  • once was in a band called The Karelia which can only be described as alex kapranos affecting a posh british accent while singing sarcastically about themes of domestic bourgeois dissatisfaction while jagged jazz music plays in the background

nicholas mccarthy

  • 39 years old, guitarist/keyboardist
  • is actually bavarian
  • well born in blackpool but raised in a magical forest woodland
  • his real band is box codax
  • box codax is nick mccarthy, his wife, and a german absurdist poet do you need to know more
  • was trained as a legit classical musician
  • has an admirable posterior which he shakes frequently in concert
  • was responsible for this
  • met alex kapranos by stealing his vodka and getting into a fistfight that ended with kapranos inviting mccarthy to join his band
  • fundamentally more optimistic and less prone to melancholy than alex kasadman
  • is really pretty????
  • wears high heels all the time because he’s like 5'8" I swear
  • has an amazing artist sister named anna mccarthy who is part of eight-piece art music powerhouse Damenkappelle

bob hardy

  • is literally half the age of sparks??? at 34 also the youngest franz member, bassist, english
  • met alex kapranos while kapranos was working and bob was but a wee young art student at glasgow school of art
  • has synesthesia
  • didn’t want to be a musician because he’s a painter
  • but the alex was like “it’s the same thing” and now he’s a rock star
  • likes pizza a lot
  • but also has vegan sentiments ooh now there’s a pickle
  • also like dogs and video games
  • japanese fans are known to call him “bobbusan”
  • cherubic appearance but prone to rather dark humor
  • terminally chill attitude is extremely refreshing due to other band members being XTREME characters
  • his middle name is byron how quaint

paul thomson

  • 38 years old, drummer
  • thomson, not thompson (insert tintin joke)
  • is often ignored or not given a lot of attention because he is quite reserved
  • but is actually very articulate
  • once we wrote an erotic fanfiction about alex kapranos and a lamp and he read it and replied “aye right”
  • he also quit twitter soon after that but correlation doesn’t imply causation does it B)
  • has a magnificent salt and pepper quiff and cool tattoos and freckles and is generally top notch in the aesthetic game
  • the only actual scot in the band
  • supported scottish independence because it created more youth engagement in politics and because he thought it would be an opportunity for scotland to implement further measures towards equality and social justice
  • which is cool but by comparison alex kapranos just yelled at the queen a lot
  • is also involved in bands such as the yummy fur and correcto
  • was a nude model at art school and also really good at drawing

that was probably more information than was warranted but there you go! anyone want to do an intro to sparks for the uninitiated (like me?)

anonymous asked:

A masterpost of pictures and gifs of louis looking hot and daddy af with his quiff and all his lips licking please!!!

here is Louis Tomlinson in his natural habitat looking hot AF

he’s all like “hey look at me, i’m hot and i know it”

and his “i’m so fucking cool with my quiff” look

his “i’m wearing a suit and my hair is on fleek” look

his “i’m actually the king of the world” quiff look

and his “my eyes are so beautiful let me put my hair in a quiff so you can see them better” look

and his “let me lick my lips and show you what my tongue can do” look

and his “i’m actually really turned on right now” lip lick

his “i’m actually just the boy next door” quiff look

his “i’m wearing a quiff AND licking my lips” look

and his “i’m actually danny zuko” quiff look

and his “i’m actually cooler than anyone else” quiff look

and his “i’m actually a super hot dad in my turtleneck” quiff look

and his “i’m getting older so my quiff is more edgy” look

and his “i’m at a party and i look fucking good” quiff look

and his “i almost have a mullet” quiff look

and his “i’m all soft and comfy and cuddly” quiff look

and his “nobody thought i would ad mount to anything” quiff look

and his “i’m just fucking awesome” quiff look

all in all, i hope this post made everyone realize Louis actually IS the hottest guy in the world

all credit to gif owners)

Teenage Maxon Would Include:



“no maxon, you cant take photos of random children.”

“bUT MOM!”

“no maxon, you may not matress slide.”

sitting through the report every week

penis measuring

trying hair products but they end up turning his hair green

flirting fails

trying on a gown because “they looked fun”

bowing to a foreign princess–at a party– and coming up only to knock one of her teeth out by hitting her chin with the back of his head

lip biting


trying to wink but ends up looking odd by forgetting only one eye is supposed to close

pushing his fingers through his hair to keep his “quiff” up

thinking quiffs were cool because he saw a kid had one in the new paper

dreaming of his future selection

“should I act cool or should i be like bowing right and left”

calming Amberly down when she remembers her past with children

being there for his mother in general


“mother, can i mattress slide?”

getting close with the head chef because cooking looked cool and he was the only man in the palace who would speak to maxon

playing with cameras

“what does this button do?”

asking the camera men from the report if he can help video

just being cute in general

strolling the halls

always smiling to the maids